Fall 2015 Trend of Pastel Colors

Pastel colors are totally in for the fall and winter seasons of the year, looking positively fabulous in their softer, more muted hues that really bring out the definition of winter. While the fall generally reminds us of more vivid, vibrant coloring, the winter months are snow laden, soft and cool, with barely a smidge of warmth that may be received from the rays of the sun that peeks through the grey clouds blotting out the beauty of the sky. The fall/ winter 2015-2016 fashion trends have been quite clear: we are celebrating the 1970s, but we are also showing a move into the ’80s and the ’90s with the lace and the see-through garments making it big. However, no matter where you look, you also see a whole lot of pastel colors as well. While we have gotten used to believing that the innocence of the pastel hues is more for the warmer months, with the gentle nature, belying spring beauty, baby blues and dusty pinks, pretty lilacs and muted yellows make it into the fall/ winter 2015-2016 color trends with quite a bit of focus, bringing the chic and the sophisticated in with the beautiful fall and winter collections. From Dolce & Gabbana to Prada, Christian Dior to Missoni and Dries Van Noten, powdery pastels definitely made the cut when it came to the top notched trends of the seasons.

Fall 2015 Trend of Pastel Colors

None can say that pastels are not perfect for the winter either! Whether we are talking about soft hues macaroons to the sweetest sorbet colors, the cotton candy pinks to the baby blues that remind us of the fleeciest of boy blankets, the pastel color trend for fall 2015 is about to sweeten up your wardrobe quite nicely. Tenderness and delicate touches are what we imagine when we think of the pastel colors, as we know that there is such grace to a woman in such attire, whether she is wearing a blush pink or a mint green, or even some lavender tones.

But what must you do to make sure you are wearing your fall 2015 pastels just right?

Add color to your prim and proper suits: We know that the trends do tend towards the more manly this year as well, which makes using frosty versions to your favorite colors all that much more interesting to brighten it up and bring in some color. Suits represent power, while the pastels represent femininity here, and you go about enjoying the comfort of the looser garments that are so very much in this year. Skinny belts, killer heels and rich embroidery added to the pastel hued suits themselves make for interesting combinations.

Fall 2015 Trend of Pastel Colors: Suits

Jazz up the full body twin sets and jumpsuits: Since we are playing with the balance between masculinity and femininity, lighter colored sets are actually quite appealing! Whether they are warmer fabrics or more silky versions of the pastel pieces, the minimalism comes in very handy, particularly with the gentle lavender accentuating your natural coloring.

Fall 2015 Trend of Pastel Colors: Jumpsuits

Bring a touch of Heaven to your world: The softer pastels make for some ethereal hues that look pretty amazing on dresses that cascade around your body, though not always falling to the floor. From peek-a-boo lace to sheerer fabrics used to create some pretty fantastic outfits, the ladies in these pieces, particularly a minty green or a gentle yellow, look like their descended from the sky.

Fall 2015 Trend of Pastel Colors: Dresses

Wear them with some prints as well: Who said that prints were only for the bolder colors? Adding prints, particularly in black for maximum contrast, against the backdrop of the pastel colors makes for a sweet and attractive design to any dress, top, or other piece of garment. This is a new trend from the fall/winter Fashion Week runway shows and we cannot help but love the sweetly girly looks. Subtle prints are great on dresses while the more abstract, sophisticated prints work best on the lady-like coats.

Fall 2015 Trend of Pastel Colors: Prints

Give the pastel hues some texture: This fall/winter season, we see a whole lot of the quilted looks as well, which adds an interesting type of texture to the outfits worn. Shimmering fabrics were also a dime a dozen, appearing in gorgeous frostier tones. From blazers to jackets, quilted sweatshirts to trousers in a luxe feel, we were treated to some rather awesome new ways to wear the gorgeous pastel hues in fall 2015.

Fall 2015 Trend of Pastel Colors: Texture

Upgrade your look with candy colored outerwear: The candy is soft in color too, not the bright and the stark and the bold that we see in candy stores. These are more adult mints and milky designs, appearing on garments from oversized faux fur coats to casual outfits with a mix of pastels. These pieces should be treated as a major part of your integral fall and winter wardrobes, wherein you mix a pastel piece in with every outfit you wear out to work, to a date or simply to enjoy yourself on the town.

Fall 2015 Trend of Pastel Colors: Outerwear

The pastel trend has been around for a while now, also reigning supreme in 2014, but looking so much better in 2015. You can wear the gorgeous hues on tailored suits and pretty twin sets, as shoes and on lovely pieces of jewellery, as handbags or accessories for your hair. You can pair the icy tones with their brighter, more vivid counterparts, pale pink being added to hot magenta or lavender mixed with a deep amethyst purple. Contrasts make for exceptionally great ways to show off the power of the pastels.

You can also add another dimension to the pastels by using classic patterns with them or breaking them down with the bolder prints. Color blocking is also a great way to really spruce up the generally tonal, clean and minimal hues, while adding delicate embroidery or an interesting style with embellishments makes for a captivating outfit, the exquisite nature of the creation making the pieces all the more alluring. To understand what we mean with all of this, you might also want to check out Bottega Veneta, Jonathan Saunders and, most especially, the Holly Futton fall 2015 collections.

Fall 2015 Trend of Pastel Colors: Accessories

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