Spring/ Summer 2016 Fashion Trends

We have already considered the spring 2016 color trends, the print trends and the swimwear trends for 2016. Now, the time has come to look into the overall spring/ summer 2016 fashion trends, the ones that will make or break your fashion sense come the following and much warmer seasons. We may be waiting for winter at the moment, but a few months in and we’ll be glorifying in the gentle sunshine before it begins to beat down on us with a certain rage. We need to be well equipped to welcome the warmer days as well as the blazing hot ones that we expect for the summer months full of tourists.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Fashion Trends

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We will probably be going on vacation ourselves! As such, our wardrobe must match our plans and we simply must be in style as per the Fashion Week 2016 trends seen on the different runways, from Paris to Milan, New York to London. There are many to behold, as there are some incredibly beautiful designs, cuts and silhouettes to choose from. There are also some rather unexpected pickings that seemed to have captured the imaginations of the creative artists from each House. At the end of the day, they must be good in predicting the upcoming favorites as well, which certainly helps us come to terms with wearing nightgowns in public… though that might take a while to get used to.

The best part of it all is that while the year of 2015 was focused heavily on the ’70s revival and came in with some huge new styles, slowly tapering into the ’90s, this year holds no particular decade as inspiration on its own but does a mix with some very modern attractions. That means that everything you have from last year can be mixed and matched to suit the 2016 expectations with relative ease, bringing out your own creative attributes as you create your own personalized wardrobe.

Some of the biggest spring/ summer 2016 fashion trends seen on the Fashion Week runways within the last 2 months include any of these incredible creations. The trends are expected to be quirky, fun, and clever, bringing in the best of the best while still throwing us for a loop with some rather astonishing changes to how exactly we wear things.

#1: Sleepwear as Outerwear!

The top fashion trend that really caught our attention and has had us modelling before the mirror in our best nightgowns from La Vie en Rose and top boutique lingerie stores is the whole sleepwear worn as outerwear trend. There are bedroom eyes following us around, as we are encouraged to take our white satin with black lace slips and wear them out, plunging necklines and high slits and all, as was the case at Celine.

Alexander Wang brought the bedroom outdoors with his bra tops, silken pajama pants and pretty robes at his last Balenciaga fashion show, along with some more dress-like pieces, while the Calvin Klein Collection took silk and satin and very feminine sheaths and turned them into gorgeous white bride gowns to wear on that upcoming date. Givenchy brought in double straps and shorter hems, along with shimmering fabrics and lots of lace, looking rather delicious, while we very much looking forward to wearing out the goddess-like pieces presented on the Burberry Prorsum show. For his own eponymous collection though, we could not help but fall madly and deeply in love with those lace-lined golden silk dresses, defined waists and structured chests and all.

Slips in different colors, more like patchwork, appear at Saint Laurent, gorgeous aubergine creations come into play at Haider Ackermann and the gods come down to play at Marc Jacobs. Of course, not everything that is sleepwear comes in slips either, meaning that the robes and pajamas seen up on stage are game as well, from Christmas looking Natasha Zinko sets to gorgeous blue Creatures of Comfort pieces, oversized pants at Balenciaga, peachy warm sets at Leowe, and fun black and white combinations with a red stole or two at Sonia Rykiel.

The daytime pajama options are for those who cannot live without the comfort of sleepwear once they get home from a long day at work. Now, they need never leave that comfort, even if it in the guise of pajamas.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Fashion Trends: Slip/ Lingerie Fashion Trend

Spring/ Summer 2016 Fashion Trends: Slip/ Lingerie Fashion Trend

#2: Boxy Jackets

Jackets are a big spring thing, what with the cooler winds yet to give way to the summer breeze. They are light layers though and very much needed to ensure both style and warmth. The jacket trend for the upcoming seasons actually seems to take on a boxier silhouette, with cropped cuts and a sophisticated figure, roomy but with a proper fit for the body, perfect to go with the slack pants that are also a huge thing for the season. We see these designs on the Emporio Armani stage, with a rather horse riding gear look, Bottega Veneta with its leopard prints over army colors, on pretty Moschino suits with contrast stitching, and looking quite large on the Prada runway. Sportmax has it appear as something more versatile, while Versace loves pairing with shorts and a simple bandeau over the chest.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Fashion Trends: Boxy Jackets

#3: New Bold Power Suits

Bold is an understatement when it comes to the way suits are looking these days, especially or the upcoming seasons. They are probably not meant for the conservative business environment, as they scream out loud and clear with their creativity, full prints and bright colors, but they sure make a statement no matter where you are standing. They are without a doubt, one of the most intriguing spring/ summer 2016 fashion trends to hit the runway.

As expected, we see these things appear on the Gucci show, paired with a tie that is more scary than attractive. While the Gucci looks are not so much fitting to our tastes for the most part, Bottega Veneta sure knows how to make earth colors look good on an outfit where everything uses the same print and style. They do, however, look really good!

Gorgeous prints on cropped pants and wide shouldered suit jackets appear at Roberto Cavalli as well, while Dolce & Gabbana has us feeling the modern three piece with a good dose of creative fashion. And then there are the polka dot looking stars on a suit that almost looks like flannel sleepwear at Max Mara, while Versace gives camouflage mixed with leopard prints a sportier meaning.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Fashion Trends: Power Suits

#4: Wearing It All Inside Out

Have you noticed that some people have been wearing their underwear as outerwear of late? Yes, that was correct when you noticed that bra tops had been placed over sheer long sleeved pieces at Dries Van Noten, as if there is nothing wrong with supporting your breasts from the outside of the layers. The trend seems to include bralettes layered over blouses and slips that have been draped over tees, the underthings appearing to come over the normal overcoats in the lingerie-inspired effects the spring season sees to hold high. Designers to utilize this trend include Gucci, N 21, Dolce & Gabbana, Emilio Pucci, Fausto Puglisi, and more. At Derek Lam, the undershirt with the plunging neckline and crochet body is worn over the actual work shirt and pants, both of which feature the contrast-stitching trend.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Fashion Trends: Bras Over Tops

#5: Bared Shoulders

It is one of the biggest spring 2016 fashion trends seen on the and it is rocking our worlds! We love the bare shoulders, especially since our tans will be lacking those unnecessary lines that are caused with any other type of covering over the chest. Everything from daywear to wedding dresses will be sporting the bare shoulders as of spring and we can look forward to wearing out our favorite designer pieces, since nearly all had at least one or two to match the style.

