Spring/ Summer 2016 Makeup Trends

Ladies, get ready for a season of color, as the spring/ summer 2016 makeup trends feature the brightest and boldest looks perfect for any occasion! It is all about making a scene and showing off your individuality. Shadows? You’ve got to love them! Bold lashes? When did they leave the fashion scene anyhow? Makeup is and always will be the way a woman paints on her own skin, using the face as a canvas, expressing herself however she may wish. It requires a certain amount of skill to handle the beauty looks, to create them and be able to show them off with as much confidence as some of the models on the Fashion Week runways have been able to do. They look fabulous!

Spring/ Summer 2016 Makeup Trends

While the bare faces or the no-makeup makeup looks still appear here and there, it is the bolder aspects, the swipes of color, that really make the beauty trends section for this coming spring and summer seasons, ensuring 2016 is all about a lady’s individual take on beauty. After all, we all know which styles suit our tastes and our worldviews best, meaning everything from the eyes to the lips to the face overall needs to reflect on that perfectly. Get ready for a season of the brightest, most glittery and often sexiest looks we’ve seen on stage in a while. You will be loving every last second of it all!

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The top makeup trends for spring/ summer 2016 include:

#1: Candy Apple & Red Lipstick

Classic means red lipstick and guess which color is in for the new season? The color one needs to know for the 2016 looks is the snow white red apple hue, looking positively delectable with different finishes seen across the weeks, satin appearing at Dolce & Gabbana, patent lacquer appearing at Nina Ricci and the color going matte at DKNY. Applied precisely, looking spectacular, we see the hue appear at Jason Wu as well, along with Celine, Acne Studios, Giles, Oscar de la Renta, Topshop Unique, and many, many others. Nearly every designer had the perfect apple red lips.

Candy Apples might be red, but there are a few brighter hues seen on the runways, including that at Acne Studios, combined with a fresh face and amplified brows, inspirations taken from the 1980s. A single stroke of red appears at Veronique Branquinho, the rest of the lips left bare to the world, in tandem with the rest of the models’ visages.

Jason Wu uses double lipsticks for the perfect red color while leaving the rest of the face fully bare and youthful, a style that we expect many will be adopting for work in particular; easy yet attention-grabbing. Celine, Oscar de la Renta, Jason Wu, Nina Ricci and Victoria Beckham among many others brought in the bright reds against clear skin trend to life.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Makeup Trends: Candy Apple Lipstick

Spring/ Summer 2016 Makeup Trends: Red Lipstick

#2: Vampire Lips

While the vampy lip colors that are all dark and moody are generally seen to be more of a fall and winter trend rather than for the spring and summer, it appears you can keep that makeup set and just refresh with some newer products for the coming year, the lips made to match leather and fur, and black pieces. We see stained and ombre finishes on the likes of the Anna Sui Fashion Week runway, Burberry bringing in a gentler finish, but Cushnie et Ochs going way darker on the mauve shades.

We see vamps appear at Emporio Armani, Givenchy and Miu Miu as well, all in darker coloring and each lady appearing to be just about ready to suck the life out of you after a night of tumbling among the sheets. Oxblood is only one of the different darker colors used to create this appeal. The oxblood was the main color for Burberry Prorsum, looking positively delicious.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Makeup Trends: Vampire Lips

#3: Clear Lipglass for a Pout

One of the loveliest pouts can actually be created with clear lip-gloss and lipglass, defining the features beautifully. Dsquared2 proves the beauty of this trend with ease, as the glossy look of the lips matches with the combed back wet hair that appears on the runways. At Vera Wang, the hair was blunt but the face was pretty clear with some lipglass that showed off the natural pout.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Makeup Trends: Transparent Lipglass

#4: Soft Neutral & Nude Lips

It is the ’90s all over again and the gentle earthy browns on the lips are making it big. There is just something so very special about the beauty trend, one which appears with gusto on the Moschino runway, with Burberry bringing in the signature nude beige color through its collection’s presentation. Rodarte brought the attention to the hair accessories instead of the face itself leaving the lips bare or with just a hint of neutral color to keep the loveliness and enchantment alive.

