65 Rose Gold Hair Color Ideas: Instagram’s Latest Trend

Rose Gold Hair Color Ideas

Rose gold hair is one of the most compelling hair trends to hit social media nowadays. Simply by scrolling through your Instagram feed, you’re bound to see multiple shots of curly and wavy hairstyles in the rose gold color, which comes in various shades due to blending blonde with reds and pinks to create a shimmering shade that is lovely for the spring and summer months in particular.

Rose Gold Hair Color Ideas

Rose gold hair is a rather subtle style, as opposed to other more vibrant dyes, so perhaps you’ll find it is something you want to try out this season. Regardless of whether you want to try it out for yourself or if you’re just an admirer, here are 65 rose gold hair color ideas you might get inspiration from.

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Why Should You Go Rose Gold?

Is there a hair color more fun than blonde? There is only one I can think of, and that’s pink! Rose gold hair combines the best of both of these colors, by creating a bright, and girlish style that is just unusual enough to stand out.

Rose gold hair colors are an excellent choice for blondes that want to try something a little out of the box, without the commitment to a darker color that will be an extreme change, and won’t necessarily fade away nicely. If you are a brunette, it might require a wee bit more work, but you also have a lot of easier rose gold hair options!

One of the best things about rose gold hair colors is how well they blend with other colors, both of the hair and of the skin. Pink is a little cooler, while gold is a little warmer, so together the combination will suit most skin types. These colors also blend really well with other natural hair colors, like auburn, dark brown, and even ash.

How to Pick Rose Gold Hair Shade & Style

Although almost any shade of rose gold hair that you choose is likely to suit you, some variations on the color might work better than others.

Peaches & Warm Golds: Most rose gold hair colors lean closers towards the warmer side of things, with the pinks closer to peach, and the golds very yellow. This is very flattering on people who have warm undertones to their skin, but it actually won’t clash with cooler undertones, because they tend to lean a little pink anyway.

Lavender & Ash Blonde: The cooler take on rose gold hair is perfect for those who have cool undertones to their skin, or naturally cool undertones to their hair. If your hair naturally leans towards ashiness, a purple-ish pink will hold much better, and will blend beautifully with your natural hair color!

Balayage Highlights: The balayage look is in right now, because it looks more natural than an ombre, but it doesn’t damage the scalp or roots, and allows you wait longer between hair appointments. It’s the perfect choice for someone who has darker hair, and wants to avoid regular bleaching sessions.

Since rose gold hairstyles go so well with almost any natural hair color, there is no reason not to keep you roots virginal, and just dyeing the lower half of your hair and a few strands near the front in the bright rose gold shades.

How to Dye Hair Rose Gold

If you’re already a blonde, you are super lucky! Any hair colorist worth their salt will be able to give you a gorgeous rose gold sheen, with little fuss or trouble. You won’t need any bleach, and with a box of Manic Panic you might even be able to achieve the effect on your own.

However, brunettes should be a bit more careful. Read the reviews of local hairstyling joints, and browse salon and hairdresser Instagram profiles, because rose gold hair requires bleaching. A bad bleaching experience can seriously damage your hair, and look awful to boot.

Once you’ve chosen an incredible hairdresser, look through our rose gold hair color ideas, find your favorite, and show them the picture! I’m sure you could get the exact style you want.

Rose Gold Hair Color Maintenance

To keep your rose gold hair bright and beautiful for longer, make sure to follow the following tips!

• Use a color-safe shampoo that is sulfate free. It will do a better job of preserving your lovely rose gold hair color.

• Avoid shampooing too often in the first place. Try going as many days as possible in between washes, and use a dry shampoo so that your hair does not get greasy.

• Mask your hair regularly with a nourishing hair treatment or coconut oil, to keep your hair healthy and shiny.

• Try and avoid heat styling tools that might damage your rose gold hair. If you must do heat styling, stick to gentler forms like blow-drying, and use a heat protecting spray.

• If your hair required bleaching to turn rose gold, avoid chlorinated pools or wear a swimming cap.

Styling for Rose Gold Hairstyles

If your sense of fashion is on point, you can likely make any color and style work with your brand new rose gold hair. However, if you’re feeling nervous putting an outfit together with this hair color, I have some suggestions.

• To completely own your new, rosy hair color, go for more feminine and romantic styles. This is your excuse to wear flowey skirts, flowery prints, and lots of lace!

