Spring/ Summer 2016 Swimwear Trends

While the autumn winds howl outside our window, we cannot help but reminisce about the days spent lounging lazily under the sun, when the hat was overbearing and the cool waters below us were just what the doctor ordered. We miss those days already and that is probably why seeing swimwear on the runways is such an exceptionally good feeling. So while we wait, we are happily browsing through the past month of fashion to find the best new spring/ summer 2016 swimwear trends out there that money can buy for the new season.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Swimwear Trends

Update: Check out the new Spring/ Summer 2017 Swimwear Trends!

Just weeks into the cooler weather where it is nigh impossible to get a good swim in, we are given the chance to relive the days of absolute wonder and joy, where friends and family gathered to enjoy a good barbeque party and float about on the cooler water while the sun’s rays beamed down to warm already tanned skin. Those were the days my friend and we thought they would never end.

Now, we only have new fashion to keep our minds occupied as we wait and wait and wait another 8-10 months (depending on where one lives) before we can wear them out again. Unless of course, some of us are lucky enough to find not so public indoor pools that are not so crowded.

While swimsuits were once merely something to cover up in as you enjoyed the pools and oceans or lakes, today they have been turned into a form of art. While some appear on the main four runways, we find that the major bulk of the swimwear comes from Miami and Sao Paolo, representing additional fashion weeks that seem not to be as prestigious or well-known as the New York, London, Milan and Paris shows.

The Beach Fashion Week, on the other hand, is held in Miami every year, with good reason. The Miami beaches are one of the best-known North American haunts. In Brazil, however, it is Sao Paolo that grabs our attention and you can imagine how we fell in love with many of the hottest swimsuits for 2016. But which swimwear trends made it onto the runway this season?

#1: Single Piece Swimsuits

Single piece swimsuits can come in all shapes and sizes and one of the biggest sub-trends to it was the cutout. You saw it at Nookie Beach in bondage style and Chromat with a slit around the cleavage to add to its elongating appeal.

Cutouts on the side of single piece halter suits with psychedelic designs as per Mara Hoffman are also quite amazing. Majorly plunging necklines can be found on blue single pieces at Caffe Swimwear, while strapless pieces appear on Mia Marcelle.

Gorgeous fringe adorns the Pocahontas look at the 6 Shore Road by Pooja show, while pretty ruffles only add to the off the shoulder Mara Hoffman piece with the matching headpiece.

Pretty cutouts mark the beauty of the single piece halters and plunging sweetheart necklines at Runway Australia featuring Jewels + Grace + Allerton, while purple never looked as good as it does on 6 Shore Road by Pooja. Hey, they even come in long sleeves and leather, the former including Belusso, and the latter going at Lolli x Amuse Society.

We see ethnic prints and lions staring back from the San Lorenzo looks, while fish scales rule the prints section on Caffe Swimwear. Of course, if you want to go rainbow colors in a style that is wholly revealing while still maintaining some standards, the ’80s vibe of the Amapo one piece is where to look this coming spring.

Toned midriffs appear on the Maxim runway, where we see navy with a whisper of color appear in a nautical theme, a very hot spring and summer statement going on. Indah’s one-piece suits were beyond amazing with the mesh and the see through and the plunging necklines with the bondage effects.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Swimwear Trends: One-Piece Swimsuits

#2: Swimsuits with Cutouts

This was quite possibly one of the main summer 2016 swimsuit trends on the runways. Body parts were bared through strategically placed slashes and holes, the cutouts featuring more skin than normal while still providing ample support, for the most part.

Gorgeous forest green two-piece ensembles were seen on Tori Praver, where the belly button might have been closed off but the cut on the legs was high and there were pretty open slashes across the sides of the bikini bottoms making the body look like it was artfully wrapped up. The hipbones thus jutted out while the triangle top was complemented with a pretty heavy necklace in silver and gold coloring.

A whole lot of cutouts on the black single piece Nookie Beach look gave it a bondage dominatrix ideal with a whole lot of cleavage. Worn with trending white sneakers, we fell in love immediately. Cutouts on the top turn the swimsuit into slightly more halter like, while cutout slashes on the bikini bottoms means a view of collarbones while still adding to the support system.