It was often a hard choice for the designers to make when it came to choosing between the red and the nude. As such, half the models were sent down the runway in red and the rest with barely a hint of color there on those lips. This included many from the New York Fashion Week especially, including Victoria Beckham, Oscar de la Renta, DKNY, Zac Posen and many others.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Makeup Trends: Neutral & Nude Lips

#5: Intense Smokey Eyes

Not all eyes are smokey, and certainly not all smokey eyes are as intense as some of the ladies appearing at Julien Macdonald, complete with the sweat-look locks and a supermodel sheen to the skin that is positively undeniable. Those eyes look as if they can pop out of their raccoon designs, almost worn as a mask on the face, rings made around the mascara-laden eyes.

At Sonia Rykiel, it is the Parisian way of party makeup we spot, inclusive of glittery midnight blue eyeshadow and a rather captivating allure. The Diesel Black Gold brand featured the grunge trend with the rather intense smokey eyes as well, while looking positively splendid at Nicole Miller with the morning-after appeal.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Makeup Trends: Intense Smokey Eyes

#6: Tea Stained Eyes

Beauty can take on a spooky turn, as we have seen with those ghost-y tea-stained eyes so soundly apparent on the Fashion Week runway shows we watched a few weeks back. The trend was set by Val Garland for NARS Cosmetics at Erdem, worn with glossy locks and a very old-fashioned effect to the visage.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Makeup Trends: Tea Stained Eye Makeup

#7: Blue Eye Makeup

Forget neutral colors. Honestly, the spring/ summer 2016 makeup trends give a makeover to the eyes bringing shades of blue in bold, bright and beautiful makeup looks. How to wear it though? It seems to be the question everyone keeps asking. In this case, honestly it can be worn however a lady wants. You can go smokey with sparkling navy inspired by Yves Klein, bring in the lovely cyan like at Monique Lhuillier or Missoni, or go straight on the lid with periwinkle like that seen at Boss.

Chanel really channels the blue dove grey right across the eyes in a mask of shadow, while Jonathan Saunders introduces the bold liners for the season. We see the bright blues appear at Nanette Lepore, 3.1 Phillip Lim, and Diane von Furstenberg, with peeking bits of color appearing also at Marc Jacobs. Roksanda loves the ’60s, what with the washes of blue shadow complementing the dual textured hair finish with the pretty crimps on the red tresses.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Makeup Trends: Blue Eye Makeup

Spring/ Summer 2016 Makeup Trends: Blue Eye Makeup

#8: Unevenly Applied Eyeshadows

No matter the color you decide to use on the eyes, it appears that for the spring and summer you really do not need to have it evenly applied, even the brightest of cyan hues. Missoni proves that with ease. Even the darker blues on the eyes have that unevenly applied appeal to them. Other shades include white and yellow primarily. There are smudges of bold white that appear at Zero + Maria Cornejo as well, while Giamba comes in with blue, pink, yellow and more.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Makeup Trends: Unevenly Applied Eye Makeup

#9: Mask of Shadow on the Eyes

Forget following the curves and the lines on your eyes. The spring/ summer 2016 makeup trends seem to allow for some artistic flexibility and the shadows created for the lids the last many years are currently taking over the whole of the brows, eyes and all around, including stretching over the bridge of the nose, thus creating a peculiar mask meant for a lady with fashion courage. Chanel loves the look and brings in the mask in greyish blue, while Jill Stuart keeps to only around the eyes with the pinks.

At Max Mara, this trend took an entirely different route and became this graphic shape transformation on the brows that was just as futuristic as Prada’s golden lips. The shadow covers the eyes in blue at Roksanda as well, which has us wondering as to the legitimacy of the trend. We just know that this is a beauty look that we will be seeing a lot of within the clubs day in and day out.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Makeup Trends: Eyeshadow Mask

#10: Bold Liners

Liners are not a common tool to use of late it appears but they have not been fully discarded yet. On the contrary, many designers opt for the bold liner looks in different colors, including a gorgeous blue to match the models’ eyes as per Jonathan Saunders, the teal version making the brown of the eyes pop tremendously well at Sonia Rykiel. Tod’s blue liners go very well with the awesome cyan lashes, something we also see to a lesser effect at Mary Katrantzou. Bold and blue looks astonishingly pretty at Jenny Peckham as well, paired with the red lipstick everyone seems to love so much.

There are lines everywhere for the spring seasons. These include the standard eyeliners that one must master the waterlining and tightlining techniques in order to create perfectly, makeup specials seen at Mugler, BCBG, and Reem Acra, the winged cat eyes appearing at Tory Burch and Guy Laroche, as well as the bleached and redrawn brows as seen at Fendi.

