Spring/ Summer 2016 Headwear Trends

Spring/ Summer 2016 Headwear Trends

While having your private wardrobe designed with all its necessary shelves for garment pieces, shoes and handbags, mind not to drop the ball and add another extra shelf for your headwear, the main warrant of your mysterious and off-center look. Now, we are inviting you to collectively make a tour through the spring 2016 lineups to learn about the main spring/ summer 2016 headwear trends and not only. Our up-and-coming investigations will definitely give you some tips on how to wear hats and how to match them with your outfits and then it is up to you to decide upon which headwear trend will lead you through the balmy periods of the year.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Headwear Trends

Practically speaking, headwear is a mandatory element of your look while persisting the cold weather or warm sunrays but speaking more fashionably, any type of headwear, be it a wide-brimmed hat or a French beret, does set the tone for your whole outfit, setting you positively apart from the crowd. The upcoming warm days are urging minimalistic-style-hunter ladies to add fresh new touches to their look by acquiring the first ever hat in their life, while the genuine headwear aficionados have a whole slew of headwear styles at their disposal to effectively amplify their huge collection. Below, find the hottest headwear trends for summer 2016 as spotted on the runways of the main fashion capitals.

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#1: Brimmed Hats Are Ruling

Whenever we catch a glimpse of any brimmed hat, some of us immediately recall Al Pacino in the cult-classic film Godfather, where he was wearing a homburg hat with two dents on the top, another group of Indiana Jones fans look back to the earth-shaded fedora hat on Harrison Ford, while another third group goes back to the sweet childhood to bring into mind Matt Hatter in Alice in Wonderland with a high-reaching brimmed hat on his head. The contemporary fashion designers have managed to stick together all our memories sending a huge bunch of brimmed hats down onto the runways during spring 2016 fashion weeks thereby outlining the biggest spring/ summer 2016 headwear trend.

Brimmed hats come in different shades and textures, with brims narrow or wide, with tops high or low. We see an array of brimmed hats at Temperley London with all the earthy shades possible starting from beaver to earthy yellow to mahogany with satin ribbons wrapped around, the shades of which are sometimes matched with the whole outfit. The idea of matching these somewhat strong-will-emanating pieces with ethereal spring-breathing frocks is generating positively contrasting atmosphere.

Greg Lauren goes more terrae filius by forwarding the models down the runways with heads covered with wide-brimmed black and navy blue hats, some of which are featuring tattered endings or some seedy patchwork so much going with the whole sprezzatura a la Greg Lauren. Trina Turk goes all funny and mind-boosting with the iridescent, ready-to-head-to-a-beach brimmed hats.

The brimmed pieces at Zadig & Voltaire matched either with bubblegum pink pantsuit or a casual dress give rise to perfect city dweller outfits, while the black and white straw hats at Wendy Nichol with high-reaching tops and medium width brims create a bouffant hair illusion. It is those pretty straw hats with stripes framing the face and hanging under the chin that are totally infused with a free spirit typical of a western girl.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Headwear Trends: Brimmed Hats

#2: The Craze for Bucket Hats

Going back to the old periods we discover bucket hats to be exceptionally the fisherman-worthy pieces with so practical low down brim to protect from raindrops. It is not excluded that now in contemporary life there are some fisher-ladies among us addicted to bucket hats, but more likely are there city slicker ladies preferring to saunter along the streets having an up-to-the-minute look at the same time protecting themselves from ultraviolet radiation.

Fashion designers do care about their clientele’s trendy ensemble and comfy feeling treating them to multiple bucket hats this summer. We see BCBG Max Azria head over heels in love with patchwork colorblock bucket hats that are singing in unison with the fashion show’s beachcomber theme. All the looks of the collection without exception are finished off with unique samples of patchwork bucket hats, some of which are encompassing all the shades possible.

Tommy Hilfiger has also brought a hilarious game of colors on a range of knitted bucket hats only in this case patchwork is replaced with multiple thin strips of yellow, red, blue and green colors matched with harmonious accessories. The bucket hats at Iceberg are wavier on the brims and higher on the tops, the samples at House of Holland go all exotic with their tropical patterns, but it is definitely Jil Sander that opens a new chapter in the history of bucket hats with the upraised narrow tops and semi-round brims.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Headwear Trends: Bucket Hats

#3: Wearing Baseball Caps Straight and Backwards

The title of this headwear itself refers to its being the sportiest thing ever, but it is already a long time since baseball caps have been shifted from baseball field to everyday life and those who are cap-addicted may rest assured to find brand new cap styles and matching tips from many a fashion designer come the spring. It is worth looking to Chanel as what Mr. Lagerfeld offers to you is definitely out of blue and way-out.

