MAC Vibe Tribe Summer 2016 Makeup Collection

MAC Vibe Tribe Summer 2016 Makeup Collection

MAC Cosmetics has released a new makeup collection for summer 2016 that is all encompassing, so if you’ve been waiting for a one-stop trip to fulfill all of your beauty product needs, you may have just found it. And of course, the iconic tribal pattern can’t be ignored. From its rocky campaign photos to the bright tribal pattern on the products, the MAC Vibe Tribe summer 2016 makeup collection will look beautiful on you, as well as sitting in your makeup bag. This collection was a hot topic on social media, ever since the sneak peek photos were released, so there are many excited to see the full campaign; but all will have to wait until May 19, when the line will launch in the U.S. online at, Nordstrom or for the international launch date at the end of May, which will make the products available in stores around the world. So just sit back, relax, “Join the tribe. Feel the vibe.”

MAC Vibe Tribe Lipstick (€21.00)

The lip colors in this line promise to be reckless, with bright shades and deep hues, so you can enjoy your days to the best of your ability. Wearing any of these long-lasting lipsticks is bound to add a spring to your step, because you’ll be the center of attention and you’ll know it. Just find your perfect shade and work the room.

• Tanarama ” pale beige with golden shimmer (frost)
• Arrowhead ” bare nude (matte)
• Painted Sunset ” bright orange-red (amplified)
• Pure Vanity ” pale, peach nude (lustre)
• Hot Chocolate ” dirty plum (satin)

MAC Vibe Tribe Summer 2016 Makeup Collection

MAC Patentpolish Lip Pencil (€23.00)

This particular pencil is perfect for adding sheen to your look, without having to worry about inaccuracy. You can have the shininess of your favorite gloss with the precise guiding touch of a lip pencil, and what better way to complement your new lipstick than with a bit of shine around the edges; soften things up a bit and bright up your day.

• Tumbleweed ” soft nude
• Teen Dream ” bright pinkish coral matte
• Caravamp ” reddish-orange
• Desert Evening ” clear with pearl (online exclusive)
• Rio Grande Romance ” bright fuchsia

MAC Vibe Tribe Summer 2016 Makeup Collection

MAC Powder Blush (€24.50)

Add a smooth-to-the-touch blush to your look to go with your lovely summer complexion. Adding color to your cheeks can do wonders for your makeup routine, and is a step many even overlook when completing their daily makeup routine. Just adding in this step might give you a whole new look.

• Modern Mandarin ” red-orange (satin)
• Adobe Brick” burnt red (satin) (online exclusive)
• Painted Canyon ” mid-tone coral (satin)

MAC Vibe Tribe Summer 2016 Makeup Collection

MAC Cream Colour Base (€22.00)

If you’re going to go all out with your makeup routine for the day, you’re going to need a stellar base. This creamy formula will give you a fresh, dewy look to leave your face healthy and glowing.

• Yellow Topaz ” light golden champagne

MAC Call of the Canyon Eye Shadow x 4 Palette (€43.00)

Enjoy the convenience of an eye shadow palette, plus the additional tribal print acting as an accessory, so every part of the application process will be cute and stylish. As a key component to the new collection, this is a product that will suit your summer needs better than you might think, especially with the number of color combinations you can pull out.

• Call of the Canyon ” frosty off-white (veluxe pearl)
• Fool’s Gold ” dirty olive gold (frost)
• Summer Sun ” frosty, peach orange (frost)
• Thunderbolt ” dark charcoal with gold pearl (lustre)

MAC Vibe Tribe Summer 2016 Makeup Collection

MAC Wild Horses Eye Shadow x 4 Palette (€43.00)

Another eye shadow palette for the brand, this set of shadows is more earthy in nature. If you’re looking to stick to a more refined palette of brown and deep turquoise, this will be more up your alley. But as the name implies, the color combinations needn’t be tame; you can still play around and create jaw-dropping looks from the selection.

• Wild Horses Brule ” soft, creamy beige (satin)
• Charcoal Brown ” muted, taupe brown (matte)
• Wild Horses ” deep espresso (satin)
• Blue Mesa ” deep turquoise (satin)

MAC Vibe Tribe Summer 2016 Makeup Collection

MAC Technakhol Eye Liner (€17.50)

Eyeliner doesn’t always need to be black, although those who don’t wear makeup religiously might believe otherwise. MAC has come out with shades that don’t necessarily fit into the stereotypical mold for eyeliner shades, which makes it all the better. Why not live a little and stand out from the crowd?

• Snowed In ” light peach off-white
• Broque ” deep brown
• Take the Plunge ” deep ocean blue

MAC Bronzing Powder / Matte Bronze Bare Shouldered Bronze (€30.00)

The summer sun calls to mind lovely tans and a warm glow, so jumpstarting the look with MAC’s bronzing powder will make you feel much better about going outside before your skin gets the chance to warm up to the rays. With new shades, you might just find a new favorite for your collection.

• Refined Golden ” finely spun golden with soft pearl (online exclusive)
• Firebrush ” reddish bronze with golden sparkles

MAC Vibe Tribe Summer 2016 Makeup Collection

MAC Studio Sculpt Defining Bronzing Powder (€33.00)

This creamy bronzer is the perfect hybrid of liquid and powder bronzers, so you’ll be getting the benefits of each type. Your skin will be able to soak up the bronze sheen, so your skin will be fresh and ready to face the sun’s rays.

• Delphic ” coppery bronze with gold sparkles
• Golden Rinse ” light brick reddish bronze with fine shimmer

MAC Gleamtones Powder (€35.00)

Dust yourself off by adding on a bit of powder with the new addition to the MAC repertoire. You’ll be refreshed and pleasantly surprised by the extra layer you get from trying out this product, and with only one color option you won’t have to worry about making any difficult decisions.

• Dunes at Dusk ” multi-color

MAC Vibe Tribe Summer 2016 Makeup Collection

MAC Studio Nail Lacquer (€11.00)

The succulent shades in this collection also trickle down to the nails, and there are two shades, to be exact, offered as part of this collection. Whether you’re going for a shocking shade or a gleaming neutral, the line has you covered.

• Blazing Hot ” bright orange (cream)
• Skin ” light peach beige (cream)

MAC Brushes

Next up if you buy new beauty products, you’ll likely need (or simply want) new brushes as well. So the collection also includes a small selection of brushes to accompany your purchase.

• 125 Split Fibre Dense face (‚Äö√Ñ√∂‚àö√°¬¨¬Æ38.00)
• 127 Split Fibre Face (‚Äö√Ñ√∂‚àö√°¬¨¬Æ38.00)
• 228/226 Double Ended (‚Äö√Ñ√∂‚àö√°¬¨¬Æ39.00)

MAC Makeup Bag

I did say the collection was all encompassing, so naturally you can also pick up a bag to tote around your new products in. With two fashionably chic styles to choose from, you’ll be getting the adorable tribal print to carry around, so you can’t go wrong.

• Painted Desert Makeup Bag 1 (‚Äö√Ñ√∂‚àö√°¬¨¬Æ30.00)
• Painted Desert Makeup Bag 2 (‚Äö√Ñ√∂‚àö√°¬¨¬Æ28.00)

MAC Vibe Tribe Summer 2016 Makeup Collection

Photos courtesy of MAC Cosmetcis

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