Tanya Taylor brings in an elastic version that allows you to adjust exactly where on your forearms the sleeves fall from, showing off an ample amount of skin. J. Crew also experiments with the elastics, while others like at Creatures of Comfort, there are straps to complement the bare shoulder feel. Balmain’s bare shoulders come hand in hand with some ruffles, giving it an ultra-feminine effect.

Shoulders came into view rather artfully at Oscar de la Renta and the likes of Proenza Schouler, while Erdem and Lanvin brought in their own absolutely gorgeous designs. Having the perfect neckline with the right amount of skin shown is not only sexy but also an art unto itself. The bared shoulders themselves included three distinct types:

• Shoulder cutouts were a very common sight, with varying cuts, colors and designs, as seen on Bernard Chandran, Guy Laroche, Andrew Gn, Issa and Milly. It appears at Erdem with its puffed up lower sleeves and transparent nature, body of flowers and all, while it’s a straps with off the shoulder look at Sonia Rykiel and Proenza Schouler with extremely long sleeves appearing at Hood by Air and pretty ruffles at Peter Pilotto with the crazy undone stitching. Cute as a button is the name of the game at Thakoon.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Fashion Trends: Shoulder Cutouts

• Off the shoulder looks were quite romantic as seen at Paul & Joe, Peter Pilotto, Chloe, Michael Kors and Francesca Liberatore, including ruffles and frills and a whole lot of shoulder baring with full view of the décolletage. Edun gives it a very low cut, as expected, while the billowing sleeves at The Row are to be commended. Prabal Gurung’s cord knit midi dress is positively lovely to look at, the large billowing fabrics at Salvatore Ferragamo giving rise to comfort wear.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Fashion Trends: Off-The-Shoulder

• Asymmetrical necklines could be found as well, though those are not for the people who have the need for everything to be balanced, instead appealing for the more artistic minded. They appeared with single shoulder and strange prints at J JS Lee, Christopher Kane, Antonio Marras, Sacai and of course, Versace; the latter was applauded for the more asymmetrical designs and curves last year as well so it was to be expected. Only one shoulder is revealed at Rag & Bone, John Galliano and Chloe, at Isabel Marant and Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen and Roland Mouret. Sonia Rykiel, Mugler, Vivienne Westwood and such others all ensure they include this most particular of bared shoulder trends.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Fashion Trends: Asymmetrical Necklines

#6: Linen from Head to Toe

This one has us falling in love over and over again as we positively adore the feel of linen against our bodies, from the shoulders down to the toes. That is exactly what Altuzarra brings with pieces in ivory, light grey, and camel looking super chic. We see it appear in a very comfortable manner at Creatures of Comfort, belted up beautifully to show off some cleavage at Diane von Furstenberg, and looking lovely as always all over the runways.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Fashion Trends: Linen

#7: Long Sleeves with Sheer Layering

The spring and summer would never bring long sleeves to mind. On the contrary, we would be happy to be well rid of those pesky things, along with multiple layers. We would much rather be wearing a simple tank and shorts. But then again, there are ways that a lady with class can pull off the layers and long sleeves while still keeping relatively cool.

Sheer undershirts with long sleeves are what have made a comeback on the runway and they look delectable for a modern lady who enjoys showing off while still covering up. Mesh fabrics and lace are what we are going for here, and preferably nothing excessively synthetic. Creatures of the Wind gives us some rather lovely alternatives, with stripes and stars, layered under wraparound and/or belted shirts and tops. Rodarte loves that sheer and brings in Victorian fashions, giving it a contemporary tweak.

Zimmermann’s ladies are quite lady-like actually, with their lacy underclothes adding spice and beauty to the outfits. Bra tops come placed over sheer long sleeved pieces at Dries Van Noten, bringing the inside out! Mesh is what is in at Maison Margiela, the mesh on the stockings matching the mesh on the sleeves of the piece worn under the sleeveless top layer. Emilio Pucci is another such brand, using looser transparent shirts underneath with bird patterning and pretty pleated slips over on top.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Fashion Trends: Long Sheer Sleeves

#8: Adding a Few Strings

This is an intriguing trend and not one that we would normally go for, at least personally speaking. It is all about loose strings hanging about from shirts and tops and even pants, looking perplexing and weird but still somehow common enough to be called a trend. Alexander Wang seems to have held special love for the style, a designer who is known for his edgy, often undone looks.

These strings have appeared on literally everything, strap-like versions hanging around at DKNY and appearing to be part of nonexistent book bags, while Derek Lam uses a chicer approach. Even Phillip Lim sees strings hanging around from his outerwear. Lanvin’s genderless pieces were equally intriguing with their hanging strings from the waist of a skirt over a pair of pants. Tassels which include the strings and the straps flying about appear all over, trailing behind like a comet tail at Boss, Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, and Joseph, completing the ensembles.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Fashion Trends: Strings

#9: Edgy Raw Hems

Frayed hems, or those left raw without finishing off are surprisingly a trend, so those tops you tried making that did not turn out to be quite perfect might actually be just right for the upcoming spring and summer seasons of 2016. We see the frayed hems to jeans at Marc Jacobs, complementing the very American look, while Faustine Steinmetz goes the opposite route and ensures the jackets are asymmetrical, undone and fully not ready for human consumption expect that it is.

Long sleeves, strange hems, side cuts and those random fringes on one side give the impression of a drunken tailor. Denim ensembles at Chloe also sport raw hems that appear to be coming undone, while Creatures of the Wind has some very raw edges to its coats. Edun keeps things raw and edgy with its tiny rompers, while it looks like the dresses have been turned inside out at Derek Lam.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Fashion Trends: Raw Hems

#10: Peekaboo Black Pieces

They are black as we can see and they allow us to see a whole lot more. The black is featured in nearly every collection, with sheer paneling, cutouts, lace aspects, spider web details and other ideals that reveal a bit more skin than we thought we might want. It is sexy, it is playful and it is certainly the furthest thing from boring.

David Koma brings out the pretty with the mini dresses that are quite doll-like, while Burberry practically shows off everything under that translucent black, Versus looking godly with lots of cutouts on top for a small bit of sexy, and Issa giving us quite a peek at the body beneath. Julien MacDonald comes in with peek-a-boo bodysuits, while Amanda Wakeley barely covers the top at all! Antonio Berardi gives us a healthy glimpse of legs as well, looking rather lovely beneath it all.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Fashion Trends: Peekaboo Black Pieces

#11: ’70s Suede Continues On

We loved the suede last year, particularly for the fall and winter. Now, we see it playing peek-a-boo with us for the spring and summer, appearing from time to time in beautiful designs, kind of like the overcoat look see at Derek Lam. Denim appears all over, from Chloe to Dries Van Noten, Faustine Steinmetz to Fendi, Chanel to Marc Jacobs, Alexander McQueen to Marques Almeida, etc.

