7 Secrets and Tips for Becoming a Successful Fashion Blogger

With the advancement of technology and the importance of Internet in our lives, many a young person interested in fashion and social media would have the idea of trying her hand at fashion blogging. After all, it’s one “easy’ and cool way of earning good money and gaining popularity while always looking trendy dressed in the best designer clothes and accessories. What you need to do is simply buying a catchy domain name, finding the best hosting provider for it based on your budget, getting a good camera (and a photographer friend or at least a friend, who can take good photos of you), flipping through your closet and putting personality-stating outfits together, later on writing it all down on your blog and waiting for the compliments and positive feedback from your readers. Sounds pretty easy, huh? Yet it’s not all required from you to quickly and easily become one of those aspiring personal style bloggers that are making waves in the industry. Of course, if you really wholly dedicate yourself to a good plan and are constantly and stubbornly insistent about building your own “fashion empire’, you’ll succeed, but if you take these easy tips on becoming a successful fashion blogger into account, things might get pretty easier for you!

Tips for Becoming a Successful Fashion Blogger

1. Stay True to Your Personality and Find The Best Style To Express It

Of course, anyone with a good budget could watch the famous fashion shows, get those super-trendy pieces and create a “unique’ style, however, would that really define your personality? The first and most important step to founding a successful fashion blog is staying true to yourself, differing from all those already famous It girls and standing out with your own personal style. You might want to ask yourself the question why you really want to found your blog and how it would differ from the hundreds and thousands of existing ones. Never try to emulate the style of Chiara Ferragni or Nicole Warne, instead focusing on your true self and having fun while styling looks that would make you easily distinguishable from the crowd.

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2. Try Vintage Fashions and Customized Pieces to Stand Out

You don’t necessarily have to spend a good chunk of money to always wear designer pieces to look cool, as the fashion world is diverse enough to offer unique and cool items to people with different budgets and tastes. And just in case you want to look really cool wearing things that no other person would, bet on vintage fashion. Whenever you visit a city, make sure to check out their cool vintage shops and flea markets to find precious “gems’ and pieces characteristic of a totally different culture, designs that you can easily incorporate into your daily looks. Jewelry, accessories, vintage bags and shoes can be timeless investments for your closet, making it really hard for others to copy your looks. Another way of elevating your street style is wearing unique customized pieces, be that a simple T-shirt with the name of your blog on it or a jacket featuring your name. Jaydee is one cool brand offering all-things-customized to help you create outstanding looks day in and day out!

Tips for Becoming a Successful Fashion Blogger

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3. Appreciate The Opinion of Your Audience and Interact With Your Readers

If you have managed to gain an army of fans and followers inspiring them with your style and interesting content, it doesn’t mean you have turned into a celebrity and that you should forget about interacting with them. Always keep in mind that it’s due to your readers where you have managed to reach, so be kind to respond to their questions and feedback and keep in touch with them (organizing meetups is always a good idea)!

4. Embrace Social Media Without Forgetting About Content

Social media plays a crucial role in making your blog more popular and reachable, so spending time on creating a strong Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook account is another important step to becoming a successful fashion blogger. Update your social accounts frequently and regularly, this way keeping your audience more engaged. However, never abandon your blog and continue working hard on creating catchy content. Don’t follow in the footsteps of many famous bloggers now, who have started updating their websites very rarely writing just one or two sentences. Don’t be reluctant to sit down and spend hours writing interesting, unique articles and publishing really high-quality photos, as content is the king. Don’t stop learning and improving your writing skills to provide your readers with valuable information. Editorial-worthy quality photos will take your fashion blog to a whole new level, making you look much more experienced, as after all it’s the photos that first catch the attention of your readers.

Tips for Becoming a Successful Fashion Blogger

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5. Being Selective With The Brands You Work With

As soon as you get a little exposure, you’ll notice many famous and infamous brands and companies send you partnership requests, however, it’s where you need to stop for a while and think on what you actually expect from them and where you want to reach. Be selective with the brand you work with in order not to regret later on, as your website is sure to grow and you need to understand your capabilities and the value of your blog to decide what companies you want to partner with. If they send you gifts, pick the ones that really relate to your personal style and don’t start acting fake just for the sake of money.

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6. Think on Evolving

Sure, in the beginning you’ll need very little to found your own blog: just some $10 annually to keep the domain name, around $6 monthly to host your website and maybe some $30 to buy a clean and fresh looking template that will give a modern feel to your website’s look. However, as you start evolving, think about getting a better website hosting plan, a new cooler blog design, some interesting plugins, photo editing tools and a more professional camera that will make your work look more representative. As your blog grows, your expanses will also grow. You might want to hire one or two fashion-forward persons to build your team and progress more quickly. And of course, don’t stop spending money on new fashion pieces to always come up with fresh looks and not to tire your readers with the same outfits. Keep in mind they come to read your blog to get their dose of inspiration on styling on-trend, unique outfits! While you might have started your blog as a hobby, at some point you’ll surely have the desire of turning it into a brand. Learn what your readers expect from you to maybe write a book or launch your own fashion line (why not?). At the end of the day it’s been your dream to become a successful fashion blogger.

Tips for Becoming a Successful Fashion Blogger

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7. Be Ready To Devote Yourself To It!

First of all, you need to be very passionate and persistent, as becoming a successful fashion blogger requires lots of time, dedication and effort. You should also try to be very communicative building new relationships with famous brands and people, and be ready to travel a lot to attend various fashion shows or take part in important fashion events. After all, it’s not really easy to run a successful fashion blog.

Tips for Becoming a Successful Fashion Blogger

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Written by Armine Karapetyan
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