What It REALLY Takes to Be a Fashion Blogger

We have talked about fashion blogging before. We have made mention of how to start your own blogging business and decoded the manners by which successful fashion bloggers make money, we have given you tips for success yourself, while also expounding the benefits of Instagram in the fashion blogging world. We have talked about the basics of the business to the style habits of the It girls as they climb their way up, while we have been decidedly forthcoming about asking the right questions: are you fashion blogger material? Is there room for more personal style bloggers? Is fashion blogging dying a sure death? At the end of the day though, what does it really take to be a successful fashion blogger and do you actually meet the criteria? The Atlantic has done in-depth research on the topic and presented us with the results.

What It REALLY Takes to Be a Fashion Blogger

Let us start with a small questionnaire: how many hours do fashion bloggers work a week? How often do fashion bloggers take lazy days or vacations? How stable is a blogger’s job?

Chances are you might have guessed that it is not quite as stable as it appears, but you would not have guessed that while most of us are tired after putting in 40 hours at work (okay, overtime to make 50 or 60), fashion bloggers often work upwards of 80 hour weeks, meaning that every waking moment and every thought in their heads revolves around the latest trends, looks and the most fashionable pieces that are total must-haves.

You can imagine that this means intensive labour, barely any sleep and not exactly any time for a proper vacation, let alone a few hours’ break. That was probably not at all what you were expecting to hear. Of course, these women do what they love so essentially they have never worked a day in their lives when we consider those who have only been in this particular business. That is how the saying goes, no?

These are ladies who enjoy the fashion scene so much, they would rather devote their lives to it, putting themselves out there and somehow garnering the contracts and projects that will ensure they are making a little bit of money on the side.

But what is a fashion blogger? Plus sized or regular, fashion bloggers are individuals who love to write about fashion and share their own tips and tricks for achieving and maintaining one’s beauty. This includes mentioning anything from clothing to accessories to cosmetics and beauty products.

The fashion blogs themselves can have a focus on only one thing or all of it at once. There are blogs that focus on hairstyles and sell new and improved products along the way. There are those who have a love for shoes or handbags so that is where their writing, images and sales are from.

They can cover everything from the RTW to the Haute Couture, celebrity fashions or street styles in general during each occasion that arises. They can place their focus on the biggest fashion houses or garner attention towards the budding new designers who have so much to offer the industry.

Technically it is a personal fashion magazine that can actually become a lot more popular than many of those that have been lining the magazine stands for decades now.

Many retailers have switched strategies and brought in their own blogs in order to better appeal to the public. After all, who does not love a good story, and stories that go with different products are to be commended when posted up.

While some blogs are more concerned with helping you in your shopping sprees and give recommendations, others have a “how to‚Äö√Ñ√∂‚àö√묨‚àÇ’ aspect to them that helps readers figure out how to be the most fashionable person in the market.

Fashion Bloggers Labor Facts

Whereas originally fashion bloggers were detested by those who are physically in the industry, the veterans of the fashion world before the times of so much technology, now they are embraced to some degree. After all, they often are the reason a brand rises or falls in popularity, given the reviews of the ladies behind those computers and social media outlets.

Designers and fashion editors now understand the power the bloggers hold and are not about to tick them off. After all, they are the ones who brought back the Birkenstocks, created a frenzy over the fringe trend and have been the cheerleaders behind this fashion trend or that.

They are often seen as the savviest of entrepreneurs and with good reason. The amount of time and energy spent on researching, watching, doing and creating is astounding and rather invisible in terms of labour put into every single article and every single wardrobe presentation.

The vast majority are women as well, who cater to the women of the world. It is a viable career path but you have to be willing to stick to your guns and never give up.

What exactly do the fahsion bloggers have to do to build up and keep up their popularity? The demands are generally competing: for example, the writers must remain authentic in what they present but still be able to keep to making the brand or the product look good; they need to be creative in their manner of presentation but still do it in such a way where they can track views, likes, and general reader satisfaction.

They also need to make sure both the readers and the brands that are paying them are satisfied with the work they do. There are many problems in all of this as well.

1. You need to create the correct persona online so that you win the hearts of your readers.

2. Your media presence needs to be an extension or a representation of who you really are.

3. You need to be able to ward off competition and fight hard to get yourself a paid contract.

4. You need to be enthusiastic about your work, or else 100 hours a week is going to burn you out.

5. You need to make it a full time job or else it will be nigh impossible to succeed in making money.

6. You need to be organized and diligent, planning to bring in the maximum amount of traffic.

7. You need to be quick in responding to your fans and readers to keep their interests up and engaged.

8. You may need to attend as many as two or three events a night in order to appease your audience.

9. You need to ensure each shot is done as so to ensure a particular aesthetic while blurring out the staging process that you have painstakingly gone through.

How Much Do Fashion Bloggers Work

Each post can take a full day to put together, whether it be a bargain list or a single photo immaculately put together and taken at just the right angle. Each blogger must have a distinctive point of view and a language spoken in such a way that it appeals to the masses.

Expect your world to revolve around your blog, promoting yourself and running a business all in one. Forget everything else. Making an income gets really hard so be elective about your niche and go where few tend to tread. If you want to make money, you will have to keep competition to a minimum.

You will face bullies and you will have your personal life disrupted, bleeding into your work life almost with too much ease. You become your brand and that is how you should always portray yourself, never really stepping out of your online persona.

It is kind of like playing a virtual reality game where you make up a character and suddenly you cannot pull yourself away from it. You will always have to be online one way or another, meaning your partner will probably be frustrated with the lack of attention he/she receives.

With all the ups and downs though, it is clear from the fact that the fashion bloggers stick with their work through and through that it is well worth the physical and emotional exhaustion of keeping yourself looking perfect before the world.

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Written by Tamar Najarian
Tamar is a psychologist, teaching and heading into the business world with a prospective MBA. A silly lover of books and words, she generally loves to seek out new adventures, getting her toes wet and her hands dirty. Having moved to Armenia nearly two years ago, she feels like the world is at her fingertips and anything is possible so long as you take a step in that direction.