10 Pairs of Stylish Flats for SS 2016 To Snag Up Now

Stylish Flats for Spring/ Summer 2016

It’s a lot of fun to shop around for boots once fall and winter roll around, but the real fun begins when you’re bringing out your favorite clothes for the warm seasons. And of course you’ll need some new shoes to celebrate the occasion (discover our favorite comfy high heels for summer 2016 here!). Flats are the perfect route for your everyday spring/summer wardrobe, and are often right on par with the trending bohemian styles. But they can also be worn with just about anything you want! So, to celebrate the upcoming spring and summer months, here is a list of 10 pairs of fabulous flats for summer 2016 you’ll want to snag up to complete your closet.

Stylish Flats for Spring/ Summer 2016

1. Miu Miu Ballet Flats

These are a take on ballet flats, so perfect and feminine. They use a juxtaposition of leather and satin to play on the idea of the classic ballet flat. The satin ribbons lace up around the ankles to add a delicacy, but they are detachable so you can customize your balance between the soft and hard styles. These were worn on Miu Miu’s punk-inspired collection from spring 2016, and are available now on Net-a-Porter in black or gingham.

Stylish Flats for Spring/ Summer 2016: Miu Miu Ballet Flats

2. Denim Espadrilles with Embroidery

A good pair of espadrilles can liven your whole spring/summer wardrobe. They look cute and are easy to slip on and wear for any casual occasion. These flats are fun with the addition of the French “oui” and “non” on a fabric resembling denim. The woven soles contrast nicely, and should definitely be on your list for the upcoming warm weather. This pair is nor available for purchase on ASOS.com.

Stylish Flats for Spring/ Summer 2016: Denim Espadrilles

3. Woven Leather Sandals

These sandals, also from ASOS, are made of 100% real leather. Dyed a chic mint-green, the way the woven leather laces up around the ankles gives a sporty appearance. So, this is another more casual pair of flats for SS 2016, but these, being open-toed sandals, do have the potential to be dressed up a bit more, at your own discretion, of course. Buy them here!

Stylish Flats for Spring/ Summer 2016: Lace-up Sandals

4. Ankle-Fastened Gianvito Rossi Ballet Flats

From Net-a-Porter, you can find these classic ballet flats by Gianvito Rossi. They are made of a smooth suede and are tied off at the ankle by an elegant bow. This is a great addition to your wardrobe, since it could easily become your year-round go-to pair of flats. The lovely wine red color only adds to its beauty! The color makes it ideal for winter, while the form of the shoe is perfect for any time you deem fit.

Stylish Flats for Spring/ Summer 2016: Giavito Rossi Ballerina Flats

5. Buckled Gladiator Sandals

These gladiator sandals are easy to slip on, despite how it might initially appear. There is a simple zipper up the back, so you don’t need to worry about the buckles at all. The buckles now only need be a decorative aspect, and contribute to the classic gladiator appeal. This is a great casual shoe for your summer wardrobe, and is one style that is only increasing in popularity, especially for bohemian trends, which goes right along with Free People’s design aesthetic, which is where these sandals can be found. The one word of caution here would be to keep the potential tan lines in mind! Buy this pair here!

Stylish Flats for Spring/ Summer 2016: Gladiator Sandals

6. Sporty Lace-Up Sandals

These lace-up sandals from ASOS are made of 100% leather, and the cords lacing up around the ankle become rather sporty. The laces are made long enough so you can play around with the length, so with this pair of sandals you might be able to wear them a few different ways. The cutouts make for an interesting visual, but are not so loud as to drown out the rest of your outfit. These sandals will serve as an outfit supporter, not as a focal piece, so they make great shoes for everyday use. Buy them here!

Stylish Flats for Spring/ Summer 2016: Lace-up Sandals

7. Laced Stuart Weitzman Suede Flats

Here is one pair of close-toed flats that uses aspects from other lace-up sandals in its design. The cords wrapping up the ankle mixed with the genuine suede and full foot coverage, the final product is quirky indeed. Stuart Weitzman’s flats, for sale on Net-a-Porter, aren’t made for everyone, but for the woman who finds these irresistible will want to wear them with anything, from casual denim outfits to cute and flirty sundresses. The possibilities are endless with these quirky shoes!

Stylish Flats for Spring/ Summer 2016: Lace-up Flats

8. Barely-There Lace-Ups

If there’s one thing Forever 21 knows how to do, it’s taking trending styles and making them simple and beautiful ” and cheaper, of course! There’s not much to these lace-up sandals, and that’s just what we like about them. They’re interesting enough to make a statement without overpowering, and they are delicate in their simplicity, adding a subtle level of elegance, but the toe loop still allows for an extra ounce of support and stability. They are available in black and rust colors, and if you’re looking for a barely-there pair of sandals to wear with your favorite pair of denims or your fun bohemian dress, this is a great pair to consider. Get them here!

Stylish Flats for Spring/ Summer 2016: Lace-up Sandals

9. Quirky Scalloped Lace-Ups

This pair of flats is another quirky set. The polyester shoes are made to look like leather, which makes them so much easier to care for already, and the pale blue only makes them more interesting. The scalloped edges and pointed toes make these a little less casual then they otherwise would be, but the possibilities tend to remain the same. You could wear this with denim or dresses, and it will still add a little push of quirky sophistication. All of this while still getting in the go-to lace-up design without being fully enclosed around your foot. This pair is for sale on ASOS.com.

Stylish Flats for Spring/ Summer 2016: Lace-up Flats

10. Strappy Leather Lace-Ups

This style of sandal from Free People is about as basic as you can get. Straps of leather are tied up around the ankle as well as over your toes to keep everything secure and comfortable. All of the bells and whistles of some of the other styles are fun and fabulous additions to your wardrobe, but something all you need is a little bit of simplicity to really round things out. And even still, you can add a bit of flair with the color, as these are available in a few fun colors alongside the staple brown, tan, and black; so really, it’s up to whatever you want in your wardrobe, while still getting the great basic appeal. Buy this pair on FreePeople.com!

Stylish Flats for Spring/ Summer 2016: Lace-up Sandals

Photos courtesy of The Blonde Salad, Net-a-Porter, ASOS, Free People

Written by Courtney Dobrzykowski
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