Other looks came from Chromat in a single piece with a slit across the top of the chest, similar to the MIKOH bikini, Acacia with its high panties that had multiple slits down the sides, Hammock with its large slashes along the hipbones (not a favorite look however), and Runway Australia featuring Jewels + Grace + Allerton with its lovely single piece designs.

San Lorenzo certainly does this trend justice with its line-up. Pretty little cutouts appear on some of the Caffe Swimwear halter strapped single pieces, giving them a hotter than hell appeal.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Swimwear Trends: Swimsuits with Cut-Outs

#3: Lace-Up Bikinis and One-Piece Suits

Whether you are shopping at Hot-As-Hell or elsewhere, you will find a bunch of laced up bikinis for summer 2016 on the market, though not all look amazing. We are not so fond of the really high waists on the bikini bottoms and the lacing on the side only subtracts from it, making the center prints appear more like an artistic loincloth.

Having on the side looks incredibly beautiful when the height does not pass the belly button and the lacing itself is in the same color and print as the rest of the bikini such as on Mara Hoffman.

Lacing across the chest looks incredible on a Nookie Beach design with the back cutouts giving the bikini an even sexier attraction. Lacing across the plunge of the single pieces looks pretty amazing at Caffe Swimwear, while things get really hot at the barely covered Indah show. Strapless and laced up, the San Lorenzo blushing pink looks were pretty to look at.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Swimwear Trends: Lace-Up Swimsuits

#4: High Waist Bikini Bottoms

One of the summer 2016 swimwear trends that is common enough is the high waist on the bikini bottoms that we see coming out onto stage both in Miami and Sao Paolo. We know high waists in general have been in since 2015, but some of these looks are not at all flattering, even on a flat-bellied model. Add lacing to it like with some of the Hot-As-Hell pieces and it is just a lot of skin shown when clearly you are trying to cover up.

High waists that fall right under the belly button, however, are exceedingly pretty, as seen on the Mara Hoffman runway. They can look pretty awesome as well with a bit more subtlety, as with the pale aqua on Acacia worn by women, who clearly are well formed and beautifully muscled.

Tory Praver’s high waists are astoundingly gorgeous as well. Those high waists look awesome at Runway Australia as well, while Salinas brings in the vibrant orange for a feminine look that is both fun and flirty.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Swimwear Trends: High-Waist Bikini Bottoms

#5: Swimsuits with Prints

Prints are a common sight on the 2016 swimsuits as well, whether we are looking at single piece or bikinis, high waists or plunging necklines. Gorgeous ethnic designs appear on an aqua background at Luli Fama, while triangle top cross-banded bikinis sport gorgeous florals against a black background at Acacia. We have laced up bikinis that look amazing on Hot-As-Hell, while the traditional bikini has a Southeastern makeover at Maaji.

Lots of stripes mark up the beauty of Blush by Gottex, while they are thrown in arrowhead design on high cut single pieces at Mia Marcelle. Add some pink tasseled robes to the waist with Shore Road by Pooja or you can go gently floral with plunging necklines again on MIKOH. Under the sea never looked as good as on the retro bikinis by Robb & Lulu, while the bustier look to the gorgeous prints on the Gottex line is hard to ignore.

Prints appear on all types of summer 2016 swimsuit trends, including on long sleeved versions as per Belusso, Luli Fama, and 6 Shore Rod by Pooja. Prints appeared on almost every single line, from the subtler seen on San Lorenzo to the sexy florals on Mara Hoffman. They were barely there at Filthy Haanz, while reigning supreme on the Indah line. Maxim, though, is the line that makes prints look so very good.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Swimwear Trends: Printed Swimsuits

#6: Swimsuits with Plunging Necklines

Normally it is the single pieces that sport this particular trend that has been knocking the wind out of us on simple couture and ready-to-wear pieces as well. Plunging necklines have been in since 2015 and it appears that the following year will not be shedding its beauty and sexy convenience as of yet.

They are majorly apparent among the summer 2016 swimwear as well, going from halter-tops on MIKOH to laced, ethnically printed Luli Fama designs. Plunging necklines appear on gorgeous purple pieces at 6 Shore Road by Pooja, as well as the line-ups from Runway Australia featuring Jewels + Grace + Allerton, while Mia Marcelle looks are strutted down the runway.