The suede and the pleats combine for an almost fringed look at the Hermes show, fiery red and full of passion as it is. We see this trend at Jonathan Saunders, Alberta Ferretti, Rebecca Minkoff and Balmain, the decades most loved fabric being sent down that runway time and again as an ode to a period where fashion boomed.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Fashion Trends: Suede

#12: Old English Sleeves

One of the sleeve fashions that we see actually come with the off the shoulder effect, though not all follow the same trend. We have the puffed up looks there that add a sophisticated but fun edge to things, kind of like the black pieces at The Row, and a whole lot more throughout as seen on the Victorian and romantic era pieces. What’s the point of a London collection if it won’t include Old English sleeves anyhow? We saw these appear on runway shows from Erdem to J.W. Anderson, Simone Rocha’s black and white creations and everything in between. It was a whole lot of England this year.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Fashion Trends: Old English Sleeves

#13: Frills, Ruffles and More Ruffles

Ruffles are lovely. They make any piece looks positively feminine and utterly delicate, particularly when the ruffles are created from flimsy, swaying fabrics. At Balmain, we had bare shoulders combine with ruffles to pull together a rather romantic atmosphere before melting into a fiery passionate Latin influenced one, with Olivier Rousteing utilizing this trend to put together his very sexy army of fashion divas.

Dries Van Noten played with transparencies, on the other hand, and pulled of a 3D look with his ruffled tiers. The looks themselves were already rather eye-catching. Our favorite transparent ruffles appeared at Alexander McQueen, with Sarah Burton giving the outfits a soft and romance inducing element. Giambattista Valli, on the other hand, went right for the retro with the tiered sleeves and ruffled skirts, modernized with the intriguingly cut plunging neckline.

The idea of celebrations seems to be the main premise behind the fancy and frivolous designs, the frills and ruffles coming into play on flouncing sleeves and bouncing hemlines, even appearing in asymmetric lines. The ruffles were used sparsely for the most part, but had incredible effects, appearing at Gucci, Lanvin, Luisa Beccaria, J.W. Anderson, and Marques Almeida, among others. The latter brought out some very interesting jean ruffles that had us scratching our heads and wondering if we loved or hated it with all its busyness.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Fashion Trends: Ruffles & Frills

#14: Bra-Like Tops and Bandeaus

We’re been seeing a whole lot of the ’90s style bra tops, except with a flatter, more sportsy appearing effect for the most part. Sometimes they are worn on their own, other times with sweaters or long sleeved sheer tops underneath, as was the case at Dries Van Noten. While in most of the Fashion Week cities the satin slip dresses, wearing sleepwear as outerwear was the common trend, in Paris it was all about the bras worn on top. David Koma at Mugler saw fit to show off a whole lot of skin as well, pairing triangle bra tops with interesting detailing with high waist pants for a lovely body con silhouette and the sexiest of all results.

We have Balenciaga with its ode to bedroom dressing, bra tops and robes included. And then there was Dior with Raf Simons bringing in the light and airy gauzy material under which a wealthy woman’s underwear from the early 1900s could clearly be seen, with a modern revamping. The sheer cover-up is sexy, elegant and utterly ladylike. Gucci came in with some transparent but beautifully colored looks and we saw the bandeaus appear time and again on the sportier designs, such as at Moschino.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Fashion Trends: Bra-Like Tops & Bandeaus

#15: Clothes Sans the Gender in Gamine Style

It appears that this year is all about pointing out the lack of gender in a human being. There are children being raised in a genderless manner and people constantly switching back and forth. It has been a year of acceptance for all types of individuals, making the gamine style all the more appealing to the forward-thinking people in this world. Even the models used to present these looks were without focus on genre. Menswear came in female designs as well, with Lanvin leading with its own designs. Alber Elbaz from the house ensured boxy cuts and formal black and white to ensure it had the best genderless balance.

Celine also opted for this trend but ensured that the models had accessories like mismatched earrings and bright red lipstick, the shoes and crop top designs being a dead giveaway to the true gender as well. Saint Laurent, on the other hand, decided to bring in heavy boots, leather pants and a casual tee, combined with a gorgeous pinstriped blazer to keep up the masculine meets feminine guise. Plunging necklines come in handy to being in the feminine among the androgynous pieces, which include oversized vests and relaxed fit trousers.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Fashion Trends: Gamine Style

#16: Bows, Bows and More Bows

Bows, particularly oversized ones, are one of the biggest spring 2016 fashion trends for the coming year, as we expect they will still be around for the fall and winter. Lanvin’s got some pretty bows around the neck of its models, in gauzy organza tied up to look fluffy and large against the chest. Double bows appear at Gucci, again in gauzy material against a transparent top, while the earthy colors come into play with a simpler tied up bow on the shoulder at Marni. Big bows with caution signs appears at Moschino, amusing us to no end, while smaller versions come into play with bared shoulders at Chloe, slanted neckline included, while it also appears at Maison Margiela, Pascal Millet, Lanvin and Rochas.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Fashion Trends: Bows

#17: Leather Keeps Its Spot on the Runway

Leather has been a big trend for a while now and seems to be going strong still, despite having wavered in designer popularity in comparison with the past seasons. We do, however see it appear often enough as a jacket, while still taking into account the high waist miniskirts, the gorgeous shoes and sandals, the zip up variations, and all. Sexy takes on new meaning for leather at Anthony Vaccarello, having his body cons accented with oversized leather crop jackets.

Hedi Slimane came in strong with his outerwear, the outfits bearing some resemblance to his past works with Saint Laurent. Zippers and fringe are the best embellishments for this designer. At Louis Vuitton, Nicolas Ghesquiere gave his leather a punkish appeal, decorated with stripes and the LV logos.

Mugler’s looks were probably our favorite leather creations though, with David Koma giving us cropped edges and unique precedents. Leather appears with buckle straps on the Diesel Black Gold show, tucked into some futuristic denim, and even appearing with capes at Gareth Pugh.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Fashion Trends: Leather

#18: Maxi Dresses and Skirts

There are a whole lot of maxi dresses on the runway for the spring and summer and we love them very much, especially when they come in positively spectacular designs and colors. Mark Jacobs falls into this category with his diver with amethyst hued side slit skirts, though earth certainly comes into play at BCBG Max Azria. We see the maxi dresses and skirts everywhere really, from the pleated Stella McCartney to the interesting prints on the Valentino collection, especially those that have a distinctive old Roman look to them.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Fashion Trends: Maxi Dresses & Skirts

#19: Bringing Back the ’90s

Nostalgia does much for fashion inspiration and while we have become used to seeing some of the ’70s looks appear on the runways, it is always interesting to realize multiple decades have been modernized but yet still keep their distinctive flair. That includes looking at the ’90s, particularly referenced on the Paris Fashion Week. We saw everything from the rave culture to grunge and even a few fanny packs.

