New York Fashion Week Fall 2016 Fashion Trends You Need to Know

New York Fashion Week Fall 2016 Fashion Trends

A celebration no one wants to say farewell to, New York Fashion Week fall 2016 is a history! Together with you, our readers, we have enjoyed every single presentation and runway show. Sometimes overwhelming, sometimes exciting, sometimes shocking‚Äö√Ñ√∂‚àö√묨‚àÇ NYFW 2016 was a holiday worth wrapping up once again. Let’s go over the top fall 2016 fashion trends from New York Fashion Week that you need to know!

New York Fashion Week Fall 2016 Fashion Trends

#1. Forget Symmetry

Sorry to disappoint all the perfectionists out there, but symmetry is no longer trendy. It has long become boring and predictable, which is why many designers, including our beloved Prabal Gurung, succeeded with his experiment with asymmetric lines and hems. As it often happens, if more than two designers are on something, then it’s sure to become a major trend. In 2016, feel free to wear a single sleeve (who needs the second one!?), wavy asymmetrical skirts and dresses; you are not expected to look like a mathematical equation anymore.

New York Fashion Week Fall 2016 Fashion Trends: Asymmetry

#2. Oversize Trend Continues

Sliding from the wardrobes of tomboys and women with extra-large boyfriends to a broader range of styles, the oversize trend is now hot everywhere. Casual, eveningwear, elegant… oversize now fits in all those categories. Most of the collections we have watched at NYFW (there are always exceptions) brought forth the oversize fashion trend; the form-fitting silhouettes have become a rare sight this year.

New York Fashion Week Fall 2016 Fashion Trends: Oversize Fashion

#3. New Challenge: Match the Prints

Who said you can wear only one print at a time? This year, you can mix two, THREE prints in one outfit and look like a model on NYFW runway. The leaders of the trend include Marc Jacobs, Calvin Klein, Coach, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Altuzarra and others.

A warning note, notice that the combinations are very subtle, because matching different prints in one look has always been a challenge in the fashion industry. Those who managed to overcome it without looking like a Pinata deserve a cover in Vogue! Yes, it’s THAT difficult to tastefully match prints. Despite this, 2016 is the best year to do your experiments, if you have any in mind. Some of the top designers are here to support you!

New York Fashion Week Fall 2016 Fashion Trends: Mixing Prints

#4. Off-the-Shoulder

One of the hottest trends for fall 2016 out there that a big number of designers have adopted this year is the off-the-shoulder look. Most interestingly, even if both shoulders of your shirt are on place, make sure they stand out ” a pop of color, embroidery, applique, anything! This year there is a special attention on the shoulders. A bare shoulder might even be even sexier than a low V-neck.

Even Rag & Bone, who presented one of the most regular and void-of-any-trendy-extravaganza collection, had incorporated this detail into their designs. It looks good on a dress, on a shirt, on a sweater‚Äö√Ñ√∂‚àö√묨‚àÇ believe us, we’ve seen it on the NYFW runway, and this top fashion trend for fall/winter 2016-2017 is going to flood the stores!

New York Fashion Week Fall 2016 Fashion Trends: Off-the-Shoulder

#5. Red, Fuchsia and the Vibrancy of Colors

Pantone set the trend for red, announcing the Aurora Red as the top shade of the upcoming year! Designers like J. Mendel confirm the prediction of the color giant; red was everywhere during New York Fashion Week!

One of the most interesting characteristics of this season was the contrast between vibrant and dark colors, often in single collections. From fuchsia to pitch black, from yellow to deep earthy browns. The upcoming fall/winter fashion season will let you keep the warm fall shades, while decorating them with patches of eye-catchy hues.

If you hate being unnoticed, make use of this trend. Red and fuchsia were some of the most popular choices, although yellow, orange, and green were also used by many labels.

New York Fashion Week Fall 2016 Fashion Trends: Aurora Red

New York Fashion Week Fall 2016 Fashion Trends: Fuchsia

New York Fashion Week Fall 2016 Fashion Trends: Vibrant Colors

#6. Velvet

Some of the fabrics that shined on the NYFW runway gave us chills and the nostalgia for the luxury feel, the one you get when touching velvet! Popular not only in bakeries, but also on the fashion scene at the moment, velvet looked stunning in 3.1 Phillip Lim designs. Lim gave a refreshing approach to the fabric, mixing and matching it with prints (because, who didn’t have prints this year? That’s right, no one.) and giving velvet a new way to be worn. Other brands that included velvet in their collections include, but are not limited to Monse and M. Martin.

New York Fashion Week Fall 2016 Fashion Trends: Velvet

#7. Round Shoulders

When you have so many trends inclining towards loose-form silhouettes and asymmetry, you also notice some of the supporting themes, like the round shoulders. Usually seen in oversize designs, round shoulders are here to take over dethrone the blazers with spiked shoulders.

