15 Best Eyebrow Fillers for the Perfect Brow Makeup

Best Eyebrow Fillers for the Perfect Brow Makeup

When all eyes in the beauty arena are on those signature, all-powerful eyebrows, nolens volens we frantically start looking for the best eyebrow fillers from the leading names. So, we are here to grease the wheels and provide you with a list of 15 best eyebrow fillers that are sure to be of good service to you whether you are all taken away by “eyebrows on fleek’ or rather sticking to au naturel unkempt arches or maybe going several decades back to embrace those skinny brows. But before that take several minutes to go through the main categories and types of eyebrow products and the diverse effects each of them is able to bring unto your arches.

Best Eyebrow Fillers for the Perfect Brow Makeup

Brow Pencils: If inborn thin eyebrows have always been your vulnerable point or you just need to see your over-plucked sparse eyebrows morphed into full arches in a flash, one of the best eyebrow fillers in this case comes to be the brow pencil that will help you acquire more power, volume and super-groomed fix above the eyes. Even if your eyebrow pencil is blendable enough, always have a spoolie brush at your disposal to work out more natural appeal and to avoid any smudges or smears.

Brow Pens and Fine Pencils: These amazing eyebrow products are just perfect to fill your arches in far the most natural way and it is owing to their ultra-skinny fine tips. Without any hard pressing you will be able to sketch tiny eyebrow-hair-mimicking strokes on your sparse spots; only you need to have more time at your disposal to handle this miniature work. And to avoid an overly penciled-in brow, the brow expert Damone Roberts recommends that it is better to use these eyebrow products to “kiss the hair.”

Brow Powder: If the agenda is to define eyebrows yet keeping them in softer and more velvety feeling, brow powder comes as the best-working filler in here. The powder blends more effortlessly with spoolie brush and requires no more than several minutes of standing before the mirror. Brow experts recommend using two-color brow powder kits to use the lighter shade on the inner corners of the brows while the darker one on the tails for more definition.

Brow Gel and Mascara: These two eyebrow products rather work to tame unruly hairs keeping them in symmetrical harmony than to shape and fill your arches. However, if you use tinted versions, they would also give your brows a hint of color and subtle definition.

Brow Pomade: Brow pomade as a cream-based eyebrow filler is harder to use, that’s why it is recommended to reach out to pomade after you have acquired enough skills in filling in eyebrows using brow pencils and powder application techniques. This type of eyebrow filler provides more saturated color payoff and through its creamy texture gives brows some luxurious shimmer.

Brow Highlighter: This eyebrow product is to finish off your groomed arches. Just a swipe on your under-brow area and it will result in a perfectly brightened-up complexion. This trick is also potent to soften your eyebrows on fleek, making them look more natural.

And now flip through our list of 15 best eyebrow products without one iota of doubt that there is no better way of playing hardball than when you wear all-powerful, groomed eyebrows.

1. Anastasia Beverly Hills DIPBROW Pomade

Craving one of the best all-in-one eyebrow fillers? Get this smudge-free, waterproof Anastasia Beverly Hills DIPBROW pomade that will not only define, sculpt and give a hint of shade to your eyebrows, but will also serve as a brow primer. Choose the one tone best corresponding to your complexion and stop at Sephora for your happy shopping.

Best Eyebrow Fillers To Shop Now

2. Glossier Boy Brow

This newly developed creamy tinted wax, inspired by traditional eyebrow pomade is to start a new surge among androgynous gals. The sheer pigment thickens brows, fills them and gives natural color while the tapered brush allows for precise application. And more importantly, all this can be handled within minutes and without much brow-grooming experience under your belt. Choose one of the three shades available and go to Glossier to purchase the most innovative eyebrow filler on our list.

3. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz Pencil

The next goodie standing on our list of the best eyebrow fillers is this ultra-thin brow pencil meant to build hair-like strokes thus super-naturally filling in any sparse or over-plucked areas on your eyebrows. Ranging from taupe and caramel to chocolate and ebony shades, the pencil will work like magic across the board. You can purchase it at Sephora.

