How to Choose the Best Hair Part for Your Face Shape

It’s really important to learn how to choose the best hair part according to face shapes, as although a small detail the correct hair part can instantly enhance your pretty features, while a wrong one may break your overall look.

How to Choose the Best Hair Part for Your Face Shape

We are women who love to play around with our styles, whether it is our clothing, our makeup or our hair. And when it comes to that hair, we really love to have fun. However, just as not everything we wear flatters our body, not every hairstyle flatters every face shape.

As we get older, we really begin to come to terms with who we are and understand that our face shape changes along with our bodies. Motherhood, aging, jobs that either don’t allow you to rest or keep you sitting the whole time; everything plays its part in the way you end up looking years down the road, when your youthful features are no longer there in as much gusto. As we mature, we come more comfortable with our own features and learn to sift through the fads to find our own personal preferences in there, though it may appear to be outdated.

There are different ways to do the hair part and different ways to wear the length. As such, it is very important to pay close attention to what suits you best as you are, without trying without luck to look like the models seen in glossy paged magazines.

With every small detail making a difference to your overall look, the way you part those locks is certainly going to be noticed from a mile away. You just need to decide which hair part suits you best, the center or the side. For the record, the ladies with the oval face have it best as they can pull of any type of part or hairstyle with absolute ease!

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The Center Part

What It Will Do: It will elongate the face and slim out the rounder shaped visages while really flattering the chubby cheeked girl. At the end of the day, you will look like a model for a shampoo commercial.

On an oblong face, the center part is best as it will add the illusion of roundness and shorten up the length (this is only in the case of oblong where it goes against its natural elongation technique), bringing a steady sharpness to the cheekbones and chin.

How to Wear It: A center part is best worn with longer hair, particularly that has been cut into layers, the longer the layers the better. You can wear it with an awesome clean blunt bang, the center part looking delicious with thicker, darker hair. You can also work it in with flossy, tumbling waves that are well maintained and nicely voluminous.

Position the part a half inch to the side though since that will hide the asymmetries of your face instead of placing it in the spotlight. Though, you might want to pull the spotlight to you if you can pull off an awesome blunt banged ’60s Brigitte Bardot with the pin straight chic.

How to Choose the Best Hair Part for Your Face Shape: Center Part

The Diagonal Part

What It Will Do: This is awesome to wear if you want to give finer hair a bit more of a volume and soften up the jawline, effectively rounding out a square face.

How to Wear It: Do it with side swept bangs that grace the forehead and keep to the diagonal appeal, with the hair itself probably better at a medium length, the layers appearing from under the ears on down. This is the best look for fine and flat hair that needs a good lift from the roots. You create fullness on one side but keep the distribution good so that you are not going heavy either way.

How to Choose the Best Hair Part for Your Face Shape: Diagonal Part

The Side Part

What It Will Do: The side hair part is one of our favourites as we begin to grow older and really mature in mind as well as body. This is the look that creates a very soft feel, one, which accommodates that widow’s peak rather well and keep the stronger features looking all dainty and feminine.

The long forehead, strong cheekbones and pointed chin don’t stand a chance against the side part. A very deep side part is also amazing in hiding cowlicks, blending it in instead of having you struggle to fix it to no avail. A deep side part on a round face elongates it nicely and created better symmetry.

The too deep part is not for a square face though as it will only accentuate the angles thus. On a heart shaped face, the deep side part will break up the chin line and ease the pointiness and softening up all the features.

How to Wear It: The best way to wear the side hair part is nice and long, falling in waves or given the Hollywood curl. Add some layers and maybe some highlights for an even lovelier appeal. Part from where your bangs naturally split if you have bangs and position directly above the highest point of your eyebrow arch for maximum effect. This gives the eyes a nice lift and flatters the face beautifully.

A deep side part is great for a rounder face as well, giving the illusion of length. Wear it on a diamond shaped face for best compliments to the cheekbones and features, worn with shorter hairstyles so that it doesn’t overpower the face.

How to Choose the Best Hair Part for Your Face Shape: Side Part

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Pulled All Back

What It Will Do: While many will want to wear a hair part, others may opt to simply pull it all back and not allow for a part to show up at all. It will flatter oval or oblong faces best.

How to Wear It: When your hair has a whole lot of texture on its own, there is no point in wearing it with a part. Pulling it back and just letting it afro is a good styling tip actually. Let the springy curls do their thing and fall wherever they wish.

You can wear your hair short if the springs are more tightly coiled, or go nice and long, allowing the length to weigh it down and give the overall look more of a tamed wild beast feel.

How to Choose the Best Hair Part for Your Face Shape: Pulled Back Hair

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