30 Best Swimwear/ Lingerie Models of All Time

Best Swimwear/ Lingerie Models: Naomi Campbell

With beautiful lingerie and swimwear also come some rather stunning swimwear and lingerie models as well. Since the subject and sales of lingerie is no longer taboo and even a glimpse of stocking is no longer a sin, it makes perfect sense to have models that specialize in showing off underwear with their bodies toned to perfection used as mannequin. Victoria’s Secret certainly seems to like calling dibs on the hottest girls of all, specifically those who show more muscle tone than merely bone, but there are others who have appeared in eponymous campaigns and for some of the best in lingerie lines around the world we can find. Europe is definitely a leader in this regard. But who are the hottest and just the best swimwear & lingerie models of all time we need to know?

Best Swimwear/ Lingerie Models of All Time

Lace, sheer panties, thigh high stockings, push up bras, bodysuits, teddies, mesh, leather, silk, triangle bikini tops, satin…. All lingerie, swimwear and all the things we collect, plus so much more. Personally, I began collecting lingerie from the age of 16, even before I really understood what lingerie was. We needed bras and panties, so why not grab the frilly ones with the lacy edges, the front clasp bras that lit up our hearts and made us feel exceptionally sexy every time we put them on and stared in a mirror; why not grab stay up thigh high stockings that looked positively adorable with those dresses but made us feel naughty all at the same time?

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We have enjoyed the boon of lingerie and swimwear for decades now, but it’s only of late that the industry has grown to such an extent that most designer brands include a lingerie or swimwear section. We would still go for Victoria’s Secret, Aerie, La Vie en Rose, Adore Me, Dita Von Teese, La Perla, Princess Tam Tam, and such others, but do enjoy a good new lingerie startup that can bring in something different but still remain perfectly feminine.

Technically, what makes lingerie or a lovely bikini set so incredible to many a woman is the fact that it makes us feel like a woman in control, while still allowing us to show off our truly feminine side, even if that is a dominatrix. Not all can be Calvin Klein and Triumph, but we certainly enjoy a good dose of Hanky Panky and Wacoal or Nubra. While some are vastly underrated but still incredibly gorgeous, others like Heidi Klum Intimates and Jenny Packham have earned their fair share of clients over the years. Nothing beats a good Triumph bra though, the one brand that family members as far back as my grandmother recommend, worn from her days enjoying French fashion.

Top swimwear/ lingerie models we have seen in the past decades include:

1. Ursula Mayes

She is a former Deal or No Deal model and has been seen showing off pieces for some smaller independent lines out there, her large bust and dark hair being the main attractions it appears. She has certain strength about her that we don’t think we want to be messing with either.

Best Swimwear/ Lingerie Models: Ursula Mayes

2. Keeley Hazell

The 29-year-old English model and actress is known as one of Britain’s most successful in the former industry, and has quite a following due to the latter. Her chest has certainly been one factor that has brought in the work and the fame, along with her long legs and gorgeous face, the dark hair only adding to her appeal. She is one sexy lingerie model.

Best Swimwear/ Lingerie Models: Keeley Hazell

3. Doutzen Kroes

A Victoria’s Secret Angel for years now, her devilish looks are enough to make a woman look twice, in not downright lust after her, let alone men. Kroes is stunning with her figure, but more so with her ability to model swimwear and lingerie like it was nothing at all. The 31-year-old Dutch Frisian model began her career over 10 years ago and is still shining bright, while standing really danged tall at 179 cm. She is certainly one of our favorites.

Best Swimwear/ Lingerie Models: Doutzen Kroes

4. Gisele Bundchen

Brazilian model Gisele Bundchen has been the talk of the town for a while now, ranking top on the Forbes’ Highest Maid Models list for several years in a row. She has her own lingerie line as well, while it seems that it has never been much trouble for the former Victoria’s Secret Angel to show off that hot body of hers.

Best Swimwear/ Lingerie Models: Gisele Bundchen

5. Candice Swanepoel

South African model best known for being a 5-year Victoria’s Secret Angel, Swanepoel has topped charts as one of the highest earning models, ranking 10th on the Forbes’ list. Standing 178 cm tall and looking incredible at the ripe age of 27, she is one model that still has quite a few years ahead of her and she has been doing a superb job in showing off her lingerie/ swimwear clad body day in and day out.

Best Swimwear/ Lingerie Models: Candice Swanepoel

6. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Here is another former Victoria’s Secret Angel, who looks so good in lingerie, particularly white against her golden skin tone. She is an expert in modeling lingerie it appears and we are certainly not complaining. The British model has her own sleepwear and underwear line as well, which makes the whole thing all the sweeter to enjoy. The 28-year-old partner to Jason Statham just keeps looking better and better, whether she appears in action flicks like Mad Max or on Marks and Spencer campaigns, showing off exclusive lines which focus on some delicate French lace and soft feminine prints.

