Laura Mercier Announced Aimee Song As Brand Ambassador and Digital Influencer

Laura Mercier Announced Aimee Song As Brand Ambassador and Digital Influencer

Fashion and beauty blogger Aimee Song, most notable from her highly successful website Song of Style, has struck gold anew in the industry. French makeup artist and label Laura Mercier has tapped Aimee Song as brand ambassador and digital influencer ” a new position for the label. The blogger is a huge name in her field today, and befitting that title, this deal is perhaps the largest deal between a makeup label and a blogger to date.

Laura Mercier Announced Aimee Song As Brand Ambassador and Digital Influencer

“It’s the biggest deal ever ” and it’s not just [the money],” began Song, in an interview with WWD. “It’s the deepest relationship I’ve ever had with a brand. Even though I continue to work with [many] of the same brands ” it’s never been, ‘I’ll work with you for a year.’ That’s never happened to me.”

So, naturally, the most pressing question is about just how big of a deal this was. While Song declined to comment on the monetary gain from this deal, but an unnamed source close to the label has confirmed the notion that the price point for the deal is worth over $500,000. Although Song wouldn’t confirm this herself, this seems totally within the realm of possibility due to the scale of the partnership; and it was confirmed that the deal is due to last one year.

For her end of the deal, Song will be creating blog content regarding the brand on, posting photos on behalf of Mercier on Instagram, attending events within the industry, and creating videos to post on The video content created will also be integrated into Song’s social sites and connections, so as to make good use of Song’s 3.4 million followers on Instagram alone. The deal is clearly sweet on both ends of the partnership.

Song is an everyday user of Laura Mercier products, and as such has been using the products in her social media channels already, making the deal more of a formality than an out-of-the-blue partnership. The blogger likes keeping her content “as organic as possible,” and she plans to continue that trend as she takes on her new position. In the past, Song has worked with the fragrance lines of Dolce & Gabbana and SK-II, where she was able to maintain this organic control, so will be incorporating Mercier into her daily routine more than usual, but not excessively, alongside her everyday products from other brands.

“She’s not exclusive [to us],” said Nancy Bernardini, general manager and CEO of Mercier’s parent company Gurwitch Products. “We want her to be able to work with other brands. We want it to be organic as well ” and one of the reasons we chose her was because we knew she organically uses the brand already and is a brand loyalist.”

Laura Mercier Announced Aimee Song As Brand Ambassador and Digital Influencer

It’s important for a blogger with the esteem of Song to be able to thrive in their own environment and chosen aesthetic processes, so Bernardini’s reference to the level of exclusivity was provided by the contract. There is a very positive acknowledgement here that it is too difficult to simply use one brand alone, without regard to any other products or brands, making this deal particularly thought out and fair to all parties.

This may be the biggest deal between blogger and beauty brand, but it is not the first. The digital space is increasing in importance in the industry, more and more as time goes on, and with the expertise of fashion-influencing bloggers, they are a perfect fit.

“All of the major beauty brands are starting to think about the large-scale deals and putting a digital influencer in advertising the way they would an A-list actress,” said a beauty source. And she’s right by that, especially when you look at the success of placing well-known bloggers at the head of a brand like this versus top-name celebrities. With bloggers, a brand is granted the recognizability as well as the potential for a substantial expansion on the digital front.

Song is joining the likes of Kristina Bazan, Chiara Ferragni, Arielle Nachmani; all are bloggers who have signed a major contract with a beauty brand in recent times. Smaller contracts between bloggers and beauty brands have been Chriselle Lim, Danielle Bernstein, and Julie Sarinana.

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