Is Contouring Really Worth It?

With Kim Kardashian on the scene, contouring has truly become all the rage. Of late, we notice that ladies are carrying around whole makeup bags, full of brushes and compacts that contain darkening powder along with highlighters, both used to restructure the face shape without going through a surgical procedure. Contouring is a form of restructuring that could be undone by merely taking a shower or using makeup remover to wash off.

Is Contouring Really Worth It?

The contouring trend has really taken the fashion world by storm, but not as a result of runway walks either, wherein the girls are done up by professional makeup artists. On the contrary, the contouring trend began with Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, selfies and videos on Snapchat and self-modeling pictures on Tumblr.

Contouring has become the next best thing and everyone wants to be doing it, making Youtube tutorials left right and center in order to teach the innocent young girls about changing the hollows of your cheeks and the length of your face.

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Bronzers and highlighters are being sold a half dozen at a time, while the matte, redone faces shown off on social media have nothing to do with the natural and often even shiny visages that have been all the rage on the catwalk.

It appears fashion trends have a mind of their own and no longer wait for the brand name houses to feature what they deem appropriate beauty looks for the year, the people instead turning to celebrities and self-proclaimed celebrities raised to stardom off online activities. Mannequin looks may seem awesome but they are not in tune with the Fashion Week looks we are so apt at copying.

There is a question that comes up often enough, however; is the art of contouring a beauty based friend or should be considered more of an enemy?

There are those who consider it rather unappealing and we have to admit that truly, who wants to appear as if she has dirt on her face? While Kim K has a tendency to really blend it in, as we noticed during the Met Gala of late, others like Joan Smalls during the Tony Awards simply looked anorexic, fake, as if it was Photoshop gone wrong.

Bobbi Brown is one artist who refuses to ever launch a makeup collection that includes contouring products and we applaud her for her valiant efforts in trying to bring female faces back to their natural designs.

There is just something really wrong about a trend that requires a woman to change the very shape of her face, literally pointing towards a hard fact that the woman does not believe she has a good enough bone structure in the first place.

There are those who speak against the use of contouring products and with good reason. It was made to be part of a makeup artist’s technique, not a daily trend that people screw up royally on a daily basis. There are even hashtags dedicated to contouring fails all over the Internet that have us thinking natural is probably the best route to take. It is helpful to those who know exactly how to use it, not those who barely know which brush is for contouring and which for blush or eyeshadow.

While there are different products available for contouring out there, not just for the face but for the bust as well (imagine enhancing the way that cleavage of yours looks in that dress!), you need someone who understands the products and how they work with each skin tone, each dip and hollow, each rise in bone structure. Now that is much harder to come by.

What makes Kim Kardashian such a pro at contouring? When you look at her face, you now there has been a lot of makeup used. You understand that it is a mask under which she hides a beautiful visage that covers up all imperfections and gives her a smooth, unadulterated look.

Yet, there is not a single piece used out of place, no exceptionally strong colors, concealer swipe or dot out of place. There is enormous interest in learning how to contour as well, so we have to face the facts.

This is a trend that is not going anywhere. Of course, if you have mastered the art, you are free to use it, just as Kim K and many others do, but please be careful in the application. After all, there are so many ways that it can all go wrong and the biggest problem is not using subtle approaches.

If you do it in a clever fashion, instead of drawing on a new face, you will only be enhancing your given assets, the look you were born with. Each woman has her own individual features so it makes sense to spend some time simply playing with the colors, experimenting with the products and understanding how light and shadows play on your own features before calling yourself an expert in the field and going all out with the powders on your face.

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If you are interested in contouring Kim K style, you might want to start visiting her makeup tutorials as she shows off her tips and tricks and impeccable techniques, one particular look meant to take on the very pregnant face and bring it back to size, without looking like you have gone for Botox injections.

Considering the fact that she is pregnant herself, it makes sense that one of her first tutorials posted would be touching up on that very issue. In cases like that, it adds to a woman’s confidence but diminishes her pregnancy glow which I personally believe is a whole lot lovelier than the matte contoured hollows in the cheeks.

In this case though, it is up to each and every woman to decide whether contouring is her best friend or worst enemy. We cannot make that particular decision for you.

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Written by Tamar Najarian
Tamar is a psychologist, teaching and heading into the business world with a prospective MBA. A silly lover of books and words, she generally loves to seek out new adventures, getting her toes wet and her hands dirty. Having moved to Armenia nearly two years ago, she feels like the world is at her fingertips and anything is possible so long as you take a step in that direction.