Victoria Beckham Launches Denim In the Victoria Resort 2016 Line

The gorgeous Victoria Beckham is back on the fashion scene with such gusto of late, that we are having some trouble keeping up with the incredible collections released. Between playing wife and mommy, we cannot imagine she gets enough time to put into pulling together these incredible line-ups, but as the Victoria by Victoria Beckham resort 2016 line launches onto the scene, we must say that the busy lady sure has energy to be working so hard! She has brought denim to the scene and we cannot be more thrilled. After all, who does not wear denim when on vacation? Stiff suits might be necessary from time to time, but the free flowing pieces that scream comfort along with style are the way to go. In Victoria’s case, she wears her own creations, which means that we have a live model walking about casually before us to entice us into some rather lavish purchases on a wardrobe that consists of the most comfortable of clothing.

Victoria by Victoria Beckham Resort 2016 Collection

Flipping through her own catalogue, Beckham has a tendency to plan out her wardrobe with daily outfits that match her personality and style sense. This includes an empire line camisole dress in a deep marigold or a boxy denim jacket to be worn with a pair of jeans and a tee. “I’m really excited about this collection ‚Äö√Ñ√∂‚àö√ë‚àö√Ü it’s exactly what I want in my wardrobe, these are things that I want to wear, and I think these are things that my customer wants to wear,’ said the designer, making us feel so much better about our love for her. After all, if the one who makes the pieces ends up wearing them herself during her daily comings and goings, then who are we to want something more? When it is men designing, we cannot expect them to ease our minds thus, but ladies like Victoria Beckham have a way of convincing even the least fashion conscious of us all. Beckham’s favourite color seems to be black though, which may not sit well with everyone. It is a good thing we see a whole lot of color along the line. Our favourite is the combination of black and yellow, but that gorgeous red dress certainly has its own specific appeal.

“We’d been focusing on dresses, so it’s been great to be able to have jeans and shirting, [too].’ We have to agree with Beckham there as we find the incorporation of jeans to be a perfect accompaniment to peplum shirts and ruffled sleeves. The fusion truly does look like it naturally happened, while we are pretty sure the change in direction will result in greater demand for the VVB collection. This is a collection with a bolder spirit, one, which speaks of femininity but not the demure type. The woman wearing Beckham has character and style. She knows where she is going in life and understands contrasts like no other. She can wear the red dress with the ruffled edging, the deep yellow shirts and the mix of black, white and pastel blue. She can look like the modern version of a circus actor, with a fun and vibrant attitude towards work and all around her. Beckham even brought in elephant and big top motifs here, complete with an acrobat and dancing horses style print on a yellow silk pantsuit. The lady in Beckham can be younger or older, in love with the mainline collection or not. She is most women, and that is the beauty of it all.

We see fluted chiffon skirts and roomy tank mini dresses, a white cotton pique dress with cape sleeves, another trend she focuses on, as well as a black wool gabardine mini dress with subtle vinyl flowers at the hem that can be removed should one wish to do so. The customer comes first, as should always be the case, and the VVB collection certainly knows how to serve her with style. This time around, she’s serving them everything from the wide legged culottes to the faded skinny jeans patched up with floral patterns among the denim section. The Victoria by Victoria Beckham resort 2016 line-up in general has a more voluminous look to it, without overpowering the figure, but instead flattering the limbs beautifully. It is as cool and fresh as can be expected from the famed wife of David Beckham, a tinge of fun injected everywhere.

Victoria by Victoria Beckham Resort 2016 Collection

The pricing for the collection is expected to start from $215 and range up to just under $1900, though Victoria Beckham herself does not see it as a diffusion line. “[They’re] designer clothes, slightly less expensive, but without compromising with regards to design or fabric. We’ve had a lot of feedback from our retail partners that this space wasn’t being occupied by anybody,’ is the explanation given about the strategic position the brand has taken on. The primarily dress and primarily denim lines have merged beautifully to offer something more than what other designers do, effectively differentiating VVB from the rest in the fashion industry.

While we should be expecting any Spice Girl reunions, or even their outfits appearing within the VVB line, we can certainly continue to expect incredible pieces by the famed band member from the 1990’s who has turned into a full time fashion designer, wife and mother, not necessarily always in that sequence. With her whole family on the fashion scene these days, we would most certainly be befuddled if Beckham stopped with her unique creations to re-enter the music world with her fellow partners in Spice Girl crime. We are happy to know that this will not be happening anytime soon, if at all, and that stores in the Victoria Beckham name will be appearing in Hong Kong, New York, Los Angeles, Miami and others. She has a lot of work on her plate and many exciting projects to come. It seems that we might also be seeing shoes along with children’s and men’s lines appearing within the next few years! Now that is news to jump for fashion joy about.

Victoria by Victoria Beckham Resort 2016 Collection

Photos courtesy of Victoria Beckham

Written by Tamar Najarian
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