Spring/ Summer 2016 Hair Accessory Trends

No matter to what extent trendy and up-to-the-minute you are spruced up, what kind of impeccable and flawless makeup you are wearing, just try to even one day deprive your hair of attention and you will witness your own to the nines dressing instantly degrading to zero. This is undeniably screaming about what a great power the hairstyle is endowed with. Throwing a retrospective look to the spring/ summer 2016 hairstyle trends we see wind-swept, tousled wavy hair, tight or kinky curls, sleek ponytails and diversely styled braids to be uber-trendy and voguish. But leave it to hair accessories to give your whole outfit some extra charisma and pizzazz. Going through the latest fashion shows we have rounded up the best spring/ summer 2016 hair accessory trends for you that can become omnipresent components of your hair whether you are wearing your dark lengths loose or pulling them to a soft updo or a sleek ponytail, whether your platinum hair is bob-cut or in a wash and go style.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Hair Accessory Trends

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#1: We Call It Headband Mania

It is just evident that headbands designed from various materials and styled with versatile object are forming one of the biggest 2016 hair accessory trends come the spring. Greek and Romanian women so much fell in love with those lovely wreaths and headbands back around 475 BC to 330 BC and so deeply infected the whole womanhood that the headbands have been all the rage till now. The SS 2016 fashion shows come to doubly confirm that statement and to offer an array of options to you!

Minimalistic Headbands

Fabric and elastic minimalistic headbands appearing to be the most conventional and regular type have evidently enchanted many a designer during the spring 2016 fashion shows. The reason may lie in their being the best warrants to hold hair away from forehead and in their multifunctional character to be used with almost any hairstyle and on almost any occasion.

Akris delivers the best example of minimalistic elastic headbands. We see black headbands tightly pulling back wash and go hair, which may definitely become a city slicker’s favorite style, while Suno brings about navy blue and black monochromatic headbands styling tightly pulled-back hair.

Matchy-Matchy Versions

Naeem Khan and Reem Acra are playing within their iconic somewhat Indian-Arabian-royalty-breathing style. Both idiosyncratic designers prefer to style tightly pulled-back hair with matching headbands. “Put aside a small piece of the dress fabric for the matching headband’, this was the slogan of these two designers while working out their SS 2016 RTW lineups.

Mara Hoffman is also enthusiastically maneuvering with matchy-matchy styles, only headbands are wrapped around the forehead. Otherworldly gorgeous is even a glimpse at a cloudy pantsuit paired with the matching cloudy headband while never-ending platinum two braids are hanging down at both sides.

Plastic Headbands Are All About Elegance

Another spring 2016 trendy hair accessories are black sleek headbands. It was Givenchy that entirely convinced us to wear sleek black plastic headbands with polished updos if you are lusting for an elegant look and it was Marchesa with its multiple thin headbands gathered in one place to confirm that elegance-screaming statement.

Think Out of the Box

While others are putting forward regular headbands, Dolce & Gabbana is going deeper and deeper in its experimentation processes giving birth to headphone-shaped luxe headbands rife with zesty colors, flowers and ornaments, while another non-standard version is combining headband with massive fruity earrings. Noteworthy are headband interpretations by Phillip Lim and Maison Margela; the former comes up with tiny mesh pieces, while the latter has discovered a brand new cellophane material for headbands.

Futuristic Headbands Are a Thing Now

One of those futuristic versions is brought about at Miu Miu. Lightning zigzag style black or white plastic and metallic headbands at times decorated with stones give those childish pigtails a fresh new charm.

Chanel has gone all metallic while bringing into play its headbands designed with abruptly different textures. Just combine a wire mesh headband with a Cambridge textured one and you will realize where the roots of futurism are lying.

