Best Resort 2016 Fashion Trends to Know

With 2015 already well underway, 6 months in and a full year’s wardrobe later, it is about time we turn to the 2016 lines of incredible brand fashions as we begin to envision what our looks will be like a few months down the road. After all, you cannot wear the same clothes every year for the same seasons! That would be a major fashion faux pas. With each season and each set of collections also come different fashion trends that either become one hit wonders or somehow end up stretching into months, if nor years on end. The resort 2016 collections are no less prone to this fashion phenomenon than the SS or FW runway shows. To get a sneak peek into the upcoming warm season fashions, check out the best resort 2016 fashion trends you need to know!

Best Resort 2016 Fashion Trends to Know

Pre-season collections are normally open to interpretation and include much from the previous seasons and also stretch well into the coming months. The main purpose these collections exist is to add to the stock available on retailer shelves from a specific brand increasing the number of skews and thus the number of items sold throughout the year. They have pieces that can exist as standalone ones or part of a collection, whether in the spring and summer or fall and winter shows. They include everything and anything, from the pretty little vacation dresses to the really warm knits meant for the dead of winter. As we’ve seen the different collections paraded over the past few weeks, we’ve come to a simple understanding: even the resort collections offer some incredible trends that we hope against hope make it into the next year’s closet space. Some major resort 2016 fashion trends seen on the different mock runway spaces this last bit include both from the 2015 lines as well as offer some insight into 2016. They include:

1. Floral Prints

The biggest trend of the resort 2016 collections can easily be said to be the floral prints which have taken over not only 2015, but appear to be conquering 2016 as well. Darker backgrounds are in this time around though, while the romantic silhouettes offer the perfect outlines. From Tanya Taylor’s ankle cropped dress with the high thigh slit to the tiny little mini dresses by Stella McCartney with bolder, brighter colors set against black, we are privy to some of the loveliest designs in the world in terms of floral prints for the November to spring time period. Erdem makes blue flowers look great, while Thakoon weaves the print into embroideries on a partially transparent fabric.

Best Resort 2016 Fashion Trends: Floral Patterns

2. Ridiculously Awesome Ruffles

Whether on leather or gentle fabrics, the soft or the hard, the flexible or the rigid, ruffles are in with a vengeance. Frills are all but forgotten, though ruffles are looking incredible with their oversized versions and the cascading pieces that give badass a good name. Erdem really likes to play with the stiffer, slightly fluid leather versions of the ruffles that take over sleeves, center of dress and hems. Lanvin reminds us of so fun dance classes with the full-fledged ruffled looks, while Rosie Assoulin lets her pieces cascade to the ground in different layers. We have to say, the Givenchy look still has us looking at it with wonder, and not always in a positive manner, while we can definitely say that Ellery nailed the trend. If sexy leather is your game, though, go for the zip down Givenchy with the pretty cut-outs and side slits. Of course, the chic lovers may want to stick with the ruffled Balenciaga peplum.

Best Resort 2016 Fashion Trends: Ruffles

3. Pretty Pleats

Possibly the most feminine of the gorgeous 2016 fashion trends available through the resort collections is the pleated design that looks positively breathtaking when coming in full dress form, the hem falling to just over the knees. It is all about the feminine wiles, the demure meets sexual taste that we simply cannot live without. These are pieces most certainly made for twirling about, meaning that some awesome dancing classes might come in handy. Valentino brings the spring mountains and fields to the garments produced, while Dior focuses on the baring of legs clad only in a pleated skirt and half boots. Altuzarra brings in the feminine chic, while Christopher Kane’s colors leave us in a world of splendid dreams.

Best Resort 2016 Fashion Trends: Pleats

4. Lovely Lace

Like the floral prints, the lace has been huge throughout 2015 and now seems to be marking its place in the world of 2016. Punchy hues and modern silhouettes, romantic touches and billowing bohemian designs are all part of what makes the lace in the resort 2016 collections a great trend. Gorgeous mini dresses by Victoria Beckham in black make an appearance, nightgown slips meet day-to-day crime fighter sexy outfits in Versace, lace becomes an integral part of Prabal Gurung shirts tucked into leather pants, along with its lovelier counterparts for Erdem. Lace is huge at the moment and it would be a shame not to invest in at least one garment that would give pleasure to wear out day or night.

Best Resort 2016 Fashion Trends: Lace

5. Spanish and Latin Fashions

This is an awesome trend that takes all that is awesome about Cuban dirty dancing and brings it into the Latin classes we seem to love taking on. Somehow, they include Fidel Castro and Che Gueverra as well. At least, that was Stella McCartney’s representation of the look that seemed to take on a whole new meaning. On the other hand, floral designs seemed to make a better fit with the Spanish and Latin style dresses, hothouse blooms all over the place, with Proenza Schouler showing off some lovely pieces and the Southern exposure big for Marc Jacobs. Other designers to take on this trend include Marques’ Almeida, Cedric Charlier, and such others. It is clear that this look is best shown off with a plunging neckline as well, the hemlines shown off at a midi or maxi level.

Best Resort 2016 Fashion Trends: Latin Fashion

6. Showing off the Shoulders

We like things sexy, very sexy! So much so that we often end up showing too much skin. The resort 2016 fashion trends keep it all closed from the chest down, but rather like to show off those awesome shoulder blades and décolletage of yours, draping the fabrics off the shoulders themselves, sometimes falling rather low on the arms. They can be Christopher Kane clean cuts or the drapes that are more Givenchy overall. Mark Jacobs goes straight across, keeping the sleeves and the hem of the dress nice and long, while the Camilla and Marc dresses are more in the realm of simple wedding pieces. Many designers opt for this line of trend usage as well, including Peter Pilotto.