In the futuristic atmosphere reigning the runway show there is so much catchy starting from sunglasses-mimicking makeup to heavy intricate metallic chokers, but the sporty caps worn backwards matched with elegant skirt suits are undeniably leading the pack in this which-is-catchier competition. Moreover some of them are right to a tee matchy-matchy with the garment pieces, like we see that skirt suit all covered with iridescent arrow patterns and then the same texture and patterns used on the matching baseball cap.

At Adam Selman baseball caps are worn straight, but they are not definitely straight in their use; a piece of cloth attached to them and tied in the back makes us invent a new headwear style titling it cap-scarf. The baseball caps at Alexander Wang are predictably black but unpredictably of mesh texture, at Peter Jensen and Giulietta the caps have transparent sleek brims, while at Vivienne Westwood the baseball caps worn both straight and backwards are all adorned with chaotic chains, some plastic animals and other tiny details.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Headwear Trends: Baseball Caps

#4: Stylish French Berets

French berets of wool felt, hand-knitted wool or crocheted cotton are always trendy and up-to-the-minute whether it be chilly days or sunny moments, including the upcoming spring/ summer seasons. The overall nerd girl atmosphere at Gucci is just screaming to match those demure outfits, oversized optical glasses and serious facial expression with knitted and crocheted beanies. We see striped berets in green, orange and navy blue shades dominating in the collection.

There is also that true blue crocheted one with some faint sparkles on it that will go perfectly with any loose hairstyle and there are a couple of golden crocheted hats that bring about some royalty touches and it is that all-white beanie with a childish pompom on the top of it that will go both with spring sunrays and the winter snowflakes.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Headwear Trends: Berets

#5: Totally Elegant Pork Pie Hats/ Boater Hats

Have you ever seen that delicious British pork pie having a round shape with some narrow curled-up brim? Now imagine that shape resurged in fabric and try it on and you will get the most elegant spring/ summer 2016 headwear trend to be had. We are more than impressed with the pork pie hats provided by Chanel that are all in tweed, and totally matched with elegant skirt suits, pantsuits or coats and they become doubly elegant with hair done up in low pigtails fastened with metallic bow-shaped clips.

The pork pie hats or boater hats as you may know them provided by Mother of Pearl are made of straw with a black ribbon wrapped around, thus wee bit palliating the elegance and blending it with some casual western touches.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Headwear Trends: Pork Pie/ Boater Hats

#6: Hats Camouflaging the Eyes

Any woman is capable to work out a signature smile and eye expression thus wrapping herself with some mysterious air. But let us agree that camouflaging the eyes partially or totally at the same time smiling in an attractive way is the best guarantee for mystery-creation around you and this concept comes to be one of the biggest spring/ summer 2016 headwear trends.

The most effective and desirable-to-be-copied camouflage is presented by Giorgio Armani due to over-wide brimmed hats of striped diaphanous texture and with wavy brims that are playfully moving in case of even the slightest motion. While the brims are softly hiding the eyes of the models the attention of ours is willy-nilly drawn to those attractive smiles.

We see this effective camouflaging technique at Osman as well but here there are no wavy playful brims, but instead cardboard-like all-black wide brims give some sinister touches to the overall outfit. Not only are wide-brimmed hats able to camouflage the look but also some diaphanous or mesh cloth pieces thrown over the face, showing off the eye shade like we see at Vivienne Westwood; a brimmed hat is covered with a cream-shaded see-trough piece of cloth reaching down the face.

Noteworthy are also those mesh veils one of them partially decorated with red feathers, another one with double artificial asymmetrical eyes and lips. Mesh-themed camouflage technique is also adopted by Moschino through black mesh over yellow hats.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Headwear Trends: Hats Covering Eyes

#7: Topless Hats Are Totally Spring

Exploring the spring/ summer 2016 headwear trends, we have come across another cool style that is in toto speaking about the warm season to sneak to us slowly. We see these trendy solutions brought into play whether on brimmed hats or baseball caps in both cases coming to pledge that going practical is the best. At Samuji, a straw wide-brimmed hat is just missing the top, but at Thom Browne the absence of tops on pork pie hats brings instead the presence of two high-reaching braids growing out of the hats.

At Giulietta transparent plastic caps in electric blue shades convey kind of an apocalyptic twist; Lacoste goes all unique with an array of caps with partially opened tops, while at Stella Jean the caps seem to have lost everything except for those iridescent brims.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Headwear Trends: Topless Hats

#8: Cool Hoods Are In

There is nothing so cool and street life worthy as hoods that in most cases come to be as a part of a sweater or a coat. They can be worn alone or over a cap when, say, it is raining heavily or just for some rough cool outfits and it can be unworn letting it hang nonchalantly from behind. No matter which style you prefer, all of them are equally trendy for spring/ summer 2016. We see quite unique interpretations of hoods at Nicholas K, where all polyethylene-like chaotic outfits are styled with hoods at times in conventional way, at times coming to cover a part of face as well.

