Summer 2016 Denim Skirts You’ll Absolutely Love

Trendy Summer 2016 Denim Skirts

Denim skirts dropped off the grid in large popular fashion trends, but in recent years have made a roaring, yet surprising, comeback. Denim is just one of those fabrics that is so versatile and customizable that it’s always bound to stay in fashion in some shape or form. With all of the different styles of denim skirts alone, it may be a bit overwhelming when trying to explore the trend, but that’s one of the most exciting things about it. Here is a list of 20 fabulous denim skirts for summer 2016 that are sure to lighten up your wardrobe.

Trendy Summer 2016 Denim Skirts

1. Appliqued Mini Denim Skirt

Marc Jacobs chose to decorate this mini skirt with crystal, sequin, and pearl embellished appliques in shapes of cars, Mickey Mouse, musical motifs, hearts, and more. This is a crafty way to execute a skirt, and makes for a more casual outcome. Get this skirt from Net-a-Porter!

Trendy Summer 2016 Denim Skirts

2. Lace Button Down Denim Skirt

This is a sweet, girly option for a denim skirt, with an unlined, lightweight denim fabric supplementing that image. The Nasty Gal skirt is micro-mini, and with the lace appliques almost creating the image of pockets, it is completely cute and ready to wear with a pair of sandals and frilly top.

3. Edgy Lace Up Denim Skirt

One of the hottest 2016 denim skirts, this piece from Misguided has a gothic-esque lace up detail on the front, making for the perfect edgy addition to your closet. Keeping things simple by pairing it with solid colors will allow the detail to stand for itself, so this skirt really does all the work for you, by begging you to keep mixing and matching to a minimum.

4. American Flag Denim Skirt

If you’re looking for a patriotic, feminine piece for your wardrobe, who better to go to than Marc Jacobs, the king of American patriotism? This mini denim skirt, available on Net-a-Porter, has frayed ends and falsified wear and tear to give it an extra ounce of character to keep things interesting. This would be the perfect piece to wear to a summertime barbeque or for a trip out to a fair or festival.

Trendy Summer 2016 Denim Skirts

5. Arching Button Down Denim Skirt

This regal-styled mini denim skirt for summer 2016 arches around, looking rather elegant for the often casual denim skirt. Nasty Gal has managed to create a lovely silhouette with a corset-fashioned high waist with what might be regarded as the classic jean material In this case, and that feat is a remarkable one. Slightly counteracted by the pockets on the back, this brings a balance to the skirt, and also almost brings about the idea of making an elegant piece from a simple pair of jeans. Buy this piece here!

6. High Waisted Maxi Denim Skirt

As a break from the mini denim skirts for 2016 on this list, this maxi skirt from Topshop shows another side of the denim skirt trend. The split down the front and the asymmetrical seam up the middle bring an edge to what could be a matronly skirt. The whole top of the skirt resembles a pair of classic jeans, so this seems to be a way of modernizing them, as well as bringing in a cooler version of the denim maxi skirt.

7. Smooth Denim Skirt

This upscale version of a denim skirt almost appears too smooth to actually be denim. This is one of the more abstract renditions of the classic garment, as to the untrained eye it almost seems as though only a deep blue wrap skirt. Opening Ceremony’s skirt, available on Net-a-Porter, can be dressed up or down by the style of the shoes alone: you can try it with canvas shoes or some stylish flats.

8. Bleached, Woven, Frayed

Three styles tied back to the ’90s in one look; you would think this would seem too much like a throwback piece. However, there is just something about this REVOLVE denim skirt that works in the modern context. Button down the front and the pockets in this slim mini skirt, and pair it with your favorite casual footwear for a complete summer look.

Trendy Summer 2016 Denim Skirts

9. Button Down Pencil Skirt

One of the most elegant denim skirts for 2016, this piece allows for a bit of versatility to suit your mood and your personal style. The button down enclosures on the front can all be fastened, but it’s up to you to decide how many you feel like fixing up. You can button less for a high slit, or all of them for a more conservative look. Regardless of how you wish to style this look, you can buy it for yourself from ASOS.

