Spring/ Summer 2016 Color Trends

“Colors this season transport us to a happier, sunnier place where we feel free to express a wittier version of our real selves.’ This is what is stated on the Pantone website dictating the spring/ summer 2016 color trends. We have been in love with the way the colors appeared during the Fashion Weeks around the world, from New York to London, Milan to Paris. The pieces presented were superb, but it was the way the palettes worked together that really made us feel like experimenting by mixing and matching. And yet, because of the rainbow, a wide array of hues that define the top 10 trendy colors to be used for 2016, we often wonder what the best color combinations are. For this, we turn to the Panton fashion spring 2016 color trend report for support.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Color Trends

Update: check out the new Fall/ Winter 2016-2017 Color Trends

The colors that were to be expected this coming spring, and certainly did not disappoint with their artistic flair, on an official basis are:

• Rose Quartz – Pantone 13-1520
• Peach Echo – Pantone 16-1548
• Serenity – Pantone 15-3919
• Snorkel Blue – Pantone 19-4049
• Buttercup – Pantone 12-0752
• Limpet Shell – Pantone 13-4810
• Lilac Gray – Pantone 16-3905
• Fiesta – Pantone 17-1564
• Iced Coffee – Pantone 15-1040
• Green Flash – Pantone 15-0146

These colors have been influenced by the world of art around us, pushing technology to the side, at least in the minds of the experts putting the palette together. What they did not know is that some designers would incorporate a modern and futuristic world into their designs and shows, very much bringing in technology when the focus should have been on the physical matter of artistry. The palette is soft and warm and inviting, a calming tribute to the forces of nature, truthfully capturing the spring and giving the wearer a chance to discover a happy new world of tranquility and curious exploration.

We see a class between urban design and lush vegetation, creating color combinations that really work but would not have otherwise been paired. The classically natural was pushed in with the vibrant, the great artists of the last few centuries kept in mind as designers looked down towards Cuba and lower for grand inspirations, creating a world that is both constructed and thoroughly organic through their designs.

The spring/ summer 2016 colors themselves are unisex for a reason, transcending gender norms and forgoing culture. It was all about the emotions, the vivid hues bringing out excitement and optimism, while the quieter tones stabilized the line-ups that were presented before us on the runways. Of course, these are not the only colors that were prevalent on that catwalk, but we can safely say that they were top of the list for the most part.

The overall spring/ summer 2016 color trends on the runway, both Pantone and not, include these hues:

#1: Rose Quartz

This is a gentle hue that conveys feeling of compassion, appearing as if a budding flower, a flushed cheek or serene sunset. It is for the lady who is busy but holds a touch of naiveté in her heart, enjoying the simplest of things nature has to offer. The Rose Quartz looks incredible when paired with the Peach Echo, Serenity or Lilac Gray, a hue that appeared in abundance on TOSIA, Houghton, M.PATMOS and Charles Youssef. Add the Limpet Shell to the mix and you have a softly lovely combination that kind of reminds us of baby girl and boy clothing combinations. It comes into play at Paul & Joe and at Stella McCartney, at Emporio Armani with its lovely cuts and undulating designs, as well as Roberto Cavalli.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Color Trends: Rose Quartz

#2: Peach Echo

An orange hue that is quite warm and friendly, a lovely color that is perfect for all seasons. It is playful but tempered and perfect for a more mature woman. This one is positively beautiful and designers like Christian Siriano, Rebecca Minkoff, Denis Basso and Ella Moss are among the many who found grand use of it on their runway shows. It is perfect to be pared with Rose Quartz, Serenity, and Lilac Gray. We see the color appear in muted fashion on Sonia Rykiel, while gorgeous prints appear on Giambattista Valli, and the ruffled long sleeved mini dress at Roberto Cavalli.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Color Trends: Peach Echo

#3: Serenity

Serenity is exactly what the name hints at, a tranquil, weightless and airy color that calms, no matter the time and space. It emanates love in a very gentle form and is a transcendent blue, which speaks of millennia of wisdom. The cool hue is perfect with the warm Buttercup or the energetic Snorkel Blue, while lending pretty contrast with Peach Echo. Emilio Sosa, Rachel Pally, Harbison and many others found it to be just perfect for their own ensembles.

