45 Undercut Hairstyles with Hair Tattoos for Women With Short or Long Hair

Undercut Hairstyles with Hair Tattoos for Women

Have you seen the latest trend of undercut hairstyles with hair tattoos that has been sweeping Instagram and Pinterest? For the ladies who enjoy bringing something new and different to the table, or in this case their hair, these intriguing haircuts and use of colors are very much a thing to be looking into.

Undercut Hairstyles with Hair Tattoos for Women

Trends such as this are common, appearing out of the blue and disappearing just the same. But to date, no one really thought about peek-a-boo hair tattoos on your head that actually uses your hair instead of ink, making it a rather awesome way to show off your originality. The style involves no needles, instead using a razor to shave intricate patterns within an undercut.

The popularity of undercut hairstyles with hair tattoos stems from the fact that you can either hide it away and show it off to a select few or wear it out into the open with an updo. It is the latest hair trend that is sweeping the world really, and not just in the United States as many trends tend to be, with celebrities getting nice and rebellious with the look they display on their undercuts.

The best part is that when the hair grows out, you just get a new hair tattoo and enjoy the attention it garners wherever you happen to be that day.

For those who have been wondering about what to get done in terms of the hair tattoos, this list of 45 intriguing undercut hairstyles with hair tattoos for women should definitely give you some pretty good ideas overall. After all, you do not need to go for a bob to show them off either!

Short Undercut Hairstyles with Hair Tattoos

#1: Greyish Tribal Pixie Cut Hair Tattoo

The tribal style of the geometric lines appearing like multiple arrowheads on this gorgeous pixie that more resembles a boycut is pretty badass, inspiring one to chop up their hair again. It does not have anything special to it other than the fact that the shaved hair tattoo exudes a certain amount of confidence and presents a strength of character that might not show otherwise. It is a look not many ladies will go for, but it is certainly a safer bet than many other undercut hairstyles we are yet to see.

#2: Stars and Stripes Greyish Pixie Undercut

With a lovely pixie look and a grey canvas appearing on a youthful woman, this artistic hair tattoo design is a double star fading away into the nape with double stripes, the latter falling above the right ear and the former well behind.

The slight purple tones to the grey add a touch of adolescence to it all, while the cut itself makes the stripes visible but leaves the stars hidden under the fringe. It is an adorable look, without a doubt. That is one simple but lovely barber art.

#3: X-Files Magic Layered Wavy Cut

Longer in front, shorter in the back, this gorgeous rainbow colored undercut hairstyle covers up a scene from the X-files and some funky alien invasions. The scenario box made into a triangle that is shaved close, the home, trees and UFO are clearly present when you pull up the Arctic Fox colored hair. You might not be into the holographic color but cannot deny the beauty of a whole scene depicted.

#4: Colorful California Hair Pixie Undercut

Screams are definitely in order for this delectable hairstyle that appears as if we are in Candyland. Blue, pink and purple on top, with zigzag hair tattoo patterns on the undercut in pink, purple, green and blue underneath, this look is mega sexy and all about the attitude.

Hair tattoos just got an upgrade here and Instagrammers have really been loving the look. Wear with thick and large gold earrings for extra effect.

#5: Stairway to Nowhere Pixie Haircut

Extremely short in the cut with more of a Mohawk than a pixie, this super cool undercut hairstyle features a shaved nape, clippers used all over the back of the head starting from above the ears, and lots of tiered triangles that make for a 2D stairway to the brain perhaps. It’s a rebellious sort of hair tattoo design and some slick barber art, so you can have fun with your triangles as well.

#6: Sound Waves Side Hair Tattoo

If you don’t want your hair tattoos to be hiding under your hair and prefer to leave your tresses down to your shoulder, the side shave is probably your best bet. It has a fun aspect to it, racy and rebellious, shown off to the world with style and totally following the hair trends. The waving shave allows for the cut to almost emulate sound or real waves, but since it appears like the perfect rave look, we opt for the former.

#7: Taper Fade Side to Under Pixie Cut

Pixie haircuts can be quite fun, but what makes them even more alluring is the use of a side tattooed undercut in order to create a tapered striped look that screams confidence and everything chic. It works best on darker hair and the combination of side and under only adds to its appeal.

#8: Flower of Life Side Undercut Hair Tattoo

With most of the purple locks pulled to one side, we see a rather darling look that also utilizes the mandala or flower of life design for a striking undercut hair tattoo. It is beautiful to say the least and with the ombre lilac and amethyst combination, there is quite the witchy feel around this neck length loose hair look from the side.

#9: Key to My Mind Hair Tattoo

Love the look of the Mohawk and how it frees the sides of the head for some shaved-in hair tattoos? You are certainly not the only one! The Ladyhawk is the longer, female version of the Mohawk and appears quite fierce as well as trendy, with some looks also including fun allegories; in this case, it is the key to one’s mind that you can find on the side shave, bright and waiting to be used.

