6 Gorgeous Fall Lipsticks At Affordable Price Tags

You don’t always need to dig deep into your wallets to keep up with the latest beauty trends. Everyone deserves to look and feel their best every day of the year, even if some of us need to opt for some less costly options. If you want to have the perfect color for a variety of outfits, you should focus on accumulating various shades of your favorite lipstick styles and brands so you can have that freedom, and with the looks in this list you can more easily do that. So here are some trendy lipstick colors for fall 2015 that will look great on while still being affordable for the frugal fashionista.

6 Gorgeous Fall 2015 Lipsticks At Affordable Price Tags

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1. ‘MACnificent Me!’ Lipstick by MAC

Take your pick out of five seductive shades of reds and pinks, because whatever your perfect color is will give your lips the extra boost to pop on brisk autumn days. You can add a bit of danger to your look by going bold with “My Inner Femme’ or take a step back and shine in subtlety with the more toned down “Self Aware.’ And for $17, maybe you’ll be able to splurge on more than one color, so you can have experiment with more new looks as the days go by.

2. ‘Alter Ego’ Lipstick by Lorac

This lipstick truly lives up to its name. Each shade of lipstick is the name of an alter ego associated with that color, so you can find not only your perfect shade, but maybe a new secret identity as well. The names range from “Ceo’ to “Dominatrix’ and all the way back to “Pin Up’ and “Southern Belle,’ with colors ranging from nude to vibrant, so you’re sure to find adventure with any color you choose. There are a total of twenty shades to choose from $16 a piece, so maybe you can find the perfect shade for the new you, or maybe something that can go along with your fun and flirty Halloween costumes! The lipstick goes on with a sleek matte finish, leaving you with velvety-smooth and healthy lips.

3. High Impact Lip Color by Clinique

For the glamorous diva, who likes to be the center of attention, this lipstick offers 16 bright shades of pinks and reds, with a promise of lasting eight hours. The colors are vibrant and beautiful, and the lipstick also offers healthy moisture, so you can have your gorgeous lipstick while also having the benefits of healthy, supple lips. This lipstick is currently on sale for $15.30, with a regular price of $17, so if you’re looking for a little glamor to spice up your outfits, this is a great time to try out something new.

6 Gorgeous Fall 2015 Lipsticks At Affordable Price Tags

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4. Amazonian Butter Lipstick by Tarte

If you’re looking for a flirty feminine lipstick to finish off your favorite autumn looks, you might find your perfect shade here. The colors range from nude to pink to red, with all shades giving off a distinctly feminine charm. Not only that, the tube itself is super cute too! As mentioned in the name, inspirations from the shades are drawn from those of the Amazon, so you can add a flirty exotic splash to your outfit, and the lipstick itself is infused with Amazonian butters. The lipstick is creme-based and moisturizes your lips throughout the day, and for $17 you can polish off your look.

5. Long Last Soft Shine Lipstick by Clinique

This is Clinique’s lipstick with a promise of its longest-lasting formula. Its soft shine will last for hours without drying you out or tapering, but also won’t leave behind a stain. This style offers 21 gorgeous and shimmering shades, perfect for the backdrop of fall. Just like the other Clinique lipstick, this one is on sale for $15.30 from the original $17 price. This would be the ideal look for a silky-smooth finish to a great fall outfit.

6. Pop Lip Color and Primer by Clinique

This simple name perfectly sums up everything this lipstick does for you. The 16 offered colors would all be great additions to any outfit, as long as you choose the right shade! This look promises a velvet finish, and a color that stays true, with the moisture lasting for up to eight hours. Each tube is $16.20, so it will be easy to try out different colors and find the ones you can’t live without.

Photos courtesy of Nordstrom, Sephora

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