20 Unconventional Beauty Hacks Found at Home

Beauty is something every one of us women strives for. We want to look our best. However, we often run into a simple yet rather important problem: we do not have vast amounts of money to invest in pieces that help bring about the beauty ideals we crave and that are expected from society around us. Instead, we often cut corners, go for the cheaper products and, in return, are rewarded with problem after problem because of the lack of proper ingredients to ward off certain side effects of using a low cost cosmetic line. What we do not realize is that most of the time we have access to some awesome alternatives that are a whole lot more natural and definitely not as expensive as the brand name, clinically tested versions. We have taken it upon ourselves to create a list of awesome beauty hacks that are totally unconventional but absolutely perfect for catering to all your specific beauty needs.

Things in your fridge and pantry that you may want to stock up on in general include: baking soda, olive oil, coconut oil, and honey. Most DIY projects include these as active ingredients. Having cinnamon lying around would not hurt either as weight loss schemes, for the most part, include combining the honey and cinnamon in different concoctions.

20 Unconventional Beauty Hacks Found at Home

1. Simple calorie killing hack: You will need honey, cinnamon and water. Boil 250ml of water and pour it over 1 tablespoon of cinnamon. Wait for it to cool down before adding in 2 tablespoons of honey to the colder water as the warmer it is, the more it gets rid of the necessary active ingredients in the honey. Drink this early in the morning before breakfast and late at night before sleeping on an empty stomach.

2. Hair care hack: If you tend towards dry hair, or even generally have medium to slightly oily hair but want to strengthen the roots, prevent hair loss and generally ensure healthier strands, use grape seed oil on your scalp. Simply take a small amount in your palm and massage it in your hair, over your scalp, encouraging blood flow to the roots. Leave it in for 15 minutes before taking your regular shower and washing out with a single round of shampoo. Your hair will be soft and supple, the roots stronger and your hair shedding reduced considerably.

3. Fixing split ends: Coconut oil also comes in very handy for many things, including helping maintain healthy hair strands that are breakage and split end free. The fatty acids and proteins in the coconut oil ensure your locks are shiny and hydrated. Simply rub it on, keep it there for a few minutes and then head into the shower to clean off the oil using your regular shampoo. We definitely recommend sticking to more natural shampoo alternatives as well.

4. Alternative to dry shampoo: This hack is ingenuous really, with a starch spray doubling up as the texture producing oil absorbing product you love to use on your 2nd and 3rd or even 4th day of not doing your hair. Hold the can 6 to 8 inches away and spray on the oiliest areas to make sure you get fresh looking strands again.

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5. Static hair hacks: You would be surprised at all the uses a simple dryer sheet can have. In this case, we know how frizzy your hair can get, particularly in the winter with all the static in there. To smooth it out, carry a dryer sheet on you at all time and simply run it over. It has a miraculous effect thus.

6. Under eye hacks: The puffiness under your eyes can easily be cleared up actually, so stop fretting as you keep looking at your appearance in the mirror. A simple green tea bag tightens and de-puffs your eyes after about 5 minutes of you placing them on your closed lids. Caffeine has a very nice effect that way. Just make sure it is cool and not scalding hot from your last use.

7. Itchy skin and oatmeal: Itchy, red skin caused from the dryness outside or through sunburn can actually easily be comforted with something as simple as your daily oatmeal breakfast. Simply take the oats and sprinkle into a hot bath, the lubricating fats and sugars working wonders on your itchy hide.

8. Blackhead remover hack: Vaseline may never have been thought of as a blackhead remover, but you would be surprised at what that little bit of petroleum jelly can do. You will need a cling film wrap from your kitchen, as well as a washcloth with the Vaseline as you apply the product, put on the cling film, and apply hot washcloths over it for 5 minutes, softening the pores and pulling on the blackheads. Remove everything and use a tissue wrapped around your fingers to gently squeeze the skin and remove the blackhead clogging the pores.

