The Year In Fashion: Top Fashion Stories in 2015

The Year In Fashion: Top Fashion Stories in 2015

The year 2015 has been full of so many important fashion events, good and bad, that it becomes hard to keep up with. We are bombarded with news on a daily basis and often seem to forget which events happened at what point in time. Days seem to blur together, months and years get all mixed up and if we do not have a secretary at work, managing anything becomes one hell of a job to take on. The year is full of craziness as well as a whole lot of fun. Barring the politics and the warfare that seem to be rocking our polished worldviews, the fashion industry has had its own share of ups and down during 2015. Some are so far back that we often forget they were part of this year’s intrigues. So here is a countdown of the top 10 stories in the fashion world for 2015!

The Year In Fashion: Top Fashion Stories in 2015

1. Alexander Wang Leaves Balenciaga

We all love Alexander Wang, with his chunky looks and love for darker, more punkish tones. The fashion houses, particularly those with quite a few decades under their belts, if not a full century or so, seem to be changing their creative directors a little too frequently of late. This year, it was quite a blow to see Wang leave Balenciaga, a place where he learned much and gave quite a bit as well. He was hired on in December of 2012 and after about 2.5 years in his new role, it was decided that the eponymous brand would be receiving all his attention. Alexander Wang has gone his own way, but Balenciaga has bounced back beautifully as well. We still enjoy both brands quite a bit, and love Wang’s last collection for Balenciaga for the spring 2016 season. And we can’t wait to see how Balenciaga’s new creative director, Demna Gvasalia will settle into his new role.

2. Raf Simons Steps Down at Dior

It was just newly in October that in a surprise move, the creative director of the Dior house stepped down. Belgian Raf Simons had a three year tenure there, his resignation utterly unexpected. Fans and critics alike loved what he had done for the brand, the modernistic touch much needed at Dior. There are rumors of a rift and whispers that he will concentrate on his own eponymous band as well, this is quite a blow to the Dior house and the LVMH holding group, particularly since he brought in a 60% increase in sales after Galliano’s shameful departure. We can certainly expect a lot more in terms of Raf Simons collaborations now though!

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3. Alber Elbaz Leaves Lanvin

Shocking story after shocking story this year it appears, with Alber Elbaz also leaving the house he was working for and leaving the Lanvin brand looking for someone new to fill in his shoes. October had both Alber Elbaz and Raf Simons leaving their respective companies, Elbaz having reigned supreme for the past 14 years, having really rejuvenated the brand. The Moroccan Israeli fashion designer seems to have had some disagreements that have made him pull out as majority stockholder, though he remains a fashion industry darling for many shining stars from Hollywood and will remain so.

4. Things Get Crazy with the Balmain for H&M Collection

The fall season of 2015 has been full of H&M and Balmain collaborations, with the first piece of news released in May of this year, the hashtag #HMBalmaination really rocking it out. Two top stars in this territory have worked together like champs and produced some rather amazing looks for the fall and winter seasons. The collaboration was revealed during the Billboard Music Awards earlier this year and the part has truly started with the Balmain army of beautiful creatures growing even stronger by the moment.

The prices were revealed at the end of October and the pieces hit the shelves on November 5, some pieces having been sold for over $500… from H&M! Adding something else to the clothing line-up, we also see the Balmain for H&M perfume on the shelves and it looks sumptuous for Christmas gifts.

And then, of course, there was the Balmain x H&M fashion show, featuring the Backstreet Boys as the finale wave from the stage. Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner had the night of their lives dancing it up with the 5-man band that was once construed of boys who could make all the girls melt with desire in the 1990s and early ’00s.

5. Fashion Gets More Digital on the Fashion Week Runways and Off

Technology has begun making its way into the fashion industry as well, with new startups coming up with technological solutions to age old problems. Interactive fitting rooms have been proposed by Ralph Lauren, which feature interactive mirrors designed by Oak Labs in Germany, automatically detecting items to bring to the fitting rooms and allowing you to put out requests. The mirrors will be able to play with the lighting talk to you in at least 6 different languages, and give you smart style recommendations to fit your body shapes best.

