Zombie Makeup Tutorial for Halloween

Once October rolls up, we start looking forward to its terrific and horrible end, paradoxical though it may seem. Halloween is approaching and in parallel with it the adrenaline in the air is intensively rising stimulating us to mull over what measures to take in order to become the ideal Halloween figure, who is terrifying and seductive at the same time. Those real fashionistas and It Girls, who have been frequenters of Halloween parties for already many years, are now somehow tired of those standard sweet and fatal characters of kittens, panthers or rabbits and equally are tired of those dreadful skulls, vampires and the Scream-movie-style murderer that is strolling with his sharp knife to deprive the people of life.

Zombie Makeup Tutorial for Halloween

It is the 21st century out there and we are now more than fascinated with The Walking Dead and Zombieland movies, where those undead creatures are literally mortal and life-threatening. Turning into a real zombie on Halloween may even make others scream with fear simultaneously evoking utmost admiration of your seductive look. Your realistic Zombie appearance is 100% guaranteed if you follow our step-by-step Zombie makeup tutorial for Halloween that will instantly turn you into a worthy participant of Zombie films.

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We will now imagine a terrifying situation, more specifically the process of your turning from a human being into an undead creature. The horrid jack-o’-lanterns with wicked smiles standing in front of your house and you yourself all alone inside have just slipped into a cotton white gown all bedraggled with dirt and blood smears and are standing in front of the mirror witnessing your own hair-rising metamorphosis. Imagining the scene is enough to make my skin crawl. The Zombie Halloween makeup with pale and gloomy vibes is effectively blending black and burgundy shades thus enhancing its carrier’s bloody and magnetic aura, while the injured and scrabbled parts on the face are provoking anyone to lend a helping hand making them entirely forget that those creatures are never dead.

So, if you have already made up your mind to become a realistic Zombie, here is what products you need to have at your disposal and what steps you should take consecutively:

• Pale foundation
• Light face illuminator
• Eyeshadows in grey, cream, black, magenta and red colors
• Black eye pencil
• Red lip pencil
• Black mascara
• Black and red lipsticks
• Theatrical blood
• Fake latex wound
• Makeup brushes and a makeup sponge

Step 1: First of all get a typical-of-Zombie pale face by applying a pale foundation all over the face. In order to add some gloomy notes to the pale complexion contour your face with a grey and cream color eyeshadow. Go further with your face contouring process applying a very light-colored face illuminator thus creating a translucent and crystalline appearance.

Zombie Makeup Tutorial for Halloween

Step 2: When your complexion shade is fixed, seamlessly pass to the process of shaping your tempestuous and sinister eyes. To keep the glam factor, you may like to fill in your eyebrows first. Then, use a black eye pencil to contour your lower lid and the outer V of your eye. To make the black contour of your eyes even blacker and gloomier use a black eyeshadow all over it, gently blending it with a makeup brush.

Step 3: Continue the Zombie transformation process by applying a dark magenta eyeshadow over the edges of the black eyeshadow. Next blend it with a rusty red eyeshadow thus creating a black-burgundy smokey effect on your lids. Create an illusion of bloody stains under your eyes by bringing the same rusty red eyeshadow close to the nose.

Step 4: Use black eyeshadow all over your mobile eyelid to emphasize your dark and sinister look and a red pencil ” on the waterline to enhance your insatiable affection for blood.

Step 5: Apply black mascara to make your eyelashes longer and fuller for a glam appearance. Afterwards use a magenta pigment in the inner corner of the eyes.

Step 6: Normally, a Zombie has no blood flowing through his veins and just to highlight it, get a liner brush and create some small veins under the eyes with black eyeshadow indicating that there isn’t even a gram of blood running inside you.

Step 7: Go on with your Zombie makeup for Halloween, making an abrupt transition from your eyes to the lips. Coat your lips with black lipstick afterwards contouring it with black liner. Next apply a red lipstick on the center of the lips in that way creating ombre lips ideally going with your eyes.

Zombie Makeup Tutorial for Halloween

Step 8: The most terrifying part is approaching ” a bloody festival right on your face. Bring into play fake theatrical blood in the corner of your mouth, smudging it for a realistic look. Next acquire a fake latex wound and attach it on one of your cheeks (you can get it in stores selling Halloween costumes and if you want to DIY one, follow this Halloween tutorial of ours). Smear black eyeshadow on the scratches to give depth, in the end applying fake blood on the sponge and tapping it all over the wound.

Now, please, turn off all the lights in your room, turn on any faint light and look closely at yourself in the mirror simultaneously keeping in mind that you are surrounded with those evil and malicious carved pumpkins. This is what we call adrenaline.

Makeup by Evelina Paunescu for Fashionisers.com

Written by Anush Hovhannisyan
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