20 Spring/ Summer 2016 Jeans Trends We Love Now

Spring/ Summer 2016 Jeans Trends

For any season, jeans carry some of the biggest fashion trends. As such, for this summer 2016, denim is hot on the market. Ripped jeans in particular will be plentiful, as one of this season’s top, and most casual, denim trends. “Ripped” can mean a multitude of styles, so don’t feel this trend is limiting by any means. You can see in this list alone how many different possibilities there are for such a style. The list is a compilation of 20 of the best summer 2016 jeans trends that we have found, so you can kick start your search for the perfect denim. Trust us: you won’t regret investing in a pair (or more) of these.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Jeans Trends

1. Levi’s Patchwork Jeans

The summer sun always carries with it a certain level of nostalgia; one that reminds one of childhood and playing outside. Levi’s gives a way to bring that fun back in a (slightly) mature way, so you can wear these stylish ripped jeans, available via Revolve, and admire the almost childish patchwork details and smile throughout your day, without your jeans, at least, coming across as being too immature.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Jeans Trends: Patchwork Vintage Levi's Jeans

2. High-Waisted Stonewash Jeans

You can’t go wrong with a classic pair of ripped jeans. Especially due to the simplicity, for summer 2016 and on, this pair of Missguided jeans will be a great investment. Feel free to pair these with flats, sandals, espadrilles, or any other pair of your favorite footwear (even heels!) and you’ll have the great base for a summer look.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Jeans Trends: High-Waist Ripped Jeans

3. Shredded Fringe Jeans

This shows an interesting iteration of the “ripped” style that you might not have expected to find on the list of the summer 2016 jeans trends. The shape is a classic straight leg with a cotton fringe appearing shredded at the ankle, available from Free People (who else?); everything else about the jeans is standard, so the quirky fringe will have its place in the spotlight; we suggest trying out the white for an even more modern look!

Spring/ Summer 2016 Jeans Trends: Fringe-Hem Jeans

4. Casual Light Boyfriend Jeans

Here is another pair of simple worn-in jeans for summer 2016, from Revolve, that is particularly versatile for any wardrobe. The single ripped knee gives way for a bit of asymmetry that will let you have a bit more fun when playing around with your styling.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Jeans Trends: Casual Ripped Boyfriend Jeans

5. Cheeky Jeans

Clearly we don’t mean “cheeky” as the endearing adjective; this is another interesting representation of the 2016 denim trends. Branded as “mom jeans” on the website of Missguided, one might assume that to be a description not pursued by any label. However, when the quirky and unexpected is sought, it becomes an ideal addition.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Jeans Trends: Cheeky Ripped Jeans

6. Cropped White Skinny Jeans

A pair of crisp white jeans can breathe a breath of fresh air into your closet, as it can be paired with so many wonderful colors to have an overall beautiful look for summer. Going along with the 2016 trend of ripped jeans, this particular pair from Revolve really brings together two fantastic summer styles, even extending the ripped aspect down to make the jean a crop.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Jeans Trends: Cropped White Jeans

7. Quirky Applique Boyfriend Jeans

These jeans don’t offer much in terms of ripped style, other than with the ripped and fraying hems, so if you’re looking to be a bit more adventurous with your look while still incorporating the latest denim trend, Muveil’s jeans featured on Matches Fashion are the right stop. Embellished with snakes, lizards, and winged insects, you’ll certainly be a spectacle wearing these applique jeans wherever you go!

Spring/ Summer 2016 Jeans Trends: Applique Jeans

8. Faded Boyfriend Jeans

From Forever 21 you can find this pair of asymmetrically faded jeans for summer 2016. The cropped length allows for more footwear versatility, and the fading down each leg is spread out to call for a double take. And of course, the small ripped details further the modern distressed look, leaving you all set for a day out.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Jeans Trends: Boyfriend Jeans

9. Cropped and Distressed Jeans

Mildly paint-splattered, ripped, and faded, these jeans are more distressed than others on this list, and to top it off the pale fading gives it almost a vintage edge. Revolve has put in the extra effort to keep the jeans especially distressed, so you’ll be right on par with the 2016 denim trends. Get this pair here!

