30 Badass Boxer Braids You Need to Try

Stylish Boxer Braids Hairstyles

Ethnic clothing is still in fashion, and although it’s not as popular as last year, we’re still going to see fringes, ponchos, and ethnic embroideries all over the stores. Accordingly, you need a corresponding hairstyle that looks fun, cool, ethnic, and badass at the same time. Any ideas? We suggest you try boxer braids!

Stylish Boxer Braids Hairstyles

One of the reasons why this trendy hairstyle may be the best choice for you today, is that it looks stunning with any hair length, color, type and even condition that your hair is in. No time to straighten up your hair or get those feminine curls? Boxer braids conceal literally anything and leave you looking extra badass. Are you in? Then let’s dive right into the top 30 boxer braid hairstyles you need to try now.

1. Classic Blonde Boxer Braids

Don’t be fooled by the name; boxer braids can look extremely elegant and sexy, especially when you pair them with an appropriate outfit. Try the classic boxer braid, also known as the cornrow. We’ve seen this style on the most famous of all Kardashians ” Kim, when she surprised the fashion world with an all-blonde look.

This style looks exceptionally well on blonde hair, because you can clearly see the texture and curves of the braid due to the light color of the hair. But it doesn’t mean that the dark-haired ladies out there should miss out on it: go ahead and make your braid very slick so that the light makes the curve stand out.

Remember that boxer braids look just as awesome on North West’s fuzzy black hair.

Stylish Boxer Braids Hairstyles

2. A Drop of Color

Great news for those who are sporting the ombre or balayage look at the moment ” your hairstyle will look even cooler with boxer braids. If you’ve gone forward by adding a fun pastel to the ends of your hair,  your braids will look even more extraordinary.

Stylish Boxer Braids Hairstyles


3. Messy Quadro-Braids

No one wants to look standard, so ditch the standard two braids and make them four! Adding the number of boxer braids is great for short hair, because the more braids you make, the less hair goes into each one. And therefore, the overall length of a single braid is longer than if you put your entire hair into two braids.

Stylish Boxer Braids Hairstyles


4. Airy Boxer, Color Match

Color combinations are a key in getting a sophisticated and beautiful braid. Maria Clara Amaral’s silver braid with blue roots and a slight green tint on the bottom looks absolutely amazing. What’s best about this style is that you can change the color on the top of your hair every day.

Don’t dye your hair, but use a hair chalk instead. It will give you instant and vibrant color depending on your outfit and occasion. Of course, make sure you don’t lie down on someone else’s pillow, as you’ll be leaving a curious mess after yourself.

The silver ombre is very hard to achieve with a chalk, so we hope you have that covered with a more long-term method. The rest can be done with the help of temporary color solutions.

Stylish Boxer Braids Hairstyles


5. Girly Boxer Braids

Turning a boxer braid into a very feminine hairstyle and a great fit for a delicate lace or tulle dress is not an easy task, but very doable for people with talented hands. Once you’re done with the regular braid, start pulling beats and pieces of hair to make the braid look fuller and softer. It adds nice curves and is perfect if you’ve been complaining about thin hair. This is a solution, so go for it!

Stylish Boxer Braids Hairstyles


6. Granny the Boxer Braids

Are you in tune with the latest hair trends? Then you know that granny hair is still in fashion. And if you’re having trouble keeping that gray hair looking sexy and elegant all the time, give yourself some vacation and try boxer braids. Start on the sides and get a tight grip.

Stylish Boxer Braids Hairstyles

7. Neo the Boxer Braids

Looking like Neo from Matrix, or some other machine-motivated superperson? You’re probably wearing this boxer braid. In fact, this hairstyle was also inspired by her majesty Kim Kardashian, the queen of braids and dozens of other fashion trends. It’s basically the same quadro-braid that comes together in one single tail.