It looks incredible at Celine, Haider Ackermann and Junya Watanabe, appearing at Christian Dior and in abundance at Carven. Blumarine brings in Serenity with its rather laid back, toned down and positively enticing garments meant for the ladies, who have a rather unique personality. Serene looks are Amanda Wakeley’s forte, giving chic comfort to the women she dresses.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Color Trends: Serenity

#4: Snorkel Blue

Another blue hue among the top 10 Pantone colors for spring 2016, this one is very energetic, fun and happy, inspired by the docks and the marines. It has energy bursting out while still keeping a sense of serenity, encouraging the wearer to thin of incredible vacations and enjoyable escapes. A gorgeous color on its own, the Snorkel Blue pairs beautifully with the contrasting but equally energetic Buttercup, the neutral earthy tones of Iced Coffee and the soft beauty of Peach Echo. It was a favorite with Georgine, Tadashi Shoji, WHIT NY, and Angelys Balek, among others.

It appears at Louis Vuitton and stuns with its vibrancy at Chanel. There is a lovely detailing option at Alexander Wang in this color, while whole pieces appear at Hermes in this incredibly loud blue. We see it at Vivienne Westwood and Osman among all the Fashion Weeks, from New York to London, Milan to Paris and everywhere else, including the Sao Paolo and Miami swimwear weeks.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Color Trends: Snorkel Blue

#5: Buttercup

We saw a whole lot of this sunny colors, as if the golden orb in the sky was warming every last inch of our bodies with the hue alone. It is a shining beacon of happier days and perfect for creating some much needed contrast in a look. So very beautiful and used by designers such as Charles & Ron or David Hart, this sunshine yellow looks incredibly good with the Snorkel Blue, the soft Serenity hue, and the gentleness of the Lilac Gray. It looks incredible at Valentino, with the warmth and buttery attitude of a grown buttercup.

Gorgeous yellow comes into play on Hermes dresses, and then there is the whole Giambattista Valli feeling with the fluttering gowns on the runway. It seems that nearly all the top brands had at least one sunny yellow piece, Stella McCartney no exception. Haider Achermann brings in pretty bows and lovely ankle cropped pants, while Junya Watanabe brings up the Asian ethnic. It brightens up the Isabel Marant collection and Vetements, looking especially sunny on the Marni line-up.

Moschino is no different, looking fabulous in its very traffic-oriented designs that bring in the orange and the yellow and line it with white, adding crazy feathers and all to make a woman into a bird. Of course, there should be tees for the birds as well, something Osman provides in his London collection put on stage. Match it up with pinks and purples and red and blues and you have the swatch, colorful Christopher Kane collection to boot.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Color Trends: Buttercup

#6: Limpet Shell

Aqua illusions were loved on the runway, even if they could have appeared more often. This is a clear color, defined and fresh, bringing in tranquility while still keeping a whole lot of its energy going. It is perfect for the spring and summer as it gives off happier but also rather tranquil vibes. It is meant to go beautifully well with the earthy Iced Coffee, the pretty Peach Echo and the soft Rose Quartz, having been utilized by Ground Zero, O’2nd, and Kung Katherine. It looks pretty awesome at Alexis Mabille and Alexander Wang, on Sonia Rykiel and Stella McCartney. We see it on Chloe and others as well. And here we also find Vivetta, Blumarine and a few others who make the whole shell-like appeal all the more endearing.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Color Trends: Limpet Shell

#7: Lilac Gray

While gray is a classic and to be expected on the runways, the lilac tint to this shade is what brings out a touch of warmth to the otherwise stark and gloomy but very calm color from the Pantone top 10. It is a lovely neutral but with a distinctive edge to it that we cannot help but fall in love with. The gray weather could use a dose of lilac it seems, which is perfectly paired with the feisty Fiesta, Green Flash and the Iced Coffee for an added dose of neutral.

KARIGAM, Rebecca Vallance and Yoana Baraschi all seemed to hold special love for the slightly warmer neutral hue. We see it at Paul & Joe, Acne Studios and Saint Lauren, Altuzarra and Giambattista Valli. We see hints of it at Stella McCartney and Celine, the latter bringing it out on a puffed up midi dress or two. Carven’s suits look pretty awesome in this particular hue. We see the lilac gray at Emporio Armani, at Prada and Amanda Wakeley.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Color Trends: Lilac Gray

#8: Fiesta

If you love the color of excitement and have been driven by the orange hues, this is a fiesta on garments appearing among the collections on the runway. One of our favorites in this hue actually appeared on some Chromat swimwear, looking positively fantastic with its free spirit and fiery personality. It is a strong color, one, which speaks of women with incredible focus and energy who can drive the world towards the future without breaking a sweat.

