Victoria Beckham Pre-Fall 2016 Collection

Victoria Beckham Pre-Fall 2016 Collection

Lots of love, fun and excitement for Victoria Beckham, whose latest pre-fall 2016 collection aims at creating “a collection the customer can merchandise in her own way. She can buy it in June and wear it in June. It’s about layering light fabrics; things that are comfortable.’

Victoria Beckham Pre-Fall 2016 Collection

Beckham, who can always count on her family’s unconditional love (her family is literally always on the front row to support her), is about to start a new thrilling year full of surprises and accomplishments. The former Posh Spice will be, in fact, opening new boutiques throughout 2016, as well as additional stores in New York, Miami and Los Angeles. Moreover, after winning the Womenswear Designer prize at the British Fashion Awards earlier this year and two Best Trophies in 2011 and 2014, Victoria Beckham’s seasonal line-ups are always highly anticipated, leaving no room for doubting how they have been going from strength to strength since she began designing. And these are probably only some of the reasons behind Beckham’s radiant face in one of her latest Instagram posts, showing her wearing a gracious purple frock and a festive Santa hat: ”’Tis the season! Presenting (and wearing!) my new pre collection today in NY x VB #VBPreAW16′.

In this latest Instagram post of hers, the Essex-born star was channeling one of the form-fitting pieces from the Victoria Beckham pre-fall 2016 collection, the curve-hugging designs of which look so harmonious with the line-up’s not so low-key bold and color-blocking motifs. Such a purple-hued knitted frock is also absolutely perfect for the autumn season, and could make anyone eventually happy to go through a way easier trans-seasonal phase.

Beckham’s pre-fall 2016 collection is all about fabrics, the elasticity and soft texture denoting the 40-year-old designer’s willingness to create ready-to-wear pieces one could indeed buy in June and wear in June. The art of layering is also one of Beckham’s recurring themes for this collection, as she did channel her own way of ‘the onion style’ for the pre-fall season. Almost each one of her outfits follows the layering technique, with below-the-knee A-line dresses worn upon jewel-toned turtleneck long-sleeved shirts, the slim-fit designs of which manage not only to make everything look effortlessly chic, but also extremely versatile. Beckham’s business acumen is thus confirmed with the launch of this collection, featuring items that let those who will be purchasing them get their hands on some interchangeable haute couture day-to-day designs.

Furthermore, the line-up favors sharp lines, such as those of the pointy-toe suede shoes and those of the dresses with V-necklines, and puts great emphasis on the waist, enhancing the hourglass figures with wide belts and intricate embroideries. The lineup’s amalgam of linear silhouettes meets also Beckham’s tailoring skills with some elegant oversized waistcoats and maxi coats, which get along pretty well with the fashion designer’s elegant slim-legged pants.

Good alternatives to the suits were those of the fitted slip dresses and trumpet skirts, while for the day-to-night outfits Beckham included a sparkling drop-earring print made of real crystals that dangle from each earlobe.

Photos courtesy of Vogue

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