Best Swimwear/ Lingerie Models: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

7. Ana Beatriz Barros

Another Brazilian on the list, and we know they are really hot, Barros stands extremely tall at 182 cm and looks a little too good to be true for a woman of 33. She has showed off her body in Intimissimi and Bebe lingerie, topping it off with some Victoria’s Secret perfection. Her tanned body and petite frame, the lovely facial features and lush dark hair all make her one of the best lingerie models around.

Best Swimwear/ Lingerie Models: Ana Beatriz Barros

8. Selita Ebanks

A large bust, narrow waist and perfectly formed hips with an ample bottom all ensure that dark-skinned Selita Ebanks from the Cayman Islands is exactly what the modelling world requires. She has also walked the Victoria’s Angel road and when she dons on the lingerie, we are sure they are Heaven-sent. She has appeared in clothing and swimsuits but we know that the 32-year-old fashion model is best suited to show off lingerie.

Best Swimwear/ Lingerie Models: Selita Ebanks

9. Lara Stone

We have always loved the little gap in the front teeth seen on Lara Stone, the endearing little anomaly capturing our attention and bringing our gaze to her face instead of that unfalteringly striking body. She has fronted Calvin Klein underwear campaigns for many years now, flaunting the way each piece sits on her with relative ease. Eres and H&M have also enjoyed having Stone as a model for them.

Best Swimwear/ Lingerie Models: Lara Stone

10. Adriana Lima

Okay! If there were ever a sexy lingerie model in town, it would have to be the 34-year-old mother of two children, 16-year supermodel Victoria’s Secret Angel Adriana Lima. To this day the woman looks dazzling on the runway, strutting her stuff and looking so very confident in the toned and ripped body she resides in.

Best Swimwear/ Lingerie Models: Adriana Lima

11. Heidi Klum

She has become one of the best known Victoria’s Secret models of all time, right up there with Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio. Heidi Klum, the 42-year-old German model, television host, business woman, fashion designer, and occasional actress has really made a name for herself and begun her own lingerie line, looking beyond fabulous while rocking some red lack with black pumps. We have always loved her and it appears that we always will.

Best Swimwear/ Lingerie Models: Heidi Klum

12. Dita Von Teese

With her signature lips and retro hairstyles, her burlesque dancing days having created a rather perfect Hollywood image, Dita Von Teese is among the hottest lingerie models of all time. She has had her own collaborations and we very much enjoy seeing the retro come back to life by the hands of fashion magicians such as DVT.

Best Swimwear/ Lingerie Models: Dita Von Teese

13. Naomi Campbell

She has posed for brands like Agent Provocateur, a British house with a French name. She has appeared on so many shows we lost count long ago and she has launched he own lingerie, where limited edition offering with Italian Yamamay brand is surprisingly truly affordable, found to be between 30 and 65 USD. She has modelled for her own campaigns and it certainly turns out to be all the more appealing.

Best Swimwear/ Lingerie Models: Naomi Campbell

14. Kate Upton

That hair, those eyes, those lips and features, like a sexy feline looking to devour you. Kate Upton has worked with Victoria’s Secret as well, though surprisingly not as much, and definitely never earned her wings. She has been great with Guess though and we can clearly see that she looks smoking in patterned sportier lingerie pieces, such as female boxer shorts and a checkered push up bra.

Best Swimwear/ Lingerie Models: Kate Upton

15. Eva Herzigova

The 42-year-old Czech model and actress Eva Herzigova does not seem to want to age at all, even after having carried three children. Standing at 180 cm tall, Eva’s Wonderbra Hello boys feature back in 1994 won grand acclaim, even having been voted as the most iconic advertising image of all time in the United Kingdom. Yes, she was certainly one of the best out there in her youth and she can still outshine many an Angel to this day.

Best Swimwear/ Lingerie Models: Eva Herzigova

16. Erin Heatherton

Victoria’s Secret Angels are probably the most prominent swimwear/ lingerie models out there, which makes sense since the brand seems to seize up all the lovely ladies out there. American fashion model Erin Heatherton might only be 26 years old but she has had enough time to earn her spurs in the field and take on the fashion world by storm. What is not to love about the bombshell beauty that made Victoria’s Secret millions, the lady who was discovered at the age of 17 in Miami?

Best Swimwear/ Lingerie Models: Erin Heatherton

17. Martha Hunt

Hunt is a North Carolina native and has a brilliant smile that easily wins employers over. Her great legs and toned body only add to her attractive features, making her a model they certainly want to work with. She is down to earth as well it seems, so it is no wonder she is considered one of the best and hottest lingerie models of all time.

Best Swimwear/ Lingerie Models: Martha Hunt

18. Marisa Miller

A bust that we all would love to have, a killer body and a perpetual place on Sports Illustrated Swimwear pages‚Äö√Ñ√∂‚àö√묨‚àÇ yes, Marisa Miller is definitely one of the hottest out there and the 37-year-old 173-cm-tall vixen looks incredible in some Victoria’s Secret lingerie. The American model and actress looks amazing no matter what she dons on, so it is safe to say that her place on this list is set.

