20 of The Best Spring 2017 Bridal Hairstyles and Makeup Looks

Best Spring 2017 Bridal Hairstyles and Makeup Looks

Even if you are a regular party-goer with an immense experience of dressing up and sprucing up within several hours, things take quite a different spin when it comes to your own nuptial rite. After picking up your ideal bridal dress, it’s not about lying back and waiting for your wedding day to come. Shake a leg! There is plenty of stuff to do yet. Your ideal bridal hairstyle and makeup are no less important and do require long-term reflections, oh-finally moments, decision changing the next day, and increasing panic attacks through the last few days. The spring 2017 bridal hairstyles and makeup looks from the bridal fashion week are not only to facilitate your bridal gown selection procedure but also to serve as a pretty good inspirational source for your beauty frame.

Best Spring 2017 Bridal Hairstyles and Makeup Looks

Starting from spick-and-span elegant buns and chignons, tousled boho-chic hair moments and all kind of experiments with de rigor braids to blossoming rose pouts and metallic silver accents, the future brides have no lack of beauty ideas in the store. Browse through our list of the best spring 2017 bridal hairstyles, as well as the best bridal makeup looks that we have tackled from the recent runway shows for your bridal glory moments.

1. Boxer Braids and Frozen Lashes at Houghton

In an effort to envelope your bridal appearance with as much bohemian twist as is required to demonstrate your whole wayward essence, that’s mandatory to look to Houghton’s off-center boxer braids that are all the rage now. Tame your rebellious hair via thin cornrow braids and finish them off with two impish pigtails, but dare not stop in here; use all-white top coat on your lashes to give them some frozen trompe l’oeil while keeping the whole complexion within natural allure.

Spring 2017 Bridal Hairstyles and Makeup Looks: Houghton Boxer Braids

2. Knotted Structural Chignon + Opulent Headpiece Mash-up at Naeem Khan

If minimalistic soft bridal outfit is not your thing and walking down the aisle all in luxe and deluxe is what you are after, there is no better way than mixing western and eastern beauty standards a la Naeem Khan. The western structural chignon knotted in a unique manner alone might become your elegant bridal-look-purveyor, but if you add a bejeweled headpiece all covering the hair front and finished off hanging nonchalantly behind, the eastern hedonism just cannot be helped.

Spring 2017 Bridal Hairstyles and Makeup Looks: Naeem Khan Chignon

3. Blossoming Rose Complexion at Delphine Manivet

At Delphine Manivet it is all about the babe in the woods to hold sway over bridal beauty standards. Just to be a part of the blossoming spring, adopt this blossoming rose beauty look that is sure to work like a charm down the aisle. With hair pulled into a soft loose updo, cheeks wrapped with healthy blush and lips imitating two blooming rose petals, what is left to you is just to carry those angelic eyes from wedding chapel to wedding reception to night party.

Spring 2017 Bridal Hairstyles and Makeup Looks: Delphine Manivet

4. Effortless Side Braid at Galia Lahav

The romantically seductive brides at Galia Lahav are to immensely inspire those of you who have fallen head over heels in love with braided festival broken out recently. Most importantly, those effortless side braids spiced up with teasing at the crown and a couple of strands left out to touch the cheeks, are as easy as ABC to work out by yourself just an hour before your wedding ceremony starts. And if there is still any lack of effortlessness, Galia Lahav’s makeup artist recommends framing upper lash lines with delicate strokes, coating lips with natural shimmer while giving the whole complexion some softly moisturized effect.

Spring 2017 Bridal Hairstyles and Makeup Looks: Galia Lahav Side Braid

5. Braided Bun and Silver Strokes at Lela Rose

The brides at Lela Rose were elegant and polished but not in a traditional manner. The center-parted hair was pulled behind with loads of braids to be twisted to shape an intricate labyrinthine bun at the nape, while the silver lines starting from the eye angle and stretching along the whole eyelid in an arched shape are to start a wholly new craze in bridal makeup arena. This is a perfect bridal look for those brides-to-be who are literally caught between timeless elegance and wacky modernism.