It may have calmer undertones but it is most certainly a contrast with most of the other spring/ summer 2016 colors appearing on the runways, making it such a covetable shade for our wardrobes. Fiesta is one color that looks pretty amazing paired with just about anything, from the Lilac Grey to the Snorkel Blue, the Green Flash to the Limpet Shell. It looks amazing on Pamella Roland dresses and Malone Souliers shoes! It is a fiesta in Adeam, though most pieces are of starker, darker colors.

The colors are lovely at Altuzarra and Sonia Rykiel, quite bright at Hermes and truly delectable within the Olympia Le Tan collection, where everything from the trips to the tights to the belts and skirts and tops came in this wonderful hue. We see the hue at Junya Watanabe, at Carven and Prada. It is a party happening at Toga as well, with those skirts reaching mid-height and contrasting beautifully with the prints and the monochrome tops.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Color Trends: Fiesta

#9: Iced Coffee

Neutrals are always good to have when the top spring 2016 Pantone color palette includes contrasts between calm and full of energy. Earthy neutrals are very much loved in general as well, creating a stable foundation to any ensemble. This particular one reminds us of a good dose of caffeine while feeding a sweet tooth and desire for something cool on a hot summer’s day. It makes sense for this to be part of the spring 2016 color trends, adding softness and subtlety to the collections.

The neutrality of this color means it goes very well with almost all the colors, including Rose Quartz, Serenity and Lilac Grey, as seen on Noon by Noor and Daniel Silverstein. We can find it on 3.1 Philip Lim and Altuzarra, the Hermes dresses and multiple pieces on Stella McCartney making this deeper taupe hue appear all the more appealing. Celine seems to hold extra love for this Pantone color, bringing it in with tartan prints here and there as well as on its own. Lanvin‘s got some iced coffee on hand, while it shimmers lightly at Rick Owens. Trussardi, on the other hand seems to hold special love for the iced coffee.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Color Trends: Iced Coffee

#10: Green Flash

If you love to explore and want to shed off the mundane moments of your life, stick to the lush and happy green here that certainly has a rather distinct calm to it while still carrying an inspiring sense of curious exploration through things that are lush and brightened by the sun. It is a popular hue and we loved having it appear on the runways for the spring and summer seasons, as it is simply perfect for that time of the year.

Matched with Snorkel Blue, you can definitely see the flair for the unexpected, while Serenity gives it a more serendipitous way, the Limpet Shell only serving to amplify its influence from the environment and onto the urban. It can be found at the Angel Sanchez and Nicole Miller shows, among others. A flash of green appears on handbags at Acne Studios, while hints of the color come into play at Alexis Mabille. That green looks pretty inviting at Giambattista Valli and thoroughly like a superhero costumer at Vetements. Oh, and Emilio Pucci just takes the Riddler as inspiration and comes up with something fit for his queen.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Color Trends: Green Flash

Other Spring 2016 Trendy Colors Spotted On The Runway

#11: Traditional Black

This color is classic. It never goes out of style and never stays off the catwalk. Nearly every show includes some black, at times mixed with other colors but generally going for the very monochromatic look. There may be shimmering fabric in the mix or skin shown beneath like at Iris Van Herpen, while others such as Catherine Quinn might opt to bring the black to the entirety of the collections presented. It’s clearly one of the main looks at Louis Vuitton and Adeam, while it brings nightfall to the sandstorm on Alberta Ferretti.

We see black on Alexander McQueen and most certainly at Valentino and Ellery, while Saint Laurent brought in black slips with rather high center slits. The black is beautiful at Altuzarra, at Sonia Rykiel and Hermes too, at Giambattista Valli, Akris and Celine. It’s a common theme on Olympia Le Tan, Vera Wang and Nina Ricci, on Elie Saab and Mugler, Haider Ackermann and the almost all-black collection found at Yohji Yamamoto. It looks splendid at Chalayan and Lanvin, Roberto Cavalli and Blumarine, Moschino from Milan and Amanda Wakeley, as well as Osman and many others from London.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Color Trends: Black

#12: A Touch of Futuristic Silver

It may not be one of the biggest spring/ summer 2016 color trends on the runway, but silver is very much in and seen all over, especially on shimmering fabrics. Dresses of all types appear in silver, on the Paris Fashion Week among others, as per Iris Van Herpen, Paul & Joe, Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Saint Laurent, the latter with a tiara topping its gowns. We see the shimmering effects of the silver at the Emanuel Ungaro show, appearing in a crop top twin set and a loose mini dress, bringing out the gorgeous in the lady.