Goddess shifts appeared on the Calvin Klein Collection runway, with lots of stripes at Betsey Johnson, velvet mini dresses with thigh high boots at Acne Studio and the American colors shining bright with transparent shirts at Giamba. Those sportier looks at Rag & Bone certainly caught our attentions as well, all with minimal detailing and maximum effect. Things look pretty cute at Thakoon! We see it at Each X Other, Chloe, Koche, Kenzo and Nina Ricci as well.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Fashion Trends: '90s Fashion

#20: Knifed up Pieces

Some of the looks on the runways actually appear to be knifed up in one way or another. That goes for the hems of the shimmering Emilio Pucci dresses, the hacked up pieces at Each x Other, the asymmetrical skirts at Anthony Vaccarello and the rather intriguing designs at Vionnet. We see knife pleats all over the place as well, from Lea Peckre to Mugler as well.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Fashion Trends: Knifed-Up Pieces

#21: Plunging Necklines

Stella McCartney might be using gamine style for some genderless attitude but we can clearly see the plunging necklines appearing on the runways to really spice up the neighbourhood. Gucci’s ruffled dresses were not only the epitome of romantic transparency, but also of great desirability with those necklines that happily reached the abdomen.

Those plunges look awesome with the gorgeous Boss organza pleats in black, the ruffled up romantic red dresses at Michael Kors, the billowing transparent pieces at Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini, along with the pure lace looks viewed at Rodarte. Gorgeous transparent tie-dyed shirts appear at Baja East, the color scheme playing tricks on us at Altuzarra with side slits and plunging necks. Valentino comes in with Roman looks with geometric shapes printed on, while things are kept nice at loose at Vionnet with the pleated body and tiny straps.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Fashion Trends: Plunging Necklines

#22: Crochet Outerwear

If you thought that organza and other sheer materials were the crux of the transparent fashions, you were wrong. Woefully so! Apparently things can look much better when you add crochet skirts and tops and jackets to the mix, with barely a bit of black underwear underneath for contrast against the skin. Dolce & Gabbana certainly proved this to be the truth with their crochet ensembles, and though we did not see as much of the crochet as we might have wanted to, we certainly loved every last design.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Fashion Trends: Crochet

#23: A Whole Lot of Transparent

We’ve been seeing transparent looks from quite a while now so it comes as no surprise that we should be faced with translucent dresses, skirts and tops for the upcoming year as well. This includes floral print skirts from Marc Jacobs, crochet ensembles from Dolce & Gabbana, miniskirts from Miu Mui showing off panties that match the shirt on top and gorgeous sheer pantyhose with lovely designs as seen at Rodarte.

We love the deep romance seen on the Gucci line, along with Erdem’s florals and majorly puff sleeves, while whole shirts are tie dyed and fabulous at Baja East! Even the sportier dress code found at Eckhaus Latta comes in transparent designs, perfect for the lady who keeps her days occupied with the gym.

Dolce & Gabbana brings in transparent dresses with bras and panties clear as day, something equally in your face when it comes to the Saint Laurent floral embroidered pieces under patchwork denim jackets. Things get kind of transparent when you add mesh to a pleated skirt, thus leaving the legs of the Emanuel Ungaro ladies silhouetted and beautifully bared otherwise.

Between most of the fancy pants, from the cellophane wraps at Loewe to the pleats at Vionnet, and the nearly naked looks from Balenciaga, Balmain, Chloe, John Galliano, Rochas and Saint Laurent, it is clear that we are no longer supposed to be wearing actual clothing outside. The idea is now to show off as much as possible instead of covering it all up. Our very favorites have beautifully appeared on the Shiatzy Chen runway show though, with some more regal affairs appearing at Valentino. And then of course there is the barely covered legs seen at Prada, despite the multiple layers on top.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Fashion Trends: Transparency

#24: Oversized and Loose Fits

While we certainly do have the body cons, we also have a whole lot of looser fitting or oversized clothing that makes it onto stage, including the Christopher Kane cardigans, the glittering large dresses with the high necks, long sleeves and midi hemlines at Vetements, and the oversized denim shirt and pants so distinctively seen on the Chloe runway looking positively adorable. Loose and comfortable scream the bare shouldered Salvatore Ferragamo dresses, while the loose slips at Vionnet include peats and metallic coloring, plunging necklines only giving it an even looser effect.

Oversized and loose can be seen at Celine and Chloe, at Chanel and most especially at Delpozo, the latter of which looks like a gorgeous aqua bag turned into a wrapped up top and very simple skirt, with a slight fringe on the belt.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Fashion Trends: Oversize & Loose Fit

#25: Luxe Meets Geek Chic

The nerds are back with a vengeance and their styles have seen a major upgrade in the chic department, looking positively attractive with all the bohemian and the glitter happening. Gucci’s works show off the best line of magic in this department, green sparkling suits and all, sensibility added to all the shimmering goodness the 2016 geek has to offer.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Fashion Trends: Nerd/ Geek Chic

#26: The Prairie Dress

Little House on the Prairie‚Äö√Ñ√∂‚àö√묨‚àÇ it used to be a childhood favorite and probably stood behind the creation of dresses that included prairie floral prints, frills and layers, with hems below the knees or full length. We saw these types of dresses everywhere really, from Erdem to Mother of Pearl, Alexander McQueen to the likes of Valentino, the latter of which we really did expect this from. They are pretty looks, and the trends shown off here are without a doubt the most lovable of all. It’s nice to see the prairie dress back in action.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Fashion Trends: Prairie Dresses

#27: Full Coverage Necklines

While the plunges are still going strong enough, higher necks, often in the guise of turtlenecks, have appeared rather strongly as well. They come in ruffles, such as at J.W. Anderson and Lanvin, or with shoulder cutouts at Guy Laroche, Issa or Milly, in crumpled fabric at Bottega Veneta, or micro pleats as per Sonia Rykiel or Gabriele Colangelo. Of course, there are the Victorian looks as well, from Fendi to Zimmermann, Erdem to Vetements, the latter of which brought out the sparkles in full force. Army style pullovers come in handy from Valentino, while ruffle neck tops appear at Phillip Lim, Zimmermann, and Rodarte.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Fashion Trends: Full Coverage Necklines

#28: Crumpled Fabric

Interesting fashion trends are always popping up and we have been unduly drawn to the crumbled fabrics seen on the runways for the upcoming seasons, including shirts seen at Margaret Howell, rompers shown off with the bared shoulders at Bottega Veneta, the romantic looks at Givenchy and Alexander McQueen, as well as the side slit skirts and open décolletage tops found on the Nina Ricci runway. Pre-creased and rumpled clothing allows for you to save time on ironing your shirts and pants, instead focusing on getting to work on time and enjoying your day in the office while still looking positively fab.

