Best Pre-Fall 2016 Fashion Trends You Need to Know

Pre-Fall 2016 Fashion Trends

There is a snowstorm outside and the fire crackles indoors. The heat is turned up and we are looking at the pre-fall 2016 fashion trends that oftentimes have all the right pieces for the current season as well. Would it really be a fashion faux pas to pick up outfits that are meant for about 7-8 months later? For the super strict on fashion trends, the answer would be resounding “yes!’, but we cannot help but dream of adding some of the looks to our closets.

Pre-Fall 2016 Fashion Trends

Update: check out the new Fall/ Winter 2016-2017 Fashion Trends

The truth is that 2016 does not differ overly much from the previous year, with many 2015 fashion trends blending into the looks that the runways have decided would be the go to designs of the coming months. As such, it makes a whole lot of sense to pick up pieces from the 2016 pre-fall collections once they are released, especially if we are going to be seeing weather, such as this well into March and perhaps even April. After all, comfort and warmth worn in good style is exactly the way to go these days, allowing you to feel good inside and out.

What pre-fall 2016 trends should we be looking out for though? While the pre-fall ranges for the longest period, spanning more or less the whole year long, it does differ in some ways from the SS and FW annual fashion trends somewhat as well. While it may get confusing for those new to the world of fashion, it means that many more pieces we can add to our wardrobes for those of us who vastly enjoy recreating our outfits. The more trends are available for us to choose from, the better it is for everyone. Given this manner of thought, we have put together a list of the top trends one should look for when shopping pre-fall in the upcoming months.

#1: Showing off a lot of Leg

While we see quite a few coats on the runways and pre-fall collection presentations, we cannot help but notice that one of the biggest trends is indeed the show of lots of leg, particularly when paired with a shearling lined jacket or long coat. This is seen with leather shorts at Coach 1941, while seemingly wearing nothing under a ship captain blazer at Nina Ricci, and paring a funky doodle cat over pelvic area dress with over the knee socks at the likes of Valentino.

Pre-Fall 2016 Fashion Trends: Showing Lots of Legs

#2: Feline Prints

Whether we are looking at spots or stripes, tigers or cheetahs and some leopards and lynxes too, the pre-fall season excels at offering a wide range of outerwear in this style of print. Generally we see them appear on coats, both long and short, and in many colors. We see those that have a more distinct feline attitude such as that at Alexander Wang, in a more cheetah-like print, such as that seen at Stella McCartney, on shoes as well as coats as seen at Alberta Ferretti, sports jackets at Sonia Rykiel, or in prints over leather at Calvin Klein Collection. It gets all stylized and gorgeous at Giambattista Valli, while it is all about the sexy at Maison Margiela. Rochas, Ellery and so many more designers show off the feline prints with gusto.

Pre-Fall 2016 Fashion Trends: Animal Prints

#3: Checked Prints

When it comes to checked items, we see everything from black and white optical illusion styles to plain out plaid. Can’t say we do not love them though! From awesome Alexander Wang skirts to plaid trousers at Alberta Ferretti, these looks are rather fun to play with, mixing and matching with other trending looks that can come together to create the perfect outfit. Acne Studios sure brought us a whole slew of plain pieces, a look that looked all the more appealing with Miu Miu‘s python additions.

Pre-Fall 2016 Fashion Trends: Checkered Prints

#4: Pretty Stripes

While we expected more of this trend to appear among the collections, it was certainly apparent at the likes of Givenchy, with a black and white striped power suit meant to inspire respect from everyone around. Stripes appear on shoes at Tory Burch, on gorgeous sailor ensembles at Tommy Hilfiger and often enough otherwise to really catch our attention without hogging the trends report.

Pre-Fall 2016 Fashion Trends: Stripes

#5: Floral Prints

The floral prints are huge for the spring and summer seasons, but apparently they morph into something even more alluring come the pre-fall, appearing on power suits such as that seen at Prabal Gurung, or on full length dresses as per Giorgio Armani and Erdem. We notice large floral prints at Tanya Taylor, Tory Burch, Givenchy, Valentino, and Giambattista Valli as well.