Mugler’s got hints of the silver shining through, while Junya Watanabe gives it an interesting future. We see the shimmering silver at Lanvin, appealing to the more modern tastes, kind of like the intriguing workings at Rick Owens. Moschino, of course, would be going for the futuristic with ease.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Color Trends: Metallic Silver

#13: Stark White

Who does not love the clean white look that can appear on the runways? Since childhood we have been reared to prefer the starker white that seems to speak of professionalism and sophistication, something that was seen heavily in 2015 and now continues with its black counterpart onto the 2016 catwalk. Dresses, shirts, tops and pants all come in the white color, from the runways in Paris to New York, London to Milan.

White is seen at L’Amitie, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Louis Vuitton, Adeam, Moncler Gamme Rouge, Alexander McQueen, and Ellery among others. We have it at Esteban Cortazar, Altuzarra, and Hermes, Akris, Celine and Emanuel Ungaro. It is possibly the most commonly used color on the runway, second to black only perhaps, and looks divine in so many of the designer shows.

We see gorgeous whites on Elie Saab and Mugler, Chalayan and Blumarine among many others. The London show features whites by nearly everyone, including Osman and Temperley London, Issa and David Koma.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Color Trends: White

#14: Mossy Green

The rather interesting moss green color is one of the green shades to take over, something seen at 3.1 Philip Lim, on the lovely two-piece sets at Akris and the interesting pieces that appear on the Nina Ricci runway. The mossy green is very much on the earthy side, as seems to be a big part of the focus for the SS 2016 color trends. The moss green color looks pretty awesome in general, and was a bigger staple on the New York Fashion Week shows, more so than the rest.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Color Trends: Mossy Green

#15: Periwinkle

The pretty bluish lilac shade is all sorts of gorgeous on the SS 2016 runways, a top color that has been floating around Pinterest as one of choice for the coming seasons. It looks positively lovely against the white background on the Akris show, while it reared its head at Altuzarra and looked stunning at Roland Mouret on that halter topped midi dress. At Vivienne Westwood it’s all about the Alice in Wonderland, while Haider Ackermann, Vivetta and the loveliest of lovely pieces do appear at Jil Sander in Milan.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Color Trends: Periwinkle

#16: Indigo

A slightly purple tinted blue of a darker shade comes in all sorts of designs on the runway, appearing all over the world. It appears on Acne Studios in the guise of sweaters and mesh tops, while Altuzarra button-down dresses were made all the better for it. The deeper colors appeared at Esteban Cortazar with gusto, we see them blending in beautifully with the lemon chiffon at Martin Grant.

Elie Saab has always been positively amazing, so his indigo pieces are most definitely fitting the ticket. It comes up at Junya Watanabe and enjoys the spotlight at the beautifully printed Etro. The deep purplish blues are seen at the Amanda Wakeley show in London as well, with the Fashion Week also showing off the indigo hues quite beautifully in New York.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Color Trends: Indigo

#17: Pale Blush

A darling pale pink that takes on the dustier shade of rose quartz, this is a color that appears all over, from Miu Miu to Aganovich, the gorgeous tulle dresses on Valentino and the increasingly attractive Chanel outfits. It appears on Sacai skirts and Christian Dior gauzy crop top twin sets covered in tulle. It comes into play at Balmain with its ruffles and skirts, as well as the Emporio Armani designs. Long trains over short skirts mark this look at Roberto Cavalli, while we see it beautifully at Temperley London as well.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Color Trends: Pale Blush

