Guerlain Neiges et Merveilles Holiday 2015 Makeup Collection

Holidays are close now and our most beloved brands come up with such exciting collections that we lose our senses. Guerlain has always been a brand that thrills us with a single name of it, and the new Guerlain Neiges et Merveilles holiday 2015 makeup collection is a 100% proof of it. Such lovely shades, so many products… You have the opportunity to create the most majestic and fairy-tale-like looks becoming the Natalya Vodyanova of your night.

Guerlain Neiges et Merveilles Holiday 2015 Makeup Collection

Guerlain Meteorites Enchanted Snowflakes ($89.00) (Limited Edition)

This is the most adorable powder you have ever seen. The ‘snowflakes’ in beige, champagne, white and gold will be an irreplaceable finish for your makeup giving your complexion an illuminating, healthy glow. In addition, you will be able to use the powder as a highlighter and light contouring bronzer. Besides, the product will last super long, which is our number one concern with any kind of cosmetics we buy.

Guerlain Neiges et Merveilles Holiday 2015 Makeup Collection

Guerlain Terracotta Collector ($64.00) (Limited Edition)

This is a classic must-have bronzer for those who cannot go without contouring. The product is quite well pigmented, so it will last you for a good long time for sure. Just make sure it matches your skin tone, as it will not go well on fare complexions. Nevertheless, if you like tanned looks, certainly go for it.

• No. 03 Brunettes

Guerlain Ors et Merveilles Eye and Blush Palette ($95.00) (Limited Edition)

This compact palette will become one of the products from this line-up you will consider totally worth paying for. It features a mirror and two layers of products. The first layer offers five gorgeous eyeshadows in matte peachy pink, beige, yellowish champagne, shimmery purple and brown to create eye-catching smokey makeup that will look gorgeous for the holiday night and on a daily basis (if applied in moderate quantities). The second layer comprises four radiant blushes in matte peach and red, as well as shimmery rosewood and coral shades. One thing to notice is that there are no applicators for the products, so if you are used to makeup brushes rather than natural applicators ” fingers, you will have to get them separately.

Guerlain Neiges et Merveilles Holiday 2015 Makeup Collection

Guerlain Rouge G ” 967 Merveilleux Rose ($56.00) (Limited Edition)

For your gorgeous pout, Guerlain offers a bright rosy lipstick that will look as classy as red but will take you further from the classic looks. Due to its creamy texture it will act as a moisturizer, still looking semi-matte to match any taste. It will look equally good when applied all over your lips with defined lines and according to the so-called Korean makeup trend ” applying the product to the inner lines of your mouth and leaving the edges uncovered. The latter is perfect for a fresh, youthful look, especially when you want to draw attention to the eyes.

• No. 62 Georgia

Guerlain Meteorites Voyage Enchante | Skin Perfecting Illuminating Matte Powder ($214.00) (Limited Edition)

This white translucent powder is perfect for any skin tone and it will make your whole makeup fixed, matte with a healthy glow and long lasting result. The texture of the powder is super lightweight giving you no sense of heaviness or anything sitting on your skin. Though you might find it too costly, the quality will talk for itself.

Guerlain Maxi Velvet & Gloss D’Enfer ($34.00)

For lip gloss fans Guerlain has prepared two products ” Maxi Velvet, in a rosy red shade to give you super matte finish, and Gloss D’Enfer with transparent glitter to be used both on its own and as a top coat. Both of them provide high level of hydration that will last all night long.

Guerlain Neiges et Merveilles Holiday 2015 Makeup Collection

Guerlain La Laque Couleur ($29.00)

Now this was unexpected. With all the fascinating packaging and Christmas related colors, the rich bold violet seems out of place. But to judge separately, it has the most enchanting texture.

• 903 Nuit Marveilleuse ” magnetic purple

Guerlain Neiges et Merveilles Holiday 2015 Makeup Collection

The Guerlain Neiges et Merveilles holiday 2015 collection will hit the stores on October 1 in the USA and October internationally. So get your wallet ready to obtain those pieces for extra Christmas vibe in your makeup kit!

Photos courtesy of Guerlain

Written by Nika Grigoryan
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