Top 6 Trendiest Glasses With Their Alternate Affordable Options

Happy customers are promised at, where the quality is impeccable and the price is just right. From the rimless versions to the vintage revivals, the sports glasses and those to block out the sun, the classic looks, retro chic, X-ray collections, and the brand name exclusives, we can assure you that you will find the trendiest of glasses seen on the runways in the most affordable of alternate options. Known as one of the top places to find discount prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses, has a tendency to offer about 70% off the retail price to ensure men and women everywhere look positively delectable in their eyewear accessories.

Trendiest Glasses With Their Alternate Affordable Options

According to the Vision Impact Institute, around 75% of individuals residing in the United States have had vision correction, most of whom wear glasses. This is a really high number in of itself but that is what makes it such a good business to be in. Most of the population is your potential market thus and it has been forecasted by Forbes Magazine that the value of this market is to reach over $130 billion USD by 2018. That is a whopping pie to grab a piece from and designers are not hesitating to jump in feet first to claim their fair share. After all, out of all the designer products out there, designer glasses are the most affordable, despite the fact that you will have to dish out a few hundred. Better than a few thousand though, no? Luxottica is the eyewear brand making nearly all the top designer glasses, including Prada, Coach, Versace, Bulgari, Chanel, Ray-Ban, Dolce & Gabbana, and more. Those who have bought their shares from Luxottica can expect that their money has gained a hundred-fold over the past years, given the fact that people are always ready to scrimp and save for the perfect pair of glasses. That might be the reason that nearly every budding designer opts to go into the eyewear business as well, the trends extending to this particular industry on the runway over the past years.

What are some of the trendiest glasses of the moment, though?

1. The tortoise color on butterfly lenses that are oversized and with a gradient effect are very much in style during these months. Now, we have the Chloe version with the 59mm lens length, 135mm across the temple, looking rather lovely and very much a piece we would covet, the marble frame giving it a bit more of an effect. This, however, is available for $260 USD on Nordstrom, which is quite a bit more than the similar version from for $139, including lenses. With just about the same temple length, these oversized ones are 62mm in width and over $120 more affordable than the Chloe, despite their barely being a difference in the way the pieces look.

Trendiest Glasses With Their Alternate Affordable Options : Chloe

2. The rounded lenses on the eyewear have appeared time and again on the latest eyewear trends reports, making the “The Row 8′ tinted sunglasses for 350 Euro off quite the popular piece. Yet that is a heck of a lot of money to dish out for a single pair, one that can offer an alternative for at a simple $94 USD, lenses included. This round shape is what we often see on the Olsen sisters and have been in love with for quite a few months now. That is over $275 USD in savings on practically the same pair!

Trendiest Glasses With Their Alternate Affordable Options : The Row

3. Wooden effect sunglasses are quite chic these days, meaning that the Proof Eyewear designer pieces for $120 USD in their retro stylization are all the rage. While the pricing is really good, the color might not be right, which is where the version for $124 USD come in. The price is just about the same, though first time shoppers are entitled to more adequate sales and this might be one place to apply them. The shape and the type of frame are similar, but while the price might not be all that different, the look of it on your face shape might be the better option overall if you are looking for a really nice pair to ward off the autumn sun’s rays. Whereas the Nordstrom item is better for the beginnings of summer, the darker walnut wooden frame here is perfect for the end of the season, leading into fall and early winter.

Trendiest Glasses With Their Alternate Affordable Options : Hayburn

4. Clear frames are definitely in, which is what makes the Dior fashionable and super chic glasses with their geometric browline all the more appealing. We’ve got Nylon lenses and a metal framework which automatically only increases our desire to have them. What holds us back? It is rather hard to put in half our first paycheck just to buy a pair, no matter how gorgeous they are. Nearly $600 USD, the “So Real’ glasses can be swapped with an $84 USD version from, what with the clear frame with the intriguing browline and the metal framework. Yes, that is over $500 USD in savings!

Trendiest Glasses With Their Alternate Affordable Options : Dior So Real

5. Speaking of $84 USD, the Carrie sunglasses with the gradient lenses and trend setting aviator style frames with the distinctive double brow look are a noticeably more affordable option against the Prada 54mm sunglasses that are currently going for $325 USD. Even the colors of the option are more attractive, in a blue and wine color to match with the latest trends taking over the runway. At 53mm, there is barely any difference in look other than the colors used and that in itself is where the more affordable option comes out on top.

Trendiest Glasses With Their Alternate Affordable Options : Prada

6. And then, of course, there is the classic cat eye that has been huge on the runways, both for the SS 2015 and FW 2015 Fashion Week runway shows. It is looking like 2016 might be featuring these as well, though it might not be as big of a trend as it has been for the ’70s inspired year. With this in mind, the Miu Miu cat eye acetate glasses going for $340 USD at Net-A-Porter can easily be replaced with a very similar option without the marble look with most definitely with the golden arm finishing for a piece that will set you back a mere $79 USD. It is a gorgeous piece that can easily compare with the best in the Miu Miu collection, allowing you over $250 USD in savings just by turning to and picking up a 365 day guarantee with it.

Trendiest Glasses With Their Alternate Affordable Options : Miu Miu

What one will easily notice when browsing through the options by the more affordable is that lenses are included, as well as shipping and returns. This is just another addition to the company’s customer service, which effectively gives those looking to buy while getting the best bang for their buck a more prominent reason to pick up a pair and try it out.

Some of our very favorites from the site include the $84 USD Clover Brown prescription glasses that are understated but so very lovely with their simple exterior, larger rectangular lenses and the addition of the Versace detail to the sides of the lenses. It is very much what I myself would wear. Of course, on the runway we have seen quite a few semi-rimless pieces as well, making the Stepper Tortoise for $95 a steal for the ladies with a flair for the Fifties. They look vintage but with a modern twist, effectively giving the impression of a very right individual behind those lenses. And for those, who prefer a thinner look that is in style for its retro designs as well as more fitting for many a smaller face, the gorgeous Alicia red framed prescription eyewear is definitely recommended, what with the sexy cat-eye and hipster feel to it. It is the epitome of cool, resting comfortable on your features and reinforced with a metal base to the arms. These are only a few of the many intriguing styles to be found once one begins to sift through the over 1500 pieces, including designer brands, fashionable looks, sports glasses, business perfect eyewear, vintage styles and everything in between.

Trendy Affordable Eyewear

This is not only a safe online shopping platform for the best eyewear in town but also a contemporary museum of all that makes the world of eye fashion so amazing. Price matching, free shipping and a full year’s guarantee ensure that one is never allowed to feel any form of negativity towards the site. Furthermore, with its own in house brand called Muse Eyewear, the vintage styles are a main category to shop for. You can find your favourite piece for less than $40 here, with free basic prescription lenses included on your regular pair with every frame. Professional opticians work on ensuring each lens is of extremely high quality, while you yourself can try them out online by uploading a photo of yourself to place the glasses on. It’s almost like seeing yourself through a virtual mirror!

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