Top 10 Worst 2015 Instagram Trends We Hope Will Die In 2016

Worst 2015 Instagram Trends

We are head over heels in love with our social media. We love our Facebook and Twitter, Tumblr and most certainly Instagram accounts. Few do not have Instagram these days. Even Snapchat has made it big of late, taking over Twitter, which is an interesting feat. But Instagram has been growing and growing on its own, becoming a hub for fashion details and business idea transfers and a means of keeping those around you up to date on your lives with photo or video proof of it all happening.

Worst 2015 Instagram Trends

Just like there is social media, there are also social media trends. Things just start out of nowhere and take off at the speed of light, often without anyone realizing how it became so popular in the first place. And you thought that fashion trends were strange enough. When it comes to the 2015 Instagram trends, there are more than quite a few that we hope will die out soon. Of course, every year brings with it its own trends, just like in every other sphere of our lives. Sometimes it just begins to get on your nerves though as you scroll down your news feed and find that so many people are doing the exact same things. Remember those god-awful duckfaces? We still see them way too much but the general trend for them seems to have died down.

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We all love creative imagery. What makes Instagram, the online mobile photo sharing, video sharing and social networking application, so very unique is the fact that every post required a photo, if not a 15-second short video, which make for awesome Vines. It was initially released on October 6, 2010, written by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, and currently available in 25 different languages. It quickly became popular because of its square framed pictures that seemed akin to Kodak Instamatic or Polaroid images, but it does so much more.

With the latest Instagram versions, you can not only change the digital filters but also play with saturation, brightness, contrast and more. It has become a photo editing application for your phone that takes a single press of the digital button to make perfect. You can find it today on all devices that could be considered smart, from Apple brands to Android phones, available through the App store, Google Play and Windows Phone Store. It gained so much popularity, Facebook acquired the app in April of 2012 and saw it grow by 23% within a single year. It has only gained traction since.

The biggest trends begun through Intagram have included with Weekend Hashtag project, where a weekend project is received every Friday and creative photographs are posted based on the themes with specially designated hashtags. We have the Throwback Thursdays which are huge on all social media platforms these days, most especially on Facebook, where photos from the past are pulled forward and presented with a #TBT hashtag. The photos can be from childhood, really incredible occasions or monumental events from your lifetime.

While the trend began in 2011, it was not until February of 2012 that it really took root. Celebrities keep the hashtag alive as much as any regular person, making this a trend we love and certainly don’t want gone anytime soon. Selfies were also made huge by Instagram, a word that became the “Word of the Year’ in 2013 as announced by the Oxford English Dictionary. Today, there are even songs dedicated to the new phenomenon that all started with taking photos of yourself and posting on Instagram.

While we have mentioned the Instagram trends that we rather like, that will not be leaving us anytime soon, there are those out there that are mediocre and more on the annoying side, often meaningless and with little interest to present to the masses. We are tired of seeing similar photos appearing all over the place and 2015 has been filled with them. So which are the worst of the 2015 Instagram trends that have shaken up the social media world of late?

The Avocado Toast: Whether you actually like avocado or not, you’ve at least once captured an avocado toast sharing it with your friends and showing how cool you are. This is one of those most irritating posts we keep on discovering on different Instagram accounts, from those stylish Californian fashion bloggers to celebrities and fashionisers all over the world capitalizing on the avocado toast Instagram trend.

Worst 2015 Instagram Trends: Avocado Toast Shots

The Face Block Shot: This is beyond annoying and while it may have had an interestingly quirky beginning with a more artistic approach, it has spiraled out of control and needs to stop. The cute innocence of it has ended and we would prefer to see those facial features of your thank you very much! You are most certainly not a block face so do not pretend to be. Honestly, some people began using plants and fruit to block their faces and that is no longer fun or creative. It is plain old silly.

Worst 2015 Instagram Trends: Face Block Shots

The Overhead Brunch Shot: While food porn is awesome and the foodies out there most definitely enjoy seeing some spectacular new dishes cooked up, seeing brunch photos of simple salads and soups and sandwiches is not exactly what we would call lovely. Now, if it was a crazy new recipe that is being prepared or you are using your post to advertise a newly opened café or restaurant, you would be forgiven. But a random photo of your food that is nothing special in of itself? Darling, we have had enough of the amateur photography there.