Crumpled looks appear beautifully at Thakoon, on the elegant dresses by Rosetta Getty, the burnt orange skirts with pretty bone colored shirts at Altuzarra and the gorgeous slips with the side slits and spaghetti straps we found on the Victoria Beckham runway show. Crinkles and crumples are just another page in the book of Ellery, though looking nice and sporty at Lacoste. There are crinkles in the foil of the MM6 Maison Margiela fashions as well, slouchy cuts and comfortable looks included, the same crinkles apparent on the high waist silver foil pants found at Courreges.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Fashion Trends: Crumpled Fabric

#29: Pleats and Micro Pleats on Everything

Pleats are lovable. They are interesting to look at, add a whole lot of flounce and still end up appearing as chic and sophisticated as can be. So when you add micro pleats, it is bound to look event better, from Stella McCartney’s asymmetrical and gradient hued skirts and tops taken into consideration, to the romantic ruffles and frills at Giles, the yellow buttercup seen at Sonia Rykiel, the pretty lilac grey hued dress at Gabriele Colangelo, and the off the shoulder pieces at J Mendel.

Even Hermes comes in with a fiery temper, shoes matching the dress. Those pleats join layered ruffles and a single bared shoulder with army prints for a rather intriguing safari experience. Gorgeous mesh combines with pleats at Emanuel Ungaro to really give the name of fashion a good look, transparent around the legs and all. Even the Romanesque Valentino looks have pleating on them, which only accentuated the look of the blocky geometric prints and the plunging neckline, similar to Vionnet but with a lot more definition at the waist. Chanel, Gucci, and Carolina Herrera bring in the ultra-fabulous.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Fashion Trends: Pleats

#30: Victorian Romance

We may be in the 21st century but we still love to look back on the Victorian and Elizabethan periods and fall in love all over again with the frills and ruffles and ribbons and lace, something that translates well into modern fashion trends. We see the Victorian sleeves appear at Emilia Wickstead and poufy fashions on the Fendi runway, gathered waists and interesting craftsmanship at Zimmermann and high necks at Erdem, as well as the gorgeous lace which allows for the Victorian romance to bloom, plunging necklines forgotten.

Alexander McQueen makes it look positively delectable with the long creamy colored lush dress, layers of ruffles and high collar and all, the body encased in the loveliest of gauzy materials seen yet. Things are looking rather lovely in a modern day Victorian look from DSquared2, while the bell sleeves and ribbons down the chest give it all away at Erdem, the puffed up chest coming into play at Fendi. Frills at Zimmermann, ruffles at Alexander McQueen, high necks at 3.1 Phillip Lim and bubble skirts at Louis Vuitton all scream Victorian fashions with a twist. It all looks so very lovely once you want to combine trends.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Fashion Trends: Victorian Fashion

#31: Center Slits

Center slits were rather big on the runways for 2015 and can still be seen to some extent for 2016, appearing with strapless options in white with black strings trailing behind at Haider Ackermann, complemented with white espadrilles. Gorgeous is what we say to the Carolina Herrera looks, especially her pleated dresses with those lovely barely there sandals worn underneath. Wrap it up at Altuzarra and you have some incredibly lovely center slits appearing that are modest enough but still on the cusp of way too sexy. Victoria Beckham has her own wrapped pieces wherein the skirts come from a center slit and look very modest by ending just above the knees as the lady walks.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Fashion Trends: Center Slits

#32: Side Slits

We love seeing some thigh, especially on those long skirts and dresses as they begin to wrap around the legs. There is something infinitely gorgeous about the side slit, something that has continued on from the past seasons and looks to want to keep its place on the runway. It appears in some rather strange layers as per Marc Jacobs, the skirts in a shiny purple and blue coloring, while Anthony Vaccarello seems to revel in the showing off a lot of leg with those shimmering red slip dresses that seem to be slashed from the side.

Tie-dyed, with plunging necklines, we see some awesomeness at Altuzarra and cannot help but fall head over heels in love. Pleats and slits look rather wonderful in their combined effort at Stella McCartney, something we see with an added set of buttons on the Altuzarra stage. Billowing dresses come into effect at Alexis Mabille, appearing all the more desirable because of the fiery red coloring.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Fashion Trends: Side Slits

#33: The Latin Fashion Influence

We have mentioned frills and bows and ruffles already among the top spring/ summer 2016 fashion trends, but there is something more for the warm seasons that is red hot and full of passion. There is nothing better than a Latin dance and what better way to celebrate the Latina in you than to wear flamenco skirts and Spanish dresses come the warmer days. We see open midriffs at Blugirl, black and red steaming up the place at Proenza Schouler, ruffled capes over romantic lace tops at Oscar de la Renta, floating dresses at Osman, and pretty pink ruffles at Roberto Cavalli. The prettiest of dresses we are sure to see on the red carpet comes from Alexander McQueen, what with the layers of ruffles and the beauty of the classic Victorian meets modern day look.

The Latin influence can be felt from a mile away when we watch the fiery pixies take to the stage at Balmain, layers of ruffles falling over body skimming fabric that gives every last inch of your limbs a sexy pop. Marques Almeida, on the other hand, brings in stark white ruffles and that desire to dance through life as if it was a passionate affair with a healthy dose of fun, a thought that gains a warmer edge with the coral colored dipping neckline looks at Michael Kors. J.W. Anderson joins the lists with his little doll dresses while it gets nice and airy at Giamba with ruffled layers. Bare shoulders? Salvatore Ferragamo has us covered, oversized skirts and all.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Fashion Trends: Latin Fashion

#34: Deconstructed Oxford Shirts

Gorgeous Oxford shirts have always been a favorite and for a long time people believed they had worn the garment in every way possible… until now! We see the deconstructed appeal for 2016, though not all of these are work appropriate. Single sleeves come into play at Jacquemus, and bared shoulders are a sight at Palmer Harding, asymmetrical necklines looking quite lovely on the more conservative Zac Posen works yet. We see these at Delpozo and Fyodor Golan as well, the latter looking delicious with some tulle skirts underneath. There are feathers, slashes and everything in between as we look at the colors and designs at Tommy Hilfiger, ICB, Milly, Monse and the lovely Veronica Beard.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Fashion Trends: Deconstructed Oxford Shirts

#35: Fringed Hems

We like fringe. We have loved fringe for a while now, adoringly wearing the trend for the past few seasons with our heads in the clouds that lead to the 1970s. Now, we see it again, albeit without as much aplomb, on pretty jackets that fall to the calves at Dries Van Noten, while safari skirts come in fringe to get us ready for the hike up those mountains with Valentino. Fringes appear on the Alexander Wang skirts, in lines heading down with intriguing flair, though most designers using the swinging embellishments knew the hems would be the best place to keep the trend gong.