The Gottex white chic single piece suit with the plunge reaching below the abdomen was probably one of our very favorites, while the colorful arrowhead stripes at Zimmermann make us fall in love with the trend all over again.

And then there are the pieces that are all too lovely and can double as day or nightwear if you pair it with a skirt and heels, the patterns and plunging neckline doing wonders for the way the chicest one-piece bikini by Alexandre Herchcovitch sits on the body. Add some hot pink to a rather deep plunge as it is at Filthy Haanz and you get a very slimming, super-sexy high cut one-piece feature.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Swimwear Trends: Swimsuits with Plunging Necklines

#7: High Neck Crop Top Bikini Styles

These are positively gorgeous, whether they come in long sleeves like at Mia Marcelle or as mesh styles as seen at San Lorenzo, looking blushingly beautiful, with added Tie Dye as on Runway Australia and pretty prints at Belusso giving the whole thing an almost surreal look.

We love the halter styles at Acacia, the shoulders beautifully accented and the cutouts on the bottoms rather enticing, while the bight florals at 6 Shore Road by Pooja are pretty damn awesome. The gorgeous leather MIKOH pieces with the gorgeous detailing make for an awesome example under this trend.

Hammock brings in this style in a sporty fashion, while stripes are the feature with the Zimmermann looks. And then there is Lenny Niemeyer with the intricately interesting mesh crop top that has you feeling as chic as can be on that beach.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Swimwear Trends: High-Neck Crop Top Bikini Sets

#8: Swimsuits in Retro Design

It was popular in the past few seasons and it is popular now. We find that the retro looks never really leave the runway actually and they are perpetually always in style, one way or another. Now, we find that the retro includes a lot of brighter colors, sheer inserts and a rather coquette style.

We love the high waist and the sheer edgings on one particular Mara Hoffman look, while things look sweet as candy on the Lolli x Amuse Society catwalk. Pretty prints, a halter-top, high waist and mesh sides make the Frankie’s Bikinis designs very much ones to covet. Retro gives the swimsuits a very lovely attraction, with the waists and the focus on the busts really adding to the beauty of a swimsuit.

Salinas does retro beautifully with its orange coloring that is fun and flirty while covering up that belly. Retro can mean crochet monokinis by Triya or something more on the luxe side with a timeless high waist Agua de Coco piece.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Swimwear Trends: Retro Swimsuits

#9: Strapless Bandeau Tops on Swimsuits

One of the more intriguing summer 2016 swimwear trends seen on the runway include the strapless bandeau pieces, where the tops of the bikinis are not given any support through straps or even twisted material.

We see this on Columbian Trend with its teeny tiny top, Gottex with its retro style and arrowhead prints along with its gorgeous twisted turquoise tops, Mia Marcelle with its striped and abstractly hairy single piece, and Runway Australia with its tie dye looks in blue and white, complete with high waist bottoms.

Blue, pink and white look pretty awesome against tiny little strapless bikinis at Caffe Swimwear, while painted leaves give the Belusso string tankinis a totally lovable design.

Bandeau tops never looked as good as they do on the Salinas runway, the coral hued orange really bringing out the fun, flirty and vibrant atmosphere. That bandeau appears on the F**K Swimwear fashions as well, in light blue and white stripes and a tied up bikini bottom to match.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Swimwear Trends: Bandeau Bikini tops

#10: Fringed Swimwear

Whether the fringe is on your clothing, accessories or swimwear, it matters not. The 1970s fashion trend might not be around as strongly as during the 2015 seasons but it is still around and it is most certainly still trendy. That might be why we are seeing gorgeous fringed stringy halter bikinis by Luli Fama, or Pocahontas style single pieces by 6 Shore Road by Pooja.

Really tiny triangle bikinis with triangles on the chest and the privates below are only added to on the Mia Marcelle runway with the fringe hanging from the center of the bikini top.

The cover-ups on Maxim Magazine Worldwide Swimwear have some fringed hems, something also seen at Rica’s show. Some very long and very sexy fringe comes into play at Patricia Viera, where the one-piece swimsuits turn into a gorgeous beach dress.