Worst 2015 Instagram Trends: Brunch Shots

Half-Naked Photos: Why on earth do you want to show everyone every single inch of your body, proving one more time how sexy you are? Sexy doesn’t mean stripping down, but on the contrary leaving some room for guessing. So instead of trying to emulate Kim Kardashian’s style, keep your half-naked photos for your beloved one!

Worst 2015 Instagram Trends: Half Naked Shots

Unmade Bed Shots: Gorgeous rooms, pretty beds, maybe a dog or cat sitting on those blissfully creamy sheets… yes, it is lovely the first time you see it, and the second and still gives you a warm feeling the third and the fourth, but after that you just want to push the photographers back into their rooms and tell them to make their beds. We all love the lived in look of a disheveled bed but honey, there is a limit to how much of it we would like to see.

Worst 2015 Instagram Trends: Unmade Bed Shots

The Latte Shot: Good heavens, enough! Please, please with a really yummy cherry on top, let us ditch the latte shots in 2016. What is the point of it anyhow? It is a latte on a marble table, your hand holding it in place. Maybe there is one or two items otherwise in the picture but it is still a simple latte shot. Anyone can do it. It takes no skillsets. And it just makes us want a latte. Please, just do us a favor and forget this trend even existed in 2015. It has been around for way too long and it is about time we picked a different means of expressing our latte love. Now, if you’ll excuse us, we are heading to the nearest coffee shop for a delicious latte.

Worst 2015 Instagram Trends: Latte Shots

Organized Items Shot: In this case, we have to agree that it is really artistic. For those of us who have an obsession with clean lines, it is especially pleasing on our eyes to look at these posts. Until they get too much. Until you start including the most random items one can think of. And turn it all into a T. At that point, we just want to mess up your desk. We want to throw the plant against the wall and start reading your diary. Maybe we’ll steal that watch. All in all, organized shots are rather lovely to behold when we are in an artistic mood but not when nearly every post on your feed has a similar setup. Then we just think we are losing our minds.

Worst 2015 Instagram Trends: Organized Items Shots

From Where I Stand Shots: These are often really interesting. It is especially interesting when you travel the world and have the coolest shots ever and you later decide to turn that into a photo essay of some sort. Now that is creative. But random pictures of your shoes or feet on floors that have probably seen better days? We are thinking we can go through 2016 without seeing more of these. Though some of those sneakers are really cute!

Worst 2015 Instagram Trends: From Where I Stand Shots

Interesting Wall Shots: While it may not seem like the kind of trend that can go viral, it is easy to do and rather unlikely to be duplicated too many times… or so you think. The same way everyone needs to have a shot with the Eiffel Tower in the background or trying to straighten the Pisa Tower, it appears that once a wall has been discovered, everyone wants to have a shot in front of it. While it was cool enough while it lasted, it is certainly time to move on to things that are bigger and better and infinitely more creative.

Worst 2015 Instagram Trends: Interesting Wall Shots

Airplane Wing Shot: This trend? We want it dead immediately. It is unnecessary and without creative power. It is taken through an airplane porthole and shows off just how badly those wings need a good washing. Sure, it is advertisement, but leave that to the companies. Who said you had to become walking, talking billboards for the air travel firms? Plus, the whole insert plane emoji followed by airport name thing in the caption is just not doing it for us. The clouds may be pretty but it just makes us want some cotton candy. Just let this one go. It is so not cool.

Worst 2015 Instagram Trends: Airplane Wing Shots

All in all, let us scrap the past and take on the future, making 2016 all about your inner creativity and strength. Use the posts you take to show off something cool, like an upside down Christmas tree, or get people in the spirit, like through 5 min updates on half marathons and rather interesting events. Whatever you do, just don’t follow the crowd in 2016. Be you! The latest fashion trends revolve around individuality and that is what should be embraced in your social media updates as well. Good luck!

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Written by Tamar Najarian
Tamar is a psychologist, teaching and heading into the business world with a prospective MBA. A silly lover of books and words, she generally loves to seek out new adventures, getting her toes wet and her hands dirty. Having moved to Armenia nearly two years ago, she feels like the world is at her fingertips and anything is possible so long as you take a step in that direction.