Pre-Fall 2016 Fashion Trends: Floral Prints

#6: All Over Prints

Some of the pieces we have seen paraded included not just simple prints, but ones that span all over, literally. They are seen on midi dresses or maxi ones, lovely 1970s spinoffs that look quite modest with long sleeves and high button collars. These are found at Brooks Brothers, Giorgio Armani, Erdem, Bottega Veneta, and even Red Valentino. The all over prints also include the folky versions, with ornate looks as per Rachel Zoe.

Pre-Fall 2016 Fashion Trends: Prints

#7: Shoes with Socks

It is a weird look, without saying much at all. It is a trend that we might not actually become a part of. But for those who love wearing socks with their shoes, whether it is sandals or kitten heel pumps, this is an interesting look that might be of interest to you. At 3.1 Phillip Lim, for example, that socks with oxfords bit is combined with a blue pleated metallic skirt and black and blue shirt, a similar ensemble showing up in gold and white at No 21. We see more shoes with socks at Giorgio Armani, Red Valentino, Givenchy, and more.

Pre-Fall 2016 Fashion Trends: Shoes with Socks

#8: Pointy Toe Shoes

Have you noticed that the latest style for shoes is the pointy toe again? Most shoes seen for pre-fall 2016 certainly feature the trend as well, from Escada to Jason Wu, Elizabeth & James to Rochas and Sonia Rykiel. Nearly every designer incorporates the pointy toe actually, making those awesome black pumps you have sitting at home so very perfect to wear out to tonight’s date.

Pre-Fall 2016 Fashion Trends: Pointy-Toe Shoes

#9: Things Kept Thigh High

While thigh high boots are the first thing that come to mind really, or sexy thigh high tights held up by garters, it is the thigh high socks that we see more of for pre-fall 2016, especially at Stella McCartney. Thigh high suede boots can be found at Alice + Olivia, looking especially sexy through it all. And then, of course, there is Valentino with the denim shorts and jacket set, the grey boots passing over the knee and ending just under mid-thigh.

Pre-Fall 2016 Fashion Trends: Thigh-High Boots

#10: Fun and Interesting Tights

While some of the tights like the striped versions at Alexander Wang are more chic than fun, others such as Maison Margiela play with the lines themselves, creating fun patterns that help show off a catty side to you. At Raquel Allegra, the tights are paired with white slip dresses, while they slip into fishnet at Ohne Titel with open toes. We have to say Giamba‘s leopard print tights are our very favorite though as they are both fun and sassy.

Pre-Fall 2016 Fashion Trends: Interesting Tights

#11: Not-quite-mid-calf-length Boots

The height of the boots seen within the pre-fall 2016 fashion trends is rather interesting, passing over the ankles but not quite reaching even mid-calf, ending at a spot that seems to maximize the length of the leg itself. We see it at Coach 1941, Bottega Veneta, Victoria by Victoria Beckham, Nicole Miller, Tome, Chanel, and Erdem.

Pre-Fall 2016 Fashion Trends: Mid-Calf Length Boots

#12: Suede Sticks Around

Remember that beige suede coat with the white shearling you got a few years back as a present from your grandmother? We remember that Christmas gift all right, and know that we will be enjoying the gorgeous piece this year immensely because suede is back in, despite the worry that 2016 might be the last year we see it around. We notice that same looks appear at Veronique Branquinho, though with a few hue changes.

Pre-Fall 2016 Fashion Trends: Suede

#13: Lots of Leather

We like leather. No, we love leather. Absolutely so! So when we notice that the leather, which is also quite 1970s and has been melded into 2016 fashions, appears on Coach 1941 high waist shorts or shearling lined Tommy Hilfiger jackets, we are head over heels and feel the need to add them to our own line-ups at home.

Pre-Fall 2016 Fashion Trends: Leather

#14: Velvet Materials

As strange as it may seem, one of the top used materials for the pre-fall is actually velvet, appearing everywhere from Tommy Hilfiger sailor pants in golden threading to maroon colored sleepwear as outerwear designs. It is not as common as we would have liked, but it is still a big trend in the fashion world for 2016.