#10: Faded Side Buzz Ladyhawk

Gorgeous women with short hair are everywhere, but there are too few rocking the Ladyhawk look, complete with a faded buzz across the sides of the head and down to the nape, the hair at the center pulled up into wispy spikes; nice and long. The use of lines running across the length of the side of the head is exactly what we need to see here, minimal and sexy all at once.

Women's Short Undercut Hairstyles with Hair Tattoos


#11: Asymmetrical Short with Funky Tats

There is a look on Instagram that you cannot help but keep coming back to, with purple-pink hair lightened up quite a bit appearing in an extremely short haircut, half the head in a near buzz, while the other is more of a bob, wisps flaring out. Add in lines that split across and some longer pieces over a buzzed undercut and you have one of the fan favorites in hair tattoos.

#12: Faux LadyHawk with Petal Tattoos

Mostly shaved all around, the hair is left at the center and to one side layered, colored a pretty rad blonde color and the buzz used as a canvas for petals to resemble either a flower or something that appears slightly like a stylized cannabis leaf. It is punk rock we are seeing here and a total underground look.

Women's Short Undercut Hairstyles with Hair Tattoos


#13: Frosted Side Bob with Shaved Etching

It is a combination of frosted hair, the white blonde covering the dark layers that fall to one side of the head, the other and nape shaved close to create a nice canvas to work on. The etchings are nothing more than zigzag lines followed by a large half circle, adding minimal design to an already styled look.

Women's Short Undercut Hairstyles with Hair Tattoos


#14: Winter Frosty Undercut Hair

The side swept hair is a common theme among the short undercut hairstyles, false Ladyhawks taking over with a large amount of the hair shaved off, leaving it open to be worked on. White hair is the secret in this look that is meant specifically for winter, the side shave and undercut used to create pretty detailed snowflakes that remind us of the joys of the frosty season.

Women's Short Undercut Hairstyles with Hair Tattoos


#15: Mermaid Side Bob with Sunshine Tattoos

The hair tattoos on this mermaid colored hairstyle literally look to be rays of sunshine that are etched onto the blonde side shave of this side bob, the rest of the hair in a gorgeous blue-green-aqua falling in layers over the eyes and down the back. It is a very short look with a whole lot of modern mermaid appeal that would be wonderful to wear on vacation to a week under the sun.

Women's Short Undercut Hairstyles with Hair Tattoos


#16: Valentine’s Day Undercut Hair Tattoo with Bob

Is there a better way to celebrate love and romance than with a cute undercut hair tattoo? Okay, so chocolate comes to mind, but that’s not to say that this cute hair tattoo doesn’t put us in the mood! This hair tattoo was cut into inch-long hair, so it’s a little softer, and the two hearts are in perfect harmony with the pink and peach hair color.

Women's Short Undercut Hairstyles with Hair Tattoos


#17: Mermaid Scales and Pink Fire Locks

I smell something fishy in this take on undercut hairstyles with hair tattoos. It must be those mermaid scale tattoos! The way this pink hair goes whoosh, straight up, kind of reminds me of the queen of pop-punk, Pink.

Women's Short Undercut Hairstyles with Hair Tattoos


Updo Undercut Hairstyles with Hair Tattoos

#18: Blue and Pink Braids with Cat Hair Tattoo

The undercut on this style is no so much a buzz, but the use of colors allows for some pretty awesome designs to take hold. The hair is split into pink and blue, beautifully braided into an updo with flowers adorning the back, the undercut left pink, with the cat hair tattoo impressions appearing in blue.

It is a very pretty and positively artistic undercut hairstyle that places a beloved house pet on a tattoo that can easily be cut away or dyed a new color. The combination, though, is rather perfect for the spring season.

#19: Mohawk Themed High Bun With an Undercut Hair Tattoo

If you love the Mohawk theme but prefer to keep your hair long and symmetrical, the arrowhead look with the tips pointing upward on a triangular canvas at the back of the head is a pretty good style to go by.

Instagram is full of these particular looks and it appears that there are barbers all over that can pull this one off. So for the safety lovers who want a bit of pizzazz, this is certain hair tattoo to go with.

#20: Stars under Messy Bun

Cute, sexy, and thoroughly fun, the stars in stars look on the undercut hair under a high messy bun make a pretty cool deal and great to wear out on a night with friends or even a date. You can certainly enjoy this look on your own as well, reveling in the alluring pull of the shape of the star. Add in a shaved nape and it looks clean and beautiful.

#21: Snowflake Hair Tattoos Appear under a High Bun

The hair done up in a sleek ‘do, the high bun with the ombre hair is rather lovely, but it is the undercut and the hair tattoo shaves in that really attract one’s attention. We see a beautiful snowflake appear, fading away into the nape, the perfection of the lines not left unnoticed. It’s a beautiful look for anyone who greatly enjoys the winter months.

