Our Favorite 2016 Festival Fashion Staples To Invest In Now

2016 Festival Fashion Ideas: What to Wear

Once spring and summer roll around, you can find festivals anywhere you look. When you plan to go to a music festival, it’s not all about the music you’re going to hear, or even about the crowd of people you are with; something you can’t overlook is the outfit you’re going to wear. Looking out for festival fashion is almost as fun as going to the festival itself, and of course you want to be one of the women people look at and add to their personal “best dressed” lists. To ensure you’re looking stylish when you visit your favorite music festival, here is a list of 14 festival fashion staples for 2016 you should invest in.

2016 Festival Fashion Ideas: What to Wear

1. Vintage Leather Vest

A leather vest is one of the most bohemian garments you can wear, especially when it’s antiqued. This vest from Nasty Gal was inspired by The Beatles’ hit “Happiness is a Warm Gun,” making it perfect for a summertime music festival. The graphic uses color to draw attention, and it would be easy to dress this up or down, so you can be the center of attention any way you want to be. Buy it here!

2016 Festival Fashion Outfits: Vintage Vest

2. Heirloom Graphic Tee

A simple t-shirt can go a long way, especially when you’re dressing for a music festival. This tee from Free People is semi-sheer, so even if it’s scalding hot outside you’ll still be getting a bit of a breeze. Between the fabric and the simple graphic detail, you can dress this tee up or down to match your style or the weather. It will make a great addition to your wardrobe, due to its versatility for musical festivals and everyday use. Buy it here!

2016 Festival Fashion Outfits: Graphic Tee

3. Suede Shorts

Suede is so hot right now. It seems no matter where you shop, you’re bound to find at least one suede skirt or pair of shorts. The fashion craze is geared more toward the younger generation, so Forever 21 naturally has a pair of suede shorts available. Zippered pockets make for an interesting aesthetic detail, and could easily be paired with many different tops and accessories, making it worth to shell out a bit of cash to add these to your closet. Buy it here!

2016 Festival Fashion Outfits: Suede Shorts

4. Levi’s Denim Shorts

Denim is a classic fabric for pants and shorts, so you should ideally have several pairs in your wardrobe already! Regardless if that’s the case or not, Nasty Gal has a fabulous pair of distressed Levi’s shorts that would make a great new garment for any woman. You’ll be seeing a lot of denim bottoms at any festival you attend, so why not snag a pair of your own? You can’t go wrong with a pair of Levi’s, and these stick true to the iconic brand’s aesthetic, so you know you’re getting quality. Buy it here!

2016 Festival Fashion Outfits: Levi's Denim Shorts

5. Lace-up Faux Suede Sandals

Suede bottoms may be a new fad, but suede shoes are a classic staple piece for any wardrobe, especially when it comes to festival fashion. Lace-up sandals are another current fad, and this particular pair from Forever 21 is especially interesting. The sandals are partially enclosed, making it look more like a pair of boots than sandals from behind. This type of shoe is another bohemian trend, so there will be plenty of the style walking around festivals. But buyers should beware; if you wear these sandals on a sunny day, you’ll be in for an interesting tan line, between the scalloped edges, the crossing laces, and half-enclosed shape. Buy it here!

2016 Festival Fashion Outfits: Lace-Up Sandals

6. Sheer Peasant Blouse

From Nasty Gal, you can find this sheer chiffon, ruffled top. The look can be exceedingly skin-bearing, if you want it to be, or you can add a layer underneath to add a bit more modesty. The top is made with a plunging neckline and is sheer enough to see your skin, or any layer you wear underneath. This is another general look you will run into at just about any festival, but this one ramps up the volume a bit with its ruffles and with the way it falls on the body. Buy it here!

2016 Festival Fashion Outfits: Peasant Top

7. Cropped Peasant Top

Forever 21 has another staple item, with its lace-up top complete with a peasant sleeve. The woven fabric makes its own pattern alongside the embroidered florals throughout, and where the top falls makes it perfect to be paired with a pair of high-waisted shorts. The tassels at the ends of the laces are a fun detail as well. Altogether, this look features aspects that are trendy for a festival, like its lace-up detail, the woven fabric, the cropped length, and the peasant sleeve. You can have all these in one, so you’re not left in the dust. Buy it here!