10. Ripped Button Down Denim Skirt

This skirt is on the rougher side, making it so easy to become your new favorite edgy go-to skirt for summer 2016. Available from Storets, this button down mini almost looks like it has seen better days, but its best day will actually be when you toss it on with your other favorite statement pieces and rock it at a music festival this summer.

11. Two-Toned Asymmetrical Denim Skirt

A-line skirts are trending, as are denim mini skirts, so this style from BooHoo merges the two together, in an asymmetrically hemmed skirt, which all work together to create a ’60s mod feel. This look even falls on the cheaper side of the looks on this list, so it gets even better. But the most appealing, unique thing about this skirt is its two tones, contrasting against one another.

Trendy Summer 2016 Denim Skirts

12. Lace-Up Pleats

Pleating denim can go really well or really badly, and in this case pairing it with dual laces on the sides makes this skirt really great. Free People has created this look with light washed denim, and pulling up the high waist allows for great possibilities with tops. This is a more feminine, sweet variation of the trendiest 2016 denim skirts, and you can buy yours from REVOLVE.

13. Shoestring Lace-Up Denim Skirt

You’ll recognize this style of lacing from any of your favorite sneakers, which makes for an interesting addition to this midi denim skirt. Falling just below the knee and with a slight, center slit, this look may not be the most flattering for everyone, but if you’re one such woman who can pull of this length, you’ll be rocking it in this light and slightly old fashioned (in a good way!) skirt from Nordstrom.

14. Clean and Unraveled

This look has a clean slate for a front, which is rather unique, as many denim skirts like adding in details from jeans. The hemline here features unraveling fringe that roughens it up a bit, almost juxtaposing the sleekness of the detail-lacking front to the messy hem. You’ll find this interesting style at ASOS.

Trendy Summer 2016 Denim Skirts

15. A-Line Button Down Denim Skirt

This brings in the A-line fad, into the denim trend, all with an accompanying ’60s mod styling. The vintage washed denim makes it totally wearable, and easy to pair with some flats or canvas shoes for easy summer wearing. Denim skirts are always a little bit retro, but the truly spectacular looks come sometimes when the designer embraces it. Buy this look from Topshop.

16. Woven and Polished

You’ll find this look from REVOLVE to be a cleaned up sister to the eighth skirt in this list. Both in a lighter wash with the same silhouette, this skirt features none of the messy fraying of the other, but features the same cute pockets and mini-mod flair. You can also style this skirt casually, like with the other look, but there’s more room here to keep things polished.

17. Functional and Side Pleated

The styling of this skirt may at first glance remind you of a kilt, but in the denim fabric and with the frayed edges (at the top and bottom), things are brought in modern perspective. The functionality of this skirt comes with its more practical mini length and with its pockets, which might actually serve to work practically. You will find this skirt from Nordstrom.

Trendy Summer 2016 Denim Skirts

18. Smooth, Asymmetric Mini

Anthony Vaccarello has created an aesthetically interesting and visually appealing piece here, with smooth denim helping to create more flow with the fallen front hem. Buttons at the top add some embellishment without trivializing the piece, so you can still pair it with canvas shoes if you wish, or with wedges or other sandals for a girlier look. This modern, more elegant piece is one of the denim skirts with more options for styling. Buy this from Net-a-Porter.

19. Khaki A-Line Denim Skirt

Now, to pull away from denim in the traditional sense, this button down khaki skirt from River Island brings back another nearly forgotten trend. Still denim, though, this skirt is styled much as others in this list, with a frayed hem, slight A-line, and front pockets. Use this skirt as a supplement to a military look, or just as a stand-alone statement piece. The choice is yours.

20. Slim Pencil Denim Skirt

Last but not least, we have saved a very unique denim skirt for 2016. Its slim fit and pencil skirt silhouette along with a very high slit in the back and zipper from the high waist make this a stalemate between the more professional silhouette of a pencil skirt and the highly casual silhouette of a denim skirt. The raw tearing and color show this piece is not to be taken totally seriously, but you’re still able to dress it up with heels as if it could be. Try out this intriguing silhouette from REVOLVE.

Photos courtesy of Style Heroine, Nasty Gal, ASOS

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