One of our very favorites though is the cute little fringe on the F**K Swimwear leather bikini bottoms, though not always in leather either. We saw the fringe appear on red and black bandeau bikinis as well. Actually, we can safely say that fringe was F**K Swimwear’s favorite trend alongside its bandeaus.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Swimwear Trends: Fringed Swimsuits

#11: Sporty Chic Swimwear

It was a major trend in 2015 and it keeps on going into 2016! We love the sporty chic look and simply cannot get enough of the modern designs that give the more fit and fabulous of our ladies a chance to build up more muscle.

We see striped edges on Acacia halter bikinis, cutouts at Hammock, tiny sleeved single pieces at Maaji, gentle classics at MIKOH and gorgeous long sleeved designs on the Maxim Magazine Worldwide Swimwear line-up. Gorgeous pale pink takes to the runway at Acacia, while long sleeves make any swimsuit look particularly alluring, as is the case on Belusso.

And then of course there is the high cut single piece with the spaghetti straps from Adriana Degreas that has the sports-luxe feeling perfectly matching modern trends. Sporty and sexy make for an incredible combination on the 2nd Floor runway, where the effortless looks hold immense sex appeal.

Of course, F**K Swimwear also joins in the crowd of sport loving beach looks with the sexy silhouettes. The one designer line that was into sporty chic with a passion was most certainly Maaji, with its shorts and bikinis and one-piece suits, its pants and jackets and mesh tops to go with everything.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Swimwear Trends: Sporty Chic Swimsuits

#12: Swimsuits with Pretty Ruffles

It is another trend that may not be as big this year but still a continuation of the 2015 swimwear trends. The ruffles look great on the dresses and the regular garments, but they look even more adorable on the swimwear that is brought forth onto the Fashion Weeks.

Whether it is tiny ruffles on bikini bottoms at Lila Nikole, or off-the-shoulder designs as per Tori Praver’s retro looks and Mara Hoffman’s single piece, this is one of the spring/ summer 2016 swimwear trends that we love seeing over and over again.

We see lovely bikini tops with ruffles at Blush by Gottex, while Mohoni makes it look so very good. The cutest looks though were seen at Mia Marcelle. Flouncy frills are what make one particular Agua de Coco bikini stand out, flattering the body and really making a splash among a crowd.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Swimwear Trends: Ruffled Swimsuits

#13: Swimsuits with Long Sleeves

It was big in 2015 and it continues to appear for the 2016 fashions as well, albeit not as strongly or as prominent. The long sleeves on the crop tops on bikinis or single piece suits give it a sophisticated appeal and also make for a more inclusive line-up, catering to all cultures and religions. Plus, they look positively amazing when there are laced up plunging necklines involved such as at Belusso or as full appearing two-piece ensembles such as on Colombian Trend.

Hey, it even appears in leather at Lolli x Amuse Society! Rush guards and long sleeves look awesome for the surf-loving lady, no matter who it is you are wearing. At the end of the day though, it is Belusso with a major focus on the longer sleeves overall, with prints or shimmering fabrics, colorful or in a mossy forest green, in single pieces or with cropped or full tops over bikini bottoms. Maxim also flexes muscles in this sphere, though not as beautifully as Belusso.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Swimwear Trends: Long-Sleeve Swimsuits

#14: Leather Swimsuits

The leather look is always lovely and chic, one of the summer 2016 swimwear trends, which can bring sexy back with a vengeance. We see long sleeved single pieces with high cuts at the hips on the Lolli x Society runway show, while things get the punkish mesh look with crop top and dominatrix bikini look at Nookie Beach and Luli Fama.

One can really get in the groove with the thin and breathable alternative to regular leather, this one made for having fun in the sun. This includes the sporty side cut looks at Maaji. Perfect for some beach volleyball. Of course, the cult favorite MIKOH has its own looks to show off as well. Fringed bikini bottoms appeared on the F**K Swimwear runway as well, giving us flirty and fun in one.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Swimwear Trends: Leather Swimsuits

#15: Sexy in Turquoise

Exotic and ethnic, we see Luli Fama take on the turquoise trend beautifully and we cannot help but fall in love with the perfect hue for the waves and your tan. Robb & Lulu gives cleavage a whole new meaning with its triangle halter top bikinis, while nothing looks as pretty as a strapless Gottex.

