MAC Enchanted Eve Holiday 2015 Makeup Collection

Day after day we are witnessing holiday 2015 makeup collections vigorously competing with each other for the title of the best goody for our cosmetic bags and, frankly speaking, within the realm of possibility we would have got hands on all the offerings without exception. Our favorite iconic cosmetics brand MAC has decided to exhilarate us triply this year by spicing our Christmas days with three makeup collections. Now the brand presents the MAC Enchanted Eve holiday 2015 makeup collection, which will be available in the USA on October 18, 2015 on the brand’s official website and on October 22, 2015 at MAC locations, while the international launch date of the collection is only in November at MAC locations.

The MAC Enchanted Eve makeup line provides a broad range of eye palette, lipsticks and lip glosses, eyeliners and mascaras, as well as professional makeup brushes that come to be nestled in comfy and travel-friendly purse-like compacts and which will help you to meet every Christmas day with a completely new look.

MAC Enchanted Eve Viva Glam Lip Palette ($25.00) (Limited Edition)

The iconic Viva Glam Lipstick I, Lipstick II and Lipstick III have united into a little square lip palette of three fruity shades, which will allow your sensual lips to experience those pleasant satin, matte and frost feelings. The lip shades included in the palette are:

• Viva Glam Lipstick I ” intense brownish blue-red (Matte)
• Viva Glam Lipstick II ” muted pink beige with shimmer (Satin)
• Viva Glam Lipstick III ” mid-tone rose with gold pearlized pigments (Frost)

MAC Enchanted Eve Holiday 2015 Makeup Collection

MAC Enchanted Eve Viva Glam Lip Set ($31.00) (Limited Edition)

The fans of Miley Cyrus Viva Glam lipsticks and lip glasses should immediately look to this precious set including hot pink lipstick with crème texture and the same shade lip-gloss with sparkling pearl shimmer. Packed in a black purse-like box with colorful stripes and MAC logo on it, the set may impel your lips to get addicted to pink color. Check the set below:

• Miley Cyrus Lipstick ” hot pink (Amplified Creme)
• Miley Cyrus Lipglass ” pink with multi-dimensional pearlized pigments

MAC Enchanted Eve Pink Lipstick Palette ($25.00) (Limited Edition)

There is another pink addiction threatening your lips on Christmas Eve. The Enchanted Eve Pink Lipstick Palette featuring three pink lipstick shades with quite intriguing names will coat your juicy lips providing them utmost comfort and confidence through amplified crème and matte finishes. Check the palette shades below:

• Pink Germain ” clean pastel pink (Amplified Creme)
• Let’s Rendez Vous ” dark fuchsia (Amplified Creme)
• Wined + Dined ” deep pink purple (Matte)

MAC Enchanted Eve Coral Lipstick Palette ($25.00) (Limited Edition)

Getting hands on this coral lipstick palette you will make the carnival of fruity colors go on. Three shades of coral lipsticks lodged in a square compact will provide your lips with a translucent look if you choose those Pure Zen and Coral Bliss shades infused with pearlized pigment and will guarantee your classic bright appearance if you opt for Lady Danger coral red shade with matte finish. Do not hesitate to check the palette shades below:

• Pure Zen ” frozen warm nude (Cremesheen)
• Coral Bliss ” frosted light coral (Cremesheen)
• Lady Danger ” vivid bright coral-red (Matte)

MAC Enchanted Eve Holiday 2015 Makeup Collection

MAC Enchanted Eve Nude Lip Look Bag ($29.50) (Limited Edition)

This sweet Nude Lip Look Bag including a light blue pink lipstick, a creamy nude beige lip glass, while a dirty red brown long-wearing lip pencil is a real godsend for natural-look-estimators. The bag includes:

• Creme Cup Lipstick ” light blue pink (Cremesheen)
• Cherry Blossom Lipglass ” creamy nude beige
• Boldly Bare Lip Pencil ” dirty red brown

MAC Enchanted Eve Pink Lip Look Bag ($39.50) (Limited Edition)

Fairy ladies are Christmas holiday’s most appropriate creatures, who are illuminating the atmosphere with their ethereal and sweet look. If you are yearning to become one of those positive illuminators, this Pink Lip Look Bag will work out for the best. A mid-tone pink lipstick, a medium pink lip glass and dirty mauve lip pencil packed in a single bag will facilitate your transformation from a human being into a fairy lady. Check the bag below:

• Goodbye Kiss Lipstick ” cool mid-tone pink (Amplified Cream)
• Frozen Dream Lipglass ” medium pink rose
• Just Wonderful Lip Pencil ” dirty mauve

MAC Enchanted Eve Holiday 2015 Makeup Collection

MAC Enchanted Eve Red Lip Look Bag ($39.50) (Limited Edition)

This passionate trio composed of three red-shaded components destined to cover your lips with raspberry red veil will definitely hypnotize all the guests at the party. Check the trio below:

• Pretty Irresistible Lipstick ” bright raspberry red (Matte)
• A Favourite Flame Lipglass ” vibrant deep raspberry
• Beet Lip Pencil ” vivid reddish pink

MAC Enchanted Eve Cool Face Kit ($49.50) (Limited Edition)

This is an ideal gift both to give and to receive as possessing this kit you will all at once embellish your eyes, lips, cheeks and your whole face. Opening the black pouch and finding there three eyeshadows with frost, matte and pearl finishes, a soft-rose powder, a cream color base and two lipsticks of cool hues can definitely boost your mood, stimulating you to use the kit over and over again. Check the components below:

• Chez What? Eyeshadow ” deep brown grey (Frost)
• Cozy Grey Eyeshadow ” cool grey (Matte)
• Rhythm & Blues Eyeshadow ” deep black blue (Veluxe Pearl)
• Cheek to Cheek Beauty Powder ” soft-rose
• Passing Fancy Cream Colour Base ” bright orange coral with soft pearlized pigments
• Rebel Lipstick ” mid-tone cream plum (Satin)
• Feed The Senses ” mid-tone mauvey nude (Lustre)

MAC Enchanted Eve Holiday 2015 Makeup Collection

MAC Enchanted Eve Warm Face Kit ($49.50) (Limited Edition)

MAC Enchanted Eve has another neutral-shaded offering for your full makeup experiments. You can see the integral parts of this warm face kit with corresponding shades below:

• Deception Eyeshadow ” chocolate gold (Frost)
• Showstopper Eyeshadow ” deep brown (Matte)
• On a Dare ” mid tone tan (Veluxe Pearl)
• Golden Tone Beauty Powder ” deep chestnut brown
• Shell Cream Colour Base ” soft pink beige with shimmer
• Blankety Lipstick ” soft pink beige (Amplified Cream)
• Paint the Town Lipstick ” cool deep red (Cremesheen)

MAC Enchanted Eve Warm Eyeshadow x 6 ($39.50) (Limited Edition)

As a popular quotation states: “The eyes are the mirror of the soul and reflect everything that seems to be hidden’. So prettify your soul in parallel with it prettifying your eyes making them more impressive and penetrating. The Warm Eyeshadow that Enchanted Eve offers will undoubtedly carry out that mission embellishing your eyes with six shades of brown. Check the shades below:

• Seasonal Split ” warm yellow tan (Veluxe Pearl)
• Mood Maker ” rich oak-brown (Frost)
• Sax Appeal ” soft taupe-brown (Satin)
• Bewitchin’ ” warm chestnut-brown (Velvet)
• Charcoal Brown ” muted taupe-brown (Matte)
• Retrospeck ” beached blonde (Lustre)

MAC Enchanted Eve Navy Eyeshadow x 6 ($39.50) (Limited Edition)

Here is another eyeshadow kit to provide you with penetrating look day and night. Different shades of grey, brown and even vibrant midnight blue will give your eyelids abruptly different feelings through their various pearl, frost, lustre, satin, velvet and matte finishes. The Navy Eyeshadow features the following six shades:

• Blacklit ” soft creme nude (Veluxe Pearl)
• See The Stars ” warm mid-tone grey (Frost)
• City Beat ” creamy light brown (Satin)
• Blue Velvet ” vibrant midnight blue (Velvet)
• Cool Drive ” soft charcoal (Matte)
• Softly Rockin’ ” warm taupey grey (Lustre)

MAC Enchanted Eve Holiday 2015 Makeup Collection

MAC Enchanted Eve Mauve Eyeshadow x 6 ($39.50) (Limited Edition)

On those cold and frosty winter days this eyeshadow kit consisting of playful and soft shades of pinky violet, light grey lilac or soft lavender mauve is just to the point. Check all six shades below:

• Magic Moor ” rich blackened plum with pearlized pigment (Veluxed Pearl)
• A Differnt Vibe ” light beige-grey (Lustre)
• Swing Out ” pinky violet (Satin)
• Pretty Jazzed ” soft lavender mauve (Velvet)
• Subtly Elegant ” light grey lilac (Matte)
• Lightfully ” white with pink reflects (Lustre)