9. Lip peeling hack: If you have a problem with dry lips that keep peeling, you might want to use a little bit of brown sugar with the honey and olive oil, creating a lovely lip scrub that will leave your pout soft and smooth. It is totally kissable as well, so be sure to use this before your dates to ensure the best possible feeling when lips finally meet at the end of the evening.

10. Soothing sun burns: Yogurt is possibly one of the best cooling agents for your skin after a burn, whether it comes from your hair curler, straightener, or simply from the sun. Pat some plain yogurt over the scorched skin and leave it on for about 10 minutes before washing it off. This will help restore the skin’s natural barriers through its richness in probiotics.

11. Toner hacks: Apple cider vinegar is an interesting alternative to buying toners from your local cosmetics and drug store. It has purifying agents in there that help prevent breakouts and smooth out blemishes. You can also use the vinegar with lavender and honey so that you are hydrating while you tone, balancing the pH levels, while the lavender regenerates and heals the skin, the honey keeping out the bacteria. All you do is mix the ingredients and keep refrigerated, taking it out to dab a bit on your face when needed and removing with lukewarm water with a muslin cloth. This toner normally lasts for a week.

12. Face washing hacks: It may seem counterproductive but the truth is that the olive oil that you use to wash your face pulls at the natural oils on your skin and clears it out, leaving behind only softness that you long to keep caressing. That natural glow is also a nice bonus, giving you a freshly scrubbed appearance.

13. Lip plumping hack: Have you wanted to buy that lip plumping product but found yourself feeling sorry for the money you would spend paying for the luxury item? Now you can stick to your regular $3 lip-gloss and add in a few drops of peppermint to give your lips that awesome pouty effect. You will look very much the kissable model come the next party you decide to attend.

14. Strawberry moisturizing technique: You will need plain oats, olive oil and strawberries. Cook the oatmeal with water and make it as soup like as possible, mash in around 3 or 4 strawberries, stir together and add 3 spoons full of olive oil before sinking your hands in it, massaging it for a few minutes and rinsing the concoction off with warm water. Smoother and softer skin you cannot find than like this.

15. Blotting hack: Coffee filters come in very handy when you want to be blotting out the oil on your face at any given point. Just carry one with you or look in your pantry at home when you are out of the drugstore product. Keep them close on hot days and get rid of the shine thus.

16. Cat eye line perfection: This is an awesome beauty hack, where you use a simply piece of tape in a diagonal fashion to draw out the cat eye effect with your eyeliner. You may not have a steady hand and you may not have stencils for the perfect cat eye, but that’s nothing a piece of tape cannot solve for you. Two inches of Scotch clear tape is all you need.

17. Baking soda and toothpaste: Yes, this actually works really well. You can technically use the backing soda on its own as well, merely brushing it on, leaving for a few seconds and then turning to your regular toothpaste for a full clean feeling, but why have two steps when you can work with one? Simply sprinkle some of the baking soda onto your paste you are about to use and give your tooth enamel a nice polishing down.

18. Fly away hair hack: While your hand lotion is normally only used on your hands, you can also use it to tame that silly hair that just does not want to stay locked in place. It is a cool hack and one that comes in very handy on the go as well.

19. Long lasting scent hack: If you love that perfume of yours, but do not want to carry it around or have no way of doing so anyhow, you will certainly want the scent to last a long time. The problem is that normally the scent will fade, no matter how much of it you spray on, effectively killing people in the first period as well. It is better to just dab on some Vaseline on your pulse points before spraying the perfume, which helps it hold onto the scent for most of the day.

20. Removing nail stains: This hack is awesome, really. And one that you may have never thought about in a million years. Use whitening toothpaste and brush it onto your nails that have those terribly ugly yellow stains after removing your nail polish. The hydrogen peroxide in the paste does wonders for polishing it back up and giving it a healthier glow overall.

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Written by Tamar Najarian
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