#18: Persimmon

An earthy orange color in of itself, this is one of the hues that really comes into play on the spring/ summer runway for 2016, as seen on runways such as Esteban Cortazar and Roland Mouret, the latter of which takes on the orange hue with gusto. Nina Ricci grabs at the earthier feel of the color and brings in its own take on the way the designs should work. Chalayan gives in to the hue as well. And then, of course there is the whole Balmain deal. Osman likes his permission as well, something we see on suits and skirts and ruffled up dresses in spades.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Color Trends: Persimmon

#19: Dark Teal

It appears that one of the biggest spring/ summer 2016 color trends is the use of blues in all different shades on the spectrum for the coming seasons. A darker shade to the Serenity Blue, the Dark Teal has its own magic, an underwater color that speaks of greens and blues mixed beautifully. It appears magically beautiful on Altuzarra, Mary Katrantzou and others throughout the different shows, from the New York Fashion Week to the London, the Milan Fashion Week to the gorgeous pieces finally presented in Paris.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Color Trends: Dark Teal

#20: Papaya

While blues are a common trend, so are the oranges, with the papaya color making its own splash on the runway throughout the Fashion Weeks. Alberta Ferretti gave hints to papaya, while Esteban Cortazar embraces the hue. We see the warmly gentle color on Alexander Wang slips and at Sonia Rykiel, the latter really bringing out the brighter aspects to the trend. Andrew Gn brings in the floral prints on these A-line midi skirts, and then there is a touch of papaya on the Roland Mouret runway. Papaya looks grand at Trussardi, on jackets and tops and accessories on the bodies.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Color Trends: Papaya

#21: Navy Blue

While this was a major color on the FW 2015-2016 runways, it seems to have bled into the SS 2016 looks as well, coming into play at 3.1 Phillip Lim, at the lovely Acne Studios, a touch of it at Ellery and at the lovely Sonia Rykiel, at Martin Grant and Sacai, the looks on the latter two taking control of the runway with their simplicity and appealing darkness. We see not yet black darks appear on Mugler, in designs that make a Navy SEAL jealous. It looks incredibly lovely on the Carven skirts with their detailed hems and all the other times it appears on the New York, London, Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Color Trends: Navy Blue

#22: Scarlet

It is a really red color we are looking at here, a shade up and down and literally looking gorgeous. It is not an official color by Pantone or anywhere near it, other than the more orange Fiesta with its warmth and energy, but these reds scream classic, holidays and loads of fun. Acne Studios brings them in with gusto, while there are pretty hints on Akris and Alexander McQueen. Valentin Yudashkin brings in the beauty of it all, with wraparound tops and ankle cropped pants alongside Oscars-worthy dresses to wear on the red carpet.

And then there is Alexis Mabille, who simply loves those reds! Add some Alexander Wang to the mix, and then there is the whole barely there high neck and long sleeve figures at Nina Ricci. It looks gorgeous on Elie Saab, and is the only non-black piece to appear at Yohji Yamamoto. The scarlet woman appears on the Lanvin runway, traipsing through New York and London, Milan and Paris with her stupendously splendid desirability.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Color Trends: Scarlet

#23: Burgundy

This is not as common as it should be, but the burgundy hue can be seen around quite freely, looking rather lovely at Acne Studios, Adeam, and with hints at Valentino. We see the lovely hues appear on the Stella McCartney runway, while it looks quite darling on the Vetements midi dresses with the plunging necklines and the shirts under black layers. Lanvin’s got the burgundy down to a tee, while Chloe brings in the sporty looks by combining burgundy with either indigo or taupe. Trussardi includes some jackets and side slit long sleeved dresses, while Etro does not let go of its love for printed fluttering fares.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Color Trends: Burgundy

#24: Amethyst Purple

The deep purple hue appears beautifully in multiple places, including at the Aganovich show, with a hint at Alberta Ferretti and the Olympia Le Tan designs. Amethyst is a beautiful color and looks positively stunning when paired with deeper orange in the guise of the Pantone Fiesta hue. Vetements brings in Amethyst dresses, Lanvin really making the color shine with its high neck mini dress. Carven comes in with sophisticated amethyst skirts and dresses, plunging necklines and all.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Color Trends: Amethyst Purple

#25: Sandstorm

It was on the Alberta Ferretti collection that we really saw the loveliness of a sandstorm hue, bringing in everything earthy and beautiful. There is a bit of a sandstorm brewing at Valentino as well it appears as the calming effects of the earth are brought to lovely dresses of all shapes and sizes. The sandstorm hue comes into play on the Celine runway as well, alongside some rather lovely and beautifully printed fluttering skirted Etro pieces.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Color Trends: Sandstorm

