7 End-of-Year Fashion Cravings

7 End-of-Year Fashion Pieces To Shop

The hectic post-Christmas shopping season is coming to an end, just in time to make way for the New Year. But before you wind down that shopping quite yet, here is a list of products that will keep you in the shopping spirit. This time of year is the best time to treat yourself, so have a look and maybe you should even get your credit cards ready, because your mind is sure to wander to other tempting products you need to finish off your holiday spending spree. Here are 7 covetable fashion pieces to shop and get ready for 2016!

1. Sensual Lace Bondage Triangle Bra

Decorative and wire-free bras are a huge trend from these past few seasons, so now is the time to grab one up if you haven’t already. Or even if you’d just like another fun, flowing bra to add to your wardrobe, here is the perfect addition. With sheer mesh cups and daring gold lace trim, this bra is perfect if you know exactly what you’re looking for in a decorative bra. The strappy back is a great, daring addition to a backless or sheer-backed top, so be ready to let that gold shine through. It is available online from Farfetch.

7 End-of-Year Fashion Pieces To Shop

2. Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb

Sometimes all you want in the middle of a cold winter is to smell some fresh flowers. And so, Viktor & Rolf have created this alluring mixture of some of the best fragrances you’d find in a secret garden getaway, like sambac jasmine, centifolia rose, catteye orchid, ballerina freesia, and patchouli. You can get up to a 5 oz. bottle, which is held in a beautiful, stylish bottle. Because one of the best parts about owning perfume is the creative bottles they always come in. You can find this fragrance on Sephora’s website.

3. Gucci Princetown Fur-Line Mules

This is a truly unique pair of leather shoes, which is lined with dyed kangaroo fur. The Italian shoes are easy to slip on and wear anywhere, with the additional warmth and comfort to accompany the classic professional look the front of the shoes have. And so, between the leather and fur, you’re having a luxury shopping experience, from one of the most well-known names in the luxury fashion industry. You can find these shoes online at Bergdorf Goodman.

4. Lace-Up Booties

With these interesting booties, you can lace up your boots without actually covering much of your feet at all. Between the suede leather shoes and laces, golden hardware, and wooden heel, there isn’t much more that could have possibly been added to the design. There’s that bit of heel to give your legs a boost, while giving enough coverage to allow for easy walking. There are many ways for the quirky fashionista to wear these shoes, and they can be found online at Nasty Gal.

5. Christian Louboutin Nude Nail Color

If you’re looking for that new irresistible nail lacquer, this promises a long-lasting luxe color after only one coat. It is chip resistant, so perfect for long nights out, or long work days, and the gloss effect is a beautiful touch. Adding an extra coat will give the traditional layered effect. But the most immediately stunning thing about this product is the bottle. It is simple, artistic, and easy to use, much like the various shades of polish. It was inspired by Christian Louboutin’s iconic shoe soles, giving it a feeling of total luxury. You can grab a bottle on Sephora’s website.

6. Vintage Button-Up Suede Skirt

This is a garment from a collection of garments created from vintage surplus fabric, so if you’re one for eco-friendly fashion, it’ll be a great thing to remember each time you slip on this sexy miniskirt for a night out. With the button-up front and floral trim, the designers stayed true to the vintage fabric while also keeping the skirt youthful and flirty. And so, be prepared to turn heads with this quirky suede leather skirt, which you can find online at Nasty Gal.

7 End-of-Year Fashion Pieces To Shop

7. Beaded Cutout Dress

This beautifully flowing dress is 100% silk chiffon, and manages to show a lot of skin, without becoming vulgar. The cutouts add an interesting new pattern around the dress, and blend perfectly with the metallic glass beads sewn onto the fabric. You can be transported back to ancient Greece with a few minor accessories, or it could make a great, simple party dress for any occasion. The styling plays to a youthful crowd, and can be found online, exclusively at Free People.

Photos courtesy of Nasty Gal, Free People, Sephora

Written by Courtney Dobrzykowski
Courtney is a student majoring in mass communication and professional writing. She works as a writer and editor, and has a wide variety of hobbies, such as fashion, reading/writing poetry, sewing, and playing video games.