4. MAC “Big Brow’ Pencil

Want to feel the whole power of “eyebrows on fleek?’ Give a try to this Big Brow filler by MAC with a chubby mechanical tip that is just screaming to make your brows even bolder than those of Cara Delevingne. Purchase this precious eyebrow product at Nordstrom and acquire your own pillar of strength.

5. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer

This triangular-tipped brow definer could not but be included in our list of the best eyebrow products ever. It’s super easy to apply ” just a swipe to fill in over-tweezed spots and to define your arches in an elegant way while the spoolie end comes to blend the color smoothly for a super-natural effect. Stop at Sephora for another lucrative investment in your killer eyebrows.

6. Charlotte Tilbury “Brow Lift’ Three-Way Pencil

Blonde, brunette and redhead ladies alike are to clap hands with glee upon this three-way pencil. The creamy angled pencil itself is to shade eyebrows, fill in sparse areas and give the arches the desired dimension; the mission of the ‘shape’ brush is to blend the color and make brows look perfectly groomed, while the sponge comes in handy for highlighting your brows and creating the illusion of a lift. You can purchase this magic piece at Nordstrom.

Best Eyebrow Fillers To Shop Now

7. Dior “All-in-Brow’ 3D Brow Contour Kit

This is Dior’s first ever and the best eyebrow kit to provide your arches a runway-worthy charm. Consisting of two brown shades of powder, a waterproof wax and three expert-level brushes, this 3D eyebrow kit will elegantly fill in your brows, give them some depth and a picture-perfect result for the livelong day. Go to Nordstrom to snap up this eyebrow filler for $52.00.

8. Kat Von D Tattoo Brow

This liquid brow liner with a fine brush tip comes to be as one of the best eyebrow fillers in store, aiming at adding some oomph of color to your natural brows, as well as building and sculpting powerful signature arches. Priced at just $19.00, this tattoo brow is available at Sephora.

9. MAC Brow Definer

Make the life of your brows super diverse using this MAC brow definer assuredly included in our list of the best eyebrow products. Applying this single, budget-friendly pen ($16.50), fling yourself into some curious brow-dressing experience. Whether you want to color and define your arches or give them your desired shape or maybe thicken them to some authoritative level, MAC gives you that all-in-one golden opportunity. Stop at Nordstrom to acquire this eyebrow product.

10. Anastasia Beverly Hills Tinted Brow Gel

Need one of the best, fast and furious eyebrow fillers to define your arches in a New York minute? That’s definitely this tinted brow gel by Anastasia Beverly Hills. The cream and gel mixture fills in the brows, gives them signature density and tightness, while the spoolie brush blends effortlessly without any smear or smudge. Shop this treasure at Sephora!

11. Lancome ‘Le Crayon Poudre’ Brow Powder Pencil

Still in a frantic quest for your best eyebrow filler? Here is another offering by Lancome under the guise of a powder pencil that fills in successfully over-plucked areas or just gives some subtle touches to the brows. Available at Nordstrom, this powder pencil offers an ample color spectrum for any complexion out there.

Best Eyebrow Fillers To Shop Now

12. Diorshow Brow Styler

If you are in search for the best brow product to add to your makeup bag, check out this Diorshow brow retractable pencil with an ultra-fine precision tip and easy-to-use spoolie brush. With this single brow filler you can go from natural and effortless eyebrows to more dramatic and outstanding arches. Stop at Sephora to purchase this product!

13. Sephora Collection Retractable Brow Pencils

Priced at just $12.00 at Sephora, this retractable waterproof brow pencil available in the whole six shades, promises to sketch precise hair-like strokes via its always-sharp tip, while the wigtip comb stands for au naturel blending.

14. Bobbi Brown Natural Brow Shaper & Hair Touch-Up

We are confidently ranking this Bobbi Brown cream-gel formula goodie as one of the best eyebrow products in store that is not only meant to give your brows some natural and patrician definition but also serving as a perfect temporary cover-up for your stray greys. Purchase this eyebrow filler at Nordstrom at just $26.00.

15. Benefit Cosmetics Speed Brow Gel

And last but not least in our list of the best eyebrow products is this speed tinted brow gel that requires just several minutes of finger movements to come out as the girl with the best groomed and defined eyebrows in town. Available at Sephora, this brow gel comes in one neutral shade applicable for all complexions.

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