Pretty Bridal Beauty Ideas Inspired by Fall 2016 Bridal Shows

It is always stated that every single bride is beautiful like, say, any kind of flower growing in the field or any baby so pulpy and fragile. So, you know from the very beginning that under any circumstances you will look just gorgeous and eye-popping on your wedding day, no matter if you are a minimalistic-style-chaser or an extravagant It girl, whose idiosyncratic senses are increasing twofold when it comes to her wedding day. However, every single lady just aspires to set the bridal beauty standard too high so that even after the wedding, admirations and discussions don’t stop and that her bridal ensemble results in a myriad of copies afterwards.

Bridal Beauty Ideas Inspired by Fall 2016 Bridal Shows

Walking down the aisle wearing a catchy bridal dress is undeniably number one prerequisite to be stuck in the guests’ mind but no less important is your charming bridal hairstyle and makeup. After all, when the process of choosing the white dress is wound up, your face and hair become high point. Needless to say that sincere smile, shining eyes and loving heart palpitations are your best accessories, which can be intensified by looking to the following pretty bridal makeup and hairstyle ideas for fall 2016 inspired by the bridal shows.

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#1: Effortless Fishtail Chignon at Galia Lahav

Athenian women began this crazy festival of chignons, while other nations continued the process by making a plethora of experiments, making them more and more intricate and dazzling. Elegant chignons seem to have been created specially for stunning brides whether they are walking down the aisle or along the catwalk. Amalgamating fishtails with chignon on your wedding day will be a really great idea and Galia Lahav brides were rendering this amazing chignon version at the fall 2016 bridal show. Most importantly, you can get this hairstyle even if you have medium-length hair. The fishtail braid rolled into a chignon looked like a sophisticated blooming flower, while the parted hair with two tiny hair strips swinging gently on both sides and caressing the brides’ cheeks looked really romantic.

Fall 2016 Bridal Hairstyles & Makeup: Galia Lahav

#2: Accessorized Bun at Alon Livne

Classic ballet bun can easily become super luxurious and extravagant if it is jailed in a pretty silver accessory garnished with pearls and diamonds. These mini Russian imperial crown-like accessories spotted at Alon Livne could not but require minimalistic natural makeup with a smattering of silver eye gloss on the crease line and apricot lips especially when the brides were wearing stoned botanical earrings and richly embellished gowns.

Fall 2016 Bridal Hairstyles & Makeup: Alon Livne

#3: Minimalist Makeup at Badgley Mischka

An all-white gown itself is so lavish that there is no need to play with colors, in every possible way avoiding the combination of more than two shades on a bride. That is why Badgley Mischka brides looked very elegant and effective wearing monochromatic makeup on the background of such luxurious dresses. For a more natural look the makeup artists opted for raspberry lips and eye makeup seemed somewhat faded, while sleek chignons with parted hair in the front were emanating some bride-befitting modesty and restraint.

Fall 2016 Bridal Hairstyles & Makeup: Badgley Mischka

#4: French Twist at Angel Sanchez

French twists so trendy back in the early ’70s were making a comeback during the fall 2016 bridal fashion week and Angel Sanchez brides embraced the trend in the best way possible. This was an ideal solution for the bridal dresses with so many decorations on the shoulders. So if you need your necklace or shoulder embellishment to glitter in all its, Angel Sanchez-style French twist bridal hairstyles are definitely your thing, while monochromatic powdery pink makeup will take you to a new level of stardust.

Fall 2016 Bridal Hairstyles & Makeup: Angel Sanchez

#5: Bold Metallic Eye Makeup at Ines Di Santo

Another pretty fall 2016 bridal beauty idea was brought forth by Ines Di Santo, whose brides were featuring bold metallic eyes of golden or blue shades thus creating a feeling of some electricity running through their overall looks. Matching metallic eyes with nude pout and wavy hair with some wind-tousled finish was a perfect way to draw all the attention on the eyes.