Pre-Fall 2016 Fashion Trends: Velvet

#15: Furry Ensembles

Fur is one of those materials that keeps appearing everywhere for pre-fall, especially among the collections that seem to favor colder days over the warmth of spring and summer. Fur makes up whole coats or merely the lapels, appears as stoles or covers up a matching mini underneath; it is gorgeous really, with all that shearling about. We see it at Sonia Rykiel, Calvin Klein Collection, Coach 1941, Paco Rabanne, Burberry, Tommy Hilfiger, and more. Stella McCartney has a feature piece that is so very lovely actually, coming in grey, with shearling edging.

Pre-Fall 2016 Fashion Trends: Fur

#16: Denim Everything

While denim was huge in 2015, particularly because of its 1970s theme, it has kept its place on the runways this year as well, appearing as a major or minor trend almost everywhere. At Sonia Rykiel, it is in the form of culottes, while at Opening Ceremony it comes in with boot-cut pants. Of course, this also translates to what is known as the Canadian Tuxedoes, with the sophistication of dark denim worn in a power suit style, the close the fit, the better overall. This overall denim look appears at Burberry, Mugler, Thomas Maier, Givenchy, and See by Chloe, among others.

Pre-Fall 2016 Fashion Trends: Denim

#17: Ruffles and Layers

Having ruffles on a certain piece often also means that there are layers to the whole thing as well. At least that is the case at Giorgio Armani, where strapless gauzy chiffon dresses get paired with black tights and black leather half boots. We see tiers of organza and tulle appear in fun ruffles also at Oscar de la Renta, Jonathan Simkhai, No 21, and Gucci, as we admire the craftsmanship of each dress presented.

Pre-Fall 2016 Fashion Trends: Ruffles & Frills

#18: Asymmetrical Hems

It was big in 2015 and it is huge in 2016. The asymmetrical hems with a very geometric output are exactly what the doctor ordered it appears, from the gorgeous grey and black skirts seen at Carven, to the sweet periwinkle dresses of Jason Wu. We absolutely love the look in general, from zigzag cuts to fun pleats that disappear in the flow of the skirts themselves. These hems are seen quite a bit of at Cushnie et Ochs, Victoria by Victoria Beckham, Escada, and Elizabeth & James, the cut adding some fun and swing to the skirts they adorn.

Pre-Fall 2016 Fashion Trends: Asymmetrical Hemlines

#19: Slouchy Trousers

While body-hugging pieces are certainly almost always in style, the slouchy versions that breed comfort are what we are going for this year. From the cuffed versions seen at Marni to long and entirely unfeminine shapes as per Ports 1961, they appear on power suits at designer presentations such as Jason Wu, and in velvet at Tommy Hilfiger, really feeding into the navy appeal. Extra-long styles can also be found at Preen, Thornton Bregazzi and Calvin Klein.

Pre-Fall 2016 Fashion Trends: Slouchy Pants

#20: High-Waist Bottoms

While most of the high-waist pieces are indeed pants, coming in with velvet at Tommy Hilfiger or navy inspired at Burberry, we do see some shorts and skirts with the same appeal; the former featured in leather at Coach 1941 and the latter so very lovely at Altuzarra.

Pre-Fall 2016 Fashion Trends: High-Waist Bottoms

#21: Shirt Dresses

Remember when it was the tunic that was in style? Shirtdresses appear all over, though they are as big in spring campaigns as on the pre-fall shows. Alberta Ferretti’s gorgeous stark white shirtdress with the black ribbon belt certainly has major appeal.

Pre-Fall 2016 Fashion Trends: Shirtdresses

#22: Culottes

The culottes look has been around for many seasons now and it still appears to be going strong, even if you do not see it appear too many times in a single show. Denim culottes are definitely one of the best pre-fall 2016 fashion trends to look into, something the Sonia Rykiel brand paired up with leopard prints and strappy sandals for a spectacular finish. The wide leg cropped pants also appear at Sally Lapointe, Temperley London, Lanvin, M Martin, and most beautifully so at Marissa Webb.

Pre-Fall 2016 Fashion Trends: Culottes

#23: Ankle Cropped Pants

Culottes are one style of cropped pants, but they are nothing like the ankle crop, which comes down straight or even cigarette thin and makes you look like you have outgrown your clothing pieces. This is the case with Givenchy’s power suits, Gucci’s judge-like creations, and seen across the board, among most all pre-fall collections.