• Just in general, you are much safer wearing warmer colors in the red family like oranges, magentas, pinks, and peaches. Just try and avoid wearing anything that matches your hair exactly, and remember that a loud red might overpower your hair.

• Neutrals are guaranteed to always look great.

• Sea greens and bright blues can complement rose gold hair colors quite well, as long as the patterns aren’t too busy.

Makeup for Rose Gold Hair

In makeup there are very few rules, but sometimes switching up a hairstyle can throw a wrench into things, and you might need some inspiration. Here are my suggestions!

Eyebrows: Embrace the blonde, and fill your brows in with light taupe, or yellow-brown.

Eyes: Once you’ve gone lighter with your hair, less is more. Shades of gold and copper will complement your hair nicely, while cool shades of blue, purple, or green will offer a nice contrast as long as they are well blended.

Lips & Cheeks: A bright red lip might clash with your pinky locks, but otherwise, the world is your oyster. Any shades you choose are likely to look amazing!

So now that you know everything you need to about the different rose gold hair color options, rose gold hair maintenance, and all the important styling tips, I’ve got some rose gold hair color ideas to get your creative juiced flowing!

1. Curly Peach-Blonde Hair

Sometimes the best dye jobs are those that have different colors seamlessly blending into one another, so this style is a more elegant execution of the rose gold hair color trend. The light pink used alongside the rather natural blonde mixes to create a peachy tone, that just seems to be sun-kissed and lovely.

2. Layered Style and Rose Gold Hair Color

For this overall look, it all starts with the cut of a layered bob style, before being dyed and curled. Styled to perfection, the colors come in layers as well as the cut itself, with a warm brown bottom layer, with the blonde and rose gold styling planted on top.

Rose Gold Hair Color Ideas


3. Vibrant Rose Gold Hair

This is one of the more lively rose gold hairstyles in this list, falling more on the rose side of the style than gold. The long, natural hair in this overall look is stunning, and would make an impression on anyone you meet in your time out on the town. The color is a saturated purple rose, without any leftover splotches of natural color or other highlights, so you’ll be going bold with such a look, but looking gorgeous in the process!

4. Whimsical Rainbow of Rose Gold Hair

You might have to err on the side of caution with this look; taking a step too far with the color sections might take you from fashion forward to Halloween costume. Nonetheless, with an outcome like this, you’re adding in all of the best shades that come with the rose gold hair trend, so if you’re stuck on choosing colors and blends, this would be a great option to look into.

Rose Gold Hair Color Ideas


5. Classic Redhead

A deep, yet bright red is the perfect shade to dye your hair, especially when you love a specific hair color but don’t want to worry about people thinking you’re trying to fake a natural color. The hue will be stunning and vivacious, while still exuding that sensuality that comes with a deep red. In the photo, the styling done scales it down some, adding in some fun to a look that might otherwise be a serious stunner. So enjoy it as you will!

6. Rosey Nearly-Mermaid Hair

Minus the wet finish, this rose gold hairstyle has all of the merits of the throwback mermaid hair trend. Regardless of that, this style incorporates the rose gold hair trend by giving reign to a lovely pink hue, with highlights of blonde peeking from among the strands. As an overall look with the curly waves, you can’t go wrong, but a similar dye-job might look just as spectacular on straighter hair as well.

7. Disheveled Stacked Bob in Rose Gold

A little bit on the messy side, this purple- and pink-infused blonde style brings a whole new level of glamour to a popular summer hair cut. With the sun and humidity, this is a style that will keep your hair from feeling the brunt of it; and you don’t need to worry about missing out on the rose gold hair trend, either!

8. Rose Gold Waves

This look takes the rose gold hair color trend to its most literal place, as the color here is a gorgeous shade of rose gold itself. The shimmering shade is matched here with long, classic waves; the look just screams summer, and makes the warm weather even more exciting, especially with it being so close upon us. There is not much that needs to be said about this look; all that is necessary can be seen in the picture!

9. Emma Roberts’ Sleek Locks

Here is an example of a desert rose gold hairstyle, with the darkness of the shade creating a more natural appearance, while the shine of the glossy dye brings in aspects of gold. Showing the look on Roberts to top things off just shows how much of a sultry appeal can be achieved through this sleek shade.

