How to Make Short Nails Look Longer and Nice

When speaking about beauty and care, hands come to mind right after the face. Of course, we all know how strongly they affect our overall look giving that gorgeous glam finish. Everyone would agree that women’s beauty standards force us to consider longer and slimmer nails to be perfect, while shorter ones seem a bit less feminine in terms of fashion trends. But what do we do if the nature hasn’t rewarded us with the splendid genetics of long, thin, “Bollywood star’ nails? Should we just keep calm and jealous of those, who were lucky on this side? No way! There are certain ways to make our short nails look longer, nice and absolutely fantastic!

How to Make Short Nails Look Longer and Nice

One thing you should know for sure is that short nails have their advantages: they are handier, less messy, and easier to take care of and do any handwork faster without worrying about how fast they could break! You could imagine the inconveniences of having super long nails, when, say, you want to do household chores, wash the dishes or simply play with kids.

In addition, those with shorter nails have more opportunities to have fun with cool nail designs and polishes changing unimaginably huge amount of variants every day. As an ironic fact, many funny nail designs do not look as winning on long nails as on shorter ones.

Nail Care Tips to Make Short Nails Look Longer

However, no matter how well we realize these facts, we still love the elegant, womanly look that longer nails give to a girl. Here is how you can make your short nails look longer and nice.

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First you should take good care of your hands. Your smooth skin and well-shaped nails are essential when achieving that exceptional look. Start from using hand creams and oils periodically to moisturize your hands and make them tender like a baby’s skin.

Then get a clean, quality tool kit ” scissors and nail files are a must-have to shape and smoothen the surface of your nails. Do not forget about a sheet of paper or a towel on which you can put your hands (that is to avoid any mess around).

To add a little length to your short nails you can do finger massage and take back the cuticles (with your fingers or any flat tool at hand). If need be, cut the excess edges of cuticles, though be careful so as not to harm the skin: if cut more than needed, the skin might start slicing.

Next, you shape the nails with nail files. When choosing the right shape, follow your natural nail lines and make sure they look harmonious with your fingers. In most cases, you had better do the oval or almond shapes: no matter how fashionable the square nails look, they do not do any good to your nail length.

Ways to Make Short Nails Look Longer and Nice

Best Nail Polish Shades to Make Short Nails Look Longer

Once you are done with nail care and nail shaping, the time has come for painting them. Before applying any color, you should use a nail polish base, which makes an essential step. It acts like a makeup primer for nails sleeking the tone and protecting the nail from getting yellow stain-like coverage.

Best choice of base texture is matte for a more blended look. Once the base is dry, apply the color. The right choice of nail polish plays a crucial role in lengthening the nails. We must note that the range of polishes is quite wide, so you are not limited at all.

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• The best choice for short nails will make the nude or pastel nail polish colors. Once you put away your thoughts about them being dull, you will be positively surprised how beautiful they look on your nails.

The thing is that they visually continue your finger line making it look slimmer and thinner. You had better choose a color one shade lighter than your skin tone to get the best results.

However, oddly enough, chalk white is the worst decision for short nails, so try to avoid it.

Start applying the nail lacquer right from the center of your nails, keeping it closer to its back and slowly moving the brush towards the edge. Repeat the step for three-four times to cover the surface.

You might well leave 1mm nail surface uncovered close to the cuticle to prevent the paint from getting onto your finger skin.

• Dark colors look amazing on short nails. Contrary to the common thought that dark nail lacquers are only for long nails, they actually create a great opportunity to lengthen your nails.

Polishes of dark blue, rouge or even black colors draw the whole attention to the shape of nails.

One tip you should use here is to leave about 3-4mm space from each side of the nails uncovered. This will create the illusion of slimmer nails while the sides will blend in with your fingers.

• Red is a perfect choice. In fact, red looks glamorous on any shape and length of nails. Using the same technique of dark colors apply your favorite reds and go!

• The texture of your nail polish is no less important. Matte colors are an always-winning variant. A slight shimmer in the polish will draw attention to your hands so it can easily be used, while glitter should be avoided when it is applied on all nails: it will break up the line with your finger and only make your nails look shorter.

• Choose shades of the same color family and apply one on each finger going from light to dark. Colors like pinks, violets, blues or greens look extremely nice on short nails.

• “Inner circle’ is a trend that you will long fall for. There are light half circles naturally at the inner corners of our nails close to cuticles.

When painting these with light polishes and creating a contrast with bright colors on the rest of the nail surface, you will have that perfectly long and slim finger look.

• Go for one-accentuated-nail manicure. Painting matte polishes on all fingers you can use glitter on your ring fingers. That will emphasize the whole design of the manicure distracting from the nail length.

• Be free to use patterns on your nails. This can look magical if used the right way. Tiny dots that start from the edge and go up to the middle will visually make the nails longer.

The opposite variant works no worse. Flowers, hearts, or abstract patterns which cover the half of the nails are at your disposal, so go ahead playing with them!

• Stripes, stripes and again stripes! Vertical stripes help to elongate the nails better than anything else. Depending on your tastes, you can apply a single stripe per nail as well as several on each.

When choosing bold bright colors for the base, thin horizontal shiny silver stripes will also look fine. Here you should create the contrast between the stripes and the base for them not to blend.

• Making accent on single fingers gives you the chance to apply your loved chalk white polishes. You only need to combine it with matching colors. Neon green or pink will fit best.

• French manicure is just for you! All girls with short nails like messing with different variants of French manicure.

Here you are free to use any color combinations you like, starting from white or beige with nude or transparent base to graphic shades with sparkles. If you like the match, go for experimenting.

You can even apply white matte as a base and then add lines or dots to the edges of your nails. By the way, the dots do not have to be of the same color.

• Diagonal stripes are another incomparable variant when elongating short nails. Choose rouge, dark green and gold glitter and apply them diagonally in turn. You will fall in love with the results at once.

• If you have sharp eye and steady hand, go for painting ethnic patterns and animal prints. These are now among the current nail trends and will make everyone stare at your hands at any party you go. You are free to paint them on any fingernail you want from one accentuated nail to all ten.

Tips to Make Short Nails Look Longer and Nice

• Candy prints we all liked since childhood are there for us. Paint tiny colorful dots, put shiny stones and stars on your nail polish while it is still wet and your fun look is guaranteed.

• For those with really steady hand we recommend drawing jewels on your nails. You can draw chains, beads or rings on your nails creating a gorgeous party or red carpet manicure. Black will be the ideal base for that.

• One way of French manicure you will love for the rest of your life is covering your nails with nude polish that matches your skin tone and then painting the tiniest white line on the edges of your nails. Do not follow your natural nail line. This way your fingers will look effortlessly splendid, long and visually slimmer.

Once your main color polish is dry, apply a transparent quick dry top coat to make the nails extra smooth and shiny. Make sure you keep the line of the paint and not cover the sides you left with foundation; otherwise, they will shine and give out your little “cheating’.

Your overall glamorous look will be more enhanced if you have matching nails and toes design. That will tell about your attentiveness to details, which is one of your chief goals.

Finally yet importantly, remember that regardless of the design and shape, you nails will look their best when they are healthy, just as your whole body.

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