Pre-Fall 2016 Fashion Trends: Ankle-Length Cropped Pants

#24: Floor Length Trouser Hems

It was a 2015 fashion trend that has made its way to 2016 with ease, blending in with all the other trends we have noticed on the runways. The floor length hems in general are awesome, but it is the trousers on power suits, such as that at Prabal Gurung or Jason Wu, that really catch our attention.

Pre-Fall 2016 Fashion Trends: Floor-Length Trouser Hems

#25: Going Western

It is actually a really interesting thing that the Western appeal of the 1970s has also blended in with the futuristic effects 2016 has been trying to bring about. We see leather and suede, shearling and Western designs. We see gorgeous looks as such at Coach 1941, along with Canadian tuxedoes appearing in denim at Burberry, Mugler, Givenchy, et al.

Pre-Fall 2016 Fashion Trends: Western Fashion

#26: Power Suits

Have you noticed the sheer amount of suits on the pre-fall presentations lately? They are unique, powerful, and so very covetable. It is not only Gucci and Chanel with it either now. Most of all designers have opted to pull in a power suit of some sort, to ensure you are looking as stylish as ever. We have suits with slouchy long trousers at Jason Wu, striped ensembles that make us feel like a CEO at Givenchy, and Prabal Gurung’s floral designs certainly have quite a bit of flair. We see it at Brooks Brothers, Alexander McQueen, Tibi, Bottega Veneta, and along the lines of Gucci.

Pre-Fall 2016 Fashion Trends: Power Suits

#27: Sheer Sleeves

It matters not if you are wearing a blouse, a dress or anything in between. There is a whole new peek-a-boo effect happening with the sheer sleeves and we are loving it. It can have a Max Mara style punk attitude or be quite delicate as in the case of Monique Lhuillier or Lela Rose. It could be inconspicuous as per Chanel, or rather fun-looking as per Tome.

Pre-Fall 2016 Fashion Trends: Sheer Sleeves

#28: Metallic Pleated Skirts

Colors are one thing, but that metallic look is a whole other ball game. Add pleats to the skirts and you have a trend that we are simply dying to buy into. It generally appears on the midi-hemmed pieces, coming in purples and blues and silver, along with even some black. It is seen at No. 21, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Zac by Zac Posen, Nicole Miller and Gucci as well.

Pre-Fall 2016 Fashion Trends: Metallic Printed Skirts

#29: Shoulder Cut-Outs

It was at the top of our SS 2016 fashion trends report. The open shoulder effect is big and it is expected to continue well into the fall and winter, which is why the pre-fall features the trend so eloquently. It is another form of a peek-a-boo look, sporting fashion’s more erogenous zone with splendor and appearing at the likes of Opening Ceremony, Ohne Titel, J Mendel, Versace, and Jonathan Simkai.

Pre-Fall 2016 Fashion Trends: Shoulder Cut-Outs

#30: Slip Dresses

A huge trend for SS 2016, we also see slip dresses on the pre-fall runways, looking positively superb. They show off a ’90s feel, while appearing at Rag & Bone, Nina Ricci, Raquel Allegra, Milly, and Nili Lotan. They fall at varying lengths, generally at midi level, but sometimes stretching down to maxi and being worn with a striped shirt, as per Nili Lotan. We notice more slips at Givenchy, Valentino, Victoria Beckham, Alexander Wang, Altuzarra and the beautiful Chanel, along with some full length Sonia Rykiel and glittering Rochas.

Pre-Fall 2016 Fashion Trends: Slip Dresses

#31: Letter Jackets (Letterman)

Intriguing pre-fall 2016 fashion trends include letterman jackets, also known as simply letter jackets, which we normally equate with Tommy Hilfiger, but now have different variations of through M Missoni, Tanya Taylor, Giamba, Coach, Rag & Bone, and so many others. It is created with the feminine body in mind, despite the fact that we still adore our jock boyfriend’s male version, and are just perfect for a chilly summer evening.

