Highest Bidder Takes Home Fashion Week Tickets

Highest Bidder Takes Home Fashion Week Tickets

We love Fashion Week. Whether it is for the spring and summer seasons, or when the top fashion houses are revealing their fall and winter collections, watching those shows gives us a sense of understanding of something that we generally seem to forget throughout the days. It inspires us, gets our creative juices flowing and spurs on the style lover inside us all that loves to hide away under sweatpants and oversized t-shirts on some murky days. We love to be able to watch the fashion shows live as well, but that is where the latest news really throws us off. Often we are not the richest in town or even close to it. So what happens when Fashion Week tickets begin being auctioned off to the highest bidders? Perhaps that is the side effect of having it be so exclusive an event though. After all, for years it was always the celebrities that got first dibs and you would need an invitation to enter.

Highest Bidder Takes Home Fashion Week Tickets

Before we talk about the latest developments in selling Fashion Week tickets to the highest bidder, it is prudent to mention how one would go about getting an invitation formerly in the first place, especially if it is a more than a generic invite to stand in the back. Some bloggers have written about their experiences in this area and we are thinking their expertise on the matter can help many a fashion lover out there.

In terms of New York, there are a few ways to score an invite. First, it would be great if you can order a Fashion Week calendar form beforehand, before setting out to email every single one on there, speaking about yourself, presenting your interests and asking for said invitation. While rejections are to be expected, surprisingly many girls and boys have indeed been given that little piece of paper or online confirmation asking them to appear at the show.

Generally there are no seats with the invitation, but often finding last minute seats does not become much of a problem. Apparently standing around in Lincoln Square can also benefit you, being in the right place at the right time, especially because organizers want the shows to be filled as much as possible. Loiterers in the region will most likely be asked to come in it appears.

Making friends with people who love attending the shows is also a great way to score some tickets, particularly if they cannot make it to a few and allow you to go in instead. Some fashion enthusiasts will do just about anything to get an invitation, but it generally takes you just wanting to be there and presenting the fact that you will be in town for you to get your hands on one of those cards.

While we have mentioned the more innocent manners of getting yourself a Fashion Week show invitation, you will also find scalpers and online middlemen ready to sell you a ticket as well. They want to do a lot more though and capitalize on this market, where they can sell access to backstage tours, runway shows and designer meet-and-greet events. That is a lot of money to be made under the table, so there is talk about turning it into the legal practice.

The New York Fashion Week runway shows will be beginning from Thursday onwards, which is getting everyone up into a frenzy and having people spending top dollar on tickets to the party. Sites like Millionaire’s Concierge, Queen Bee, TicketSupply, Total Management, and even New York Fashion Week are selling it at thousands of dollars to give people a chance to spend time in the front rows, close to the action and even closer to the celebrities. Some are even offering full package getaways, with inclusive hotel accommodations and a hot runway show ticket, left unspecified, for $5500 USD for two people.

Highest Bidder Takes Home Fashion Week Tickets

Of course, the price is also subject to change as the tickets are to be found or bought, which may increase the dollars paid for the vacation party. Total Management works with IMG on this package, which means that customers are often given a chance to go to shows sponsored by IMG itself, who denies actually selling the tickets.

Since we all want to get into the fashion shows and we might not have the ability to garner an invitation, third party sources become lifeboats for us, offering the seats we really and truly want. Some companies charge a lot more for the tickets, such as a Netherlands firm known as Providing Tickets, where shows in Milan, Paris, New York and London can start at nearly $4000 USD a person. Prospective attendees must submit bios as well, which is then approved by a mysterious contact for the brand. It is a good way of keeping some people out, even with the money offered. Designers are said to share in the profits, while they themselves provide the firms with the tickets.

Since each fashion show is very different and has different attendance and invitation rules, the companies have to be malleable and work with the style of the show, either getting you on a guest list, sending you an electronic copy of a ticket or going the old fashioned way and hand-delivering the invitation to your door or hotel room. Those like VIP Concierge do not even work outside of the Fashion Week shows, making most all of their money on those few weeks during the year, expanding into all the fashion show districts.

With scalpers all around getting their hands on tickets long before they become available to anyone else, we are going to be seeing a whole lot of selling and reselling until the Council of Fashion Designers of America decides exactly how it will be making the whole thing more consumer friendly. Right now though, the way things are is spurring the economy and giving even more people access to the fashion shows that we all obsess about. We are thinking that soon designers themselves will be selling the tickets to the public at differing prices, which would effectively put many of these third parties out of business. It would be refreshing. At this rate, unless we manage to charm anyone into giving us a ticket, there is no way we can afford a few thousand per ticket per show…

Photo courtesy of Vogue, @kristinabazan

Written by Tamar Najarian
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