YSL Eyes Summer 2016 Makeup Collection

YSL Eyes Summer 2016 Makeup Collection

When it comes to working out some edgy couture beauty looks, you are sure to trust in YSL beauty line. Apart from concocting intricate garment pieces, the luxury brand also specializes in working out voluptuous lips, picture-perfect complexion, dizzy fragrances and, of course, swoon-worthy penetrating eye makeup. Just in time when the festival season is nigh hand at hand, the brand is launching the YSL Eyes summer 2016 makeup collection that will be available for purchase starting from April 9, 2016 online at the brand’s website, as well as at Sephora and Nordstrom.

YSL Eyes Summer 2016 Makeup Collection

The collection is vast enough to fill your summer days with limitless eye-dressing experiments. The newly developed and never-seen-before Vinyl Couture mascara of innovative vinyl texture is the star product of the collection, accompanied by brow and eye palette goodies, high definition eye pencils and eyeliners ” the full monty geared up to make you the belle of the ball any time of the year. The collection includes:

YSL Mascara Vinyl Couture ($37.00 / €33.00)

The beauty zone has surely never seen vinyl-textured mascaras, well, until now of course. The labs of YSL have been engaged in developing this new formula for already four years in a row. The result is just awesome. Through high concentration of lacquer pigments and translucent liquid base the mascara gives the lashes a saturated color and haute-couture-worthy shine, while the presence of argan oil, carthame oil, sweet almond oil and castor oil in the mascara formula is meant for nourishing the lashes.

They are sneaking to our cosmetics bags in the whole 9 rich jewel colors able to give our lashes volume, length and the flirtiest ever curves. Black, aubergine, jade and hazel variations are to dramatize your visages, while shocking shades of bright blue, fuchsia and ultraviolet are to veil your complexion with some hilarious summer touches. But leave it to silver and gold gloss topcoats to infuse some futuristic vibes into your life. Check all the shades below:

• No.1 I’m The Clash ” ultra black
• No.2 I’m The Unpredictable ” aubergine/ eggplant
• No.3 I’m The Excitement ” luxurious jade green
• No.4 I’m The Illusion ” deep hazel
• No.5 I’m The Trouble ” bright light blue
• No.6 I’m The Madness ” fuchsia
• No.7 I’m The Craze ” ultra-violet
• No.8 I’m The Storm ” silver gloss topcoat
• No.9 I’m The Fire ” gold gloss topcoat

YSL Eyes Summer 2016 Makeup Collection

YSL Couture Brow Palette (€56.00)

This brow palette that promises perfectly groomed and signature brows, comes in two variations, light to medium and medium to dark, each including 3 shades. Each palette also includes tweezers and a brush to help you in the brow grooming process.

• No.01 Light to Medium
• No.02 Medium to Dark

YSL Couture Variation 10 Color Eye Palette ($95.00 / €70.00) (Limited Edition)

This oblong sleek black case includes the whole 10 eyeshadows from nude and powdery pink shades to deeper and darker ones in matte or shimmery finishes. You are free to mix and match them easily enough and get both tender working-day look and dramatic smoky eye effects. For more impeccable application a dual-ended brush is attached, while to check out the result of your finger movements, a large mirror is hiding inside.

YSL Eyes Summer 2016 Makeup Collection

YSL Dessin Du Regard Eye Pencil

This highly-pigmented pencil to be launched in 7 rich colors is to embrace your eyes for many hours without any smudge or smear, while the Jojoba oil infused in the formula allows for easy gliding and velvety feeling. The built-in blending tip will incite you to create various eye effects. Check the shades:

• No.1 Noir Volage ” black
• No.2 Brun Mordant ” brown
• No.3 Gris Lunatique ” gray
• No.4 Bleu Insolent ” blue
• No.5 Vert Caprice ” green
• No.6 Bronze Exces ” bronze
• No.7 Violet Frivolous ” purple

YSL Eyes Summer 2016 Makeup Collection

YSL Dessin Du Regard Waterproof Eye Pencil

Here is another eye pencil by YSL to be released in 6 shades, promising perfect wear for up to 16 hours whether it is raining heavily or tears are falling down your cheeks. Check the shades:

• No.1 Noir Effronte ” black
• No.2 Brun Danger ” brown
• No.3 Bleu Impatient ” blue
• No.4 Vert Irreverent ” green
• No.5 Bronze Impertinent ” bronze
• No.6 Bougogne Ose ” burgundy

YSL Dessin Du Regard Waterproof Stylo

These waterproof eyeliners will veil your eyelids with semi-matte effect, lasting for 16 hours and encouraging you to jump on the bandwagon of kohl-eyed-addicted girls. Check the shades below:

• No.1 Noir Ivresse ” black
• No.2 Brun Posession ” brown
• No.3 Bleu Addiction ” blue
• No.4 Gris Devotion ” gray

YSL Eyes Summer 2016 Makeup Collection

Photos courtesy of YSL Beauty

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