10. Wavy Pink Bob

This style is cute, to say the least. The wavy bob can often be viewed as such, but with the addition of the rose gold hair color, the pink just makes it that much more fun and, well, cute! By darkening the color at the roots, you will also ensure longevity with your look, but will also add fluidity by giving it motion. The color, as seen here, can be worn with black quite well, but playing around pairing it with other hair colors could prove to be a fabulous decision.

11. Classic Curly Bob

This is another rose gold hair idea, and the classic style just makes it that much more elegant. The style and color is easy to transition between an everyday outfit and an eveningwear ensemble, so you don’t need to worry about sacrificing versatility to keep up with the rose gold hair trend. In fact, you might just find that it enhances that.

12. Black Mixed with Rose Gold

For the lovely ladies with darker skin tones, this style will look particularly stunning. As is frequent for those with darker complexions, your hair is likely on the darker side as well, and nothing is more of a pain than trying to get all of that to a blonde hue. With this style, you can just embrace your dark locks while adding in areas of pink and blonde for that lovely rose gold effect.

13. Ombre to Dark Rose Gold Hair

Much as the previous item in this list, this style embraces dark roots. You will be able to play off of them by adding in a perfectly blended rose gold with an ombre effect as you move down your hair. Styled here with beachy waves, the rose gold hair color spirals and intertwines with the black near the top, showing how things can be blended for maximum rose gold efficiency.

14. Voluminous Blonde and Pink

This strays a bit from the “gold” aspect of the rose gold hairstyles by instead incorporating a bright blonde; the same effect is, however, still achieved. The bubblegum pink is also a unique incorporation. Bright pink has been used in other rose gold hairstyles, but this look truly embraces a sweet pink hue, by its bold placement and by adding volume to the hair, making the color pop even further!

15. Soft and Sweet Rose Gold Hair

Softness is a rather difficult thing to obtain in the summer heat and humidity, so pulling off this look will be a breath of fresh air anywhere you go. Here you have waves of a partially blended rose and gold mixture, still showing the separation between the two shades, but being mixed well enough that at first glance it may appear as only one color.

16. Dark Red Waves

Here is another dark-based hairstyle, using rose gold to adding highlights of a honey blonde and a dim red, which edges onto pink at times. This look doesn’t call for as much attention as others on this list do, making this especially ideal for those who can’t be too boisterous with their looks, for work or other commitments.

Rose Gold Hair Color Ideas


17. Platinum and Pink Curls

This whole style reminds me of a young girl’s Barbie dream look. You have the perfect, platinum curls, and the pink just sitting atop before seeping down onto the rest. The reference does not suggest the look is childish, or anything else of the sort, but it does suggest that if you choose to sport this feminine, simply gorgeous rose gold look, you can expect a lot of compliments ” I’d bet mostly from children, no less!

Rose Gold Hair Color Ideas


18. Contrasting Dark and Light

Many rose gold hairstyles incorporating dark hair and light hair tend to go for an ombre effect, or an otherwise light approach to melding the two together. This, however, just goes for the full contrast, and the result is striking. The popup strands of blonde in the area of the dark relieve the tension while still adding to the stark difference between the two shades. Proper shading of each color is particularly important here, so careful consideration should be made here.

Rose Gold Hair Color Ideas


19. Shimmering Rose Gold Waves

Falling around shoulder length, this will be a very breezy look, especially with the addition of it being in rose gold. This particular shade and style is just begging to be added with some floral patterns and sundresses, but is also tame enough to only need a pair of denims and your go-to summer top.

Rose Gold Hair Color Ideas


20. Voluptuous Rosy Gold Curls

Sometimes, especially with proper volume and uniformity, curls are downright sexy. Here, with the lovely pink added in around honey hues, that is battling against sensuality with sweetness, and it seems the two are at a standstill. An equilibrium, if you will, is created here; you can enjoy more attitude in your look, but always kept in check by the color.

21. Dipped in Purple

For this look, it appears to start with a base of blonde, and then purple was poured on top, allowing it to seep throughout the color and go where it wished. While that would have been far too messy of a process, it certainly achieves a visual appeal in that regard. This is one of those rose gold hairstyles, however, where you should practice caution, as too much of such a vibrant purple will end up looking costumey, so you’ll need to keep that balance in check!