Marc Jacobs rocked this trend with oversize coats and tops; little baggy designs coming down the runway were more intriguing for some than Lady Gaga’s appearance on the catwalk. Marc Jacobs was not the only one presenting this trend (although he was the most dramatic one). Dion Lee and Narciso Rodriguez were also on the list, with more reserved shapes and combinations, contrasting Jacob’s extra-long sleeves.

So, if the shoulders of that new shirt are not exactly on their place, leave them hanging. They’re on the top hot list for fall/winter 2016-2017.

New York Fashion Week Fall 2016 Fashion Trends: Round Shoulders

#8. Brown Meets Nude

Before Pantone presented its color trend report, we didn’t think the browns and the nudes would make it to the top of the trend list, but considering that such labels as Polo by Ralph Lauren and BCBG Max Azria used the colors to their fullest potentials, we agree to the upcoming brown trend now. If you observe the fall 2016 ready-to-wear collection by Polo alone, you would not need any additional endorsements ” brown is the new black!

Of course, nudes were also competing for attention. Karen Walker presented all-brown and all-nude looks, Banana Republic took the nudes to leather and trench-coats. These two colors are season’s favorites, so it’s better to start investing in them right now!

New York Fashion Week Fall 2016 Fashion Trends: Brown & Nude Colors

#9. A Little Lace Never Hurt Nobody

Lace has not been very big this year. Outshadowed by velvet and leather, it took a modest stance this season, appearing as fragments on dresses and tops. In spite of that, we saw some of the finest pieces of lace at Cushnie et Ochs NYFW fall 2016 fashion show.

This feminine and extremely seductive fabric was never used in entire gowns, when it was first introduced in France. In fact, it was always reserved as a decoration for sleeves, cuffs, and collars. Maybe it’s time we enjoyed just a little lace in our looks, giving it a more exquisite nature than covering us with it from head to toe.

New York Fashion Week Fall 2016 Fashion Trends: Lace

#10. Have a Furry Winter!

Many accuse the movie “The Revenant’ for a big number of furry statements on the runway‚Äö√Ñ√∂‚àö√묨‚àÇ a true point‚Äö√Ñ√∂‚àö√묨‚àÇ maybe. Moreover, the color of the fur you’re wearing doesn’t even matter. The selling point here is the size, and the algorithm hasn’t changed ” the bigger, the better‚Äö√Ñ√∂‚àö√묨‚àÇ like a big black bear.

Some labels used fur in more delicate designs, combined with nude or icy colors, creating the ideal Elsa look (Elsa, if she was actually cold and needed to wear fur), while others had more fun with flashy colors like yellow, red, and more. Calvin Klein, J. Crew and Rodarte led the furry parade at NYFW, also ending up leading our fall/winter 2016 fashion trends parade! Stay warm and furrrry…

New York Fashion Week Fall 2016 Fashion Trends: Fur

#11. Ruffles Sneaking In

A surprising trend, ruffles were actually hot last week. These soft and playful details were matched with loose-fitted dresses and oversized outfits. A very wise man should once have said, there are no contrasts that can’t come together on the New York Fashion Week runway. And he would have been right!

However, just like lace, keep the ruffles for details, not entire pieces. Used in collections by Marc Jacobs, See by Chloe, Rodarte, and Ralph Lauren (who used ruffles in collars), these little pranksters might make their way into your fall wardrobe and spice up that oversized Kanye look… ruffle is just what you need for that!

New York Fashion Week Fall 2016 Fashion Trends: Ruffles

#12. Pantsuits!

Throwing out the classics or at least leaving them aside for a while, it’s time to get the pantsuit game back on. And this time, you are allowed‚Äö√Ñ√∂‚àö√묨‚àÇ no, encouraged to wear pantsuits to evening occasions! There is no other conclusion we could come to after Zac Posen’s latest collection. The master of luxurious eveningwear presented us with splendid pantsuits that could be taken from daytime into nighttime instantly.

And he was not the lonely ranger. Pantsuits were one of the biggest trends for fall 2016 we saw during New York Fashion Week, both for casual and slightly fancier collections. What we think? It’s a dream come true! Slick, tailored, sophisticated pantsuits are every woman’s dream and must-haves this year!

New York Fashion Week Fall 2016 Fashion Trends: Pantsuits

Well, these were the top 12 fall 2016 fashion trends you need to know from New York Fashion Week. Hang on for more trends coming up from the European capitals!

Photos courtesy of Vogue

Written by Larisa Aslanyan
Larisa is a digital marketing expert and a content strategist. She is also immensely in love with the fashion industry, with its hues and undertones. Larisa is convinced that fashion is a delicate way of reinventing ourselves, as well as discovering and connecting to the world around us. It is artistic storytelling, where universal beauty is the leading theme.