Floating eyeliners seem to be an interesting bit to add to the already appealing new trend, making Celine’s beauty looks quite delectable. At Kate Gallagher, the lines make it up on one side of the brow and crisscross each other to create a line star, adding a tough girl effect to the already “don’t mess with this lady’ look the model walks in with. At YDE though, the liner is gold and the ladies are dark, the graphic effect undeniable.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Makeup Trends: Bold eyeliner Flicks

#11: Perfect Cat Eyes

Everyone knows that feline eyes are the sexiest looks around, which is possibly why this trend can never be considered so last year. On the contrary, it feels like it is constantly revamped and redone and has had new life breathed in every season of every year, particularly taking over the runways when it comes down to the spring/ summer 2016 makeup trends on Fashion Weeks around the world. At Diane von Furstenberg, the blue shadows unite with the catty look to create one darling exotic appeal. Soft cat eyes appeared with the winged ends on the classically beautiful Dolce & Gabbana collection runway.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Makeup Trends: Cat Eye Makeup

#12: Peeking Colors on the Lids

Not all eye makeup needs to color the whole of the lid, some instead opting to appear on one section of the eye or another. In the case of Marc Jacobs, it certainly turns out that there is a love for blue, even when covering just half a lid. Color peeks out the ends in a cat eye effect at Zero + Maria Cornejo as well, the shine really bringing out the natural tan to the skin and the brown of the eyes. Touches of blue also peak out from behind lashes at 3.1 Phillip Lim, gentle amounts of makeup added to the visage only.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Makeup Trends: Eyeshadows Applied On the Corner of the Lids

#13: Lots of Doll-Like Lashes

The use of mascara has been nonexistent for a while now, going at least a few seasons without focusing majorly on the makeup tool. Now, we can say that mascara has made a comeback. It needs not be black either! For certain designer intrigues, we noticed that Mary Katrantzou and Tod’s offered a rather unconventional aspect to the blue effect, taking on the cyan mascara and leaving the rest of the face in a bare or nearly bare stylization.

Futuristic false lashes also appeared on the runways, seeming to be part of the tantalizing move forward at Louis Vuitton and Marni. Gentle effects on the eyes with a focus on the lashes are seen at Giorgio Armani as well, romanticism among the futuristic looks. The exaggerated lash looks are totally in as seen at Louis Vuitton as well, with doll-like features that are complemented with miniature plaits in the hair.

Crazy lashes can also be seen at Thomas Tait, featuring exaggerated ’60s lashes with more mascara on the bottom than the top. Twiggy lashes had a tendency to appear quite a bit, including on the stage of Mansur Gavriel and looking beyond spectacular in the exaggerated drawings as ruled by Jeremy Scott.

One of the best ways to make a girl look like a doll is to play with her eyes, particularly her lashes. We all know that Barbie has intense lashes with large, gorgeous eyes. At Martin Grant, the lashes were certainly played with, and drawn on.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Makeup Trends: Doll-Like Eyelashes

Spring/ Summer 2016 Makeup Trends: Doll-Like Eyelashes

#14: Sunsets on the Eyes

Pink and peach are generally for the lips, but come the 2016 spring, they will be appearing on the lids as well, augmenting the beauty of the feminine visage. They look soft and pretty, just as they would on the lips, and perhaps even more so. At Dior, pink is revered as the most flattering hue for all girls, being both pure and sensual at the same time.

There was an orange effect happening as well with Erdem and Altuzarra going for the Southern vibe, while red also seemed to appear from time to time, a pencil in the color coming into play as Pat McGrath scribbled across the lids then wiped off to leave a hint of the silliness that was there not long beforehand.

There is a bit of a naked appeal to the sunset eyes, something even Lanvin understands well enough, but also Giamba, Jill Stuart and Rahul Mishra, the latter really adding a touch of romantic elegance to the ladies that saunter onto the catwalk.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Makeup Trends: Sunset Eye Makeup

Spring/ Summer 2016 Makeup Trends: Sunset Eye Makeup

#15: Stars and Glitter

The lids are the perfect place to add sparkles, glitter and starry concoctions it appears, if we can trust Kate Spade or Dries Van Noten on this end. Shimmer flashed almost too discreetly here, while Delpozo had a sprinkling of silver fairy dust. Bolts of glitter, on the other hand, looked incredibly stylish on the eyes of some of the Giambattista Valli models, often with nothing else to liven up the visage.

