MAC Flamingo Park Spring 2016 Makeup Collection

MAC Flamingo Park Spring 2016 Makeup Collection

Have you ever been to a flamingo park in your life? If you happen to be over there ever, among those pink-coral-orange flaming birds with necks so gracious and elegant and legs so thin and shapely, challenge yourself to assume a clever flamingo disguise, mingle with the crowd of flamingos and go more and more pink and more and more beguiling. The MAC Flamingo Park spring 2016 makeup collection is here for your so much more effective flamingo disguise being knee-deep in makeup products in all the possible shades of pink, ranging from soft baby pink, French rose and fuchsia to pinky coral, magenta and bright blue-pink. The collection is really lovely, so spring, so MAC and so in the offing to come to the market. 28 January is the date announced for MAC Flamingo going online at, while in stores, at Macy’s, Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s and Dillard’s the lineup will be available in 4 February.

MAC Flamingo Park Spring 2016 Makeup Collection

“Plunge into the punchy pleasures of pink in a freshly made batch of scrumptious colours that let you have your cake, and wear it too. Glisten pretty on a sunny day with Powder Blush, a fun way to bring delicious colour to your cheeks. Paint it pink and get your just desserts anytime, but be ready to share!’ MAC’s description of the collection whets my appetite frantically enough, propelling to delve into it as quickly as possible.

MAC Flamingo Park x 9 Eyeshadow Palette ($40.00) (Limited Edition)

This lovey-dovey eyeshadow palette comprising the whole 9 shades may cost you a pretty penny (the most high-priced in the collection) but your becoming the pearl of beauty who goes bananas over experiments with looks is a sure thing. Though the palette is mainly focused on pink shades like hot magenta, dirty lavender or pinky coral, it is not devoid of other racy shades like royal blue with light blue pearl, soft lemon yellow, soft lime green and mid-tone brown. The diversity in shades is certainly inspiring but even more inspiring is the perspective of so many finishes ” satin, matte, veluxe and veluxe pearl. Check the shades below:

• Bird’s Eye View ” hot magenta (Satin)
• Flock & Roll ” light pastel pink (Matte)
• Sushi Flower ” pinky coral with pink shimmer (Satin)
• Elegant Friend ” dirty lavender (Veluxe Pearl)
• Weirdly Wonderful ” royal blue with light blue pearl (Veluxe)
• Naturally Fabulous ” warm mid-tone brown (Matte)
• Flounce ” chalky white pink (Matte)
• Glamour Light ” soft lemon yellow (Satin)
• Floridazzle -soft lime green (Satin)

MAC Flamingo Park Spring 2016 Makeup Collection

MAC Flamingo Park Pigment ($22.00)

While the aforementioned flamingo park palette is limited edition thus calling for your hasty actions, these pigments appearing in three ” rose, golden olive and tan shades with sparkling and glistening finishes will be permanent for your unruffled and calm shopping. Check the shades below:

• Rose ” rose with copper sparkle
• Golden Olive ” high frosted green-gold
• Tan ” muted pinky brown bronze

MAC Flamingo Park Lipstick ($17.00) (Limited Edition)

I bet that MAC has never been so open-handed and bounteous in throwing us in a vibrant and zesty zone. How to resist the temptation and not to dive headfirst into spending 17 dollars nine times in a row and obtain all those pink lipsticks winking at us so provocatively! We are definitely on the way to a real chaos ” deep pinky-red, clean pastel pink, soft baby pink, hot fuchsia pink, bright magenta with finishes ranging from matte, creamsheen, pearls and so on and so forth. Check the shades below:

• Flocking Fabulous ” bright coral-red (Cremesheen + Pearl)
• Please Me ” muted rosy-tinted pink (Matte) (Permanent)
• Nice to Meet You ” deep pink-red (Cremesheen)
• Be Silly ” hot fuchsia pink (Matte)
• Long Legged & Fabulous ” soft baby pink (Cremesheen + Pearl)
• Silly ” bright white-pink (Matte) (Repromote)
• Saint Germain ” clean pastel pink (Amplified) (Permanent)
• Have Your Cake ” bright magenta (Matte)
• The Fashion Flock ” bright pink-coral (Matte) (Online Exclusive)

MAC Flamingo Park Spring 2016 Makeup Collection

MAC Flamingo Park Cremesheen Glass ($20.00) (Limited Edition)

A combination of warm pink shades with reflecting glass effect straight on your lips is really some pumpkins and so ravishing to look at. Check the shades below:

• Such Sweeties ” pastel baby pink
• Look Who’s Here! ” soft pink with blue pearl
• Sweet Tooth ” warm mid-tone pink
• Petite Indulgence ” bright blue-pink (Permanent)
• Playful Petal ” electric magenta (Repromote)

MAC Flamingo Park Lip Pencil ($16.50)

If you feel some lack of pink on your lips, MAC is here again to fit the bill by providing you with three lip pencils of fuchsia, vivid pinkish fuchsia and bright yellow pink. The creamy pencils glide on effortlessly, defining and accentuating you lips and bringing out into open that “statement lips’ concept. Check the shades below:

• Chic Trick ” amped-up fuchsia (Limited Edition)
• Embrace Me ” vivid pinkish fuchsia (Permanent)
• In Synch ” bright yellow pink (Permanent)

MAC Flamingo Park Spring 2016 Makeup Collection

MAC Flamingo Park Powder Blush ($22.00) (Limited Edition)

The powder blushes of seven pink shades are very easy for application, compatible for any skin tone and any preferences. If your pink mania is really huge every single time requiring a pink shade more vibrant and more attention-getting, you have an ample choice between hot reddish pink and light bright coral or between blue hot pink and soft bright apricot. But the collection will not dash the hopes of natural look estimators, bringing into view baby pink and soft violet-purple shades to demonstrate the celestial beauty level. Check the shades below:

• Life’s a Picnic ” hot reddish pink (Satin)
• Pink Swoon ” soft yellow baby-pink (Satin) (Permanent)
• Let’s Be Friends ” blue hot-pink (Satin)
• What I Fancy ” soft bright apricot (Satin)
• This Could Be Fun ” soft violet-purple (Satin)
• Spring Flock ” light bright coral (Satin)
• Oh My! ” reddish mid-tone coral (Satin) (Online Exclusive)

MAC Flamingo Park Beauty Powder ($22.00) (Limited Edition)

Looks go more and more natural when we run into these two ethereal powders of soft peach and light pink infused with silver pearlized pigments. Check the shades below:

• Pearl Blossom ” light pink with silver pearlized pigments
• Sunny Surprise ” soft peach

MAC Flamingo Park Spring 2016 Makeup Collection

MAC Flamingo Park Studio Nail Lacquer ($12.00) (Limited Edition)

With the MAC Flamingo Park collection, your fingernails will also become gently wrapped with flamingo-worthy shades whether you are sleek finish pursuer or glittering nails buff. Check the shades below:

• Miami ” warm pink coral
• Spoonful of Sugar ” soft pink glitter with pink pearl

MAC Flamingo Park Spring 2016 Makeup Collection

MAC Flamingo Park Technakohl Liner ($16.50)

You are also treated to a couple of long-lasting eyeliners appearing in intense aubergine and brown purple shades that are to aggregate drama with softness for a brand new dramatic soft eyes to be marveled at time and time again. Check the shades below:

• Purple Dash ” Intense aubergine
• Raisinette ” Brown purple

MAC Flamingo Park Spring 2016 Makeup Collection

Photos courtesy of MAC Cosmetics

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