Zac Posen showed off the tech on the runway with his little black dress designed with Google’s Made with Code team so that the LED lights on the gorgeous creation would present different patterns, made to inspire young girls to try out computer science and even out the gender imbalance. Rebeca Minkoff decided to incorporate some iPhone 6 chargers into her designs, while the use of the “Twitter Halo’ gained Tommy Hilfiger much exposure.

On the other hand, Tom Ford completely ditched a traditional runway show and instead unveiled an energizing music video with Lady Gaga showing the models dancing on the floor while showcasing the new collection. Livestreams, Instagram shots of nearly everything, drones capturing every moment from every angle possible, Tumblr’s pop-up collection launches and a whole lot more are being made possible by the advent of information technologies.

6. Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid Walk for Victoria’s Secret

Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid have become rather notorious, walking together on many runway shows, one of the best known being the whole Balmain x H&M collaboration with the Backstreet Boys reunion ending. What really made the charts though was the fact that both walked for Victoria’s Secret, looking gorgeous as the angels of fashion that they are. The two young girls have made it onto one of the most prestigious stages, and their lifelong dreams have been realized. We absolutely loved seeing them up there in their skimpy lingerie and incredible bodies, strutting around like the supermodels that they are. We look forward to seeing them again in the future.

7. The Gender Bending Movement Takes Off

Forget segregating the sexes, we have the gender bender era before us and no one will care anymore what your genitals original said about who or what you are. People have also become a lot more accepting of everything, with words like cis-normative and gender-nonconforming understood with ease within a crowd. With the transgender movement appearing on television with the Kardashian family as well, the world is becoming accustomed to seeing people of all shapes and figures and mindsets appearing before them without the need to judge them outright for their choices in whichever gender they wish to be. While in 2010 there was a bit of a scene made with Givenchy’s casting choices, these days it has become quite normal to use transgender ideals on the runway and thus the gender bending fashion trend emerged.

8. Kylie Jenner’s App Launch and The New Lip-Kit Success

Kylie Jenner is beyond gorgeous. She’s also a member of the Kardashian family, which has automatically thrown her into the world of fashion and stardom. Growing up these past few years in front of a camera has really brought the spotlight on the blossoming beauty and she is working to do her best to monetize what she can, milking her fandom.

The Kylie Jenner app with beauty tips and a closer look into her personal life rakes in the cash as it is, but it was also decided to begin a new lip kit that has made a new record and should be recorded down as the product that sold out within a minute! Before 60 seconds were up, the whole stash available was snatched up and began appearing on eBay at a much higher markup within minutes afterwards. It was a funny experience that left the rest of us rather envious and thinking we will be getting trigger happy the next time she launches something new.

9. We See the Rise of the Weirdest Beauty Trends

Whether it is clown contouring, multi-masking, makeup baking, or strobing that we are thinking about, this year has had some rather wacky beauty trends come to like in the beauty sphere. Multi-masking is the easiest and the one causing the least beauty problems, because it is done at night, when you are on your own and don’t mind painting your face with different colors as you put on a mask, which corresponds with what you need on separate parts of the face. The cheeks and chin and nose and forehead all seem to have different levels of oiliness and that is exactly how you should treat them, with different masks.

Clown contouring might help you get rid of that fear of clowns you have, plus the broken heart emoji on your face should give you some laughs. There are so many cool techniques, like layer upon layer makeup baking and cool strobing so you can keep having your fun.

10. Destination Shows Become the Latest Trend

If you thought dressing up the stage to reflect on the theme of the collection was really cool, complete with special effects, you have to admit that it is beyond cool the top trend in terms of the fashion shows has become destination bound. In 2015, the destination show was the thing, with a capital T and H and E. Each designer seems to be taking us somewhere new, with Chanel in Seoul, Louis Vuitton in Palm Springs, Dior in Cannes, J.W. Anderson enjoying England, Valentino heading to Rome and Dolce & Gabbana really bringing Portofino to the forefront. Designers kept moving around this year and it seems like travel destinations have been added to every fashion lover’s bucket list. Chanel’s Metiers d’Art show in Rome, built with a fashionable Paris stage was the last stop it appears, as we prepare ourselves to bid adieu to 2015.

Photos courtesy of Vogue, @KylieJenner

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Written by Tamar Najarian
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