Fall 2016 Bridal Hairstyles & Makeup: Ines Di SantoFall 2016 Bridal Hairstyles & Makeup: Ines Di Santo

#6: Braided Updo at Lela Rose

The braid type exposed by Lela Rose was really one-of-a-kind and sophisticated, well-nigh covering the whole back part of the bride’s head in an oval form, while some tiny stings of hair were giving the whole look some effortless twist. Minimalistic natural makeup was making its way into Lela Rose as well but in a completely new style. Tiny sleek eye wings were in full swing on the runway.

Fall 2016 Bridal Hairstyles & Makeup: Lela Rose

#7: Flower Crown at Naeem Khan

Frida Kahlo hairstyle served as a real inspiration for Naeem Khan for the fall to come. The concept of looking at the brides from head donning massive flower crowns combined with veil, childish braided pigtails and roomy tribal earrings completely distracted the attention from the bridal dresses. So, with such rich and extravagant decorations you will need a bridal gown devoid of any embellishments especially if you also adopt Naeem Khan’s Geisha-inspired raspberry lips.

Fall 2016 Bridal Hairstyles & Makeup: Naeem Khan

#8: Hair Styled with Embellished Headphones at Reem Acra

“I should do something special for the music brides’, thought Reem Acra and did. Bejeweled headphones acting like headbands were decorating the bride’s casually swinging hair, thus creating an impression that even her wedding day could not part her with music.

Fall 2016 Bridal Hairstyles & Makeup: Reem Acra

#9: Retro Finger Waves at Theia

Art Deco-fancier brides, all here! Theia has made a precious gift for you! Side-parted super sleek hair was styled into geometrical finger waves at the bride’s forehead ending with a tiny romantic bun at the nape, while dramatic smokey eyes and orange-red lips were doubly emphasizing the bride’s audacious and bold essence.

Fall 2016 Bridal Hairstyles & Makeup: Theia

#10: Bejeweled Glittering Eyes at Rivini

Rivini played out of the box at the fall 2016 bridal show offering a unique alternative to eyeshadows, featuring crystal embellished eyelids that were fabulously glittering and outlining an innovational trend down on the aisle. Nude lips and neat ponytails adorned with an embellished brooch were enthusiastically propagating that ethereal brides were incomparably stunning.

Fall 2016 Bridal Hairstyles & Makeup: Rivini

#11: Deep Side Part Hairstyles at Houghton

Deep side-parted voluminous hairstyles spotted at Houghton are exactly for you if you are hunting for some easy yet attractive feeling on your wedding day. Through a deep side part, a smattering of your hair will mysteriously camouflage one of your eyes, while soft large curls will romantically wave to and fro whether you are walking down the aisle or showing your sensuality on the dance floor.

Fall 2016 Bridal Hairstyles & Makeup: Houghton

#12: Double French Braids at Marchesa

The African tribes gifted us with pretty braids, which we accepted with utmost gusto and made them objects of multiple experimentations. Marchesa’s double French braids at the fall 2016 bridal show were just another cool and trendy bridal hairstyle idea. The lovely braided pigtails tucked together and finished off with a floral embellishment will definitely entice many girls to copy your bridal look.

Fall 2016 Bridal Hairstyles & Makeup: Marchesa

#13: Arabian Twist at Alfred Angelo

Arabian hair embellishments wrapping the whole forehead have always been the embodiment of royalty and opulence especially when matched with heavy earrings and smokey eyes with golden shadow. Alfred Angelo is vigorously encouraging all the amazing brides-to-be to become the carriers of Arabian luxurious royalty.

Fall 2016 Bridal Hairstyles & Makeup: Alfred Angelo

#14: Roomy Hair at Dennis Basso

We are used to seeing romantic bows either at the waist or on the neck, but when we see one gracefully adorning the nape of a bride, we just get bewitched, ascertaining once more that creativity is what makes our life beautiful and artistic.

Fall 2016 Bridal Hairstyles & Makeup: Dennis Basso

Photos courtesy of Pop Sugar, The Knot

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