Spring 2017 Bridal Hairstyles and Makeup Looks: Lela Rose Braided Updo

6. Side-Swept Waves at Christian Siriano

When you have shoulder-length strands, there are not so many bridal hairstyles in store for you. But what Christian Siriano’s newly-minted bridal line offers does really pay off the narrow range of choice. Just shuffle your hair into some pretty vintage waves, sweeping them to one side and making a nod to old Hollywood glamour.

Spring 2017 Bridal Hairstyles and Makeup Looks: Christian Siriano Hollywood Waves

7. Braided Chic Chignon at Marchesa

Braided bridal hairstyles are shooting up with great intensity, so multiple and versatile as to embrace both everyday life and special occasions, including weddings. Here is another braided chignon spotted on Marchesa’s brides, looking chic, polished and in somehow expertly knitted mannerism. Leave it unconcealed to show off the whole gloss or else embark on adorning your chignon with fresh flower beds.

Spring 2017 Bridal Hairstyles and Makeup Looks: Marchesa Braided Chignon

8. Apricot Complexion at Tony Ward

At Tony Ward brides are ethereal and sweet but not via conventional pink pout or flushed cheeks. To transmogrify into a sweet sugar-coated girl on your wedding day, there is no better way than bringing some soft apricot hue to your lids with subtle shimmer near the inner corners while the same shade cheeks and lips are to enhance au natural spring zest.

Spring 2017 Bridal Hairstyles and Makeup Looks: Tony Ward Bohemian Hair

9. Delicate Hair Necklace at Anne Barge

Take a shot to veer from everything conventional on your wedding day and back out of using your necklace on your neck. Anna Barge’s spring 2017 bridal collection comes to guide you in that job of where else to apply your crystal shining necklace. Adorning your spick-and-span updo with a forehead-grazing two-tiered necklace might take you to a western elegance level, while groomed eyebrows, peachy lids and nude shimmer on lips are what we are firmly calling as “courtly beauty of the moment’.

Spring 2017 Bridal Hairstyles and Makeup Looks: Anne Barge Sleek Updo

10. Sleek Twisted Knots at Sachin & Babi

Sachin & Babi’s grandiose long-trained bridal gowns were calling for any traditional sleek hairstyle, conveying even more allure via those chic knots effortlessly twisted and knotted at the nape with some sleek wet touches added to the crown. In a quest for the matching makeup look, give a try to naturally flushed cheeks and matte tender pink lips, and then ogle at your Mr. Right to check out the power of your enticement.

Spring 2017 Bridal Hairstyles and Makeup Looks: Sachin & Babi Twisted Low Bun

11. Futuristic Allure at Theia

To be Theia bride requires being far cry from anything traditional or elegant. The Theia spring 2017 bridal collection was once again impregnated with extravagance, this time around mingled with futuristic vibes. The scandalously body-baring gowns were teamed with bejeweled futuristic headpieces suggestive of armor, eyelid-hugging steel silver shimmer and the same hue used on the full lips. Whether this whole steeled beauty is right up your street or not so much, Theia’s interpretation of bridal allure is sure to steal general attention.

Spring 2017 Bridal Hairstyles and Makeup Looks: Theia Metallic Silver Makeup

12. Tousled Hair and A Statement Pearl at Reem Acra

Reem Acra’s spring 2017 bridal collection was all about sexy strapless heart-shaped necklines and off-the-shoulder solutions and what could better amp up the seductiveness in the air if not the mussed tousled hair, center-parted and shoulder-grazing meant to go more and more tousled throughout the wedding ceremony. But chalk it up to the statement pearl glued on the cheekbone, under the lower lash line or else above the brow to make you the pearl of the beauty.