We love the long sleeves and the short on MIKOH, while the dominatrix sexiness appears at Chromat in line with its more orange counterpart. Beachy bubbles looked grand on the San Lorenzo suits as well.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Swimwear Trends: Turquoise Swimsuits

#16: Gorgeous in Orange

One of the biggest color trends is the orange look that comes in all sorts of shades, from the paler peaches to the darker almost sunset reddish looks. We see the myriad of orange colors appear on everything from Luli Fama laced end halter tops to crop tops style halters at Acacia, pretty little stringy pieces at Robb & Lulu, as well as navy lined Mia Marcelle and the dominatrix straps all over the Chromat look.

The orange looks positively wonderful on the flirty, fun and vibrant pieces by Salinas, recreating a beach look that is as feminine as can be with a high waist and strapless bandeau top. Yellowish orange makes it into the line-up at Belusso, looking pretty awesome!

Spring/ Summer 2016 Swimwear Trends: Orange Swimsuits

#17: Classic Monochrome Swimwear

While there are crazy awesome swimwear trends for summer 2016 on the runway, we see a whole lot of monochrome pieces as well, taking in the classic styles along with some of the more trendy pieces.

Classic black appears on bikinis with strategic cut-outs all over at San Lorenzo, while pretty lilacs give crop top halters a new name. At Caffe Swimwear, gorgeous reds appear in single strapped bikinis, making all the rest of the items appear less than sexy enough.

Monochrome can come in fringe as well and that is exactly what we see at Luli Fama, while black is a pretty big thing happening with the resurgence of the ’90s, basic meaning anything but boring with Mia Marcelle Hammock or Runway Australia featuring Jewels + Grace + Allerton.

Hot-As-Hell brings back the extremely high cuts at the legs, exposing a little too much skin for some. We have never thought of that cut as very flattering, though it doesn’t look too bad in white. Acacia, however, just makes it look gorgeous on a one-piece.

We have gorgeous white and black pieces appearing on Runway Australia, along with navy for a small splash of color at Runway Australia.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Swimwear Trends: Monochrome Swimsuits

#18: Animal Print Swimsuits

We love the snakeskin look. It appears on the regular ready-to-wear items for the spring and summer seasons of 2016 so why should it not also appear on rather attractive summer 2016 bikinis? San Lorenzo loves the animal prints and brings in different looks including a snakeskin bikini as well as a low cut single piece with a huge lion print along the front.

At Caffe Swimwear, it is fish scales that are a common theme, appearing on everything from straps to bikini bottoms; F**K Swimwear, on the other hand, decided on the leopard print approach and really made the strapless looks appear with maximum sex appeal. Those leopard prints also appeared at Indah, so we are thinking animal is definitely one way to go.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Swimwear Trends: Animal-Printed Swimsuits

#19: Single Shoulder Bikini Tops

While most of the summer 2016 swimwear trends included double shoulders, some did decide to take fashion on swimwear to a new level and include a rope like single strap, at Café Swimwear it crossing from one side to the other.

We see it in blues and monochrome reds, making the style appear even sexier than it is meant to be. Single-shoulder swimsuits look really good at the Triya show as well, where mesh and white combine and delicacy blurs the line between swimwear and lingerie.

Single shoulders appear at Belusso as well, on single piece swimwear for added effect. Single shoulders also appear on Robb & Lulu, looking positively fabulous.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Swimwear Trends: One-Shoulder Bikini Tops

#20: Simple Triangle Bikinis

Simple bikinis are a dime a dozen and often we don’t want anything elaborate. We just want a bit of coverage on our private parts and the rest of us revealed against the glory of the sun. That is how we feel about the simple triangle bikinis that appear in almost every line presented for the spring/ summer 2016 swimwear collections. Caffe Swimwear has some pretty turquoise and white looks, while Hot-As-Hell gives the string a whole new meaning.

Simple triangle bikinis appear at MIKOH as well, among all the more detailed attractions that take over each and every trend on the runways. Patricia Viera knows exactly how to get the blood boiling with a very simple, very black triangle bikini top matched with briefs, showing off a woman ready for a very lazy summer with a drink in hand. We love Indah though, while we simply cannot get enough of F**K Swimwear.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Swimwear Trends: Triangle Bikini Tops

#21: Bondage is the New Favorite

One of the biggest summer 2016 swimsuit trends includes the bondage style that has women loving the feeling of being the dominant as well as the submissive. We don’t need Fifty Shades of Grey to feel the sexiness of this look.

