Mummy Halloween Makeup Tutorial

October is already coming to its end, which means that soon jack-o-lanterns will maliciously laugh and stare at you with their flaming eyes, little Edward Scissorhands, Pippi Longstocking, Captain Jack Sparrow and Maleficent will get together to knock at the doors and scream “Trick or Treat’ as many times as possible only to return home with a large packet chock-full with candies afterwards. And while the children will be obsessed with grasping candies, their zombie and vampire parents will be strolling along the streets to intimidate and drive the netherworld creatures out of the city thereby transforming into terrific and gruesome creatures by themselves. You can also do too finding inspiration in this easy and cool Mummy Halloween makeup tutorial!

Mummy Halloween Makeup Tutorial

There are only a few days left until Halloween knocks at your doors and it is the exact time for you to make a final decision about your dreadful Halloween costume. Maybe you are prone to becoming a green-faced witch with its flying broom or maybe you are so enthusiastic to stand somewhere on the corner purring “Meow, Meow’ or it is likely that a skull or vampire fangs are circulating in your head. But all that chaos in your head will instantly stop once you look to our super-horrible Halloween makeup tutorial offering to act like a Mummy that has just taken off that myrrh from its body and is going to appear in the public definitely not with good intentions.

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We were first obsessed with mummies when in 1999 the Hollywood film “Mummy’ came out eliciting us to go further by exploring Egyptian and Persian histories to find those horrible samples of human mummies that were not so lucky to rest in peace under the ground. There couldn’t be a more appropriate time than Halloween to put into action all your mummy investigations and resurrect to take your revenge. Converting into a mummy at Halloween is not such a difficult process to undertake only if you acquire medical bandage to wrap your whole body with and if you follow our step-by-step Mummy Halloween makeup tutorial, that apart from being horrible and terrific is depicting ultra-seductive and expressive carbon black-dusty blue eyes.

So, if you have already thrown those vampire fangs or skull bones out of your mind and have finally chosen that dreadful mummy character as your ideal Halloween costume, here is what products you should have at hand and what steps you should follow:

• Makeup primer, foundation
• Medical bandage
• Eyebrow kit
• Black gel eyeliner
• Dusty blue, brown and black eyeshadows
• Black mascara
• False eyelashes
• Muddy eyeshadow colors, like grey, purple, brown and olive
• Theatrical fake blood
• Mauve lip liner
• Makeup brushes

Mummy Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Step 1: First of all apply foundation on your whole face over the makeup primer to give it a smooth look and only after that use medical bandage to cover all your head without leaving any hair exposed. Wrap it in a way as to leave a couple of bandage stripes to cross your face diagonally as if you have fiercely torn the bandage while escaping from your hiding place.

Step 2: After contouring your eyebrows, apply black gel eyeliner and a liner brush to contour your lower lid and continue the process up to creating a wing on the outer corner of your eye.

Step 3: Then pass to tinting your eyelids using a dusty blue eyeshadow all over your mobile lid, giving it some frosted appearance. Afterwards blend medium brown and reddish brown eyeshadows in the crease, softly diffusing them for a natural look.

Step 4: Continue the dramatic-look-creation process by lining your upper lid as well. Then starting from the edge of the wing line, draw a new line to contour the crease of your eye, stopping at the middle of the crease, thus making wings look more realistic. Using the same black eyeliner, create a “Ra eye’ at only one eye as a reminiscence of your Egyptian roots.

Step 5: Apply black mascara to get impeccably curled eyelashes and use false lashes to give them extra volume. Make a transition from the lashes to your nose, drawing a skeleton nose on the tip of it with the same black eyeliner in order to emphasize once more that there is no blood running through your veins.

Mummy Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Step 6: To make your face and bandage look dirty and muddy, apply grey, dark purple, brown and olive brown eyeshadows of matte finish all over your face and bandage. Then show your bloody nature by creating some false scratches all over your face using a brush and fake blood.

Step 7: Finish your dreadful mummy makeup by coating your lips with mauve lip liner, afterwards tapping it with black eyeshadow.

Now that your mummy look is 100% guaranteed, what is left to you is acting like a real mummy, running to and fro in search for more and more victims either to restore your human form or just to take your revenge in a hyper cruel manner.

Makeup by Evelina Paunescu for

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