MAC Enchanted Eve Plum Eyelook Bag ($42.50) (Limited Edition)

The color of mystery may soon coat your attractive eyes wrapping you with some mysterious aura on Christmas day. The set will generously treat you to a muted-grey purple long-wearing eyeshadow with cream texture and skin-like feature, black mascara for your dramatic eyelashes, a long-wearing, smudge-proof gel liner and a double ended fluff brush / eye liner brush. You can check the set below:

• Stormy Pink Pro Longwear Paint Pot ” muted-grey purple
• False Lashes False Black Macara ” black
• Macroviolet Fluidline ” deep smoked violet with red pearlized pigments
• 242/ 209 Brush ” double ended fluff brush / eye liner brush

MAC Enchanted Eve Smoky Eyelook Bag ($42.50) (Limited Edition)

Smokey eyes will never exhaust and will always remain the best generators of impressive and penetrating look. Enchanted Eve has a Smokey Eyelook offering for you, which you can check below:

• Dangerous Curvee Pro Longwear Paint Pot ” frosted cool grey
• False Lashes False Black Macara ” black
• Blacktrack Fluidline ” solid flat black
• 242/ 209 Brush ” double ended fluff brush / eye liner brush

MAC Enchanted Eve Holiday 2015 Makeup Collection

MAC Enchanted Eve Neutral Eyelook Bag ($42.50) (Limited Edition)

The spiciest and the most delicious products like chocolate, walnut, cognac or coffee are in brown shades. So, needless to say how sweet it will be to sit at the Christmas table as a chocolate girl or a cognac woman. MAC Enchanted Eve will give you such an opportunity if you acquire this brownish set with the following components:

• Painterly Pro Longwear Paint Pot ” nude beige
• False Lashes False Black Macara ” black
• DipDown Fluidline ” deep dark flat brown
• 242/ 209 Brush ” double ended fluff brush / eye liner brush

MAC Enchanted Eve Copper Lip & Eye Bag ($59.50) (Limited Edition)

Matching your makeup with sparkling winter snow will be cool and funny and you can undoubtedly do that with this copper-look-providing bag. You can check the set below:

• Copperluxe Eyeshadow ” wave of coppers (Veluxe Pearl)
• Photogravure Technakohl Liner ” soft black with brown undertone
• The Right Note Lipstick ” light honey nude (Cremesheen)
• Rocket to the Moon Lipglass ” light pinky nude

MAC Enchanted Eve Pink Lip & Eye Bag ($59.50) (Limited Edition)

Pink, the color of levity and festivity is threatening to infect you with its features once you accept this generous offering from MAC Enchanted Eve and start doing pinky experiments on your face. Check the kit below:

• Pinkluxe Eyeshadow ” wave of pinks (Veluxe Pearl)
• GraphBlack Technakohl Liner ” rich graphic black
• Soft Savour Lipstick ” cool mid-tone pink (Lustre)
• Life Fantastic Lipglass ” mid-tone mauvey pink

MAC Enchanted Eve Brush Kit Basic ($52.50) (Limited Edition)

A whole set of brushes with various shapes is intended to make you a professional makeup artist giving you an opportunity to shade and highlight the cheeks, to coat the eyelids with different shadows or to allow for a more precise application. See the basic brushes below:

• 116 Blush Brush
• 193 Angled Foundation Brush
• 213 Fluff Brush
• 226 Small Tapered Blending Brush
• 266 Small Angle Brush

MAC Enchanted Eve Brush Kit Essentials ($52.50) (Limited Edition)

This multifunctional essential blush kit will be an effective replenishment to your basic set. Check the set below and do not hesitate to make an investment in your perfect and flawless look. Here are the essential brushes:

• 133 Small Cheek Brush
• 168 Large Angled Contour Brush
• 219 Pencil Brush
• 221 Mini Tapered Blending Brush
• 239 Eye Shading Brush

MAC Enchanted Eve Brush Kit Mineralize ($52.50) (Limited Edition)

This set of brushes composed of natural bristles and synthetic fibers may inspire you once and for all to go deep into that fascinating art of makeup. Here are your stimulators:

• 133 Short Duo Fibre Brush
• 187 Duo Fibre Brush
• 283 Duo Fibre Small Eye Shadow Brush
• 286 Duo Fibre Tapered Blending Brush

Photos courtesy of MAC Cosmetics

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