Best Beauty Looks from Golden Globes 2016

Golden Globes 2016 Celebrity Hairstyles & Makeup

With all the nominations already announced, the golden statuettes taken home, all black humors and funny jokes laughed at, and the Golden Globes 2016 red carpet fashion already discussed, it’s high time to take a closer look at the diversely worked out hairstyles and makeup looks, ranging from old Hollywood glam to modern laid-back casual style, with tousled waves and statement vibrant lips still vagabonding vigorously among the most daring beauty hunters among us. Some of the celebrities appeared to receive more attention than others whether due to their inborn beauty and style or their more vibrant and daring demeanour and attitude, while also thanks to their acting talents. After all, let’s not forget that the Golden Globe Award is a cinematography ceremony! So, we have selected the best celebrity hairstyles, makeup and beauty looks from the Golden Globes 2016, some of which might be right up your alley, while others may come to fall miles away from your own personal style.

Golden Globes 2016 Celebrity Hairstyles & Makeup

1. Olivia Wilde’s Ombre Tousled Waves

Olivia Wilde’s breathtaking burgundy dress by Michael Kors could be best matched with conventional smokey eyes, many of us might have thought. But throw a glance at the solution a la Olivia Wilde herself ” her burgundy eyes sparkling with pearls, the ombre honey shaded waves tousled in somewhat bohemian twist are literally commanding us to register her beauty look as one of the bests spotted at the Golden Globes 2016.

Golden Globes 2016 Celebrity Hairstyles & Makeup: Olivia Wilde

2. Alicia Vikander’s Twisted Updo is Going Labyrinthine

The Swedish beauty riding high with her soft look and, of course, perfect acting, knows to bits how to define her high points. A case in point is her highly romantic look that she sported on the red carpet yesterday night. She has pulled her chesnut hair into a twisted updo, side-parted on the front while making a real labyrinth-like texture at the nape. Matching this type of hairstyle with some golden strokes on the lids and lovely pink lips is an extra green light to her flair for style.

Golden Globes 2016 Celebrity Hairstyles & Makeup: Alicia Vikander

3. Cate Blanchett’s Half-Up Half-Down Blondes

The Australian actress, triply awarded with the Golden Globes statuette was keeping her fair hair in a unique half-up half-down style, swept at one side, while the other side rolled back to make a faux bob. Her imperial visage is requiring nothing more than powdery pink lips, soft smokey eyes and porcelain skin.

Golden Globes 2016 Celebrity Hairstyles & Makeup: Cate Blanchett

4. Emmy Rossum’s Matchy-Matchy Look

Emmy Rossum opted for an Armani Prive vibrant red strapless dress on Sunday, January 10, but she definitely felt some lack of red standing there on the red carpet decked into an all-red dress and as a result she added up a vibrant red tint to the lips, keeping the eyes highlighted with black eyeliner.

Golden Globes 2016 Celebrity Hairstyles & Makeup: Emmy Rossum

5. Eva Longoria’s Tidy Updo

The Desperate Housewife Eva Longoria is always sending high radiation from within and the Sunday night was again to see her dark complexion and alluring visage. With her brown hair rolled into an elegant tidy updo with forelocks hanging from both sides, the eyes were dramatically defined with eyelashes going as voluminous as possible, while the lips were tinted with a powdery pink lipstick.

Golden Globes 2016 Celebrity Hairstyles & Makeup: Eva Longoria

6. Heidi Klum’s Nonchalant Ballerina Bun

Heidi Klum’s all tasseled birdie dress was just screaming the hair to be showing a couple of strands swinging to and fro. Her blondes were pulled into a soft bun, the face radiating with bronze rays, thus soft eyes and pink lips keeping in with the whole coquettish look.

Golden Globes 2016 Celebrity Hairstyles & Makeup: Heidi Klum

7. Jennifer Lopez’s Mustard + Red Effective Combination

Jennifer Lopez literally made as lay our eyes on her much longer than on anyone else. She was keeping her chestnut mid-length her loose, the ends anchored out a little bit, while the mustard dress was brought absolutely in harmony with Jennifer’s bronze complexion, golden shimmering eyes and succulent wine red lips.

Golden Globes 2016 Celebrity Hairstyles & Makeup: Jennifer Lopez

8. Kate Winslet’s Side-Swept Curly Faux Bob

The Supporting Actress winner, Kate Winslet also jumped into faux bob bandwagon sweeping it to one side and keeping the strands curly, while making the lips look ultra natural and the eyes shimmering with metallic strokes.

Golden Globes 2016 Celebrity Hairstyles & Makeup: Kate Winslet

9. Laverne Cox’s Massive Updo and Statement Lips

The Orange is the New Black star Laverne Cox decked into an impressive dress brought the whole focus to her visage and hair, rolling the hair into a massive low updo with a texture comprising multiple intricate circles. She brought that rich wine red color to her sensual lips, keeping the lashes voluminous and curled.

Golden Globes 2016 Celebrity Hairstyles & Makeup: Laverne Cox

10. Maria Menounos’s Ponytail with a Braided Detail

Maria Menounos’s hairstyle can be deemed as far the most impressive and eye-catching one, which is worth becoming something to be copied over and over again. She has opted for a low ponytail version but not in its conventional way, instead pairing it with a braid wrapping the head as if a semi wreath, while the face was all covered with mind-boosting illumination and sparkles.

Golden Globes 2016 Celebrity Hairstyles & Makeup: Maria Menounos

11. Rooney Mara’s Unique Braid

The green-eyed exotic beauty Rooney Mara’s hair seemed to be worked out in a simple slick-back style from the front, but when throwing a glance at the back, we will notice something between a ponytail and a braid, not swinging down but attached somewhere on its half way. Her makeup comprised eyes with long eyelashes and lips all gone into cherry.

Golden Globes 2016 Celebrity Hairstyles & Makeup: Rooney Mara

12. Rosie Huntington Whiteley’s Bohemian Waves

Here is that Greek goddess model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, who just got engaged to long-time boyfriend Jason Statham, all oozing out newly-engaged-girl’s amour. Her look was all about golden royalty, luxurious bronze dress perfectly going with the golden strands in tousled waves, prettily flushed cheeks, eyes with golden touches and lips in au naturel glory.

Golden Globes 2016 Celebrity Hairstyles & Makeup: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

13. Olivia Palermo’s Statement Braid

One of the most popular It-Girls of our times, Olivia Palermo could have knocked our socks off with her fuchsia lips and defined eyes only, but she went even farther demonstrating us an innovative hairstyle, tousled waves flowing from behind and a thin braid crossing it horizontally.

Golden Globes 2016 Celebrity Hairstyles & Makeup: Olivia Palermo

14. Amber Heard’s Old Hollywood Glam

Johnny Depp’s pretty wife Amber Heard sashayed down the red carpet again sporting a wavy side-swept faux bob and looking uber flirtatious with metallic eyes and matte red lips. Why not also follow her mirrored face makeup look?

Golden Globes 2016 Celebrity Hairstyles & Makeup: Amber Heard

Photos courtesy of Zimbio, Vogue UK

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