11 Precious Backstage Beauty Secrets from Experts

There’s always a level of jealousy involved when watching models walk down the runway with flawless hair and makeup. While that level of styling is out of reach for women going about their daily lives, we were allowed a glimpse into the behind-the-runway scene to pick up 10 quick and easy beauty tips to achieve that runway ready look to glam up your day. With these tips in mind, it is important to remember that you can use a combination of these styles in order to achieve an overall beautiful look.

Precious Backstage Beauty Secrets from Experts

1. Use the Right Dryer

If there’s one thing you need to know about your beauty routine, it’s that knowing about your hairdryer can make the world of difference for your hair. Hairdresser and stylist Syd Hayes disclosed that the heat of a blow dryer doesn’t matter nearly as much as the balance and weight. If a dryer has balance, it can help avoid the frizzy static, especially in warm weather. That, however, doesn’t mean you can slack off during the fall and winter seasons. Maintaining a healthy hair regimen can open up new doors in terms of styling possibilities, so you won’t regret the extra care.

2. Just Act Natural

There’s a certain air of elegance that can only be achieved by natural blush, yet it also holds a seductive lure for the wearer. It has a secretive feeling, almost as though you’re cheating on your makeup and your skin. It takes a careful hand to maintain a natural skin color while bringing out the shades of pink and red to give a youthful, glowing appearance. Makeup artist Sam Bryant suggested beginning with a pale shade and then adding layers in a rosier shade to give the face a natural, blushing finish.

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3. Use Texture to Add Dimension to Your Face

If there’s one significant thing about fall and winter, it’s the monochromatic color scheme of the world. This makes it a vital aspect of your beauty routine to make sure you stand out from the browns of autumn and stark white backdrop of winter. A quick and easy tip to stand out this season is to add a matte, light pink lip to complement your lightly powdered and glowing skin. You’re sure to stand out from the crowd with this simple look, without having to take any extra time in the mornings. (So yes, that means you can stay those extra ten minutes in bed and still manage to look fabulous!)

4. Why Warm Brown Works for You

There have been many colors to come and go from fashion fame, but the trend of warm brown perfectly encapsulates the cozy and natural feeling of fall. Earth tones can accentuate the eyes, so using a brown mascara can do wonders to bring a youthful look to your face, with lighter shades of brown as liner, instead of the standard black.

5. Find Your Natural Blush

What’s better than complementing your face with your own, unique blush? Absolutely nothing, if you ask me. Makeup artist Alex Box shared his technique for going against the grain. Instead of adding on your layers of makeup, maybe you should try removing some. After applying your foundation, your instinct may be to grab a shade of blush and apply it on top, but this could also be reversed. By removing the layer of foundation just over your cheeks, you’re allowing your natural “blush’ to shine through. This can be a beautiful way to accent your new, natural look.

6. Add Dimension to Your Nails

Sometimes I find myself looking at the different bottles of nail polish I have and spending more time deciding on a color than actually painting my nails. If you ever have this problem, the trend of layering nail polish can help solve it (or if you don’t struggle with indecisiveness, it will still add a new element to your style). A great combination would be a layer of black, followed by a layer of red.

7. Emphasize Your Lips

Lucia Pieroni, makeup artist, gives quite possibly the simplest tip on this list: use just a touch of lip gloss in the center of your lips to make them look fuller without appearing too glossy. All you need to do is carry around a small tube, and you can apply it without even using a mirror (if you’re a brave soul), so you can do quick and easy touchups throughout your day.

8. Get Your Shine On

There aren’t many ways you can create an amplified level of artistic makeup while still maintaining an everyday, professional look. However, with metallic makeup you can add a whole new sense of dimension, and even achieve a bold and graphic look. Metallic eyeshadow can achieve the same concept as charcoal, black, or other dark colors, while taking away the ensuing darkness. Metallics marry together the best aspects of dark and bright eyeshadow: carrying the drama and graphic edge as the dark, and holding the same eye-catching shimmer as the bright.

9. Give Your Eyes a Sleek Chic

While cat eyes will always hold a special place in my heart, there’s something so sexy and sleek about straight-lined eyeliner. You can add an instant level of chicness to your look by using simple, straight lines to outline your beautiful eyes. This look is gorgeous when paired with metallic eyeliner, as I shared in the previous tip.

10. Bring out the Blending Brush

This last tip will make your daily routine slightly longer than what it may be already, but trust me when I say that you’ll thank us later! When dealing with cream makeup (like eyeshadow), never forget to use a blending brush, even when you’re tempted to save the time by just using your finger. But don’t let yourself just stop there. You’ll have a longer lasting color on your lids if you just keep going at it ” rub it in until there is only the color remains, and not the wet residue that comes from eyeshadow cream. It helps relieve the oils from your fingers, and will let it smoothly blend into your skin.

11. And Don’t Put it Away Yet

To go along with this, it is important to know how to blend your blush as well. As long as your blending brush is soft-tipped, it will work perfectly. After making your perfectly stained eyelids, your natural, youthful cheeks can be used to create cohesion using your brush to stain your cheeks in a like manner (unless, of course, you decided to go with the anti-foundation replacement for blush!)

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Written by Courtney Dobrzykowski
Courtney is a student majoring in mass communication and professional writing. She works as a writer and editor, and has a wide variety of hobbies, such as fashion, reading/writing poetry, sewing, and playing video games.