Spring 2017 Bridal Hairstyles and Makeup Looks: Reem Acra Tousled Hair

13. Ear Cuff-Barrette at David’s Bridal

When you have a statement floral hair barrette at your disposal, the hair can be left loose without much care. A bejeweled hair barrette to serve as a pretty flattering ear cuff at a time was spotted at David’s Bridal adorning the windswept loose hair and wrapped around the ear as a blossoming flower bed.

Spring 2017 Bridal Hairstyles and Makeup Looks: David's Bridal Loose Hair

14. Boho Braids and Silver Sparkles at Jenny Packham

Contrary to the spring 2017 bridal braided hairstyles all twisted and knotted up into some buns or chignons, at Jenny Pachkam teeny tiny braids hanging down come to mingle with tousled waves with beach-worthy bohemian twist to them. And when the subtly smudged smoky eyes with some silver sparkles on the inner eye corners pop up, that’s the overt signal to walk down the aisle.

Spring 2017 Bridal Hairstyles and Makeup Looks: Jenny Packham Boho Braids

15. Coachella Flower Crown at Monique Lhuillier

Coachella music festival might really serve as a pretty good inspiration source for you in the quest for the ideal bridal hairstyles for spring 2017. Any way you slice it, the Coachella-style bridal hair rendition a la Monique Lhuillier is calling the shoot. Twist your tousled hair back at both sides softly and gently, capping it off with a fresh flower crown borrowed right from Coachella valley.

Spring 2017 Bridal Hairstyles and Makeup Looks: Monique Lhuillier Headband Loose Hair

16. Hot Spanish Pout at Claire Pettibone

Are you enthused to make your nuptial a red letter day? Then what else could better work than scarlet red sensual lips? Look to Claire Pettibone brides decked into some crocheted free-flowing Spanish gowns to function just mind-blowing against whimsical updos, expressive soft smoky eyes and scarlet red full pouts to whistle some passionate flamenco chords.

Spring 2017 Bridal Hairstyles and Makeup Looks: Claire Pettibone Red Lips

17. Butterfly Veil at Elizabeth Fillmore

At Elizabeth Fillmore bridal beauty was playing within celestial heavenly zone. As if the gowns themselves teeming with 3D flowers were not enough to channel all the heavenly beauty, the fishnet eye-camouflaging veils chockablock with realistic flowers and flitter-flutter butterflies were brought forefront to adorn the side fishtail braids and to give you just another amazing idea of bridal visage.

Spring 2017 Bridal Hairstyles and Makeup Looks: Elizabeth Fillmore Side Braid

18. Whirlpool Bun and Statement Eyelashes at Angel Sanchez

At Angel Sanchez brides could be admired both from the front and from the back. While the mussed and stiffened hair were pulled into a lovely whirlpool bun as a real feast for eyes from behind, the front-lookers could revel in those dark eyes with curly voluminous false eyelashes contrasted against soft powdery pink lips.

Spring 2017 Bridal Hairstyles and Makeup Looks: Angel Sanchez Wet-Effect Bun

19. Golden Shower at Galia Lahav

If neither boho chic braids nor elegant chignons nor even those eye-catching crystal hair accessories are right up your alley, then you are seemingly after some royal delicacy. Look no further than the golden shower at Galia Lahav. Embellish your hair with an intricate gilded headpiece creating an illusion of golden foil deluge right on your head, then queen it down the aisle acting high and mighty.

Spring 2017 Bridal Hairstyles and Makeup Looks: Galia Lahav Gilded Hair

20. Classic Bun at Oscar de la Renta

If you just cannot part ways with elegance and simplicity on your wedding day, look to Oscar de la Renta‘s fabulous bun hairstyles for spring 2017. Style your windswept nonchalant hair into a sleek bun with subtle flyaways for a more romantic feel, letting your neck feel the soft spring breeze.

Spring 2017 Bridal Hairstyles and Makeup Looks: Oscar de la Renta Sleek Bun

Photos courtesy of Zimbio

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