From crisscross bikini tops to strappy single-piece designs, this is certainly a trend to go for. That includes the high waist Chromat bikinis and the single piece dominatrix looks in turquoise and deep tangerine. Maaji has brought in some ethnic prints to the high top, while Nookie Beach really empowers the single-piece wearing lady.

Minimale Aimale and Chromat were probably the most bondage-oriented lines featuring swimsuits for the spring and summer of 2016. Bondage at Indah looked pretty amazing though, while Belusso gives into the trend with a less extreme effect.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Swimwear Trends: Bondage Swimsuits

#22: Floral Prints on Everything

Florals have been in season for as long as we can remember. They have looked incredible with their feminine appeal and often darker, more romantic designs. Hot-As-Hell takes the string bikini to a new level and adds the latter design to it, giving the lady wearing the bikini a confidence in her strut, something that Acacia emulates. Florals look very pretty in a crop top piece by Blush by Gottex, while there is a bright and sunny yellow background to the print at Mara Hoffman.

Black backgrounds also appear at Lolli x Amuse Society, while it is more retro in white at Frankie’s Bikinis. Playing on the retro as well is Columbian Trend, while high neck crop tops and tasseled ropes around the waist appear at 6 Shore Road by Pooja. Gorgeous exotic plants appear on the Agua de Coco by Liana Thomaz line for 2016, revealing just enough without going too far.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Swimwear Trends: Floral-Printed Swimsuits

#23: Stripes All Over

One of the bigger trends for the spring and summer whether they are clothes or bikinis, is the use of stripes. We see stripes appear on Mia Marcelle strapless one-piece suits and gorgeous Runway Australia sets featuring Jewels + Grace + Allerton. We see ruffle skirt bikinis on Blush by Gottex using white and navy blue, as well as high neck crop top bikinis at Zimmermann.

We love the simpler Acacia looks, while retro has got all the sexy moves at the main Gottex line. Need something sweet as candy? Pick up a Lolli x Amuse Society high waist set. Multicolored stripes by Lenny Niemeyer give a very simple bikini a thoroughly attractive design.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Swimwear Trends: Striped Swimsuits

#24: Black Reigns Supreme

Yes, one of the biggest spring/ summer 2016 swimwear trends is the black colored swimsuit, whether it is a bikini or a one-piece, with a simple triangle top or a plunging neckline.

We love the black in the bondage and with the cutouts, we love the long sleeves or strapless as seen on the Runway Australia show, with a high waist and a small splash of color as per 6 Shore Road by Pooja Resort 2016 or the black and white sexy number seen at Chromat SS16 Swim at DIVE preview. High cuts and small triangle tops look incredible at Minimale Animale, while the simplest designs reigned on San Lorenzo and F**K Swimwear.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Swimwear Trends: Black Swimsuits

#25: Loving the String Bikini

What is summer without the unapologetically sexy string bikini? Halter or spaghetti strapped, the bikini looks with the strings tied at the hips look positively delectable as was proven on the Indah runway in Miami. There is a lot of string to be seen at San Lorenzo as well as the Belusso lines, the latter featuring some brighter colors and floral effects in between.

We got the appearance of Sting on Robb & Lulu, while it is getting very hot at the Hot-As-Hell show. Plus there is the whole fringe induced cheeky designs at Mia Marcelle, with similar fringe noticed at Lolli x Amuse Society. The cutest little floral print ones appear in purple however at Tori Praver.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Swimwear Trends: String Bikinis

#26: Lovely Crochet Swimsuits

Last summer’s favorite swimsuit style flawlessly makes its way through the new year giving us an amazing chance to channel our inner boho babe while on the beach. Crochet swimwear looks fun, unique and the new beach season brings absolutely fabulous, colorful designs we can’t wait to get our hands on. Luli Fama and Tommy Hilfiger are some of the brands that have referred to this trend in their new collections.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Swimwear Trends: Crochet Swimsuits

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Written by Tamar Najarian
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