Stella McCartney Pre-Fall 2016 Collection

Stella McCartney Pre-Fall 2016 Collection

Stella McCartney decided to make her pre-fall 2016 fashion show an all-out extravaganza. The pre-show festivities and fashion show took place at Amoeba Records in Hollywood. The Golden Globes also took place this week, on Jan. 10, so the designer knew just how much attention she would garner by hosting everything in Los Angeles, rather than somewhere like New York.

Stella McCartney Pre-Fall 2016 Collection

“Right now [L.A.] is kind of on fire,’ McCartney said on the red carpet before going into Amoeba Records. And as if to hammer home her point, she stopped to hug Katy Perry before finishing, “It’s full of creativity on every level.’

Before the show, the record studio was in full swing, with personal pizzas packed neatly in Stella McCartney boxes and pink-tinted cocktails for guests to enjoy. Celebrities in attendance were names like Amber Heard, Beck, Chelsea Handler, Demi Lovato, Gwyneth Paltrow, Haim, Jamie Hince, Johnny Depp, Kate Hudson, Kate Upton, Katy Perry, Kiernan Shipka, Mary J. Blige, Quincy Jones, Rashida Jones, Ringo Starr, and Sarah Silverman. Clearly, celebrities of all walks of life wanted to be a part of these festivities, and the large turnout likely has to do with the Golden Globes being so close to this event. The entire event was captured on Instagram by the many guests, so the festivities can be recounted at any point on social media.

David Bowie was being played on the speakers, with models dancing along. This is the kind of commemoration such an upbeat and fabulous celebrity should be celebrated with after their life, and Bowie himself would have probably enjoyed the grandeur of the stage for his music. But guests were also treated to surprise performances by The Beach Boys, Marilyn Manson and Johnny Depp, Pink and Dallas Green, and Thenewo2. So between the guest list and the music selection, everything was bound to be hopping.

Which brings us to the actual event everyone came for: the clothes. The designer herself said the Stella McCartney pre-fall 2016 collection had “a slight eclectic feel,’ which was spot-on amid the use of feline “fur-free-fur’ in forms like an ocelot-print oversized bomber jacket and a faux leopard coat. Cats were a clear theme for this collection, as the fur wasn’t the only use of felines. Blouses, coats, pants, and much more were covered in a print featuring cat faces, so if you’ve ever wanted to chicly let out your inner “crazy cat lady,’ now is the perfect chance! The editorial photoshoot for the ensembles didn’t drop the cat-act either, as cats were spotted all around the models in the different frames.

But to live up to her self-proclaimed eclecticism, there were also non-animal print outfits. Sheer, breezy garments were shown in layers with a simple color palette and no pattern, while other garments featured oversized polka dots to take control of the looks in an interesting way. There is a wide range of inspirations in this collection, much as McCartney said.

Amid all of the ruckus and fun of the kooky prints and layering, the pieces in the Stella McCartney pre-fall 2016 collection are great for the everyday world. While they may be ramped up for this event and its unveiling, the individual pieces are chic, beautiful, sharp, dramatic, and tailored, sometimes all at once and sometimes just one of those adjectives.

But the accessories were an unforgettable addition, especially the bags. The wristlets are sure to be a hit once the collection is released to the market, and would make a great addition to so many different outfits. The shoes in the collection were a sight to be seen, and will likely even cause for a mad dash as well. They added a level of grounded whimsy to the collection, as some were paired in ways that might not have been expected, which is something McCartney likes to promote with all of her clothes and styling.

“I want women to wear my clothes, ultimately, but I also want to inspire them to wear my clothes differently, so this season that is what I was trying to do; to look at what I do and try to twist it and layer it a little bit more,’ McCartney told WWD.

Photos courtesy of Vogue, @stellamccartney

Written by Courtney Dobrzykowski
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