Spring/ Summer 2016 Jeans Trends: Cropped Distressed Jeans

10. Raw White Skinny Jeans

Made with a stretch denim, these jeans will potentially be comfier than others, plus you get the slightly classy, lovely look of a white jean for summer. The jeans, made by A-Gold-E and sold by ASOS, are more raw than the pair offered by Revolve in this list, so it all comes down to how much you want to get into the 2016 ripped jeans trend this season.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Jeans Trends: Ripped, Cropped White Jeans

11. Hemless Denim Jeggings

The knee rips in these jeans aren’t cut away and frayed like most pairs, but instead are cut and left hanging open. So in a way, the rips here are more raw than the other pairs, even though it appears more pristinely cut. The jeans available for purchase at Revolve follow the 2016 denim trend in its own way, and with a simple approach actually are more unique than more frayed looks.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Jeans Trends: Hemless Jeans

12. Flower-Embellished Straight Jeans

Free People is continuing its success with quirky iterations of their own jeans trends. Yet, these jeans are still right on track with this year’s summer jean trends. The hem falls right at the ankle, an interesting placement for a straight-legged jean, and the rest is actually rather clean in its creation. It’s definitely a more unique look, clearly due to the floral appliques, but you’ll be staying comfy with the relaxed fit as well. Buy this pair here!

Spring/ Summer 2016 Jeans Trends: Embroidered Vintage Jeans

13. Loose and Casual Girlfriend Jeans

Between the wash and cut of these jeans, the overall look is fit for a tomboy style. Mango’s jeans, sold on ASOS, already have a relaxed fit, and the casual edge is only amplified by the rawness of the hem, which brings in the masculine street appeal. These jeans might seem more something you’d see in the 1990s rather in for a summer 2016 denim option, but the fad may be making a comeback here.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Jeans Trends: Casual Girlfriend Jeans

14. Classic Skinny Levi’s Jeans

From the back, these seem to be a classic pair of Levi’s 721 skinnies, but the knees are totally ripped out. The jeans, available from Nasty Gal, are able to remain skin tight without giving way to the missing fabric in the front. The hem gives a tailored look, so you can pair your favorite shoes of any type with your look.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Jeans Trends: Skinny Ripped Levi's Jeans

15. Mildly Ripped Skinny Jeans

Nordstrom features these lightly torn jeans so you can keep up with the 2016 ripped jeans trend without feeling the need to take on drastic measures. The light shade of blue will be especially lovely for spring and summer, especially as you can mix and match gorgeous colors to add some oomph to your wardrobe.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Jeans Trends: Ripped Cigarette Jeans

16. Skintight “Solarium” Blue Jeans

The color of these jeans, available for purchase at Revolve, is the real standout, although the ripped detailing is particularly lovely as well. The shade of blue is unique, particularly for the 2016 ripped jeans trend. The delicate rips near the hem at the shin are a lovely detail, and the continued rips to the waistline somehow remain delicate and feminine, where many other looks become edgy.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Jeans Trends: Ripped Skinny Jeans

17. High-Waisted White Jeans

Alright, you caught us; these jeans aren’t ripped! But it is one pair that was just too good to pass up for this lists of the best jeans of 2016. White jeans are a great investment for spring and summer, and you really can’t go wrong, especially if you’re looking to show off your spring “beach bod”, as you truly can in these figure-hugging jeans, available from ASOS.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Jeans Trends: High-Waist White Jeans

18. Slim-Fit Boyfriend Jeans

This is a silhouette sought after by any age range, even with the modernized rips, and it is one that translates well across all age demographics. You can make these ripped jeans particularly matured and even sophisticated by pairing them with a pair of cute heels or ankle boots; otherwise, you can wear whatever shoes you feel like wearing and you’ll be looking great. These Rag & Bone jeans are available from Revolve.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Jeans Trends: Slim-Fit Boyfriend Jeans

19. Raw Slim-Fit Boyfriend Jeans

Saint Laurent sent these slightly grungy jeans down its spring/summer 2016 runway, so now it is here right in time to order for the season. The waistband is deconstructed, supplying its take on the ripped jeans trend. Other than this, it is a simple, straightforward pair of boyfriend jeans that leans a bit more heavily on the masculine side. Buy these jeans here!

Spring/ Summer 2016 Jeans Trends: Saint Laurent Skinny Jeans

20. Light Distressed Boyfriend Jeans

Another style just as prominent this season, as in the past, is boyfriend jeans, as you likely gathered from the amount of them in this list alone. This iteration of that trend from Net-a-Porter mixed with the specific 2016 denim trend of ripped and frayed features makes for a relaxed fit and lightly distressed holes on the knee and thigh, making these a casual pant for any weather to come this summer.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Jeans Trends: Distressed Boyfriend Jeans

Photos courtesy of Viva Luxury, The Blonde Salad

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