Stylish Boxer Braids Hairstyles


8. Black Ombre Corn Row

This is another ombre hairstyle fused with a boxer braid, starting pitch black at the roots and turning into caramel brown as the braids go down. If your hair is cut in layers, your tails will also gradually slim down at the ends, so make sure you can deal with the tips coming out of the braid. Pull the hair to make it puffy if the boxer braid does not look luxurious enough!

Stylish Boxer Braids Hairstyles

9. Cotton Candy Rainbow Boxer Braids

One of the softest and most fun looks on this list, this cotton candy rainbow corn row brings out the smiles and purrs; it’s sweet, unusual, and very hard to forget after a first glance. If you don’t want to look punk and are aiming at a very delicate finish, make sure to use pastel colors. Change them up as you see fit based on your skin color and face shape.

I think you understand that pastel colors like these look especially good on white, platinum blonde or grey hair, but you can still work out interesting color patterns for dark hair, just keep testing and planning. A quick hint: if you don’t mind cheating, you don’t need to actually subject your hair to multiple dyes, you can use hair extensions that are way easier and harmless to dye.

Stylish Boxer Braids Hairstyles


10. Mermaid Luxury Boxer Braids

Whether you have slight highlights that look natural and created by the sun or not, this boxer braid hairstyle is fabulous not only for special occasions, yes, including weddings, but also for casual brunches with girlfriends or a nice shopping session in downtown. Make sure the braids are very close to each other, as this way, when you pull the hair out, the braids will look like a single big hairstyle.

Stylish Boxer Braids Hairstyles

11. Black and Simple Boxer Braids

What? Kim Kardashian again? No, relax, this time it’s not a KK look. Still, it’s simple, practical, and slick. Moreover, we can bet this look will look absolutely great with any outfit. Make it firm and elastic for an especially elegant finish. Here’s a big advantage for black-hair ladies (it’s not everyday we hear this, ladies), your black hair will have an intense shine if your braids are firmly done.

Stylish Boxer Braids Hairstyles

12. Braided Boxer Braids

Do you want to complicate your boxer braids even more? Start with the regular four braids but instead of gathering them in one tail, braid them individually, and then braid them together. If you’ve got ombre on your hair at the moment, the final tail will have a mosaic texture that looks nothing like standard.

Stylish Boxer Braids Hairstyles


13. Rockstar Boxer Braids

Is your ride on two wheels and your outfit made of leather? These braids are meant for you then! Keep the braids firm and close to your hair base. Make sure no tips are peaking out. Part your hair with fingers so that splits are well visible.

Stylish Boxer Braids Hairstyles


14. Boxer Braid – Fishtail Combo

Here’s another combination of color and braid types. Start with regular braids and once you’ve reached the tails, develop your technique into fishtail. Also, don’t forget to add strips of color, depending on your natural hair shade. If it’s light, place your bet on pastel additions, if you were graced with dark hair, you might want to choose deeper, more vibrant shades, or even gray.

Stylish Boxer Braids Hairstyles

15. Not So Blonde Anymore Boxer Braids

We’ve all been there‚Äö√Ñ√∂‚àö√묨‚àÇ all of us, who ever fantasized about turning blonde and have tried at least once to reach that fantasy using chemical methods. And while the initial result may be enticing, we all know what happens afterwards. Use your black roots in benefit to you and try boxer braids to show the color contrast. It will look more like an ombre in a braid than a color session that you’ve been late for months.

Stylish Boxer Braids Hairstyles


16. The Messier, The Better

You have to be a pro or an experienced braider to leave the house with a polished braid, otherwise, you always need a second pair of hands. Well, even if your own creations turn out to be messy, don’t give up just yet. Pull the hair out wherever it’s polished and you’ll have this beautiful messy boxer braid.

Stylish Boxer Braids Hairstyles


17. Decorate Your Boxer Braid

Feel free to throw in any decoration that suits your mood today. It can be sequins, ribbon, or stretchable thread that can be used to tighten up the braid (a very handy method, if your have layered hair). The additions into the boxer braids will make your hair look like an architectural piece.

