See the Full MAC x Charlotte Olympia 2016 Makeup Collection

MAC x Charlotte Olympia 2016 Makeup Collection

We have all dreamed of being that movie superstar, the main diva, the beauty icon millions of young girls would look up to‚Äö√Ñ√∂‚àö√묨‚àÇ we all wanted to be a little more like Marilyn Monroe. A piece of that secret fantasy comes with MAC’s new partnership with British shoe and accessory designer Charlotte Olympia. The MAC x Charlotte Olympia summer 2016 makeup collection engulfs the spirit of the Hollywood glamour of the ’40s and ’50s, as well as the celebration of dressing up everyday.

MAC x Charlotte Olympia 2016 Makeup Collection

As you might have noticed, besides being the top fashion color trend of 2016 (as predicted by Pantone and dozens of high fashion designers), red is the color theme. Some of the products include a few shades of red to help you gain a perfectly polished look based on your skin tone. Here’s what you get in the collection!

MAC x Charlotte Olympia Cream Colour Base ($23.00)

Let’s start with the cream base that comes only in two colors ” Golden Age and Sepia. Both are pretty dark and chocolate-themed, guaranteed to add dramatic shadows to your face.

• Golden Age ” Metallic antique bronze
• Sepia ” Dirty chocolate-brown

MAC x Charlotte Olympia Pigment ($23.00)

This is a pigment that comes in only one color, cleverly named Overdressed. It features a pale pink shade, topped with white glow. And MAC calls this overdressed? It makes us wonder what Underdressed would look like.

MAC x Charlotte Olympia 2016 Makeup Collection

MAC x Charlotte Olympia Liquid Eye Liner ($22.00)

This product is definitely number one essential for the pin-up girl look. Interestingly, the liquid eyeliner comes only in one color ” Nearly Natural, which is simply a brown color. Really? Why not black! We think the sexy cat eye would look much more retro with a black eyeliner, but you call the shots, MAC!

MAC x Charlotte Olympia Zoom Lash Mascara (€23,50)

Push your eyelashes up with the Zoom Lash Mascara that will hopefully accentuate your brown cat eye with an additional brown shade.

MAC x Charlotte Olympia 2016 Makeup Collection

MAC x Charlotte Olympia Pro Longwear Lip Pencil ($21.00)

Red on red‚Äö√Ñ√∂‚àö√묨‚àÇ we didn’t even expect another color in this collection. The lip pencils come in two red shades, ready to be paired with the lipsticks.

• Kiss Me Quick ” Yellow-red
• He Said, She Said ” Brick red

MAC x Charlotte Olympia Lipstick ($18.00)

All the three red shades come in matte texture, which is the latest hot trend in the market. You have the options of going really dark with your lips, or keeping them vibrant with the classic red.

• Leading Lady Red ” Deep red (Matte)
• Retro Rouge ” Deep brown-red (Matte)
• Starlett Scarlet ” True red (Matte)

MAC x Charlotte Olympia 2016 Makeup Collection

MAC x Charlotte Olympia Lip Mix ($16.00)

The dark and light balance has also been kept in the lip mix, which comes in red and crimson.

MAC x Charlotte Olympia Nail Lacquer ($13.00)

Three nail polish colors are available to complement your makeup ” dark red, white and an orange-based red.

• Old Fashioned ” Deep burgundy red (Cream)
• Good Old Days ” White (Cream)
• To Have or Have Not ” Orange red (Cream)

MAC x Charlotte Olympia 2016 Makeup Collection

MAC x Charlotte Olympia Blot Film Shine from the Inside! ($17.00)

Something tells us the napkins are not for cleaning purposes at all, although they might come in really handy with so much red on your lips. But rather than cleaning the red, leave your lip print on it… and maybe a phone number underneath?

MAC x Charlotte Olympia Eyelash Curler ($23.00)

This is a cold killing device for men, and a magic wand for women. The eyelash curler does wonders to your eyes when used correctly. As its presence in the collection suggests, this tool is an important accessory for the look we’re going here. We’ll go ahead and speculate that the eyelash curler could have been added just for marketing purposes, to give the collection that extra spice that confirms the inspiration.

MAC x Charlotte Olympia 2016 Makeup Collection

MAC x Charlotte Olympia Mirror Compact ($13.00)

More accessories in the line, the Mirror Compact adds another retro touch to the collection, whether it’s for admiring yourself or admiring others without having to turn your head.

MAC x Charlotte Olympia Brushes

Eyeshadow and eyelash brushes complete the line of accessories.

• 249 Eye Shader ($33.00)
• 204 Lash Brush ($16.00)

MAC x Charlotte Olympia 2016 Makeup Collection

MAC x Charlotte Olympia Makeup Bag ($35.00)

And finally, all those goodies go into the makeup bag that comes in the collection. Well, we suppose it’s fair to say Keep your retro together!

MAC x Charlotte Olympia 2016 Makeup Collection

A woman this beautiful can trap almost any man into her spiderweb, which in fact is the message behind the ad campaign. Instead of a sticky and nasty spiderweb, your GLAMweb is made of gold!

Unleash your inner pin-up girl, let the spotlight fall on her MACed face, let her conquer the screen and eventually the entire world! The MAC x Charlotte Olympia collection is set to go for sale internationally starting with April 2016.

Photos courtesy of MAC Cosmetics

Written by Larisa Aslanyan
Larisa is a digital marketing expert and a content strategist. She is also immensely in love with the fashion industry, with its hues and undertones. Larisa is convinced that fashion is a delicate way of reinventing ourselves, as well as discovering and connecting to the world around us. It is artistic storytelling, where universal beauty is the leading theme.