Best Resort 2016 Fashion Trends: Off-the-Shoulder Trend

7. Super Flares

It is no secret that the pants have begun flaring at the ends especially of late. With the 2015 theme having been the 1970s era, so many of the major labels opted to bring in the bell bottoms along with the culottes. The cropped flare is the next big thing it appears, taking both design concepts to heart and creating the lovely pieces that remain some of the most interesting pants on the runway of late. The garments are whittles through the legs and truly kick out at the hems, giving your bottoms an interesting shape. Giambattista Valli makes it look so very good with the high waists and the leopard meets floral prints. Alexander Wang takes the trend to denim pants, while Michael Kors plays with checkers. Of course, we see such brands as Theory and Derek Lam also adopting the style for their collections.

Best Resort 2016 Fashion Trends: Flared Pants

8. Soft Sweaters

If there is one trend that confuses us to no end, it is the existence of the oversized sweaters hanging loosely off the figures and showing off a warm body in the middle of winter, no matter where the vacation plans may be to. You can wear them with jeans during the day and lacy by night, ensuring you are never over or underdressed during the cooler seasons. Maison Margiela makes it look good, while Prabal Gurung has us wondering about the functionality of the piece. Stella McCartney gives it length and ruffles, two huge trends for resort 2016, while Victoria Beckham makes it all look so very captivating.

Best Resort 2016 Fashion Trends: Sweaters

9. Statement Coats

Fur is in. Actually faux fur is more in, but who is to know which you are wearing, unless of course you run into Stella McCartney. We see coats pieced together, with punched-up hues and looking totally luxuriously at the end of the day. Michael Kors has a splendid pattern that has us thinking consulting company logo and checkers in one. There is just that note about it. The bright fur coats in basic elements are taken on by Gucci, Proenza Schouler and Burberry Prorsum, the latter of which looks pretty cute in the black and white zebra print. Reds are in it appears and Bottega Veneta is not afraid to show off its patchwork. You can go bold or go home they say, and that is exactly what the fashion houses have done here. Between Roksanda and Altuzarra and a whole lot more, the bold statements of the basic coats are what we are looking for, exactly.

Best Resort 2016 Fashion Trends: Statement Coats

10. Sticking to Stripes

It appears the resort collections are heavily sticking to stripes for 2016 and it seems to make sense really, considering the patterns that were big for the FW 2015 period. MSGM looks pretty awesome with its bold play of blue and white with orange and black thinner striped added. Versace includes the rainbow colors along with the stripes to pull in multiple trends, while Thakoon’s black and white concoctions are simply incredible. The most interesting stripes from the resort collections have to be of the Sonia Rykiel brand, however, that is how lovely they look. Fendi, Derek Lam, Michael Kors and Chanel all fall into the stripes category as well.

Best Resort 2016 Fashion Trends: Stripes

11. The Black and the White

Whether we are talking about zebra print fur coats in basic designs by Burberry Prorsum to the seafaring ideals of Edun, we see this style keep in shape, running about for the resort 2016 season. Optical illusions make it big, while simpler stripes back and forth such as among the Calvin Klein Collection are often the preferable option. We have to admit though, there is nothing more chic and sophisticated than a black and white Michael Kors getup. For the perfect striped look though, you might want to stick with Thakoon. The typical fashion series was seen on none other than the Acne Studios show.

Best Resort 2016 Fashion Trends: Black and White

12. Rainbow Colors

Color blocking is big at the moment and the resort collections are taking advantage of the fact that in the dreary winter months, we will certainly be wanting garments that supply a bit of fun and happiness, albeit with their sparkles and silly color schemes. Sonia Rykiel brings in the big guns with the absolutely colorful diagonally striped dresses all glittered up with sequins, while Red Valentino literally has rainbows sewn onto tony little mini dresses. Huge color blocks are more your thing? Try Tomas Maier or even the jester-like Thom Browne designs.

Best Resort 2016 Fashion Trends: Rainbow Colors

13. Blushing Hues

The blushing colors are seen a dime a dozen of late, particularly taking over the resort 2016 collections. They are spotted all over the place and have been dubbed the new white. It can look sweet and it can look sharp; it was, without a doubt, one of the best features of Versace this time around as well. Fur coats in blush though Jason Wu does that one best! Gentle flowing garments are where Max Mara went right, while Narciso Rodriguez knew it would make for the perfect hue on a date-worthy dress. We have to admit that some of the best blush pieces came out of Chanel’s Asian-themed collection though. Versace jackets and longer pieces for the sportier tomboy from the Brock collection are no less captivating, while long, pleated, plunging neckline decorated Valentino dresses are simply out of this world. Of course, nothing beats a Dion Lee silk and satin combination gown suited for the woman who knows her own worth. Perhaps the most alluring, however, is the Jason Wu blush hued pantsuit that comes with a matching handbag for added beauty. The sweetest looks? Nothing beats the nature of an Elie Saab garment.

Best Resort 2016 Fashion Trends: Blush Hues

14. Mister Pink

Did you know that you can be a male and female at the same time? Literally that means using the stereotypically female pink that Barbie would fall for with ease, with the slouchy, boxy designs usually reserved for the male sex. Pink even made it onto a Michael Kors suit and looks astonishing! Actually, it seems to have made it onto a few suits, including Ports 1961, Edun, Gucci, Creatures of Comfort and Roksanda, the last two as opposite from one another as possible. Where Creatures of Comfort had it all baggy, culottes and plunging necklines, Roksanda went for the chic, with the high neckline and fitted ankle cropped blush pink trousers. Michael Kors had a whole different pink hue to use on its trousers.

Best Resort 2016 Fashion Trends: Pink Pants

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