Stylish Boxer Braids Hairstyles

18. Long… Like Really Long

Long hair becomes shorter when braided, every girl knows this. If you’ve headlong hair, you also know that when you braid it till the end, it becomes a rather effective weapon and you can actually damage someone’s eyesight by turning around too rapidly. To make your boxer braids less like a weapon, and more like a soft hairstyle, don’t braid them till the end. Leave a few inches straightened up or curled at the end, based on preference.

Stylish Boxer Braids Hairstyles


19. Oh, That’s a Nice Hat?

Nope, it’s not a hat. It’s the technology of the new century that allows us to get basically any color we want on our hair. And if you want a particularly extraordinary appearance, get this bluish grey color and adorn it with really tight boxer braids.

Stylish Boxer Braids Hairstyles


20. Just Let Go…

Not a fan of tight fits? We agree, it might be tiring sometimes. How about you leave your braids loose, as if they’re about to fall apart. Only make sure to use a good amount of product in your hair to make the boxer braids stand strong while you move through your day.

Stylish Boxer Braids Hairstyles


21. Romantic Double Boxer Braids

With thicker hair, you can create larger boxer braids that just seem softer to the touch. When paired with a few loose strands at the front of the face, the effect is positively feminine and romantic.

Stylish Boxer Braids Hairstyles


22. Pointed Boxer Braids

This is such a fearless take on boxer braids! Instead of going the tradition root and having the boxer braids the same size from beginning to end, they start thin and then progressively get thicker as they reach the nape of the neck. Additionally, instead of taking them straight down the head, they surround the crown of the head, which is much more unique and face framing.

Stylish Boxer Braids Hairstyles


23. Blinged Up Side Boxer Braids with Red Balayage

There are so many beautiful things going on with these cornrows! First, they beautifully highlight the red and black balayage. Secondly, like the previous look, they frame the face beautifully by circling the crown. This style also shows how easy it can be to style boxer braids with accessories, like this head chain.

Stylish Boxer Braids Hairstyles


24. Boxer Braids and Extensions

So this look shows that you can absolutely rock boxer braids while wearing hair extensions! We also have a really nice contrast between a combination of blonde balayage and dark roots that is emphasized here, in this traditional take on the style.

Stylish Boxer Braids Hairstyles


25. When Four Become One Conjoined Cornrows

Having a lot of tiny cornrows is a more delicate and complex look, but having a lot of tails to those braids can get stale. Thankfully, the tiny cornrows can come together at the end, to form two lovely braids.

Stylish Boxer Braids Hairstyles


26. Letting The Part Breathe Quadruple Boxer Braids

Boxer braids are a really fun way of playing with symmetry in the hairstyle. You can give yourself a lot of room at the center part of the hair, like here, and simply create two thicker cornrows above the ears, and two thinner ones right above.

Stylish Boxer Braids Hairstyles


27. Lush, Messy Boxer Braids with Bangs

This is a great example of how to rock boxer braids without looking too severe. Step 1: Leave your bangs out of the game, and simply let them hang softly. Step 2: Tease and pull a bit on the cornrows, letting them get full and messy.

Stylish Boxer Braids Hairstyles


28. Bridal Boxer Braids

This is an excellent example of how to get ultimate class, beauty, and romance out of your boxer braids. At the front of the head, keep them flat by grabbing thinner strands from just along the temples and above the ears. Then, progressively allow the braids to become fuller as you get down the head.

Stylish Boxer Braids Hairstyles


29. Married Dutch Braids

While the boxer braids themselves are indeed married, this look is certainly less romantic and sportier. To create this kind of look, once you reach the nape of the neck with the cornrows, you need to start incorporating every few strands into the opposite braid ” this is certainly a look that requires clever hands.

Stylish Boxer Braids Hairstyles


30. Lush Blonde Boxer Braids

There are so many cool and unique takes on the boxer braids, but some days you just want to take pleasure in a full and clean double Dutch braid look. With gleaming blonde hair, this is truly picture perfect.

Stylish Boxer Braids Hairstyles


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