22. Easy Pink and Blonde

This look incorporates the rose gold hair color, as well as the newly beloved style of putting half of your hair back into a bun, which proved particularly useful in times where you don’t have time to shower. With the way this hair was dyed, it seems it could have been the purpose, to look especially fabulous when worn up like that. Needless the say, the look is likely stunning from any vantage point.

23. Simple Lightly Rosed Waves

Here you will find one of the more subtle approaches to rose gold hairstyles, in that you won’t need to worry about standing out too much, while still receiving the benefits of having rose gold hair. This look utilizes more shades of natural colors, opting to add in the medium pink as a supplement, rather than making it the focal point.

Rose Gold Hair Color Ideas


24. Even Pink and Blonde

Here the more natural blonde and rather unnatural pink play against one another. The pink is a striking shade, yet in a way that will make an onlooker look twice, as opposed to be so vibrant that it caused anyone who walks by to stare. If anyone stares, it will be due to jealousy!

Rose Gold Hair Color Ideas


25. Peach Pink Center Part Hairstyle

Another straightforward hair color, this time in a creamy, peachy pink, this rose gold hairstyle falls on the sweeter side. This is especially so due to the center part added into the hair, and the happiness that seems to exude from the sleek shimmer of the finished dye.

26. Iridescent Platinum Rose Gold Hair

With a base of a striking platinum blonde, highlights of a faded-looking pink/purple come through in a nearly luminous way. By flipping the edges and allowing the bangs to fall in such a way, styling your entire hairdo like this will add some serious attitude to your appearance.

Rose Gold Hair Color Ideas


27. Rosy Pink to Near-White

This is a fast-paced ombre rose gold hairstyle that begins at the top of the head with a pale, faded rose, and moves down to fad into a natural blonde before continuing to become more and more white, until you are left with the totally striking silver at the bottom. Adding in the curls adds volume and even a few levels of fantasy, so this is one look you’ll need to be ready for.

Rose Gold Hair Color Ideas


28. Easygoing Pink Blend

This is a rather unique blend of darks and lights, and the result, mixed with the “lazy” styling of the hair, really evokes such a laid back vibe. As such, you won’t feel the need to dress a certain way or omit certain colors from your wardrobe. Rather, you can embrace the best aspects of everything and keep doing what you want.

29. Sunset-Touched Rose Gold Hair

This shade of rose gold adds in a splash of orange, which resulted in a perfect sunset blend. You can’t help but look at this look and not smile, thinking about the soft sun setting in the distance, or of the way it paints pictures across the water. The color is just sober enough to remain subtle, making it another ideal rose gold hairstyle for just about anyone wishing to try it.

Rose Gold Hair Color Ideas


30. Classic Contrast

Here is a basic, rose gold-techniqued hairstyle. The white-blonde and the pink are able to contrast one another, this time in a more blocky pattern; the pink chosen for the look was a lovely blend, but the placement was made for that contrast between the crisply blonde base and the bright pink highlights.

Rose Gold Hair Color Ideas


31. Smooth Bombshell

This is a more toned-down version of the classic bombshell waves, given its lowered amount of volume and the soft execution of the curls. The color on the other hand, is a darker shade of rose gold, one that perfectly suits the woman with a lighter complexion, but of attitude to back it up.

32. Sunkissed Beauty

This look doesn’t really delve into the rose gold hair colors, but leans on adding in a blend of brunette and blonde shades. Yet, there does appear to be a hint of a rose tucked away inside these shades, in the softness and the way the sun is able to pick up extra tidbits of light throughout the locks. You’ll be all set to walk down the streets wearing your favorite spring/summer ensembles.

Rose Gold Hair Color Ideas


33. Rose Gold Dreamsicle

This shade reminds me of an orange dreamsicle; those luscious, summer treats filled with ice milk are reflected in the color as well as in the smooth volume throughout the style. This formula is a shade between peach and orange, falling at a perfect point so as not to be too serious or too laughable. Rather, you are able to look at the hairstyle and be happy with summer memories, without being too literal.

Rose Gold Hair Color Ideas


34. Perfectly Streamlined Curls

The hair is styled impeccably, which acts as the perfect canvas for the light ombre effect taking place here. It begins with a deep shade at the top, and by the time you reach the tips, there are golden hues peeking through. The pinks and purples meld together here, and are a great addition to any inspirational photos on the rose gold hair trend.