Women's Updo Undercut Hairstyles with Hair Tattoos


#22: Side Sweep Side Sun Burst

The beauty of this look is in the fact that it sweeps over the side of the head and appears like a bust of sunshine, or a stylized flower reaching the heavens. It is quite lovely, but more than that it shows a streak of fun loving innocence. Something for Coachella perhaps? Add in a high coconut bun and you have a winner in the side shave hair tattoo department.

Women's Updo Undercut Hairstyles with Hair Tattoos


#23: Hidden Heart Undercut Hair Tattoo

A close shave and darker color of the hair means more of a hidden hair tattoo as well. Combine that with a very simple twisting heart that takes up a lot of space at the nape and you have a pretty interesting look that combines art with simplicity for a loving finish.

#24: Geometric Fresh Nape

Pastel hair pulled up into high pigtails is what you need to create this anime inspired shaved undercut. The hair tattoo as such looks fresh and sophisticated, while a real tattoo on the nape of the neck can only help enhance the popularity of this simple but particularly attractive look.

Women's Updo Undercut Hairstyles with Hair Tattoos


#25: Into the Geometric Tunnel

Best worn with hair up into a ponytail, this undercut hair tattoo is quite special for its three dimensional design and perfect use of lines to create a geometric tunnel to slink through. It is great as an optical illusion as well, best shown off on a daily basis.

You might want to add some intrigue to your hair by dyeing the tips shades of purple and pink as well. Nothing looks quite as intriguing as a tunnel into one’s mind.

#26: Second Hue Triangular Undercut to Braided Pigtails

It is not every day that one finds multiple stranded braided pigtails out there, but the look is certainly one that is recommended to use for the upcoming parties, the tresses in a lovely grey, while the nape left in a reddish brown hue that is shaved and used as a hair tattoo canvas.

The triangular shape and use of more triangles throughout the creation is positively stunning, and the dual color of the hair only adds to the whole mysterious enemy look… as if this design and hairstyle belong in a futuristic movie.

#27: Flower Hair Tattoo + Messy Updo

Hair up in a texturized messy bun, the undercut shaved in the shape of a flower, we see this style quickly taking effect among those who are out to save the earth from human destruction. The stylized effects are super artistic and very much to the point, with the roots spanning out from the bottom and the whole thing taking on the ideal of a flower that is fully developed.

#28: Sugar Pink Freestyle Undercut

Purple base and pink hair combine to create a sugary sweet look that is pulled up into a messy ponytail and tendrils left framing the face. The undercut hair tattoo is where the fun is at though, complete with a freestyle swirling design that is all artistic. The tapered view is also quite lovely. It is sweet and beautiful to try on.

Women's Updo Undercut Hairstyles with Hair Tattoos


#29: Alien Undercut Hair Tattoo with a Bun

Hair slicked back into a ballerina bun, the dancers of the modern day can enjoy a pretty undercut as well, the look appearing like the aliens are bursting with such enthusiasm for all the girls have to give to the world. It is an innocent and pretty look and perfect for the ladies who want to fit in and stick out at the same time.

#30: Bold Triangular Undercut Hair Tattoo

If you have always loved the geometrically lined undercut hair tattoos, this is a fun look to try out. The way the lines have been positioned, the imagination can turn them into multiple triangles that are pulled one over the other to create a more complex look. As such, it is a fantastic undercut triangular hair tattoo.

#31: Maturing Lotus Undercut

It is clear at this point that the spring hair colors are a combination of grey and purple, which also appears here in a messy bun that uncovers a gorgeous lotus design on the high undercut, the petals extending right out and the buzz just long enough to deepen the value of the look. The color certainly adds to the hair tattoo’s appeal massively.

#32: Hawaiian Flower Side Hair Tattoo

There is something infinitely sexy about having a side buzz. A side buzz shaped into lovely purple Hawaiian flowers with white lining and yellow sunburst centers? That just makes it even lovelier to behold. The highlighted hair up in a bun only adds to the beauty of the hair tattoo that is one of the only ones seen to date that includes multiple colors in the tattooed section only.

#33: Temple Cut Hair Tattoos with Green and Blue Boxer Braids

Fight the haters with these edgy undercut hair tattoos that show you couldn’t care less what anyone else might think. Rock hair tattoos at the temples is adventurous, and certainly not for the faint of heart. It is no surprise to see this badass decision paired with boxer curls in vivid shades of blue and green.

