Geisha Makeup Tutorial for Halloween

Halloween, a period when the dead are mingled with the living, when the people’s fantasy reaches its pinnacle, is slowly creeping to us threatening to transform us into a creature that is being anything but na‚Äö√†√∂‚àö√≤ve and innocent. This is a day when a human being decides to reveal his contradictory nature to the fullest measure ” being afraid of dark forces but meanwhile enthusiastically and zealously flying to their arms up to passing into a dark force himself. The air is wrapped with mystery and horror, the Halloween venue ” jam-packed with the most dreadful and the most seductive creatures escaped from all those Hollywood horror films and our favorite fairy tales.

Geisha Makeup Tutorial for Halloween

It is a norm to walk down the street as a Zombie and meet the cynical and terrific Joker from the Dark Knight or a bloodsucker vampire from Dracula or even that horrid long-haired girl crawling out of the television. Provocative panthers are flirting, fluffy cats are purring “Meow, Meow’, while the Red Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland keeps on giving orders to everybody. But it is not only horror films, cartoons or fairy tales that can inspire you while heading to a Halloween party; real life is also producing super-seductive and magnetic figures among them the most mysterious one being Geisha, the traditional Japanese female entertainer, who is bewitching not only for Japanese men, but also for men all over the world.

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Turning into a Geisha on Halloween can be something really compelling and entertaining. But if you think that it is that much easy and straightforward, then you are completely unfamiliar with Japanese traditions, as Geisha goes beyond any kimono and maroon red lips. Of course, first thing you should do after making up your mind to become a Geisha for one day is to acquire a floral kimono with bright-colored obi and a pair of wooden shoes called okobo. Afterwards you can gather your straight dark hair together to make a bun on the top of your head fastening it with red bobby pins. Now it is high time for your Geisha makeup, which can become an easy and funny process if you follow our step-by-step Geisha makeup tutorial for Halloween to create an attractive complexion of white-red-pink combination spreading around some dangerous and sinister charm.

So, in order to appear as a Geisha wrapped with mysterious aura at the Halloween party, here is what products you should put to use and what steps you should follow:

• White face paint
• Paper glue
• Black eye pencil
• Black and pink eyeshadows
• Pink watercolor eyeshadow
• Black eyeliner
• Black mascara
• False eyelashes
• Deep wine lipstick
• Pink blush
• Makeup brushes

Geisha Makeup Tutorial for Halloween

Step 1: First of all endeavor to completely lose the natural shade of your complexion painting your face all white creating an illusion of a mask. Start from whitening your brows by applying paper glue with three layers. Apply one layer, let it dry and then pass to the next layers. Afterwards, apply white face paint all over your face, ears and neck and do not forget to paint your nape as well, leaving one or two stripes unpainted to expose your natural skin. Just for you information, nape is the most seductive part of feminine body, according to the conservative Japanese people.

Step 2: Use a black eye pencil to outline the shape of your new eyebrows higher than your actual brows. Afterwards fill in that shape with black and pink eyeshadows thus creating an ombre effect.

Step 3: To create an illusion of eyebrow shade, apply bright pink eyeshadow to the side of your nose and blend it over the covered brow.

Step 4: Keep on adding bright pink accents on your Geisha face. Apply pink watercolor to create bold wings on your eyes and then blend some black eyeshadow with pink to give depth to the look. Sharp tips do not end in here. Use black eyeliner to create an Asian eye shape in that way turning your eye into a double-edged sharp knife.

Step 5: Coat your eyelashes with mascara pushing them up for maximum volume and length. Apply false eyelashes to add extra density to your natural lashes.

Step 6: Apply deep wine lipstick to convert your lips into two sultry floral petals, leaving the edges of your lips unpainted.

Step 7: Finish off your alluring Geisha complexion by applying a pink blush on your cheeks in a round shape.

Now that no one could doubt in your being a Geisha girl you can confidently head to the Halloween party, but to be on the safe side, arm yourself with a couple of traditional Japanese dances and music. Who knows, some Japanese men may walk around!

Geisha Makeup Tutorial for Halloween

Makeup by Evelina Paunescu for

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