Rose Gold Hair Color Ideas


35. Cute and Classic Curled Bob

This is a Western country classic, one that would look right at home with a pair of cowboy boots accompanying it. But setting that aside, the honey golden hair color plays well with the light brown, with no set rhyme or reason as far as the pattern was concerned. This is a great summer style, as it will look so cute bouncing as you walk down the street.

36. Honeyed Brunette

Long waves allow for a languid ombre effect, without the outcome being too noticeable. These waves are laid back, and allow for the smooth transition between brown and gold; with tighter waves or with straight hair, this effect would have otherwise been disrupted. Rocking these long waves is perfect for a day at the beach, or anywhere else.

Rose Gold Hair Color Ideas


37. Brown to Rose

This rose gold hairstyle allows for an appealing visual. The rosy pink tips are seen in strands up near the brown roots, with varying golden shades in between. This is the most fluid integration of brown, blonde, and pink in this list, and will prove to be a striking statement, despite being more subdued. Plus, the soft waves make the whole look appear more sophisticated, so no matter what walk of life you are in, this will work for you; who wouldn’t want to be a part of the rose gold hairstyle trend?

Rose Gold Hair Color Ideas


38. Cascading Layers

When pinned partially up, this look appears straightforward, in that the top layer is a darker blonde and the bottom is a brown and rose blend. However, when the bun is released, the blonde hair seems to cascade as waves over the other shades, with various lengths cut into new layers within themselves. This look is truly stunning, and its layers will allow for much versatility with styling options.

39. Fiery Sunset Rose Gold Hairstyle

Again, the colors of the sunset arise, but this time taking on a more fierce form, resembling more closely a fire than the sun itself. Yet, either way this is a bold statement for rose gold hair color, and could easily be a striking statement for any daring enough woman to try out. The different layers of browns, pinks, and orange will make for a unique outcome for anyone who tries this one out.

40. Simple and Versatile

Simple rose gold hairstyles can be worn in so many ways. Such may not have been noticeable, due to the focus on curly and wavy styles, but here is one instance showing the different ways a rose gold dye job can be worn. No matter what hairstyle you wish to achieve, you will be able to find a way to accomplish it while best showcasing your rose gold hair color. This photo encompasses a few possibilities, and as long as you’re open and willing to get a bit creative, you can find ways to achieve your favorite styles, too.

41. Nectarine Melt Bob

Channel your fruity side with this super cute rose gold hair look. The way the mauve roots fade towards gold tips is reminiscent of a delicious nectarine, and the overall effect is fun flirty, thanks to the cute wavy bob and adorable double buns on the top of the head.

42. Midnight, Rose Gold, and Pink Balayage

Inject a touch of mysteriousness into an otherwise fruity and fun balayage, through dark midnight blue roots. The texture pink and rose gold hair colors are all about the summery fun, especially with the two little crown buns.

Rose Gold Hair Color Ideas


43. Rose Gold & Platinum Magic

Who is better to take rose gold hair color ideas from than Kylie Jenner, who’s showing here how beautiful these shades can be even when the hair isn’t perfectly styled. A touch of peachy-pink was blended into platinum in this gorgeous picture.

Rose Gold Hair Color Ideas


44. Golden Peony Layered Lob

Rose gold hairstyles look incredible on all haircuts, including this lovely layered long bob, where shades of peach, pink, and lavender come together in a mesmerizing effect.

45. Peachy Slanted Bob

Slanted bobs are guaranteed to be stylish, especially when they are curled to feminine perfection. This is a brighter take on rose gold hair colors, with bright shades of blonde, peach, and just a hint of pink.

Rose Gold Hair Color Ideas


46. Golden Bubble Gum Ombre

This is the perfect ombre take on rose gold hair colors, because it’s pretty, edgy, and summery, and yet it will also grow out painlessly thanks to natural roots. The shades are bright, leaning more towards pink, and the long texture curls are very romantic.

47. Rose Gold Satin Balayage

The most beautiful hair is the healthiest hair, no matter which of these rose gold hair ideas you’re into! These locks positively shine with moisture and vigor. Dark brown roots, and layers of peach and blonde look mesmerizing in this long bob style.

48. Autumn Rose and Lavender Balayage

Go colder for autumn with beautiful brown, lavender, and rose gold hair. Auburn roots work incredibly well with the lavender, to create a lovely warm effect that is totally season appropriate.