Pre-Fall 2016 Fashion Trends: Varsity Jackets

#32: Navy and Sailor Looks

From diver colored suits from Tommy Hilfiger to high waist gold button pants seen at Burberry, the double breasted blazers from Nina Ricci to sexy designs at Altuzarra, the sailor looks are so very much in style and there is no way around them. Maybe we’ll go as stylish pirates for Halloween this year?

Pre-Fall 2016 Fashion Trends: Navy, Sailor Clothing

#33: Bold Shoulders

Much like the cut out shoulders, the bolder, puffier shoulders are found all over the pre-fall collections as well, with voluminous shapes reigning supreme. We see them at JW Anderson, Ellery, Opening Ceremony, and Valentino, pieces that simply look so very Victorian in a modern era.

Pre-Fall 2016 Fashion Trends: Bold Shoulders

#34: Orange and Wine Hues

Remember when Marsala was the color of the year in 2015? Apparently similar hues have sprung up all over this year, with the pre-fall having a good number of orange, burnt orange, brick, maroon, etc. It is another ’70s staple that has been passed down and we are loving it immensely, from the wraparounds at Tory Burch, to the short geometric printed versions with knee high boots at Alice + Olivia. For other designs, also check out the likes of Cinq a Sept, Joseph, and Prabal Gurung.

Pre-Fall 2016 Fashion Trends: Orange & Wine Colors

#35: Candy Colors

Pastels and pretty candy colors are huge for the pre-fall period, blending in with the SS 2016 color trends as well. We see pale pinks from Michael Kors Collection, gentle banana yellows at Sportmax, the serenity color trend at Giorgio Armani, pretty purples at Versace (with matching shoes), and so much more, appearing at Jason Wu, Altuzarra, Lanvin, Carven, and more.

Pre-Fall 2016 Fashion Trends: Pastel, Candy Colors

#36: Black and Sheer

Black makes us look slimmer and sheer just adds to the sexy factor. Yes, we are so loving this combination, which can be seen all over, from rocking it out at Chanel, with some awesome skirts, to boudoir romance at Givenchy. Sheer tops and skirts are seen all over, from Michael Kors to Alexander McQueen and Alexander Wang.

Pre-Fall 2016 Fashion Trends: Black & Sheer Clothing

#37: Lots of White

One of the 2016 biggest color trends is indeed the white, having been spotted profusely during the SS 2016 Fashion Week shows a few months back, and now taking over the pre-fall collections as they have been revealed one after the other. We see white coats and white shirtdresses, white pants and white shirts. Sometimes whole ensembles like that at Ports 1961 appear in shades of white and bone, while other times it is a whole dress we are looking at such as that seen at Nina Ricci, long sleeves and tall figure and all.

Pre-Fall 2016 Fashion Trends: White Clothing

#38: Crazy Greens

Kermit the Frog anyone? Apparently the puppet character has inspired a wide variety of designers to create dresses, suits, and really aqua designs on quite the spectrum of green. From the neon of Moschino to the cape dress of Delpozo, the glitter dress at Sally Lapointe to the loveliness of Emporio Armani and Neil Barrett, we get to enjoy green like never before.

Pre-Fall 2016 Fashion Trends: Green Color

#39: Lots of Lace

As usual, the lace looks are huge and we are loving them. From the lace tops as per Dior, to the incredibly gorgeous black and lace combinations seen at Michael Kors Collection, the lovely maiden-like looks from Oscar de la Renta to the sheer effects of Prabal Gurung, we see lace all over and hope that it stays for a few seasons more. Sportmax, Nina Ricci, Tory Burch, Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini and the all too lovely Stella McCartney designs are exactly what our lace-loving wardrobes desire. When was our birthday again? Better add to the wishlist to treat ourselves when we get the chance!

Pre-Fall 2016 Fashion Trends: Lace

#40: Butterfly Accents

If you love butterflies, you are in for a treat for there are sweaters, dresses, boots and whole ensembles, even calf length coats, with the butterfly motifs. To shop for them, check out the embroidered outerwear at Valentino and the stitching at Gucci, the prints of Giamba and the luminescent feels of Philipp Plein. We love butterflies ourselves so we can tell you from now that these babies are so going into our shopping carts.

Pre-Fall 2016 Fashion Trends: Butterfly Prints

Photos courtesy of Vogue

Written by Tamar Najarian
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