Ulla Johnson has some looser, more comfortable dresses with the fringe, while it gets nice and sexy at Polo Ralph Lauren, bringing in the stark white at Tess Giberson, and the swinging color of healthy bones at Christian Siriano versus the swinging blacks at Salvatore Ferragamo. Come to think of it, Stella McCartney sure loves the longer fringes!

Spring/ Summer 2016 Fashion Trends: Fringed Hems

#36: Nautical Detailing

There always seems to be some sort of nautical detailing in every season, no matter how slight it might be, sometimes too little to even be called a trend. This time around though we have some more prominent players in that field who have included everything from toggles to stripes and ropes, giving so many collections a rather interesting upscaling. This includes the blue pants with white buttons at Derek Lam, the ropes at Altuzarra and Creatures of Comfort, the stripes at Kate Spade New York and the lacing effects on the chest at Rebecca Minkoff, giving the ladies a distinctly feminine seafari look.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Fashion Trends: Nautical Theme

#37: Romance Is In the Air

The romantic looks are a dime a dozen when it comes to the spring/ summer 2016 fashion trends, clothing which holds distinctively Old English aspects with a smothering of floral prints, full skirts, puffed sleeves, gorgeous black lace and pretty little dresses that give us some beautiful meadow date feelings as seen at Tory Burch, bare shoulders and all. We see a whole lot of flowers at Oscar de la Renta, Alexander McQueen, Etro, and the metallic sort at Gucci, each dress holding a spectacular romance-inspiring appeal. We have translucent materials appear at Gucci, Erdem, and Rodarte, while more Puritan effects come into play at Zac Posen, amplified by the translucent looks at Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Fashion Trends: Feminine, Romantic Fashion

#38: Gorgeous Lace

It might be in line with the more romantic fashion trends for 2016, be it Victorian or modern, Prairie or not, but the lace looks are huge on the runways and we are loving every last second of them. It appears on gorgeous romantic floral printed and side layered dresses, creating spidery halter tops that might belong on a Halloween costume if not or the beauty of the dress itself, as well as full pieces made of lace at Rodarte, which show off sleepwear as outerwear with positive delight, lace appearing in both black and white. The lace was very much in our faces and we would not have had it any other way from the floral appliques added at Topshop to the added volumes at Preen. There was lace everywhere and we were in love, without a doubt there.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Fashion Trends: Lace

#39: A Whole Lot of Sparkle

Did you realize that glitters and shimmers and sparkles were all over the catwalks throughout the Fashion Weeks? We can tell you it was a hoot! From ’20s meets the future designs seen at Lanvin in a gorgeous lilac grey dress, off the shoulders and all, to layers with Emilio Pucci, slashed skirts wrapping around the legs, metallic designs were spotted a lot making a rather futuristic and gorgeous fashion trend for spring 2016. Oversized dresses in shimmering silver appear at Vetements, while it is buttercups in the meadows at Sonia Rykiel, long sleeves and short skirts included.

Anthony Vaccarello gives us the rather high slits up the sides of slip dresses, something we also see in the more purple designs on the Marc Jacobs dresses and skirts. Marni’s got some crazy design ideas in black and white shimmers, while Paco Rabanne has some Venusian guards on the runway. And then there is Tom Ford, with the artistic cuts to the neckline, the patchy colors all over and the full body slip with complementary sleeves happening.

Shimmering silver appears at Paco Rabanne before it gets all crinkled up at Victoria Beckham. The silver sparkles really catch out attention at Aquilano Rimondi, while those Isabel Marant leggings can make eyes pop. The burnt golden shine is gorgeous at Prabal Gurung, while the sunshine on the sea is where the astounding Carolina Herrera takes us.

John Galliano makes the white of the land shimmer, while threads sparkle in a lovely manner at Burberry. Turquoise you say? Take a look at Gucci! And for some deeper blue it’s Emilio Pucci you should be checking out. Tibi, Temperley and Luis Vuitton all make the cut as well!

Spring/ Summer 2016 Fashion Trends: Metallic & Glittering Looks

Spring/ Summer 2016 Fashion Trends: Metallic & Glittering Looks

#40: The Button Look

While it is not as in-your-face as some of the other spring/ summer 2016 fashion trends, we do see a whole lot of white buttons appear on the runways, particularly on looks which have a bared shoulder effect. This includes lines of them down the sleeves and across the chest to the side at Rosie Assoulin, all over the place looking like wedding gown buttons at Proenza Schouler, and in larger effects seen often enough on the Edun runway show. It looks like the Loewe girls are heading out to do some martial arts the way their outfits look, despite the buttons down the sides. Buttons appear on side slits on Altuzarra skirts under gorgeous waist cinched tops with contrast stitching.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Fashion Trends: Big Buttons

#41: Corded or Marled Knits

We love it when we find gorgeous corded knits on the Fashion Week runway shows, so it comes as no surprise that we were drooling over that stark white Prabal Gurung dress seen sashaying down the catwalk, bared shoulders and all. When it comes to the marled knits though we saw something that was just not right and just as awesome as it was so, with selections appearing at Wes Gordon, Michael Kors, Creatures of Comfort, Jason Wu and BCBG, to name just a few. It was an interesting trend to say the least, though the corded always holds our hearts.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Fashion Trends: Corded/ Marled Knits

#42: Looking Fabulous in Jeans

There are all types of different denim pieces that have appeared on stage throughout September and October, pieces and ensembles which have thoroughly grabbed our attention. We see some incredible denim outfits on the Alexander McQueen runway, floral appliques and open midriff on top and the pants with mid length cuffs, a high waist and lots of razer cuts, the jacket in line with the shoes that make for a matching ensemble. The American look comes into play at Marc Jacobs, the pants with frayed hems and lots of stitching all over to show off how cool the Americans really are.

