Some More Cannes 2015 Red Carpet Looks We Love

The Cannes Film Festival 2015 newly appears to have turned away women in flat shoes. Maybe it is the lack of style they bring since the festival is known to be more a fashion fest than anything else. We rarely pay attention to the movies these days, instead focusing our attentions on the actual fashions that appear to dominate the red carpet, with incredibly gorgeous women gracing the festival with their divine presence. The films are not the only element of the festival that features different genres. We have seen everything from traditional clothing designs to the most modern, trendy and revealing of them all. Kim Kardashian was one of the many ladies who showed off curves with translucent cloth embracing her limbs. We have talked about some of the best Cannes 2015 red carpet looks already, as well as the makeup with hair combinations. Yet we keep finding some new and awesome gowns that we cannot help but mention, as they literally end up sweeping us off our feet. A nice Chinese fan might be a good idea to keep the cool air coming.

Some More Cannes 2015 Red Carpet Looks We Love

Some incredibly dressed stars spotted on the red carpet at the Cannes 2015 Film Festival include:

Li Bingbing

It is as if the stars have fallen and created an incandescent gown that would make the most fashionable of angels jealous. Of course, it has to be a creation by the Lebanese talented artist Zuhair Murad, Bingbing wearing a piece from his couture spring/summer 2015 collection. That pretty little clutch in her hands was also a nice designer label, made by Jimmy Choo.

Cannes 2015 Celebrity Dresses: Li Bingbing

Diane Kruger

Appearing on the red carpet for the Maryland premiere on May 16, 2015, Diane Kruger looked as deliciously beautiful as always. She wore a Prada gown with a long train and lots of bejewelled embroideries, complete with a mock cape and Harry Winston jewellery. That lovely blue clutch caught our attention as well, though the dress itself is enough to draw the eye of a queen.

Cannes 2015 Celebrity Dresses: Diane Kruger

Natasha Poly

While many of the gowns worn onto the red carpet were dazzling beyond belief, there were those that had us raising brows in wonder and trying to decide to what degree we associate these designs with the designers they come from. For example, the awesome Atelier Versace fw 2014 gown was pretty interesting unto itself, strapless and more like a bodysuit with a long flowing bubbly white train belted on. Technically, that is exactly what it was, but Poly’s body can pull it off perfectly.

Cannes 2015 Celebrity Dresses: Natasha Poly

Poppy Delevingne

The Carol premiere on May 17, 2015, somehow saw the solar system descend onto Poppy Delevingne’s Burberry gown, with its plunging neckline, sheer body and interesting use of a dark mossy green color. Add the Chopard jewels to the look and she was rather lovely, though the dress may have looked better on slightly more curves. Shooting stars all over your body is definitely one way to celebrate the Cannes Film Festival.

Cannes 2015 Celebrity Dresses: Poppy Delevingne

Sienna Miller

While Poppy Delevingne brought the whole of the solar system to her look, comets and all, Sienna Miller opted for the more stylized stars of the modern world, wearing a dress from the Sonia Rykiel pre-autumn/winter 2015 collection, what with the sheer Victorian cape coat, the plunging neckline underneath and peek-a-boo fabric encasing the limbs throughout. Add a Bulgari clutch and jewellery pieces and you have a rather graceful, sophisticated and lady-like outfit.

Cannes 2015 Celebrity Dresses: Sienna Miller

Cate Blanchett

Fairies have woven a dress for Cate Blanchett as she attends the Carol premiere on May 17. The gown was from the Giles fw 2015 collection, but we are sure that there is some magical touch to the strapless piece, full skirts and bow in the back to complete the sprite look. Yes, she is most definitely a descendent of a fairy or perhaps Cinderella at her first ball. No matter what she is, she is incredibly beautiful and that gown is worth every last penny spent on it.

Cannes 2015 Celebrity Dresses: Cate Blanchett

Photos courtesy of Vogue UK

Written by Tamar Najarian
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