A large amount of golden glitter appeared on the Creatures of the Wind runway show as well, complemented with some very dark liner and mascara covered lashes. At Ashish, a fallsafe formula of sequins was used on the eyes as well, with pastel toned chunky versions of the sequins being places on the eyelids and scattered across the parting line of the hair, appearing as if the ladies have had a shower of sequins to contend with.

This is a trend that also appears at Alice + Olivia in a golden shimmer among others and a spattering of the sequins at Baja East. Manish Arora’s vision of beauty introduced rainbow colors, including a sea of tiny rhinestones along the lids over the eyes and brow bone for a vibrancy added to the blue smokey, perfecting the whimsical mood.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Makeup Trends: Glittering Eye Makeup

Spring/ Summer 2016 Makeup Trends: Glittering Eye Makeup

#16: Worn for Days Eye Makeup

Emilio Pucci is among the many designers that has brought in the smudged look that spells that the eye makeup has indeed been worn for over a day, sometimes two or three, the fresh applications doing little to get rid of the residue from the days before. Kohl liner applied to both the top and the bottom often creates this look, one which also appears at Topshop Unique with matte red lips to complement the “we have partied all night long and our eyes give away that secret’ look.

This ’90s liner look was a hit on the Chloe and Rochas runways as well, bringing in the cool effect. At No. 21, lilac shadow had been smudged more underneath than on top, with the hair left loose for a truly lived in look.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Makeup Trends: Smudged Worn Out Makeup

#17: Bronzed Visage & Sun-Kissed Looks

There is just something so very summer-like in the color bronze, despite the innately autumn design of the hue. At Balmain this past Fashion Week for SS 2016, brown cream and bronzer with highlighter created a perfect combination for the perfect visage. We see this at Chloe, at Rag & Bone, at Alberta Ferretti with the gorgeous brows, Tommy Hilfiger with the beach-made sun kissed looks and the gentle bronze at Michael Kors and Isabel Marant.

Ralph Lauren‘s girls looked to be with the perfect tan, while Rodarte brought in a certain standard of beauty that is entirely French. House of Holland makes the double effect of the tan look so very good, with the radiance to the skin and the dusty finish of bronzer sealing the effect this has on our own beauty standards.

When we get a good amount of Vitamin D, our skin has a whole different look to it, something that Alexander McQueen certainly tried to capture with the luminous skin and flushed cheeks. We see the look appear at Valentino as well, with Vanessa Seward making the sun kissed look appear quite enticing.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Makeup Trends: Bronzed, Sun-Kissed Skin

#18: Strongly Contoured & Thicker Brows

If you prefer to leave those awesome brows of yours in their natural state, this is most certainly the year to do so. Alberta Ferretti’s girls come on out onto the runway with sexy natural arches that were neither filled in nor cleaned out. The brows look almost unkempt at Jill Stuart, the lids all over covered in a purplish pink shadow and all.

The Celine brows were also on the natural side for the most part, thicker and more appealing to those of us that have gotten used to seeing things without artificial effects. Of course the floating liners and red lipstick were intriguing to add to the list. Thicker feral brows were trending quite strongly at Christopher Kane, proving that the bolder brows are not going anywhere anytime soon, no matter how strange it might appear to look on a tiny face like that of the models.

Whereas many of the beauty effects appear almost soft and too natural, there are those who made up their models with a chic and elegant design in mind, complete with strongly defined brows with a strict accent to them and contouring that would make Kim Kardashian cry. Balmain is one such brand to take on this trend, also followed by Dsquared2 and their wet-look locks.

Ashley Williams has the ’90s thin brows pinned down, the controversial skinny coming back in with a solid strength, along with the perfection to the contouring. The style this conjured up was that of a sexy female misfit, probably the wife of a millionaire living on the Hamptons.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Makeup Trends: Strongly Contoured Thick Eyebrows

Spring/ Summer 2016 Makeup Trends: Strongly Contoured Thick Eyebrows

#19: Blush High on Cheekbones

Blush might not be the most common trend seen on the runways during the SS 2016 Fashion Week shows, but it certainly does appear and we are almost always left spellbound. It seems as if the high placement of the blush coloring on the cheekbones is the way to go, effectively bringing elegance to an ensemble you have thrown together.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Makeup Trends: Blush

#20: Radiant Skin

The fresh and radiant skin that has been trending on the runways is one of the best spring/ summer 2016 makeup trends we certainly love to see, as if the ladies have newly stepped out of the shower and used an apricot scrub to cleanse out the pores perfectly before covering up with a touch of powder for instant fabulous and matte. It was the ’90s grunge that inspired the days worn eye makeup look combined with the radiance of the skin, the luminosity paired with winged cat eyes in a classic beauty as per Dolce & Gabbana.