There are a whole lot of frills and ruffles happening at Marques Almeida, while Chanel decides to ramp up the chic with puffed sleeves and long skirts bringing the olden days to modern times. Fendi’s denim takes on a darker hue with cross-stitching, while it is all about the asymmetrical hems and undone looks at Faustine Steinmetz. It appears as something that we can enjoy a lot more at Dries Van Noten, despite the top having strange accents on the breasts, while it is quite oversized on the runway at Chloe, or sitting low on the waist with patchwork on the legs at Off-White.

Jean vests over white jean pants with intriguing blocks of colors can be seen at MM6 Maison Margiela, and then there is the whole sporty feel to the Chloe designs, Louis Vuitton coming in with the zipped pant ends. Futuristic models appear at Andrew Gn, with rather intriguing shoulder detailing, while it’s all about the slanted cuts and stitches at Stella McCartney. We sure do want a pair of those flowery Paul & Joe cropped pants though, but will skip out on the Saint Laurent patchwork jackets.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Fashion Trends: Jeans

#43: The Sporty Atmosphere

The upcoming season is more about comfort and relaxed looks than anything else we feel, which includes a sportier edge such as the tie-dyed army colors on the Valentino pullover or the very bright silver track sets found on the Lacoste runway. Single piece coveralls come up on the Balenciaga runway, flailing straps around, while sports are very much on the mind at Baja East.

Warmer street style sporty looks come up on the Hood by Air show, given a feminine feel come Paco Rabanne. Add some Deisel Black Gold to the mix with the leather buckle strapped top, while Rag & Bone looks about ready for a game. Even Alexander Wang brings in the hoodies, black and red sleeve-ends in tow.

Transparency also enters the equation at Eckhaus Latta, where coral pink pants show us what’s underneath, worn over full coverage black panties probably meant to be worn during exercise sessions. Chloe makes the denim look ultra-sporty, perfectly ready to be worn on the streets in simple daywear.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Fashion Trends: Sporty Chic

#44: Inclusion of Zippers

We see quite a bit in the zipper department on the runways for 2016, often appearing at the ends of pants both tight and looser with a tight ending. The latter format can easily be identified on the Louis Vuitton runway on the denim pieces, with similar styles appearing at Chloe on the slouchier, sportier designs. Hood by Air ensures inclusion of these trends as well, while Alexander Wang revels in it.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Fashion Trends: Zippers

#45: All Tied Up

One intriguing trend noticed on the catwalk from New York to London, Milan to Paris was the idea that you can tie things up and it will look incredible. Oversized knots, bow ties, lace-ups‚Äö√Ñ√∂‚àö√묨‚àÇ it’s the little and often not so little detailing that gets us here. Roberto Cavalli brought in the sunshine with a dress slashed at the side and tied up 5 times over to show skin while still remaining decent.

Salvatore Ferragamo had things tied up all over with straps flying about in the designer’s new trending looks. Big bows tie things up at Gucci, while more subtle pieces are a staple on the Marni stage. Amusing Moschino bows make their appearance, caution signage and all, while Sportmax keeps thing to a minimum, ties as detailing appearing around the waist, with Versace giving in and adding tiny little ties across the chest. Chloe keeps things all tied up with shoulders bared and an asymmetrical neckline.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Fashion Trends: All Tied-Up

#46: The Hourglass Shape

Showing off the waist is the latest trend and it has been in for a while now, despite the oversized garments making their own appearance on the runways. The sculpted hourglass shapes with waists as the focal point are created with belts and accessories as well as the simple cut of the clothing itself. For example, it is a safari with Bottega Veneta belt cinching waist and all, a beauty seen at Etro as well, and building on the body-con at Roberto Cavalli with some rather incredible creations that outline every last inch of those long limbs.

Belts on waists come into play at Salvatore Ferragamo, elastic corsets appearing at Fendi and tying it all up at Marni and Sportmax. Strapping in with intriguing lace up “armor’ pieces, harnesses so to say also appear at Fendi. Altuzarra’s constructs are no less gorgeous with the belts over tunics that fall over white pleated skirts with skirts up the side. David Koma makes cinched waists look a little too good, the feminine part of our personality flaring with desire to own these sets.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Fashion Trends: Focus On The Waist

#47: Strapped In

Forget the flying strings, it is the straps that keep a limb immobilized or pull in the chest with a harness that has gotten our attention from the runways. Laced up snakeskin versions around the chest appear at Fendi, while one arm is kept from moving on the slashed up pieces seen at Jil Sander, giving the illusion of the woman being a mental patient. The chest being strapped might have a bit more of a naughty appeal at Dsquared2, while it takes on a security check appeal come the Moschino line. There are even chains to consider, naughty ladies at MSGM state, and it looks positively delicious.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Fashion Trends: Strapped In

#48: Ready for a Safari

Sporty looks aside, there are those that speak quite beautifully about the outdoors, with army prints and khaki pants, shapes and colors meant to be checking out the jungles of the African wild. Mugler sports a chicer and more sophisticated look, something we might expect to be worn in a more modern take on the George of the Jungle movie, while Sonia Rykiel’s camouflage colors on a dress that combined a single bared shoulder with the ruffle and pleated trend make for one of the most fashionable safari dresses yet. Valentino has lovely army colored tie-dye pullovers, while the Fendi ladies seem to have a knack for fashionable safari trips.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Fashion Trends: Safari Style

#49: Some Pretty Fancy Pants

While dresses are the most common pieces seen on the runways throughout the Fashion Weeks, pants that come in sheer fabrications, in lace or cellophane treatments create just as big a buzz if not bigger. We see the gorgeous Elie Saab pieces with the darker shorts underneath black lace, while Haider Achermann pulls on leather micro shorts onto similar leggings.

Think you found another ruffled up skirt? Think again! Balmain tricks up with a lovely orange ruffle layered pair, while Loewe’s doesn’t leave much for the imagination as the legs are bared under cellophane wrap. Transparency with a twist that one Miu Miu covers, though it doesn’t really cover much up, and shiny fabrics combine with lace to not cover up much at Shiatzy Chen as well, though we are in love with the look! More transparency is discovered at Vionnet as well, leaving the ladies nearly naked. Forgetting the more naked looks, we also see some shiny pants appear as with the amethyst coloring found exclusively at Paul & Joe.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Fashion Trends: Fancy Pants

#50: Played Up White Shirts

The Oxford shirts can come in multiple colors as well, which is why this deserves its own category on the list of the hottest spring/ summer 2016 fashion trends. It is the plays on the simple white shirts that go so very well with a good pair of jeans as was seen at Anthony Vaccarello with the rounded rings and the ties and the slashes to the side. It’s beautiful really and so very sexy, though it can come in oversized as well as seen at Lemaire, with high collars and slanted cuts as we found on the Stella McCartney runway, transparent like Rochas, and with slits down the chest as seen at Valentino.