#26: Hazy Taupe

While the calm exists before the storm, there is always room to include some taupe. It may not always be the biggest color trend on the runways, but we do see it often enough, appearing on Alberta Ferretti’s sandstorm collection, Alexander McQueen weaving it into some romantic pieces with Indian design. At Saint Laurent, there were a few variations to the shade, coming in transparent or fully opaque designs. There are hints at Esteban Cortazar, at Balmain and Chloe. Trussardi loves this hue apparently and ensures at least half of its collection includes one manner of it or another. We see the taupe at Jil Sander, at Etro and David Koma.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Color Trends: Hazy Taupe

#27: Coral

If there is one color we can never get tired of seeing, it is the coral hue with its pinkish overtones and orange undertones. It is positively lovely and looks great at Valentin Yudashkin. Gorgeous coral appears on dresses at Alexis Mabille as well, complementing its more scarlet designs. It looks positively delightful at Roland Mouret, while a whole line of the coral appears at Mugler, including wraparound dresses with or without sleeves, slashed up bodysuits and center clit slips. Chloe’s got the coral all figured out it seems as well. Emporio Armani appears from Milan, while New York has its own presentations of the gorgeous coral hue.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Color Trends: Coral

#28: Khaki

Similar to the big olive color trend, khaki comes in as a lovely alternative to some of the brighter, warmer or more calming hues seen around. It is the earthy feeling of khaki that makes us fall in love all over again and we simply adore it. Khaki appears on the Alexander Wang runway, along with having its dull greenish or brownish-yellow color appear at Sonia Rykiel in true army style. The khaki comes into play bondage style at Olympia Le Tan, camouflage at Junya Watanabe, and just very simple at Chalayan. Olive and khaki combine to create the opening numbers of the Versace collection in Milan.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Color Trends: Khaki

#29: Olive

One of the bigger spring/ summer 2016 color trends is the olive green actually, one, which we really loved throughout the Fashion Week shows. It has a bit of autumn in the springy flavor. Alexander Wang was one such designer to put the color in full use. Olive comes in handy on the Celine runway, looking very much to be the color provider for the designer. Olympia Le Tan brings olive to whole sets and little skirts, while Nina Ricci gives the color feathers and trousers and intriguing fashion trends. A whole line of olive appears at Mugler, from coatdresses to simple minis, wraparounds to khaki style pants, shinier materials to quite matte pieces. Versace’s got olive on its mind and a very khaki feel going for it.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Color Trends: Olive

#30: Shimmering Gold

Another pretty common trend on the runway is the use of pale shimmering gold, almost in a silver tone but not quite there. Some have different undertones, but all share the same shimmer and the same golden attitude. Saint Laurent included the color trend among its line-up, while darker, deeper golden hues appear on the Olympia Le Tan runway. The lighter version comes up at Nina Ricci and then at Rick Owens, the latter bringing us more than just gowns for the evening but something to wear out during the day.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Color Trends: Gold

#31: Milky Bone

Where there was a whole lot of the stark white appearing on the runways, it was the bone color in its milkier setting that really brought the warm calmness out of the collections. The bone brings in ivory and sand to give it a more matte but simply delectable earthy neutral hue. It has a softer yellow cast and a creamier shade. It appears at Esteban Cortazar, Altuzarra and Hermes, while Celine brings those pretty slips to light in the loveliest black and bone white collector items. Yes, we see it within the Olympia Le Tan collection, at Junya Watanabe and taking over the whole of the line in a silky feel at Balenciaga, really giving the collection a wealthy and luxurious atmosphere. Blumarine adds bone when it’s not so focused on the guipure, while David Koma gave the whites a simpler boost.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Color Trends: Milky Bone

#32: Rose Champagne

We all love champagne. A very rosy champagne, we simply cannot be deterred from. Blush and dusty rose have been combined to pull this color together, different from the rose quartz and the pale blush also taking over the runway. Haider Ackermann comes in with some lovely champagne, while it remains clear that Dior loves to make pale pink additions. Giorgio Armani brings in the lovely rose, muted but warm and looking as lovely as ever. Roberto Cavalli has certainly added to their pie with this ruffled dress in rose champagne. Have you seen Amanda Wakeley’s designs? Those dresses are worth every penny spent and the rose champagne hue is just lovely.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Color Trends: Rose Champagne

