Top Fall 2016 Fashion Trends from Paris Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week Fall 2016 Fashion Trends

Do you still have space in your memory, because we’re about to sum up Paris Fashion Week 2016 with its 8 major fashion trends for fall 2016? If you have read our reviews on fashion week trends in New York, London and Milan, be prepared to witness something very different and new. It’s Paris, after all, the warmest nest for incredible fashion history and traditions! Ready? Here we go!

Paris Fashion Week Fall 2016 Fashion Trends

#1. A Blissful Touch of Femininity

Contrasting some gender-neutral and tough fashion trends we’ve seen in New York and London, Paris has revamped the idea of femininity, adding more softness and fluidity to it. Some masterminds like Valentino turned their designs into heavenly breezes‚Äö√Ñ√∂‚àö√묨‚àÇ you know that sensation when a woman passes by wearing a flowy dress, she leaves an almost visible trace in the air as she walks. That was the case during the entire Valentino show.

But he’s by far not the only one celebrating gentle femininity this year. Other labels like Joie played not only with the flow of the fabric and nude colors, but also shapes and characters.

Vionnet added a special Samurai touch to the alluring blue gown with straps. So soft you want to run your hands all over it, and yet so tough you can fight a villain wearing it. Iris Van Herpen’s interpretation of femininity was so airy that it’s bordering a fantasy world, turning her woman into a pixie. Well, we always loved her wild imagination when it comes to shapes and proportions.

Elie Saab was also on the top of his wave. Every single look that appeared on the runway sent a round of chills through the audience, and with every single look we were sure that it’s impossible to top that. And we were wrong every single time. Saab can mysteriously overshadow his own designs, taking the skill of presenting feminine beauty to new levels. This fall, don’t be intimidated to show your feminine side. This Paris Fashion Week trend was reinforced by some of the top names in fashion.

Paris Fashion Week Fall 2016 Fashion Trends: Femininity

#2. Catch the Good Weather with See-Through

Has rainy weather ever stopped you from looking your best for an occasion? If the answer is no, then you would definitely be one of the first carriers of this next trend. While some designers limited their craft with keeping it feminine, others made a step forward by making it sexy with a see-through effect. The Parisian see-through trend applied to skirts, dresses, and blouses. Valentino and Saccai presented a few looks backing up the trend. Zuhair Murad, on the other hand, combined the best of both worlds, demonstrating a print gown that also happens to reveal the nude lingerie suit underneath… entirely.

Finally, another piece that struck our eye was designed by Veronique Branquinho ” an intriguing gown made of sheer fabric, exposing a pair of pants underneath. If you’re a fan of styling innovations, you can go ahead and add this as a possible trend. We always felt that pants felt way too comfortable underneath a dress‚Äö√Ñ√∂‚àö√묨‚àÇ it had to become a fashion trend some time in the near future.

Paris Fashion Week Fall 2016 Fashion Trends: Transparency

#3. Wildly Red

While Paris Fashion Week was generally rich in colors like pink, green, and copper orange, we couldn’t help but notice the vibrant red in the shows by Marimekko and Chanel. Pantone has already announced it as one of the trendiest colors of 2016. It received a lot of attention during New York Fashion Week, and while the color was not used extensively in Paris, it still held a certain level of presence. Four fashion weeks can’t go wrong‚Äö√Ñ√∂‚àö√묨‚àÇ red is really the color of 2016.

Paris Fashion Week Fall 2016 Fashion Trends: Red

#4. Ruffles and Draping

One of the most common fall 2016 fashion trends at Paris Fashion Week was ruffles! A lot of ruffles! We saw this trend rise up in Milan, but we never thought it would multiply this fast! If you’re wondering about the limits, let’s just say the structured and polished look was not a favorite this week. In fact, outfits that didn’t have any ruffles were featuring draping details to some extent.

And when we’re talking about ruffles, imagine ruffles everywhere ” on the sleeves, the collar, legs, etc. Junya Watanabe, for instance, picked the sleeves as one of the best places for ruffles, despite the fact that Watanabe’s entire collection was a playful mix of shapes and ruffles everywhere, even on the heads.

Givenchy also experimented with an all-ruffle dress and even the straps were made of ruffles. Now, that’s a serious commitment to the trend! Finally, if the ruffle trend had a fashion show of its own, the showstopper would be the giant pink outfit by Comme des Garcons. If you ever had a chance to meet a cupid, that’s what his wings would most probably look like. We are talking massive pink ruffles!

Paris Fashion Week Fall 2016 Fashion Trends: Ruffles

#5. Silk Scarves Add Elegance

We saw a trend of skinny scarves taking over Milan Fashion Week, and it found an alternative in Paris. Silk scarves wrapped around the neck a few times, a tight knot, and a matching color‚Äö√Ñ√∂‚àö√묨‚àÇ that’s what we saw at Chloe, whose inspiration came from Anne-France Dautheville, a biker-traveler who lived in the ’70s. You don’t need to combine it with badass biker leather. These scarves are perfect accessories for any kinds of gowns and daytime outfits.

Paris Fashion Week Fall 2016 Fashion Trends: Scarves

#6. Black is Back

Women in black‚Äö√Ñ√∂‚àö√묨‚àÇ this color has always been a popular choice for fall fashion, but it seldom takes the lead as a trend. Usually, it’s the warm earthy colors that are considered the season’s shades, but Paris seems to experience really black falls. Elie Saab and Mugler were only some of the designers that maximized on this color. Mugler’s leather dress screamed sexy and sophisticated as it walked the runway. Let’s celebrate, because next to pretty uncomfortable trends like flowy skirts and see-through blouses, the color black will be a practical choice.

Paris Fashion Week Fall 2016 Fashion Trends: Black

#7. Loose-Fitting Clothing

We already said it numerous times! Tight clothes are no longer in fashion. Even if a few designers chose to display designs that accentuated the body curves, they were never really tight. The new trend is breathing freely as you walk the streets, not having to worry about the stitches every time you move. Stella McCartney, Giambattista Valli and even Valentino had great loose-fitting designs.

Paris kept a good variety and balance between the amount of looseness one would like on her body. If you’re really up for some serious comfort, you can go for one of Rick Owen’s blanket dresses. In fact, you can draw your inspiration from the collection, but that blanket on the couch can make perfect material for your own design. If you’re skilled enough, you might turn it into a comfy dress in less than 5 minutes. Up for the challenge?

Paris Fashion Week Fall 2016 Fashion Trends: Loose Silhouettes

#8. Velvet It Is!

Appearing in the past 4 major fashion weeks, including the one in Paris, velvet is making serious claims and leaving bold messages. A surprising comeback, this fabric has made the collections of some of the most renowned designers such as Stella McCartney and Vivienne Westwood. The soft velvety texture is not only a benefit when it comes to the latest matte lipstick frenzy, but also dresses, suits, pants, and shirts.

Paris Fashion Week Fall 2016 Fashion Trends: Velvet

These were the main 8 fall 2016 fashion trends we noticed in many collections presented at Paris Fashion Week 2016. Do you have suggestions? What’s the best fashion trend of 2016 according to you? Make sure to share your opinion with us!

Photos courtesy of Vogue

Written by Larisa Aslanyan
Larisa is a digital marketing expert and a content strategist. She is also immensely in love with the fashion industry, with its hues and undertones. Larisa is convinced that fashion is a delicate way of reinventing ourselves, as well as discovering and connecting to the world around us. It is artistic storytelling, where universal beauty is the leading theme.