Louis Vuitton‘s futuristic approach has triangular shape, all emanating supernatural features due to that magical stone clipped in the middle.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Hair Accessory Trends: Headbands

Spring/ Summer 2016 Hair Accessory Trends: Headbands

Spring/ Summer 2016 Hair Accessory Trends: Headbands

Spring/ Summer 2016 Hair Accessory Trends: Headbands

#2: Floral and Fruity Festival

Flora has always been a great muse for many a painter, writer and designer. Fashion designers are also splattering iridescent flowers on nigh everything whether it be a dress, a handbag or even hair. Floral hair accessories have flooded the catwalks and shaped one of the most inspiring and awesome spring/ summer 2016 hair accessory trends.

Anna Sui single flower clips nonchalantly anchored in hair look so realistic that you willy-nilly start doubting about their roots being in hair, while floral headbands and wreaths seem to be a bunch of just-gathered flowers. Diane Von Furstenberg and Marchesa are also playing with floral bunches, but if the former prefers to fasten colorful flowers on one side of wavy hair, the latter is going all grunge with two oversized black flowers attached to both sides of the head.

What we see at Luisa Beccaria is to be called a romantic version of floral headbands but it is undeniably Dolce & Gabbana that is the cream of the crop in this festival with its amalgam of flowers and fruits in guise of headbands that are at times ending in massive heavy earrings.

Ethereal are Moncler Gamme white floral headbands and barrettes, while Tia Cibani rich-with-fruits branches seem to have lost their right place in the nature.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Hair Accessory Trends: Floral & Fruity Hair Accessories

Spring/ Summer 2016 Hair Accessory Trends: Floral & Fruity Hair Accessories

Spring/ Summer 2016 Hair Accessory Trends: Floral & Fruity Hair Accessories

Spring/ Summer 2016 Hair Accessory Trends: Floral & Fruity Hair Accessories

#3: Romantic Bows and Soft Ribbons

Ribbons and bows are a theme for the upcoming season. We saw myriads of blouses, shirts, dresses, shoes and spring 2016 handbags styled with bows and ribbons, likewise these romantic accents have found their realization in spring 2016 hair accessories as well, outlining the next hyper stylish hair accessory trend. Cushnie et Ochs black and white sating headbands are finished off with oversized ribbons in the center but you will definitely stop calling them oversized after coming across those super oversized chiffon bows at Vivienne Westwood.

Chanel has come up with metallic bow-shaped hair clips that are fastening two-part ponytails at a time while Lanvin decorates rumpled updos with soft romantic fabric bows. Black ribbons are used as sleek ponytail tiers at Oscar De La Renta but when it comes to Dior and Mary Katrantzou we get somehow confused to see ribbons as chokers from in front then becoming innovative accessories for loose hair from behind.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Hair Accessory Trends: Bows & Ribbons

Spring/ Summer 2016 Hair Accessory Trends: Bows & Ribbons

#4: Headscarves and Turbans

The next big spring/ summer 2016 hair accessory trend encompasses those so feminine headscarves tied with versatile styles and Indian-inspired turbans. Christian Siriano massive monochromatic scarves are entirely wrapping the models’ heads with their endings just layered over each other showing off only bangs, while rainbow-like scarves at Dolce & Gabbana are tied in the form of headband finished off with a bow at one side.

Monochromatic headscarves at Gucci are wholly disguising the models’ hair tied with a large bow at the neck. We see those turbans derived from Indian and Arabian people at Dolce & Gabbana overwhelmed with vibrant colors but if you think that here in turban sphere no further solutions may be found just look to Tia Cibani high-reaching turbans.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Hair Accessory Trends: Headscarves & Turbans

Spring/ Summer 2016 Hair Accessory Trends: Headscarves & Turbans

#5: Ancient Greek Tiaras Are Back

The next spring 2016 hair accessory trend is shaped by royal dainty tiaras or diadems that are so widely spread among queens, princesses and brides but not definitely among city slickers. However, Saint Laurent dares to break all the molds and convince us that fine tiaras on loose messy hair look amazing and unconventional matched with typical of city life jeans and trench coats.