2016 Festival Fashion Outfits: Peasant Top

8. High-Waisted Tassel Shorts

This is one pair of shorts that’s not meant for everyone. You have to be willing to stand out in the crowd, and show some skin in the process. The quirkiness of the tassels attracts a lot of attention, which plays up the shortness of the shorts. You’ll be showing off quite a bit of your backside with these shorts, but the tradeoff is just how cute the shorts really are. Dancing will be more fun than usual, just because you’ll know the hanging tassels will be swinging around with you. These shorts, available from Nasty Gal, are a result of a collaboration between Lavish Alice and Lindsay Lohan, so there’s no wonder the netting and tassels made its way into a garment. Buy it here!

2016 Festival Fashion Outfits: Tassel Shorts

9. Espadrille Flats

Espadrilles seem to have always been around, in the background of fashion. They’ve never quite come forward as a fad, but have been stable from the past few fashion eras. Forever 21 has created a pair of espadrille flats in a smooth faux suede, complete with a lace-up top to finish things off with a sporty edge. These are some great shoes for a festival, particularly because they are both stylish and practical. The laces make them more visually appealing, while simultaneously supplementing support, so you can wear them with ease. Buy it here!

2016 Festival Fashion Outfits: Espadrilles

10. Breezy Kimono Top

Flowing white tops look gorgeous under the warm sun, which is what makes them so great for festivals. Spending that much time outside calls for a breezy top, and finding one in white only adds to the appeal. This top, from Forever 21, features a light crochet trim, giving a visual breath of fresh air. Its kimono silhouette adds to this by allowing for a cinched waist, making sure your shape is given its best angle, all the time. This top is stunning when paired with distressed denim, as seen in the featured picture, giving a great opportunity to mix the staple looks found in this list. Buy it here!

2016 Festival Fashion Outfits: Kimono top

11. Faux Suede Overall Shorts

Overalls have made a fashion comeback as one of the more quirky fads in recent times. And with suede’s fashionable place in the world as well, it seems natural the two would come together. Both tend to take form as a bohemian trend, so a music festival would be where this garment would feel most at home. With the addition of a braided detail at the waist and cross-backed straps, it was made for warm days. Buy it here!

2016 Festival Fashion Outfits: Suede Overall Shorts

12. Palm Tree Tank Top

Here is another simple top that would be great at a festival or for any other day. The simple palm tree design is reminiscent of hot spring or summer days, so those seasons are the ideal ones for this tank, which is available from Wildfox. It is made with an extremely light jersey, so it promises to be breezy and comfortable. This is one top you can pair with just about anything, so you can wear it to any festival without too much thought. Buy it here!

2016 Festival Fashion Outfits: Printed Tank Top

13. Buttoned Denim Skirt

Faded denim and button-downed skirts are two fads from fashion eras past, and both contribute a bohemian vibe. Forever 21’s miniskirt featuring both of these traits makes for the perfect addition to any festival repertoire. These types of skirts pair well with crop tops, and can look quirkier by adding some lace-up sandals. So you’ll have some room to mix and match pieces from this list if you invest in this piece. For someone who frequents springtime and summertime festivals, it will be well worth it. It may be hard to imagine wearing a skirt or dress to a setting like this, but the result will be better than you expect. You get the great feeling of femininity from wearing a skirt, and if the fabric is stiff like denim or suede you aren’t sacrificing any mobility. Buy it here!

2016 Festival Fashion Outfits: Button-Up Skirt

14. Suede Mini Dress

Finally, everyone needs a fun dress for an event like a festival. This particular mini dress is made of luxurious suede, and features a simple, Western-inspired print, which creates interesting lines around the garment. The dress is available from Free People, and with its soft edges you’ll be a sight for sore eyes. Be careful not to mix and match suede too much, but this dress would look great paired with lace-up sandals, to counteract its retro silhouette. Buy it here!

2016 Festival Fashion Outfits: Suede Mini Dress

Photos courtesy of Negin Mirsalehi, Nasty Gal, Free People, Forever 21

Written by Courtney Dobrzykowski
Courtney is a student majoring in mass communication and professional writing. She works as a writer and editor, and has a wide variety of hobbies, such as fashion, reading/writing poetry, sewing, and playing video games.