Radiant skin appears on the ladies with minimal makeup as well, such as those appearing wearing the J.W. Anderson and David Koma collections. Dewy skin appears all over the face, one of the biggest summer 2016 makeup trends that takes over the likes of Marchesa, Bora Aksu, House of Holland, Michael Kors and Anna Sui.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Makeup Trends: Radiant Skin

#21: Minimal Makeup Returns

While we were sure it was not going to be going anywhere, it was the London Fashion Week that assured us that the radiance of the skin and the lack of makeup appearing on the runway was here to stay a while longer. How can you not love the fresh faces as seen on the J.W. Anderson runway, wherein the brows have an arch and are left natural, perhaps just neatly trimmed?

David Koma keeps up the trend with the holiday-ready ladies complete with side parted wet-look locks, healthy beauty commended on the runway. Minimal makeup appears on the Rodarte runway, as well as Harve Leger by Max Azria, Thakoon, and Alexander Wang. A combination of base, foundation and concealer is all you need to get this look, one that Isabel Marant, Prabal Gurung and Tibi so proudly flaunt on their shows.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Makeup Trends: Natural No Makeup Makeup

#22: Gold as a Beauty Color

From what we can see, the spring/ summer 2016 makeup trends are about expressing individuality but also have an abundance of shows of wealth. Wealth is also often defined with the gold color, in this case the hue of 24 karats of gold, something that graces the lips of the Prada models and gives them a futuristic appeal, as well as the eyes of Creatures of the Wind, really adding to the bold and beautiful extravaganza that will be the spring and summer seasons of 2016.

Legendary makeup artist Pat McGrath was the mastermind behind the striking golden lips that appeared on the Prada runway, bringing in the futuristic designs and getting us ready for days when fashion will literally have no borders. The look is actually quite sexy, a sort of tough glamour that goes well with the strict hairstyle and blunt bangs with sideburns all stuck to the face.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Makeup Trends: Gold Makeup Accents

#23: Use of Underliner

Eyeliner is generally used on top or on both lids, but when it is only at the bottom, or much bolder on that side of the eye, it is referred to as an underliner, something the ISSA collection loves to utilize it appears, courtesy of Duffy, Vidal Sassoon’s Global Ambassador. While not exactly a smokey eye and not quite the graphic eye look either, Atsuro Tayama adds strokes of black and gold that meet halfway across in a wilder, more fearless underlined look of beauty that is all glamour and perfection in its own regard. Tadashi Shoji, on the other hand, uses the look to amplify the dewy effect to the skin. The underliner effect is without a doubt one of the sexiest we have seen among all the spring/ summer 2016 makeup trends.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Makeup Trends: Underliner

#24: Going All Colorful

Pink brows, blue liner and yellow shadow? Yeah, spring is definitely in the air because Georgine has matching makeup and clothes to share with us, beautifully rainbow colored and utterly individualized to suit our love for the sexy tones. And if that was not enough, Manish Arora has taken the pink, the blue and yellow, swiped in stripes and doll-like features around the eyes and added reflective diamonds underneath for extra effect. Even the lips match the pink color, ombre with an orange background.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Makeup Trends: Colorful Eye Makeup

#25: Graphic Eye Makeup

Liners and shadows can be used to create some rather lovely artistic designs, something we can easily see at Maison Margiela with the costume or movie set worthy styles around the eyes, as well as Carmen Marc Valvo where it is the liner alone that creates the winged graphics we are very much attracted to. At Betsey Johnson, forget about the trending bare faced look; instead, you might want to opt for the very much made up, majorly lined, enhanced brow and fake lash touting look, complete with silver lips and sexy hair.

Or you can just wing it up around the eyes, contour a bit on the face and match the shimmer on the face seen at Creatures of the Wind. Splatters of green are added around the eyes at Issey Miyake as well, while A.F. Vandevorst gives us a silver and black over and underliner combination that is quite graphic. Futuristic eyes appear at Rachel Comey, the designs along the bridge of the nose making us wonder: human or robot?

Spring/ Summer 2016 Makeup Trends: Graphic Eye Makeup

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