Best Swimwear/ Lingerie Models: Marisa Miller

19. Frederique van der Wal

It was her role as lingerie model with Victoria’s Secret in the 1990s that brought Frederique to the forefront, from whence her career working with the big brands really took off. The Dutch model may not be heard of much today, but she was huge and has remained with quite the fan following. She still can rock that lingerie with that hot body of hers.

Best Swimwear/ Lingerie Models: Frederique van der Wal

20. Stephanie Seymour

Seymour has been the face of Valentino and Christian Dior, but it was her lingerie modelling for Victoria’s Secret that really made her name common knowledge. The American model and actress might be 47 years old now and with some alcohol related problems, but the 178-cm-tall mother of four was huge in her prime, particularly in the late ’90s.

Best Swimwear/ Lingerie Models: Stephanie Seymour

21. Bar Refaeli

Israeli model Bar Refaeli is also an actress, spokeswoman and has way too much sex appeal for her own good. She has a body with rock hard abs that takes some rather disciplined training to achieve, while her various lingerie and swimwear campaigns have dubbed her one of the hottest lingerie models alive today.

Best Swimwear/ Lingerie Models: Bar Refaeli

22. Lily Aldridge

Beautiful American model Lily Aldridge is also with Victoria’s Secret‚Äö√Ñ√∂‚àö√묨‚àÇ no surprise there. She is a 30-year-old mother of one, and one of the most famous models out there right now. She is an all-American girl really, and looks pretty damn good in a red bra and panty set, which also means a red bikini. Light colored skin, dark hair and a body like that? Yes, she’s one of the top on our list.

Best Swimwear/ Lingerie Models: Lily Aldridge

23. Alessandra Ambrosio

If we have Adriana Lima on this list, there is no way we would be missing Alessandra Ambrosio. The two Angels are beyond inseparable, and they are some of the hottest lingerie-wearing females ever seen. Ambrosio’s curves are simply delectable, while her ability to pull off the swagger she has is quite impressive. She’s Brazilian of course, which means tanned skin to go with the long legs, and facial features that are lovely to a fault. She is one of fashion’s favorite lingerie stars.

Best Swimwear/ Lingerie Models: Alessandra Ambrosio

24. Bettie Page

She is the original pinup queen and that means vintage lingerie galore! Bettie Page was often seen in racy pieces in the 1950s, defying societal qualms about allowing such images to surface. She had her signature jet-black hair with the blunt bangs and those gorgeous blue eyes, making her quite the sultry wonder, particularly of that time.

Best Swimwear/ Lingerie Models: Bettie Page

25. Petra Nemcova

Ultimo’s favorite lingerie star is also a favorite of ours, with 36-year-old Petra Nemcova really earning grand acclaim over the years. She is a business school graduate with much to offer the world, her unretouched images for example.

Best Swimwear/ Lingerie Models: Petra Nemcova

26. Natasha Poly

Gosh, we are in love with Natasha Poly and the way she looks in La Perla lingerie. She is a star and shines really bright, even when wearing black. Graceful and with powerful limbs, the Russian model looks most incredible wearing red, with red lipstick and smoky eyes created the contrast with skin and hair.

Best Swimwear/ Lingerie Models: Natasha Poly

27. Ashley Graham

While most models are tiny, there are some gorgeous plus sized models as well, particularly Ashley Graham for Addition Elle. Flaunting her curves here and there, Graham now has her own lingerie label that she works in in cooperation with Addition Elle itself.

Best Swimwear/ Lingerie Models: Ashley Graham

28. Irina Shayk

She’s Russian, which often automatically means she is gorgeous. Shayk looks incredible in lingerie with her tony body and tiny features, her long limbs making up for her pubescent curves. La Clover and Intimissimi are only two of the many who have enlisted Irina Shayk as a model for their collections.

Best Swimwear/ Lingerie Models: Irina Shayk

29. Shlomit Malka

Israeli fashion model Shlomit Malka is one of the world’s leading models from Tel Aviv, who is one of the youngest on this list, standing 175 cm tall at the age of 22. She has had some major works with top international brands such as Bebe, Ralph Lauren and many others, but looks best in lingerie, with the combination of smoldering good features, gorgeous chestnut hair and dazzling blue eyes.

Best Swimwear/ Lingerie Models: Shlomit Malka

30. Joan Smalls

We see her on the red carpet and hanging out with some top models, singers, actresses and the like. Joan Smalls is an Angel with her darker winger, looking so amazing in her lingerie that it has almost become a trademark these days. The Puerto Rican fashion model was ranked #8 in the world’s highest paying models list by Forbes in 2013 and at 27 years of age, has reached incredible success. She is one of the best lingerie models ever, smoking hot with everything she wears on her 179 cm frame.

Best Swimwear/ Lingerie Models: Joan Smalls

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