We see a hooded white sweater at Alexander Wang and an array of hooded jackets, tops and parkas at Greg Lauren that are worn either alone or over headscarves. Now you are sure that hoods are being exceptionally sporty but you will definitely put those stereotypes of you aside after throwing a look at a white hooded cape all adorned with powdery pink realistic roses at Ryan Lo.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Headwear Trends: Hoods

#9: Knitted and Crocheted Hats

Though some of us might consider knitted pieces to be irrelevant for the spring/ summer season, some designers are confidently going their way eventually urging us that when matched with the right pieces knitted hats will totally fit against the spring background. After all, they will continue their lives in winter days as well.

It is at Gucci that we have spotted knitted and crocheted berets that look quite at ease when matched with school-teacher-style pieces, while the thin knitted bucket hats at Tommy Hilfiger are totally beach-ready. The Jane-Eyre-style chunky knitted hats at Gary Graham make us totally forget that we are in the 21st century but then those tight fitting white hats worn either hair hidden tucked under them or loosely falling down at Greg Lauren immediately bring us back to the contemporary life.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Headwear Trends: Knitted/ Crochet Hats

#10: Beach-Ready Straw Hats

Another big spring/ summer 2016 hat trend spotted at runway shows definitely comes to be the straw weaved brimmed hat that is perfectly functional both at Mexican plantations while harvesting and on the beaches while sunbathing through their super protective features from the sun and against the heatstroke. They also look so trendy and stylish in everyday life.

What if we adopt Greg Lauren’s safari looks with a plethora of khaki green and brown shades finishing off the whole outfit with a tattered scarf, multiple bracelets and a wide-brimmed khaki green or earthy brown straw hat and what if we go all romantic with Luisa Beccaria by trying on those straw hats with very wide brims and floral straps tied into a soft bow at the chin?

Spring/ Summer 2016 Headwear Trends: Beach Straw Hats

#11: Feminine Headscarves

Scarves have been all the rage on the spring/ summer 2016 runways whether we look to the tiny ones wrapped around the waist as belts or tightly around the neck serving as chokers, as well as thrown over the head with different styles serving as headscarves. We see red and powdery pink headscarves adorning the models’ heads at Gucci that are wrapping the head finishing with a soft bow at the neck, while some headscarves are wrapped as turbans.

At Christian Siriano roomy headscarves of vibrant colors are thrown over the models’ heads in some Asian style, whereas at Manish Arora the silk headscarves are tightly wrapping the heads, while some glittering stones are hanging down in a typical Indian style.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Headwear Trends: Headscarves

#12: Matchy-Matchy Versions

Going through the latest runway shows we have noticed another big trend that has stretched from New York to London, from Paris to Milan urging us to have in our wardrobes at least two pieces that are exactly the same in texture, fabric and shades. We have seen many matching handbags, shoes and headbands with the whole outfit and now it is the turn of headwear to go all matchy-matchy with the outfits. Chanel has definitely won our hearts with the matchy-matchy solution. We see a whole lot of caps and pork pie hats tailored from the same material as the garment pieces.

Issey Miyake has successfully matched a brown slouchy top with the straw wide brimmed hat with tattered endings, while a green straw tattered headwear piece creates a matchy-matchy outfit with the same material cross-body bag.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Headwear Trends: Hats Matching to Clothes

#13: Eccentric and Off-Killer Headwear

If most of the fashion designers have preferred to take the already existing headwear styles and do some plus-minus operations on them, a small group of designers has gone all innovative giving birth to fresh new hats for summer 2016. The headwear pieces spotted at Bernhard Willhelm can rightly be called a work of art to be exhibited in the museum rather than hats, whether we look to a metallic mesh high-reaching piece with a detail on it and a ribbon lying about or a headgear comprising a bunch of bananas and beaded fringes falling down from it.

The iron helmet pieces at John Galliano are adorned with flocks of feathers or hair atop, while at Comme des Garcons we see burning red oversized pieces mimicking to be realistic hair. Junya Watanabe brings roundish plastic details that have been gathered to generate an array of abstract pieces. Moschino blows our minds with that all-black fringed headwear entirely covering the eyes, while at Giles you are free to go extravagant and eccentric with those oversized headwear pieces all garnished with feathers.

Though funny clown hats are not spotted as frequently as we can say about those fedora hats or baseball caps, they can be neglected in no way so much fun and childhood-reminding vibes they are emanating. We see the knitted clown hats all with black-red or black-pink stripes the sharp edges of which are swinging from one side, while the models are holding stuffed toys in their hands, proving once more that bringing childhood mood into this adult life is more than inspiring and uplifting. It is also at Betsey Johnson that we see a pretty knitted clown hat with a matchy-matchy midi dress and hilarious rainbow-like eye makeup stealing most of the attention.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Headwear Trends: Unusual Hats

Spring/ Summer 2016 Headwear Trends: Unusual Hats

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