49. Lavender & Rose Gold Bob

Feathery locks looks best with flowery shades, especially rose gold hair colors. In this lovely bob we see shades of warm copper blend beautifully with lavender hair, to create a gorgeous flowery yet metallic effect.

Rose Gold Hair Color Ideas


50. Glowing Slanted Rose Gold Bob

The way the golden shades run through this rose gold balayage style is impossibly bright and glowy. It’s the kind of skilled vertical balayage that only a true expert can create, and it pairs really nicely with the slanted, curly bob hairstyle.

Rose Gold Hair Color Ideas


51. Rose Quartz Ombre

The combination of warm purple and rose gold hair is a winning one, because the two colors complement each other without clashing. This ombre starts off a purple quartz at the roots that fade into rose gold, and thanks to the curls the effect is feminine and rich.

52. Princess Peach Curls

The touchably soft curls with the side part make for a lovely fairytale princess style. Add the peach and rose gold hair colors, and this makes for one of the freshest and prettiest rose gold hair ideas possible.

Rose Gold Hair Color Ideas


53. Pink Grapefruit Curls

This example of rose gold hairstyles really drives home the fact that blonde hair allows for a ton of variety! Shades of grapefruit pink were balayaged over golden locks for a non-traditional level of femininity.

54. Semi Fishtail Rose Gold Ombre

This is a peachier take on the usual rose gold hair, which means it’s fruitier in multiple senses of the word. The darker roots offset the peach in a dramatic way, and a half fishtail braid gives everything a mermaidy vibe.

55. Icy Rose Curls

So far, most of the rose gold hair color ideas have been on the warmer side of things, so here’s a cooler take! There’s just a touch of gold at the roots of this natural blonde, but the ends have been dyed a soft, cool pink for a lovely semi-permanent style.

Rose Gold Hair Color Ideas


56. Sparkle & Shimmer with a Front Row Braid

This style shows how rose gold hairstyles can go beautifully with so many different styling choices. This lovely rose and blonde balayage is complemented by the front row braid, and the gold glitter along the hair part makes everything party ready!

Rose Gold Hair Color Ideas


57. Orange & Grapefruit Sorbet Hair

This balayage shows how sunny rose gold hair can be! Hints of orange and peach at the tips give this style a ton of warmth, while the dark roots ensure fewer salon visits.

58. Copper and Gold Balayage Waves

These curls are a vision of metallic beauty, with shades of copper and rose gold hair melting together into a lovely balayage. As always, a darker root makes things a little more complex, and easier to care for.

Rose Gold Hair Color Ideas


59. Fire on Gold Curls

A great styling job can make rose gold hair colors look almost like they are moving, as this fiery balayage shows. Pink and gold never looked so luxe.

60. Rosy Golden Princess Curls

There is something about curls that brings out the best in a hair color. These soft curls make this rich rose gold hair color shine, urging even the devoted fans of natural hair colors to consider trying this feminine shade!

61. Loose Dutch Braid Pull-Back

Two parts of this look really stand out: the astounding loose Dutch braid, which gently pulls the hair back while still looking soft and feminine. The other part of this wonderful take on rose gold hairstyles is the gorgeous combination of natural auburn tones and baby pink tips.

62. Lush Pink Mermaid Hair

This is a lush two-part braid. The top part is a thick Dutch braid, which is overlaid at the nape of the neck by a lush fishtail braid. When paired with a peachy pink shade of rose gold hair colors, in a subtle ombre, that overall effect is mermaid perfection.

63. Subtle Mauve Gold Shag

This is one of those darker, understated takes on rose gold hair colors that will work for any occasion. A mauvey-pink balayage runs through rich bronze hair, for an effect that has a lot of dimension, but with a casual touch thanks to the tousled styling.

Rose Gold Hair Color Ideas


64. Springtime Rose Gold Waves

This take on rose gold hair colors is just fresh and sunny enough to force winter away and bring back spring! Golden locks with a touch of metallic pink shine bright, while deep roots keep this hairstyle manageable. Add a fun flower crown for an extra feminine feel.

Rose Gold Hair Color Ideas


65. Soft and Lovely Rose Gold Locks

This sweet rose gold hair is oh so lovely and wearable, thanks to shiny and healthy locks, and soft waves. The colorist decided to break with tradition, and created a reverse balayage, where the warm peach shades begin at the top, and only show up here and there on the ends. Definitely one of the coolest rose gold hair color ideas!

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