#33: Yellow Chiffon

The yellow chiffon is a pastel custard color that looks positively divine when paired with silky smooth garments, such as that seen on Saint Laurent with the more golden sheen. It is a gorgeous color that takes root on the Alexander Wang runway as well, while Martin Grant trousers make us feel like a million bucks. It comes in a pale golden hue at Celine and on the Nina Ricci runway in Paris, while Vivienne Westwood breathes in some new life. And then there is Haider Ackermann with his slips, the Chalayan suits and Paco Rabanne designs. Chloe makes the lemon chiffon look astounding. Pretty ruffles take on this hue at Roberto Cavalli, and a touch of Moschino when it’s not going for the buttercup sunshine.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Color Trends: Yellow Chiffon

#34: Dark Roast

If you are a coffee lover like most of the world, you will definitely enjoy the darker roasting hue that appears all over on the runway, though one must show a little more scrutiny in order to find the best ones. It may not be a common enough color for spring 2016, but it does look lovely on the Emanuel Ungaro runway, what with the two-piece designs and crisscross prints. It appears lovely on Olympia Le Tan, and then plays peek-a-boo on Balmain, the more brownish earth hues taking over the latter’s collection.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Color Trends: Dark Roast

#35: Bubblegum Pink

It may not be so much of a pink as we knew from childhood, but it has a certain bubblegum flavor to it as we see the pinks be rushed down that catwalk by sauntering models throughout the past weeks. Chanel is one of the many designers to incorporate this color, while Sonia Rykiel gives it a hot undertone, the hue good enough to make Barbie salivate. There was a dress or two at Stella McCartney that had us demanding more as well. If you want a real Barbie pink though, Emanuel Ungaro has the bubblegum all figured out. Adorable little dresses come up in Elie Saab and then there is the whole Giorgio Armani thing. Vivetta loves the bubblegum and it appears that Moschino is no different either, especially when it comes to those rocket launcher doll-like dresses.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Color Trends: Bubblegum Pink

#36: Rusted Copper

This one is certainly not a common sight on the runways for women as it is more of a men’s runway trend, but it does make an appearance in dresses and rompers at the Chalayan show, coming off as a very earthy, warm and desirable hue. There is a touch of roasted copper at Prada’s show as well, showing off a more ’70s appeal. Giambattista Valli and Sonia Rykiel also have included shades of rusted copper in their spring collections.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Color Trends: Rusted Copper

#37: Quartz Gray

There are so many neutral colors that look so much alike that it is hard to differ some of them. As it is, it seems that the Quartz Gray is a bit different from the Pantone color trend named Lilac Gray, which grabs at the more blue tinted pieces. It looks lovely at Paco Rabanne on the little slip dresses and shimmering shirts. And then there is Carven, looking all sexy with its chic and sophisticated cuts.

Coming in is also Trussardi, though not with as much power as some others. Miuccia Prada is a fantastic designer, though was a bit off her usual appeal this time around, but she rather liked her grays. The London weather must have been inspiration for Amanda Akeley as well, as we see the Quartz Gray really building up in her collection.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Color Trends: Quartz Gray

#38: Raspberry Punch

It appears the raspberry bunch likes to make appearances all over, from Elie Saab to Vivienne Westwood, Miu Miu to Louis Vuitton. While paired with bubblegum pinks, it looks all the more appealing at Carven, the raspberry hue making us thirsty for some raspberry iced tea. Add a pinch of Giorgio Armani to that and you have a collection to covet in its entirety.

Sugar to the raspberry and it comes out looking like Vivetta, or with an extra serving of raspberry punch at the playful runway show of Marni‘s. Pretty punch is added as printed decoration and arrowhead hems to the Blumarine line, while we see the unexpected color become a favorite for many, who prefer the brighter, more attractive coloring.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Color Trends: Raspberry Punch

Photos courtesy of Vogue

Written by Tamar Najarian
Tamar is a psychologist, teaching and heading into the business world with a prospective MBA. A silly lover of books and words, she generally loves to seek out new adventures, getting her toes wet and her hands dirty. Having moved to Armenia nearly two years ago, she feels like the world is at her fingertips and anything is possible so long as you take a step in that direction.