Another diadem trendsetter comes to be Ashley Williams presenting tiaras with animal horns. Dolce & Gabbana stays true to its spring 2016 floral-fruity theme exhibiting multicolored funny ones.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Hair Accessory Trends: Tiaras

#6: Asian-Style Sophisticated Pieces

The SS 2016 RTW collections are evidently stimulating us to spend warm seasons decked into a realistic Asian princess, which just cannot be managed without those bejeweled, heavy and intricate hair accessories. The Indian fashion house Manish Arora is number one Asian-style hair accessory trendsetter, but if with Arora flowing down intricate gilded pieces sometimes blended with head scarves are a regular thing to see, with Givenchy that style adoption fact is somewhat out of the blue.

We are just fascinated with that luxurious golden jeweled headband-shaped hair accessory that is finished with ample round earrings at both edges. John Galliano is also pushing the envelope by presenting triangular wrapped-around-the-forehead pieces that are styled with golden chains swinging down the face.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Hair Accessory Trends: Asian Hair Accessories

#7: Exquisite Jeweled Barrettes, Brooches and Headbands

The next spring 2016 trendy hair accessories come to be encrusted with gems and stones that can work just wonders when you are short of time to work out any neat hairstyle. Never hesitate to go out wearing your hair messy and chaotic only if you have an exquisite jeweled brooch at your disposal.

Marc Jacobs calls into play an array of silvery barrettes and brooches of diverse shapes and designs jeweled with various stones and gems and even pearls. Longish, oval-shaped, flower-inspired and even fan-mimicking barrettes clipped on a random spot on helter-skelter updos are just making stunning sight.

Antonio Marras is going all vintage style with its abstract ornamented hair pieces encrusted with sequins and stones. No. 21 is just obsessed with jeweled tiny headbands fixed tightly at forehead thereby spreading the obsession among us, the greatest chic-hunters.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Hair Accessory Trends: Jeweled Barrettes, Brooches & Headbands

#8: Gilded Luxe

The spring/ summer 2016 hair accessory trends chart keeps the ball rolling and we are again stumbled upon those luxe and chic golden pieces that are overwhelming the room with Greek Goddess vibes and accents. The botanical golden barrettes and brooches at Rodarte have found different places to rest on wavy hair, more frequently coming to be used asymmetrically in pairs fixed at both sides.

Ryan Lo has gilded the models fussy hair with somehow puffed brooches and headbands that are partially camouflaged with hair. But leave it to Alberta Ferretti to expose the golden minimalism in the form of golden ring-like brooches peeping out from chaotic twisted updo.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Hair Accessory Trends: Gilded Hair Accessories

#9: Kooky and Absurd Hair Accessories

From year to year we come to ascertain more and more that human creativity has no limits even in case of hair accessories. Spring/ summer 2016 RTW fashion shows found us goggling at somewhat eccentric and weird hair pieces that few of us may dare to adopt and moreover very few of us may consider them to be worth adopting, but undeniably all of us may take notice of.

It is probably Haider Ackermann to play with eccentricity with the utmost intense. He uses hair over hair and even over face. Pulled-back blonde hair is quite a normal hairstyle; freaky is to replenish it with blue, green, yellow or purple forelocks vertically standing atop the head, at times imitating parrot wings and even more freaky is to wrap the whole face with platinum tendrils.

The tiny devil horns at Undercover somehow frighten us, the thin metallic stripe stretching from hair center to chin make an illusion of divided face at Dion Lee, while And Re Walker bone-shaped hair sticks look somehow absurd and ridiculous.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Hair Accessory Trends: Unconventional Hair Accessories

#10: Itty-Bitty Hair Accessories

Finally the last spring 2016 hair accessories that we have figured out for you are those tiny pieces that at times seem to be just effective tools to keep hair in place. However, they also set the tone like we see at Fendi, where those bobby pins attached to bob-cut hair fix it slightly thereby creating some cool outfit. Tommy Hilfiger has come up with more fun, iridescent and tribal solution adorning a tiny stripe of hair with multiple itty-bitty rings thus eliciting to dance crazily to reggae music. We see an array of stunning fairy ladies at Ashish, their hair and eyes all rained with multicolored shimmering sequins thereby bringing about just another option for eccentric ladies.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Hair Accessory Trends: Itty-Bitty Hair Accessories

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