Add a tiger over the shoulder and you get the looks at Junya Watanabe, while pretty ruffles make it look feminine at Paul & Joe with those sexy amethyst colored shiny pants the shirt is tucked into. Amanda Wakeley gives her shirts some flowing tails, while it’s all about the puffed sleeves at Fendi and the oversized shirts at Vera Wang. Cut up some sleeves and you have the whole bared Issa look, while buttons line the center of the intriguing Proenza Schouler designs. Want some more interesting shirts? Jil Sander has you covered, literally, while Jenny Packham gets you all tied up.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Fashion Trends: Modern White Shirts

#51: Contrast Stitching

Huge on the runway was the whole contrast stitching thing, wherein we get to see the detailing in full light, the pieces standing out among all the rest. Hems don’t blend in here and darker clothing is outlined with white or light colored threads. This certainly appears on the dresses seen at Edun, off the shoulder and bared legs mandatory. Derek Lam’s shirts also have a similar appeal, with white stitching on black cloth. As always, Altuzarra makes any trend look positively delicious.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Fashion Trends: Contrast Stitching

#52: Wrapped Up

You have the leg peeking out but it’s not too much with the wrapped up pieces that we see, something you can get away with at the office if you are careful and if they have an open enough mind about the look. Altuzarra gives us a rather startling center slit, but Andrew Gn covers it up beautifully, giving the wrapped skirt a very modest mini appeal. The slits go up the side of the thigh on the Carven wraps, while it appears an apron has been wrapped around a simple white dress at DKNY.

Side slits do their thing with midi skirts at Acne Studios, while it gets all pretty and ruffled and feminine at Michael Kors. Shiny Leather? We have that at Isabel Marant while it gets all checked at Preen. Red bows top it off at Topshop, while we accept the center partings at Victoria Beckham. Add some minis with Anthony Vaccarello and you have a wrap!

Spring/ Summer 2016 Fashion Trends: Wrapped Clothes

#53: Peeking Through Textured White

There were the peek-a-boo black pieces of course that were big, but so is the white, and that with a lot more texture. It is all quite intricate for spring, with modern lace and broderie anglaise sheer cottons and 3D fabric details that really make things look incredible. Issa has some really nice white lace trousers for us to try on though we might keep them to the beach.

Emilio de la Morena comes in strong with Victorian meets modern meets translucent fabric all at once, the waist pulled in and the chest placed a focus on. Add wraparounds from Christopher Raeburn and gorgeous texture from Simone Rocha, cutout shoulders from Erdem and your grandmother’s lace crochet from Bora Aksu and you have more texture than you can imagine appearing on the runway, all in white. Issa, Temperley London and others join in the ranks.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Fashion Trends: Textured White

#54: Lots of Crusader Capes

It was the London Fashion Week that brought in most of the capes for the season it seems, with the gorgeous additions coming in to prevent the chill in the air from getting into one’s bones. Emilia Wickstead brought in the 1970s thus, with a Hunter’s festival fringed creation, while it was a lady’s desire shown through Osman’s designs, a messenger at Burberry, and a safari woman at Eudon Choi. Things got a little crazy with the costumes at Gareth Pugh, but the leather was awesome, while it was all about geometric shapes and contrasting colors at Emilia Wickstead. And for a lady moving about in the night, well Ashish had that one covered as well.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Fashion Trends: Capes

#55: Paperbag Waists

We love the cinched waists of course, but there certainly was something different about some of the skirts and pants around that region. It appears as if paper bags have been a major influence for many of the top designers as we notice. 3.1 Phillip Lim, Public School, Tome, and Tibi take on the challenge of creating just the right design for a woman to be able to wear and get away with it properly. Paired with a tighter piece on top, this can actually work really well it appears, though some designers have also gone for the looser trends for spring 2016.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Fashion Trends: Paperbag Waists

#56: Lots of Netting and Mesh

We have mentioned these under the transparent category but it also deserves its own space as we see a whole lot of the mesh and netting appear on the runway for the spring and summer seasons of 2016. It was spotted on the Marchesa stage, as well as at Alexander Wang, Cushnie et Ochs, Tome, Proenza Schouler, Dion Lee, and Creatures of the Wind. Literally everywhere we looked there was a designer net to be caught in, including over other clothing at BCBG Max Azria.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Fashion Trends: Netting & Mesh

#57: Add a Robe on Top

Many of the spring 2016 fashion trends actually had a whole lot of robe attachments happening, perhaps as part of the whole sleepwear as outerwear top trend. There is even a hashtag going around called #robelife due to this trend, a luxury piece that keeps out the chill and allows you to enjoy a day in with a fireplace and hot chocolate. We saw both silk and poplin robes at Givenchy, Thakoon, Public School and many others.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Fashion Trends: Robes

#58: Gypset for Spring

Bohemian touches, Moroccan glamour and floating silhouettes make gypsetting one rather interesting trend for the coming year. We see the free spirits appear on the Rachel Zoe runway, alongside the prairie dresses from Coach, the gorgeous designs from Tommy Hilfiger, and the intriguing combinations of white and aubergine at Anna Sui. Long legs are shown at Naeem Khan and the dresses float about at the Rebecca Taylor show, while it gets a bit modern Hawaiian when we find ourselves face to face with the Reem Acra collection. Add Rodarte, Tory Burch, and Diane von Furstenberg to the mix and you have quite the trendsetters.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Fashion Trends: Gypset Bohemian Style

#59: Wide Cropped Trousers

We love the wide cropped culottes that keep appearing every other season, this time not as prominent but still as well loved. We see it at J. Crew with pleats added to the pants, striped up at Alice + Olivia with matching jacket, top, shoes and bag, laced up at Rosie Assoulin, in denim at Banana Republic, and beautifully carefree at Cynthia Rowley. We see the trend also on the Michal Kors, Mara Hoffman, Ralph Lauren, ad Rodarte runway shows, among others.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Fashion Trends: Wide-Cropped Pants

#60: Added Embellishments

Embroidery and embellishments appear all over and really do make the artistic looks even more attractive. There was a whole lot of minimalism involved but at times the designers went for maximum effect, ensuring we know of and clearly appreciate their craftsmanship. We see this theme commonly at Antonio Marras with the gold on red, the gold on black coming into play at Fausto Puglisi. The embroidery looks amazing at Fay, while it takes on a new meaning at Gucci and Etro. One cannot help but fall in love with each designer collection all over again after finding these treasures among the rest of the spring/ summer 2016 fashion trends.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Fashion Trends: Embroidery & Embellishments

Photos courtesy of Vogue UK

Written by Tamar Najarian
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