Women's Updo Undercut Hairstyles with Hair Tattoos


Long Undercut Hairstyles with Hair Tattoos

#34: Pastel Hair + Mini Undercuts

Colorful rainbow hairstyles appear quite a bit in the trending styles nowadays, but it is what we find underneath that is most effective. Lovingly styled ‘dos not always mean bold; sometimes a subtle undercut with Magic Lightener effects are exactly what you need to reflect a trendy rebellious side while still maintaining your work and mysterious nature. A pink, blue and yellow combination of hair color is pretty cool though to house the barely there arrowhead undercuts.

Women's Long Undercut Hairstyles with Hair Tattoos


#35: Valentine’s Day Love Hair Tattoos

Paired with pink and purple hair, Valentine’s Day could not have been better celebrated with undercut hair tattoos as with the lovely heart that appears on a shaved nap underneath the flowing tresses that hide a loving declaration. The undercut hair design is simple and the space needed for it very little, which makes it the ideal look for those not quite looking at shaving off half a head of hair.

Women's Long Undercut Hairstyles with Hair Tattoos


#36: Long Hair with Mandala Undercut Tattoo

Tribal looks are fun and mandalas are even more so, with the floral design to the undercut that is hidden away under long purple and greyish green hair, looking truly remarkable. It adds a whole lot of pretty to undercut hairstyles, without really accentuating the bad girl persona. Instead, it is simple and direct, a lovely piece of air with the back of the head down to the nape of the neck used as canvas.

Women's Long Undercut Hairstyles with Hair Tattoos


#37: Dreamcatcher Feather Undercut Hair Tattoo

It is one of the top trends when it comes to the undercut hair tattoos, often worn with a ponytail to keep the hair away from the neck and reveal the beauty of the shave underneath. The boho-chic dreamcatcher undercut hair look is rather easy to rock, looks great with anything and it is so perfect for the spring and summer seasons.

#38: Blush Braid Circular Hair Tattoo

It looks like the b from Beats or even a note from music. It looks like a circle with a tail and that is what we are seeing on the buzzed side cut that is covered by the blush colored hair were it not for the inverted fishtail braid spanning the length of the head from crown to nape. The hair is thus pulled to the side and given a good amount of volume to balance out the buzz across.

Women's Long Undercut Hairstyles with Hair Tattoos


#39: Highlights and Maze Side Cuts

If you love the Pink style hair, complete with blonde balayage ombre locks and a buzz to one side of the head, there is one punk rocker chic look that takes from a side buzz to an undercut, the shave appearing more like a zigzag maze.

The highlights in the hair add to the contrast that we see on the hair tattoo, the sleek style showing off a confident artistic nature. The cut itself might be generic, but the combination is great.

#40: Grunge Rocker Chic with Custom Dreads

This particular undercut hairstyle is a combination of blue-grey hair that falls to the waist, custom dreads that include color and beads, and a side buzz that belies the grunge rocker look for a pretty petal flower that one cannot help but love. Taking up a good portion of the side of the head, the sunflower or daisy appears to shine bright against the funky hair.

#41: Rebellious Hearts Side Buzz

Hiding under the longer tresses is a vibrating tattooed hair art etched over the ear on a side buzz. The design is sexy and quite alluring, perfect to show off to all, or merely to the one you love. Add a whole lot of awesome makeup and it is the perfect clubbing look to be rocking these days. Who does not love hearts on undercut hairstyles anyway?

Women's Long Undercut Hairstyles with Hair Tattoos


#42: Romantic Moon Undercut Hair Tattoo

Whether full or half, moons make a perfect tattoo idea, so why not show it off on a lovely undercut, the hair kept dark, the shave not so deep and the moon etching perfectly proportional so that it appears to be shining bright under your highlighted tresses that easily cover it up.

Women's Long Undercut Hairstyles with Hair Tattoos


#43: Peacock + Grecian Key Patterns Perfection

While not everyone is able to pull off this look, the side buzz allows for a gorgeous Versace patterned bridge over and around the ear that is also covered up by the masses of peacock colored waves that fall right over it. Definitely one of the coolest long undercut hairstyles with hair tattoos, it is sexy and it is fine, a look that appears quite delicious for the art and hair tattoo lovers.

Women's Long Undercut Hairstyles with Hair Tattoos


#44: Fun in the Sun Sidecut with Ocean Wave Locks

Undercut hairstyles with hair tattoos are extra summery, since they allow the scalp to breathe, but in this instance, there are a few other elements that remind of a beachside vacation. Long locks in a blue color melt echo the ocean’s waves, while two sunny hair tattoos in the sidecut keep everything warm.

Women's Long Undercut Hairstyles with Hair Tattoos


#45: Take a Mushroom Trip Undercut with Braid

With such a trippy undercut hair tattoo, keeping the rest of the hair long is a safe choice, since it can quickly cover things up. The trippy colors are vivid in a way that makes doing psychedelics wholly unnecessary, and that little Dutch braid above the undercut is an excellent way of separating the long locks and showing off when necessary.

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